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Holton-lnterurban Railway Company
No. 1. Leave Holtville 7:30 a. m. dally except
No. 3. Leave lloltvlile 1 :.vi p. m. daily includ
ing' Sunday
kast nouND ,
No. 2. Lc^ve Xl Centro 9:00 a. ni. daily exci-pt
Sunday k
No. 4. Leave lifl Centro 3:00 p. til. dally Includ
ing Sunday
Mra. Brown I.as in a lot of new and
attractive stationery.
Ed. K. Boyd has some bargains in
real estate at Holtville too.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Garey drove up
from Imperial Wednesday, Mr. Harey
having business here.
A Commission Merchant of Chicago,
was here Tuesday, lookhfg after the
melon interests of the valley.
Mrs. Ira Baker, west of town, brought
in to a friend a mess of finely developed
peas. Imperial Valley peas are not to
be surpassed. / ,
W. F. Bill of. Redlands is here this
week. He "wears a "broad and cheery
Bmilo" which is more significant than
Don't forget Charley Fernald at Im
perial has a full lino of new Milwaukee
Mowers and Rakes, and can fit you out
cheaper and better than anyone.
Mr. Morton Perry and Mr. Loyd
Moore, brothers of Mrs.' F. B. Fuller,
arrived from Oklahoma hißt Saturday,
with the view of making this their
James Johnson, of the hardware firm
of Baker & Hamilton. Lo^ Angeles, with
his wife, has been visiting his sister
Mrs. J. Diiuiau. She returned to Los
Angeles with them.
' The 'Press of last week, containing
the "Imperial Valley Catechism" sold
like "hot cakes" Many copies passed
through the post office on their way
East, West, North and South.
The Rev. Glassby of the Congrega
tional Church of Calexico, preached a
most practical sermon here last Sunday
from the text "I do Remember my
Faults." Rev. Croco will preach -next
A sister.of Mrs. Fuller, who-, has been!
Comity School Superintendent in her
honie county for years, in company with
her husband and mother, are expected
to arrive any day now. They come to
cast their "common lot" with the rest of
p. J.Russell of the Corona Mills at
Los Angeles came, down this week to
. rent his ranch, two' miles east of town.
Mr. Russell is an enthusiast on Imper
ial Valley, and lias a fine tract in a good
location, and is proceeding to get it into
a high state of production.
•Mrs. E.^M. Adams brought to the
post office this week a large La Fraiice
rose and an oleaiuler blossom, and-J. C.
Blackington one spray containing six
large and one small "Kruger" rose
buds, also a perfect 'Niphitis 'rose bud.
Who says we cannot grow flowers here?
The enterprising real estate dealers,
Fuller &, Aten, have adopted a most
unique and practical plan ot advertise
ment on their firm envelopes, the front
of which .is printed ii map of El Centro
and surrounding country. On the oth
er side are the best 1 of reasons "Why
You Should Come to This Valley."
Town' building is rapidly progressing
and tliia week three new buildings are
commenced. Two are store buildings
for W. F. Holt on lota just west of the
\ T alley Mercantile Co. and tlnv other, is
a i'UHtiyuraut huilding for 11. If. l'eter
hoii on his lot on the corner of Main
uml sth stteets. Work on all of them
Ih being rushed as tenants are ready to
. occupy all of them just as soon as they
' and during the coming week will open
an up-to-date stock of candies, contt.'c
tionary and fancy grocerieb, in the Hd
tel El Centro btiihliug,,, Mr. Hrown will
install a line soda fountain also, and
will serve ice cream and nil kinds of
• cooling drink* in their season. In ad
dition he. will carry all kinds of ha kv
stul'fd, and e_i>ects to servo lunches.
Tbo town needs juHt such a buHiness as
Mr. Brown ia opening, and wY bespeak
<for him a liberal patronage. \
Ed. E. Lloyd has aome bargains in
reai estate at Ifoitville, too. '.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Mead was over from
the Kaatside Sunday visiting with their
daughter, Mrs. I). 1). Pellett.
Mr. T, E. Cressey wasoverfrom Holt
ville this vveek looking after his ranch a
half mile west of town. Mr. Cressey is
a pioneer fanner and is getting his place
in fine shape.
