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Imperial Valley Press.
Enthusiastic Meeting Forms Strong Organiza
. tion for Furthering Interests of_
Town and Vicinity.
Business. Men, Dairymen and Farmers Combine -For Active
Effort By-Laws Adopted, Directors Ejected and
Officers Chosen. Large and Rapidly
Increasing Membership
The El Centro Chamber of Com
merce was organized on last Monday
afternoon, July 30th. Under the cool
verandahs of the Hotel El Centro,
there gathered at that time a large
number of the friends of El Centro.
These men came together for one
purpose only, and that purpose was to
organize In the most effective manner
possible for furthering the interests of
the town and the people of its vicinity. *
The meeting was duly called to or
der and the minutes of the informal
meeting which was hely on July 17th,
was read and approved by the meet-
Ing. The report of the committee on
Constitution and By- Laws was then
called for, and was presented by the
chairman of the committee, Mr. T. B.
Blanchard. The report was first read
as a whole, and then read, discussed
and adopted, section by section.
Throughout the discussion of the by
laws the members took a very active
interest, many changes being made to
strengthen the organization, everyone
present showing a most enthusiastic
interest in its welfare. In this way,
the proposition to fix the initiation at
$1 was voted down and the fee fixed
at $5 by a practically unanimous
' vote.
After the adoption of the by-laws
the members proceeded to the elec
tion of a Board of Directors to serve
until the first annual meeting which
will occur on the first Tuesday in
October. This was done by each
member taking a slip cf paper and
writing the.ron the names of the eleven
members he preferred for directors.
Twenty-three men were voted for. and
of this number the following named re
ceived the highest number of votes
and were therefore elected to serve as
directors of the Chamber of Commerce
till the first Tuesday in October, or un
til their successors are elected, towit:
J. Stanley Brown.
D. H. Chaplin.
Ira Aten,
F. G. Havens,
Roy L. Rumsey.
T. B. Blanchard.
E. E. Forrester.
W. E. Wilsie,
W. A. Van Horn,
F. S. Webster.
A. D. Medhurst.
The board of directors afterwards
organized by the following selection of
W. F. Holt, Honorary President.
J. Stanley Brown, President,
Ira Aten, Vice President,
D. H. Chaplin, Secretary and
The following named gentlemen
form the charter membership roll of
the organization:
D. H. Chaplin, W. E. Wilsie, F. G.
Havens, J. C. Blackinton, Durward
Johnson. Murray A. Stover, A. D.
Medhurst, S. T. Richardson. J. Stanley
Brown, L. E. Cooley, Roy L. Rumsey,
H. R. Kyle, T. B. Blanchard, U. S.
Handley, H. E. Hawes, W. E. Down
ing. W. F. Holt, Ira Aten, Arthur
Shepherd. T. W. Davies, I. Mayfjeld,'
W. A. Van Horn, E. E. Forrester. J.
M. Fowlkes, W. P. Hamilton, J. A.
Mixer. F. S. Webster, I. E. Casner,
Daniel Webster, True Vencill, G. W.
Nichols, W. W. Masten.
This gives the organization 32 mem
bers to start with and insures it a much
larger membership in the very near
When we consider the fact that tnls
is the very dullest part^of the dull sea-,
son in our valley, and "also" tfieTiottSt
part of the hot season, and, further,
that everybody has gone to the coast
who could get away, it is remarkable
that so large, or so enthusiastic, a
meeting could be held for any purpose,
no matter how much the people might
be Interested.
The great success of this meeting
and the large turnout of farmers and
dairymen who attended and took part
in it and in the organization which it
formed, is an earnest of the high ap
preciation in which El Centro is held by
the people of its vicinity and bespeaks
the strong support the town is receiv
ing from the citizens of this part of
the valley, This is a happy omen of
the great future that is in store for El
Centro and the era of abounding pros
perity which is at hand In this valley.
The union of the people of the town
and country for the upbuilding of the
valley is the consumatlon for which
we have strlvan, and the realization of
which we rejoice to see.
Following is the by-laws and con
stitution of the El Centro Chamber of
The name of this organization shall
be the El Centro Chamber of Com
The objects of this organization shall
be to foster and encourage commerce,
manufacturing, horticulture and agri
culture, to promote the construe. ion
and maintenance of good roads, the
improving and beautifying of streets
and parks, the passing of beneficial laws
in city, county and state, to obtain the
best possible railroad facilities, both
passenger and freight, to attract immi
gration and to generally advertise and
promote the welfare of El Centro and
Sec. I. Members shall be any re
putable person acceptable to the board
of directors.
Sec. 2. Members may be expelled
upon recommendation of the member
ship and grievance committee for mis
conduct before or after joining. All
charges must be in writing and be sent
to the membership and grievance com
mittee. The accused shall be given a
hearing and it shall require a two thirds
vote of the entire board of directors to
The dues of this organization shall
be five dollars initiation fee and $1.25
per quarter In advance and the fiscal
year carried by such dues shall end
October Ist of each year.
