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f . G. HAVENS.
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Entered as secotut -class matter .March 3d,
' 1 <AXi at (Jie posUiffice.it K1 Cetitro, California,
a aJer the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
V\ S. Webstei, the Independent
for supervisor left last
-Monday to visit the Imperial
• heading and has spent the week
•in that part of the district visit
*ing Picacho, Hedges and Palo
Verde and interviewing the vot
ers iti those precincts. Mr. Web
ster's canvass has shown him to
be the favorite with the people
"everywhere and there is no doubt
whatever of his election by a
t lartre- majority. He has gained
1 friends from the first and now
tkas a practically solid]support in
the Valley and will no doubt get
i\a majority in the precincts he
this week. Conditions
*• could, dot be more favorable to
"Webster's success than they are.
'The disclosures that have come
r to light concerning the candidacy
<of his opponents have all been to
This advantage. The people who
the candidacy of Mr.
Hoffman promised him a clear
field with no Democratic oppon
ent. No doubt these people
-thought they could deliver the
: goods. But for some reason,
"which has not yet appeared, Mr.
-Hoffman was not acceptable to
■Bob Davis and the blind pig
f&eepers and gamblers, of which
Che 'is the acknowledged 4eader.
Through the influence of Davis
-^and his attorneys, Mr. Banta was
i. put forward as the Democratic
• nominee. This act has engen
dered a feud that will no doubt
fititerest Imperial Valley politici
ans for years to come. As the
»case new stands Banta has the
• larger 'following of the two and
« from this vantage-ground is as
"sunitngf the magnanimous attitude
«of urging people to vote for Hoff
cman if they don't want to vote
''for him. This is merely to
-smooth the road for the Hoffman
to come to Banta. But
IHoffman and his friends repudi
• ate the proffers of Banta and de
*nouace his candidacy as a breach
•of good faith and a stultification
-of promises and say that rather
than vote for Banta they will
support Webster. The situation
presented by this conflict between
Hoffman and Banta is the only
'uncertain feature of the cam
vpaign. It is the settled convic
■ tion of everybody that Webster
will be elected by a large majori
ty, as he deserves to be.
in 1002 the Board of Supervis
ors of this county adopted a reso-
Uutiori agreeing to submit .to the
* voters in each precinct of the
-county outside of the incorpor
ated cities and towns, the ques
tion whether or not saloons
shoule be licensed in any of tlie
ysatd precincts. The resolution
/ s »a3 reaffirmed m t904 aud the
people were given another oppor
tunity to vote upon the question
with the result that several pre
cincts were added to the dry list.
The Supervisors have again
dectded to submit the matter to
popular vote and have included
it in the election proclamation.
This section appears just after
the Constitutional amendments
in the election proclamation and
evidently has been overlooked by
a good many people, as a number
of inquiries have com*? to . the
Anti-Saloon League office, asking
if the Supervisors had decided to
submit the question this year.
The attention of the voters in
the county precincts is therefore
called to this section of the elcc
tian proclamation, which reads
as follows:
•'The Board of Supervisors
also submits to the voters of each
of the precincts within the county
entirely outside of the incorpora
ted cities and towns, the question
to be voted upon at said election,
whether, under any ordinance
which is now or may hereafter be
in force within the county, pro
hibiting all persons from engag
ing in carrying on within the
said county, the business of sell
ing intoxicating'liquors without
a license, a saloon license shall
be granted within such precinct.
The ballots used at said election
shall contain the words, 'FOR
The vote upon said question so
submitted shall be indicated, the
election conducted and returns
canvassed in all respects as pro
vided by law for the conducting
of general elections and canvass
ing returns thereof." ,
Every voter should pay especi
al attention to this matter and
be sure to stamp his cross in the
square opposite Against Saloon
License. Imperial Valley has al
ways outlawed the saloon and the
liquor seller and good people ev
erywhere point to our Valley
with pride on that account. Let
there be nojessening of thersen
timent, but make the majority
stronger than ever.
To My Friends of Imperial Valley:
I would like to say I only
learned that the Chairman had
included me with % the other
speakers for the different towns
of your Valley after I had made
previous^engagements in adif-
ferent part of the county. More
over, I had just spent two weeks
among you and felt it would be
impossible for me to break other
engagements. This is a large
large county and one can riot
very well make the same place
I now again, as I have done all
along in this campaign, brand
ray opponent as being the South
ern Pacific Railroad candidate,
controlled by boss rule. I have
asked him personally to meet me
on the stump and answer these
matters, which, he has refused
to do.
I am in favor of a three cent
passenger rate on all railroads,
spurs or branch roads, and a
great reduction on local freight
1 favor the election of U. §.
Senators by a direct vote of the
people. I favor 'a school book
law making every school in the
state use the same setiesof books
and that the r state print them
and sell to the people at cost.
I further favor a more econom
ical administration of legislative
business than we have had in the
past. I also favor a law permit
ting a division in a county where
it extends thirty-five miles or
more from the county-seat and
until then a law requiring court
to be held as aftcn a twice a year
in those sections.
Again thanking the good peo
ple of Imperial Valley for their
hospitality shown me while I was
among them, v
Yours truly,
V. #. Handlky.
"Editor Chronicle:
••The Imperial Valley Press of
recent date contained a slurring
article which Indirectly accused
James B. Hoffman, justice of the
peace of the Calexico township,
as being In league with the
•Blind Pigs.'
"I wish to say on behalf of Mr.
Hoffman, that I have been con
stable under him for the past two
years, and to my personal know
ledge during that time, Mr. Hoff
man has had no opportunity to
demonstrate what he would do
against the 'Blind Pigs.'
"The only case that has ever
come before Mr. Hoffman was
during last Presidential election,
nearly two years ago. when M. B.
Davis was defendant. One wit
ness swore that he dunk soda
i water In the defendant's place of
business. The complaining wit
ness testified that it was whisky.
The defendant testified that It was
not . whisky. Under the circum
stances Judge Hoffman was com
pelled to dismiss the case and
discharge the defendant as not
"Yours, for right and justice,
"M. H. McAlmond, Constable."
The above communication ap
peared iolast week's issue of the
Calexico Cronicle, and we give it
space for the purpose of offering
a few comments. Whileithe let
ter leaves little to be said, it oc
curs to us that the fact that sev
eral "blind pigs" have run wide
opon in Calexico for two years
years past, without any complaint
or prosecution, is a notable mat
ter. Such things do not natur
ally occur in a law-abiding" com
munity, so when they do occur,
as in this case, there mu^T"be a
reason. /
Frank H. Dixon, Democratic
nominee for tax collector, spent
the past week in the Valley mak
ing his canvass." Mr. Dixon or
"Dick" as he is affectionately
called by his host of friends, is
making a winniug fight against
the present encumbent, A. »F.
Cornell. While his genial per
sonality and affable manners are
sufficient to attract support to
Mr. Dixon, a' good reason for sup-
porting him is found in the fact
that his opponent has been in the
office for seventeen years and is
now asking" for four years more.
We hold that Mr. Cornell has
had it long enough. The people
should make him turn loose and
give a good man a chance. Vote
for Dixon and discourage the
Their Head Lawyer Visits Intake
William F. Herrln, head of the; law
department of the Southern Pacific
company, was In Yuma yesterday, hav
ing made a visit to the Mexican Intake
for the purpose of viewing the situation
on the ground and Informing himself
as to details, preparatory to pressing
the claims for damages against the
parties responsible for the mischief
done by turning the Colorado river Into
Ealton Basin.
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