Farm Implements For Sale. Very
little used and good as new. Walter A.
Wood Mower and Rake for $50.00 Mc-
Cormick Mower, only >used a few days,
$50.00. McCormick Mower and Rake,
very little urtud, $85.00. Chas. W. Fer
nald, Imperial, Cal.
The steel safe for the Valley State
Bank arrived this week and is now rest
ing in the Mercantile Co. store awaiting
the erection of the bank building. The
steel door for the vault which will be
constructed in the bank has also arrived.
Just as soon as it can be reached the
building will be erected and The Valley
State Bank will move to its permanent
W. I 1).I 1 ). Downing has rented the Hotel
El Centro barber shop and will at once
(it it up in a first-class manner. He
has bought the finest barber chair ever
brought to Imperial Valley, and a com
plete outfit in keeping with .it, and his
shop will be like his work, first-class in
every respect. He will get his shop fit
ted up this coining week, and be ready
for business.
Mr. Bill, this week laid out the re
maining sidewalks on Main street, and
set the grade stakes so that as soon
as the gravel is delivered by the rail
road people this work can be taken up
and rushed to completion. They have
500 barrels of cement for sidewalk con
struction and nothing but the failure of
the railroad to deliver the gravel accord
ing to agreement has delayed the Work
of using it for its intended purpose.
Mr. and Mrs. Lefwy Holt accompanied
Mra. W. F. Holt and her daughters on
their visit here last Tuesday. While in
El Centro they 'made the Press office a
very pleasant call' and Mrs. Leroy Holt
expressed her hearty approval of the
stand the Press takes regarding liquor
selling in Imperial. AVe sincerely thank
Mrs. Holt for her endorsement of our
position. We appreciate her approval
and shall endeavor to merit it by always
standing for civic righteousness and the
suppression of the liquor traffic.
Business is becoming established in
El Centro to such an extent that our
merchants are setting \ prices for the
whole Valley. Mr. Rumsey is selling
President suspenders at 40 cents that
are sold all over the world at 50 cents
and is 40 cents per 100 lbs. lower on
flour than merchants outside of El Cen
tro. The Valley Mercantile Co. is get
ting their stock in shape ho they can
take care of all the trade that comes
and will make it to the advantage of ev
erybody todeal with them. The farm
ers will find something of great import
ance to them iv jthia company's adver
tisement in this week's issue.
Two ear-loads of electric machinery
for the llolton Power company arrived
last Monday aud has been unloaded at
the ice. plant. It consisted of trans
formers, jgeneratoraj and their appurte
nances, and cost more than $11,000.
This was the machinery that was to be
set up next in getting the ice*"plant in
operation.. This only leaves the large
90-hoYse-power dynamo yet to coma
and it \h \\ expected to arrive any day.
The work on the icu plant building in
being rushed at every point, and is ex
pVctt'd to bo complete in two weeks.
The .-lulling pools for clarify ing the
water ;tie nearly done, the excavation
work /is expected to bo complete^ tin's
.week. The; tank* fur the water tower
will arrive shortly, and the work of put
ting in the pipe, wyt-teni is well along
toward completion. The ice, plant is
progressing junt an fast as men and
j;ele.s ifexl Tuesday to select the water
pipe ami. nuuerjal for .the Xl Centro
Waterworks llu* will comprise more
than 15,00(1 leit of pipe alone, besides
i " ■ i ' i l c ' i • i i ill
about a carload of other material. The
water pipe*, telephone linoH.^YuV all
auch things wilt ,bo put* n 'the. ,flUeyn,
provided ff>< Mich purpose*, in : each
block in tlmVqvvn: So Xl Oentro will
never HiuWfrouL having her streets
torn up to put down pipen. Mr. Wit
man put in the plumbing for the Hotel
Xl Centro, and the splendid work -hi*
done there convinced the Town com
pany that he was just the man to put in
the water works, lie expect- to have
the work under way in about two weeks.
Inquire the price of those r«jd pigs
that Porter N. Furgiisjon, Holtville, is
offering for sale.
Mr. George W. Davis, a ni^ti painter
of first-class ability linn licen in Xl Cen
tro for several weeks and haw done con
siderable work in his line. He ia paint"
ing some signs for the Press and we
will soon havjri a specimen of his handi
work to phow on our front windows.
