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Hoitville Happenings!
I'totu Our K«- ;»..■ i Cnrr^p >n 1«AI
J. A Wa.ton, of RedUads was do
ing buslnttJ in Hoilviile; Monday.
F. H. Dixon, of San Diego. :i-.e
Democratic nomir.se for county :ax
Collector, was calling or. V,vi ctitesni o'<
Holtvtlle during this week,
j. B Hoffman, ofCaiexlco, the Re
publican candidate far supervisor from
this district, vas in Hottvilie, Monday.
Thos W. BrodWx. of San Diego,
and J O. Meadows, of Imperial, wera
tWistered at the Alamo hotel, Monday.
-a; ■.-. : long piling f;r the railroad
bridge '.ai arrives and :hf pile driver
Is at *..>(•* getting then". Into position.
It is ttopsd the trains wlil soon be
crossing the Alarv.o river ag'iin.
The Imperial Telephone Cc. has
tr.oved their switchboard from C. J.
Sclienck's store to the public reading
The annual farmers" institute will be
Tieid this year In Hoitviile. on Nov. 15.
There will be three sessions and sev
eral speakers have been provided for
who *tll make the meeting an inter
testing .And profitable one to those who
Dr. F. J. Bold came down from
"Whitttsr this week or, business con
nected with his ranch in district No. 5
imd called on several of his friends in
.Hoitville while here.
H. Edgar, o' Imperial, was doing
business in Hoitviile. Tuesaay and
"Word has been received from Mrs.
'W. B. Richards in Los Angeles that
•she is improving rapidly from the ef
fects of the operation she recently un
j An even superficial study of Russian
proves beyond doubt that
the f - tple of tbe czar's domain are
■suffering more from disordered and
disadvantageous economic conditions —
tibjeot want and starvation— tlian from
a denial of political, social and reli
gious privileges. And yet history shows
1 that the fight for the ballot has usually
been * forerunner or accompaniment
in the struggle for bread. In this con
nection it is interesting to note that
shortly after the people were granted a
representative assembly the Russian
government has taken under consideru
tiou the setting aside of some $7,000,
000 for the immediate relief of desti
tute peasants, and what Is of more
vital and lasting value has in view a
•division of portions of the imperial and
feudal domains among the farmers ami
laboring people of the empire. The
salvation of Russia iv her present
criHtH depends more upon giving all hot
people work at remunerative wages.
•either in factories or upon the soil.
rtban upon any other single factor. Po
litical rights arc bound to accompany
economic Independence, just as truly
as that poverty and ignorance are the
tliaadmaldens of tyranny aud despot:
~VV» have found out front practical
iv (he cure of au orchard
that not very much reliance can be
placed in Hie statement of souie or
•chardiste to the effect that the root
borer will not bother the tree after it
-Ims attained an a^e of seven or eight
;years and the bark gets rough. An
inspection of our orchard not long
fciuce shows ;<)rno.;l as many of the
'borers at work in the larger as in the
-smaller trees. The only safe way In
the care of the orchard Is to keep the
grass hoed away from the trunk, the
wateraiMJUbi cut and to give the trees
a careful Inspection at least twice dur-'
ing the season 1 . Thousands of trees
die every year from supported sun
ftctild, blight or arboreal heart failure,
-when the only tiling under the sun that
alls them Is that three or four lusty
•?>ururs are eating their very vitals out
tinder the outside bark and Just be
neath or übovo the. surface of the
ground. If you have an orchard,
whatever its ulze, look the trees over
tad dig these etiapu out.
A. little five-year-old made a garden
all by herself last spring. It was a lit
tle patch about eight feet square out
back of (he house, and Into it the tiny
flugura ftcattered beans and radish
seeds. Ah this was the child's first ex
perience, fche wtttctied impatiently for
the first gr^en leaves and tendrils to
appear. At last she wua rewarded.
The garden sprang up and flourished,
and tbe child was happy, bat one day
ohe went with ber mother to visit a
friend. Wblle there the cWId **w a
ts*vti/ui sajtfecv jrtU* 1«W •rca.
ei<Mn, strai^m fnwa. fcne was im
pressed and compared it with her
own garden. With disappointment in
hor l>!no oyos, she looked up to her
motnof and Adlit, "Mninmii, I didn't
know that the rows ought to bo
straight." Ttlfl thilil's garden is ft tan
qlo of ireoda now, nnd she goes there
DO nu>n\ A llttlfl direction nt first
wouM hnvo saved tlio dny, nod there
wouM have been one loss disappoint
Strange na it may poem, hogs, like
people*, .ire endowed with tempera
ment. Th.lt hog wbjcli i* alwnys nos
iiic and Miiiiinsc about nnd alert at. the
sound of every npproflchltig footstep
possossivs ;i nervous tpinporcinient, and
you want to feed him with special ref
erence to furnishing your bacon sup
ply, while that old fellow over there
in tlio corner, that never stirs unless
It Is in oat; you want t<> consign to the
pork barrel. • lit 1 has what Is called a
phlegmatic temperament. The reason
for the distinctions mndc is obvious.
For the bacon you want a' streak of
fat and a streak of lean, and you get
tLat In the first because the fat is ail
worked off running around, but the
second snoozes contentedly all the day
loup aud does no thing luit lay ou the
fat, which i* just what is wanted for
the pork. Perhaps you have noticed
that some hogs lay on nioru fat than
others and haw wondered why.
A roMi'AUisorv.