Sec. 1. The meetings of the El
Centro Chamber of Commerce shall
be annual and special.
Sec. 2. The annual meetings shall
be held on the first Tuesday in Octo
ber of each year. Notice of same
ihall be given by publication in not less
than two issues of a paper or papers
and by mailing a postal card stating
the time and place of said meeting to
each member.
Sec. 3. The special meetings shall
be called by the presiding officer or up
on the application of five members,
whereof due notice shall be given by
the secretary in a paper at least ' five
days previous to the meeting. Only
such business as is stated in the call
can be transacted at a special meeting.
Sec. 4. The presence of seven
members in good standing shall be
necessary to constitute a quorum for
the transaction of business, but the
chamber of commerce shall not give
its final or formal endorsement to any
proposition, enterprise or undertaking
â– tifliesstwo^fiirds ofralh ths - members
present vote for the measure nor shall
any resolutions be considered or acte4
upon except with the unanimous con
sent of the members present unless
they have first been submitted to a
proper committee.
Sec. 5. The order of business at
the meetings of the chamber of com
merce shall be as follows:
Ist. Reading of minutes.
2nd. Report of president.
3rd. Report of secretary.
4th. Report of treasurer.
sth. Reports of standing commit
6th. Reports ot special committees.
7th. Unfinished business.
Bth. New business.
No money shall be appropriated or
disbursed by the board of directors un-'
less the amount Is at that time in the
general fund of the association and no
assessment shall be levied upon any
member for any purpose and no liabili
ty shall exist against any member of
the association beyond the yearly dues
provided by these by-laws.
Sec. 1. Elections for directors
shall be held at the annual meeting in
October of each year.
Sec. 2. All members in good
standing shall have the right to vote.
Sec. 1 . A board of eleven directors
shall be the governing body of this or
ganization and shall have and execute
general control and management of its
Sec. 2. Directors shall serve one
year from the time of their election
except those first elected, who shall
serve until the annual meeting in Octo
ber, 1906. After that those elected
shall serve for one year or until their
successors are elected and qualified.
; Sec. 3. Three directors shall con
stitute a quorum for the transaction of
Sec. 4. Regular meetings -of the
directors shall be held once each month
and special meetings may be held by
the presiding officer or at the request
of three members of the board of di
rectors, due notice to be given in writ
ing or In person by the president or sec
retary at least three days before the
The directors shall elect from among
their number a president, a vice presi
dent and a treasurer. An honorary
president and a secretary shall also be
elected but these may or may not be
members of the board of directors.
Sec. 1 . The president shall preside
over the meetings of the chamber of
commerce and of the directors, shall
decide all points of order, give the
casting vote in case of a tie, make an
annual report in October of each year,
appoint all committees and perform all
other duties Incident to that offlct.
Sec. 2. In the absence of the pres
ident, the vice-president shall preside
and perform all duties appertaining to
the office of president.
Sec. 3. " The treasurer shall receive
and keep in his custody the funds of
the chamber of commerce, paying
same out only on warrants of the pres
ident, countersigned by the secretary,
and shall report at each annual meet
ings and at such other times as the di
rectors may require, the state of the
Sec. 4. The secretary shall keep
the minutes and records of the cham
ber of commerce and under the direc
tion of the board of directors shall have
charge of the furniture,- rooms; -vfaooks
and other property of said association.
He shall collect, collate and arrange
statistical and other information for the
use of the chamber of commerce, con
duct its correspondence and act as
clerk of the board of directors. He
shall collect the fees and dues of the
members and other debts ""due the
chamber of commerce, account for
the same and turn all funds over to the
I J 1 **t-CQ \ t
I H \ N9& V
I .we V \ y
*° A I -^
Buy One of These
5 or 6 Acre Tracts
Deeded Land
Adjoining El Centro
$100 per acre and upwards.
Easy terms.
El Centro, California
treasurer of the general fund, taking
his receipt therefor. He shall make a
financial report at each meeting of the
board of directors. He shall receive
such compensation as may from time
to time be fixed by the board of di
No officer of the chamber of com
merce shall receive any compensation
whatever except the secretary.
All expenditures o f money shall be
authorized by the board of directors or
by the ways and -means committee,
subject to the approval of the board of
Sec. 1. The regular committees
shall be the following, with such others
as may from time to time be author
ized by the board of directors:
Lands, irrigation, horticulture and
Ways and means.
Health and sanitation.
Advertising and statistics.
Membership and grievances.
Parks, roads and improvements.
Reception and entertainment.
Miscellaneous subjects.
Sec. 2. All committees shall con
sist of not less than three members ex
cept the committee on ways and means
which shall have five members.
Sec. 3. Duties of committees. It
shall be the duty of the several stand
ing committees to take charge of all
business referred to them by the board
of directors, the chamber of commerce
or Its presiding officer, to carefully and
industriously investigate the different
subjects assigned to them or pertaining
to their duties, to make such original
investigation in their several lines as
In their judgment they may see fit and
report the same to the board of direct
Sec. 4. No report or the result
thereof shall be given out by the com
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