The El Centro Hotel company in rec«
ognition of the splendid services of
of their Superintendent, Mr. J. L.
Travers, presented him with an
elegant full-jeweled Elgin, gold watch,
and Mr. Bill brought it down
with him from Redlands this week and
delivered it to Mr. Travers. In the in
side of. the case is inscribed, "El Centro
Hotel Co. to J. L. Travers, 1906." Mr.
Travers is justly proud of his elegant
present and the El Centro Hotel com
pany is doubtless appreciative of the
sterling qualities of their superintend
J. G. Newton moved down from Im
perial Thursday, bag and bagirage, house
and all. His house was brought down
by Slaughters' traction engine, and his
household effects by wagon. He is now
getting settled on his lota near the south
.end of sth street, below olive, and will
soon be "at home" again. Mr. Newton
has charge of putting the machinery in
the ice plant and will superintend the
work of ice making when the works are
completed and' in operation. He has
had charge of the ice factory at Imper-
ial for several years past.
Woric on the Hotel El Centro is being
rapidly progressed, and alnipst before
we think of it this magiiificent hostlery
will be finished and opened to the pub
lic. Already the three stores and bar
ber shop on the ground floor are finish
ed and occupied. The work of plaster
ing and finishing the thirty rooms,
porches and halls up stairs will be com
pleted this week and the plasterers and
carpenters brought down to work on
the remaining unfinished part of the
ground floor. This will leave nothing
but the office, lobby-and dining room>
kitchen laundry and servants quarters
to complete. At the piesent rate of
speed the hotel will be finished by April
15th, and no doubt will be lighted, fur
nished and ready for opening by May
Ist. With the opening of this hotel,
El Centro will take on added import-,
ance, as no other hotel in the Valley
will -at all compare with the Hotel El
Holtville Happenings
W. T. Bill of Redlands, was in Hplt
ville on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. E. McCormick of
Imperial, were visitors in Holtville on
Monday of this week.
W. S. Schee was'doinc business in
Holtville, Wednesday and Thursday of
this week. .' i
Sam Webb, Jr., our genial justice of
the peace, was doing business in Braw
ley on lasfThursday. .
W. J. Pippin, who has been spending
most of his time at El Centro, during
the past^ few weeks, returned to Holt
ville this week.
The Holtville bridge across the Alamo i
river, is now completed and in use, and I
is a necessary and valuable addition to
ourthriving town.
F. C. Jaques and 11. M. Bump, of
Wichita, Kansas, and I. L. Webster of
Hartford, Kansas, were in Holtville and
vicinity this week looking 1 over- lands
with a prospect of investing.
Jas. McMullen of San Diego, was in
Holtville over Sunday, being hero at
tending to his interests in hinds of
which he holds several (hundred acres
! on the east side of the Alamo river.
P, Keoney, a real estate agent of Mo
desto, Cal., in spending .several days in
Iloltvillq this week and in thinking Her
ioinfly of locating hero in the near fit- j
ture to take advantage of the opportun
ities now offered and rapidly increasing
iv his lino'of lm,suit»s.
W.jOy Crane is rejoicing over there-.
c'o very of hia valuable saddle horse
which was htolun trom Holtville on last
Satiirdav evening. The liartv who stole
the liort^e is known and upon hia hying
miHsed at lloltvilli'in' uas traced down
\y«H to return-later fur the nioiu-y ; but
an Mr Crane was diligently searching
guilty putty retiirnVd fur the money,' he
.racbVered the hoive without loss to him-,
self or the innocent purchaser. It is
presumed that the party who stole the
horstt made his way down across the In
ternational line and will not be seen
a '(a in on the American territory in the
Work at Imperial Heading
Reports from Imperial heading In
dicate that the company Is rushing
work on the lower gate. Six centrifu
gal pumps and a large force of men
with shovels and wheelbarrows are at
work completing the excavation, which
will be ready for the beginning of the
superstructure in three or four days.
All of the piles for the bottom of the
gate have been driven In, and nearly
all have been cut to receive the sills.
When the erection of the superstruc
ture begins there will be one hundred
and fifty carpenters engaged on It
working In three eight-hour shifts of
fifty each.
Preparatory wo-k for building the
dam across the river will be pushed
forward" while the headgate Is under
construction. One Important Item of
this preparatory work Is the building of
a railroad track across the river on
piling, and extending for nearly half a
mile on either side, for conveying
earth, t timbers and brush. Driving
piles for this was begun Monday. The
work of building mats will begin In a
few days, and the laying of these in
the river will be commenced as soon
as the gate is finished and open for the
passage of the river through It. — Yuma
Farmers Demand Damages
During the past few weeks the farm
ers located along New river about Slls
bee, and west of the Elder canal have
been agitating a movement for secur-'
ing payment for damages Inflicted up
on them by the overflow waters during
the. year 1905. Several meetings
have been held, a committee consist-
Ing of W. A. Van Horn, H..J.' Fuller.
J. W. Van Dorm, H. S. Whittaker
and E. E. Forrester was appointed, an
examination of the premises of forty
settlers was made and an appraisement
of their damages fixed. On Wednes
day last a meeting was held at Silsbee,
at which a fairly good attendance
turned out, and the following named
parties prepared and certified to dam
ages by the flood waters during 1905
as follows:
C. H. Fry ;.-. . .$425 50
■H.J. Fuller 1713 40
P. J, Storms 425 00
W. M. Forrester..... 740 00
Jas. Stratton 110 75
W. H. Chowning.... .. 450 00
E. C. Irwln "... 1775 00
Wm Carney 165 00
J. W. Van Dorm, 1634 00
W. S. Wilklns 97 50
H. S. Whittaker 1027 50
Andy Elliott 710 00
C. E.Toney, 120 00
Wm. McHenry,. .240 00
These fourteen claims aggregate
$V' 33 75. It is planned to secure the
presentation of the claims of the entire
fort/ farmers who suffered damages
from flood water In that part of the
country during 1905, These claims
will be presented to the California De
velopment company for. settlement, at
an early date.
It Is intimated that la case the De
velopment company declines to admit
Its responsibility for these damages,
the farmers will report the matter to
the State Department at Washington,
and demand recompense for their loss
es, from the Mexican Government.
It is a rather Involved situation and
one out of which almost any kind of
complications may arise. One thing
seems to be certain, the farmers were
damaged; the next thing is to fix the
320 acres; 3 1-2 miles from El
Centro, 160 acres in alfalfa, 80 acres
in barley. 15 acres In cantaloupes, all
fenced in forty, acre fields, 2 1-2 miles
hog fence, house, y. There is enough
feed here to keep 800 hogs all sum
mer. Don't let Ails go. by without
looking into it.: Bb&lXl Chaplin. ■
A Lucky Postmistress
is Mrs. Alexander, ul'|O.ary, Me., who
has found Dr. Kiu-'s Vpw Life Pijla to
be. the bes-t remedy fcl.w evur tried for
keeping the .Stomach, rMver and Uowelri
in perfect order. Yoii'lmagree with her
if yuu try these painlos^purifiers that
infuse new life. (iuuruUteed by all
druggists. Price 25c. A
Classified Einers
Liners under this heading will bo , in* '
flerted for 5 cents a line each insertion.
. • . . . , -._- - ■
FOR SALE— Hacychi bicycle in excel-
lent condition, new pedals, chain and
tires, 94 gear, both tires filled with
Itykert Punetute. Proof solutio.i ; $20.
Call at Press office.
FOR SALE—Residence property at
Kedlands; or will trade for Imperial
Valley ranch property. Inquire at
Press Office. ni-17-tf
FOlt SALE-Ehjht 2-year old heifera,
fresli or coming in soon: six calvea
and steers from two mos. to 1 year
old. Three miles east of Silsbee on
main canal. Address A. -11. Abbott,
Silsbee. m-17-tf
FOR SALE— White Plymouth Rock
roosters; Mrs. Basley's strain, .$2 and
$3 each. Mrs. It, H. Clark, f-10-tf
FOR SA LE— Cheap, One No. 1, and one
No. 2'Di;Laval Separators, in first-
class condition. Apply to C. W. Fer-
tiald, Imperial. Caf. in-10-tf
I have an order for 100 shares of water
stock that can be located in j either of
the water companies No. 1, No. 5 or
No. b' ; will divide to suit purchaser in
forties or eighties; $13.50 per share;
all cash. Write or see F. H. Stanley, 1 .
Brawley, Cal. n 4lf
FOR SALE— Quarter section; A No. 1
bind, two miles north of Heber.
First-class early fruit, vineyard, can-
• taloupe or alfalfa land. Forty shares
of water ntock and 40 acres, ready to
put in crop. Price $2000. Will take
§ one-half cash, or trade for work horses '
or other property'if acceptable. Ad-
dreHs 8., care, this office. n 4 tf
FOR SALE — A Hteanf engine, 14" horse-
power'with 150 feet belt. Inquireat
this office.'
FOR SALE— I GO acres between Imper-
ial and Holtville on railroad l-4-JnH6;
from siding, with 160 shares"'Waier
Co. No. 1 stock. Will sell cheap and
on easy terms. A. T. Gaiitt, 816
Stephenson. Ave., Los Calif.
FOR SALE— Good barley hay, $9 per
ton, at 11. B. Balcom's ranch near El
Centro.- m-3-tf ,
FOR SALE— One team of horses weigh
ing 2COO. one colt coming 3 years. In-
quire at F. J. Blaschko, 3 miles south-
east of Silsbee. m-24-tf
Office for rent in the Garner building.
Apply to<:.,L,, Wilson: oct 21 tf
WANTED— To Tni#-80 acres of land
with water stock, 4 'J^f^yji^' { —+-'^-+~ r
lor horses or mule's. AcfuHi - ss'T"Kb<;k-r
Box 133, '.Imperial.' July 22 tf: 1
PASTURE — I can furnish grain and al- |
falfa pasture for 5o head .of cattle ony
my ranch. H. _M. Kiune, El Centro,
Calif. . m-3-tf
WANTED— lmmediately, at Hotel ;
Franklin, El Centro, One cook and '
one chambermaid, Apply to Mrs. S.
I. Masten, El Centro. . flO-tf-
WANTED— To buy about thirty or for-
ty shoats. Will pay cash. Address,.
W. B. Cressey, Imperial. f24;,
I WANT TO BUY— 2o to 40 shares of
stock in Imperial Water Co. No. 1, at
rock-bottom price for spot cash, ad- :
dress E. W. Fales, Imperial, Cal.
WANTED — Gentle horse to drive, for
pasture; best of care but no responsi-
bility assumed. Address John Adam,
Box 253, Imperial, Cal. m24-al4
WA-NTED — Four-horse team of work
horses, at right price. King L. Ken-
die, Holtville, Calif. m-10-tf
FOR EXCHANGE— WiII exchange 123 :
acres grazing land, with wood and
water "in Ventura County, 4 milea
from S. P.. R. R .worth $1200 for re-
Hnquishment or other property in
Imperial Valley, M. W. C, 623
Bryson Bldg., Loh Angelen, Cal. dl6tf
WANTED — An apprentice girl to learn
the millinery and dressmaking busi-
ness. Apply to Mi ; s'. L. Denny, Im-
perial, Calif. m-li-tf : "'■''*'
ESTRAY — Came to my place 3 milea
east of Silsbee, 3 young eown. Owner
can have same by proving property
ami paying danmgeH and this adver-
tisement.. A. R. Abboit, m-17-tf
._ .__ . .... _j
in Singer Sewing riachine Co w
g For the best in Sowing Machine, jj
gj there In none superior iiml knv Sft
J equal to; the SINGER. Over 75 '# '
5 percent: of the Sewing Machines -2 ■$
c YY liY. . There is a Reason ."HSr
* i Rj
J,') Sold, on easy term*. j.l.ini down ami Wj
If] f.V*> a month. liberal UUcoiuils tor
K cash. Old much lues taken iiicxctiuiitfi'. >*
' £j Supplies tor all inaihini.s hiniislUHl -- f& ■
Jfl ni'rilles, oil, etc. 1 al»o i»jikv' u «i)iiciul- !• 1 : :
i W iv ot cleaning ami n-|>. ii|iu« «>lil uui- • m .
B*fl chines. All work Vr>i^»r* '
feasouable. Salesrimiii j #_-^<^
! 2 v * ** "V^ ' J

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