A farm which is continually drained
by the production of large crops raised
with reference to supplying the local
or foreign markets becomes in time
like the stiltall town which has Just
been visited by the circus. The farm
sends forth its crops without n corre
sponding return of fertility to the soil;
the town parts with its money without
receiving a proportionate impetus and
growth in business. In the one case
the object sought is moriey, which
gives nothing back to the soil. Iv the
other ease the object in view is pleas
ure, which adds nothing to the wealth
of the community. Each year that the
farm loses its crops, the soil becomes
that much' poorer. Each time that the
town has a circus the people have just
that much less money to spend for oth
er thl tics.
An enterprising farmer that we
know of made some good bins to store
grain in from sugar barrels. These
barrels were placed upon a firm foun
dation, where they would be secure
and above diuupuess. After the cracks
were filled in" so as to make the bins
mouse proof a heavy, square board
cover was fitted over the whole on
hinges. These bins were a great satis
faction, in that they were clean and
easy to get at, and more could b<?
added If desired with but little work.
Some day when you have an ambitious
fit and get to cleaning up yonr barn
let this idea take root.
Ilathcr Rongb.
Above th fairway there flickered :.
candle, and then a deep voice eallo :
from the shadows:
"Katherine, Katuerine, who is thV. ;
sandpapering the wall this hour of tl: •
A long stillness and then :
"No one down here, father, dear. I
guess it must be next door."
The candle vanished and then from
the gloom of the parlor:
"George, you big goose, I told yo\.
never to call on me unless you had
been shaved!"— Chicago News.
After the Fall.
"I always pitied Adam and Eve fo ■
being driven out of Eden In such in
sufficient clothing, just as winter wa
"How do you know it was winter V"
"Why, it was just after the fall,
wasn't It?"— Cleveland Leader.
The best education In the world is
that got by struggling to make a Uv
lnut Wan UllTerent.
Landlady— l will let thl3 excellem
room at reduced rates because there
Is a woman next door who plays tli;'
piano continually. Applicant— Oh, that
won't make any difference! The room
Is for my nephew here, and he is deitt.
Landlady— Ah, In that case I nnr-t
charge the full price!
"Would you like to see my aquaria 3*l'
asked the naiuralist.
"Well, If heY» securely chained. I
might, but I'm bo afraid of ' will
beasts," replied the visitor, j
Neutrals are soiled from above and
tinged from below.— German Proverb.
Iv the eye of the law a landowner
owns the land to the center of tbe roud
adjoining his place, yet be has no
right to remove earth or trees from the
same. In case the road Is vacated full
right to do what ho will with the same
revert* to the owner.
(f a person determined early in life
that a cheerful disposition Is worth
baring and strives to obtain it and
does so that person Is a 'success In a
fine sense of the word
Notice to the Puhlir
Notice is hereby given that the undcr-
nipned, a citizen of the United State*
and n citizen of the State of California,
Is in possession of tliB tract of land (fe-
aerilxMl a.<» the north one-lialf (N 1-2) of
Sirtion.^A, 15 S, South 14 Kaftt,- S. H.
M., nccorditig to the purvey madeliy the
Imperial T.nnd Co. 11l 1900, lx'ing known
RS the Imporial Hurvev. This land is
known to-l>e vacant and unclaimed ex-
cept l>y the clftlni and^H-cupauey of the
niuli Tsipnod. I hereby Certify and de«
dftfc that there i.« no other claim to or
occuprtnt of said land except mine nnd
that I nm now in tlie Bole,oxclusivo and
undisputed possession of the same and
every part thereof and that 1 am engag-
ed in the reclamation of paid land nnd
that it is my botiaude intention to enter
Biiid lund as a desert land clftini as soon
as the re.-uirvy of thene lands is com*
pietod ns provided by the Act of ('on- 1
trle^H of July 1, 1902, nnd the map prop-
erty describing the Banie hluil! I>c filed
in the United States land office at fioa
Angeles, California, and snid land open*
ed for entry. Signed, I. V. SISSON,
Witness : I-. 10. (.'ooi.kv.
Dated at Imperial, Calif., Oct. S, 1900
Notice to the Public
Notice Is hereby fflveu tli.u the undersigned
citizen of the United States Is In possession of
tlie tract of land described as the of NX
1-4 of Sec 4, Tp. 165..X 15 K., S, 11. M.. Califor-
nia, aci-ordiiig 1 td tlic LJotinvoll Burvey.
Tlio iiuuibera properly dcflcrtblng these lands
accordliiff to the land olTice records have been
taken l>y other parties and applied to other
lands i miles west from the lands occupied
by this claimant, so It Is impossible, at the
present time to make any filititf on this land.
I further declare that I have been in posses-
sion of said laud since Oct. Bth. 1906, and
that there is no other claim or occupancy of
or to said laud in opposition to mine. I further
declare that it is my bona fide intention to enter
said land as a homestead as soou as the
survey of the townships, in this part of the
country, provided for in the Act of Congress
passed July Ist, 1902, Statutes at Large, Vol.
32, part 1, page 728, shall be completed and the
maps properly describing said land filed in the
United States Land Office at I<os Angeles,
Witness: F. N. Chaplin.
Dated at'Holtville, California, Oct. 8, IW6.
Notice to the Public
Notice is hereby given that the under-
■dgned citizen of the United States is in
possession of the tract of laud described
is the N\V 1-4 of Sec. 26, Tp.l6 S, R. 15
E, S. B. M., and has been in undisputed
iiosaespion of the same since July 15th,
1906. That the reason he has not made
Viitry of said land is because tiie same
HaH been withdrawn from entry, but
hat he lias made application to enter
die same, which application is now on
tile in the U. S. Land office at Los An-
geles, Calif. Also that it is his bonatide
ntentio'n to irrigate and reclaim . said
land and to complete his entry thereo'
iust as soon as the reeurvey of this land
in accordance with the act of congress
>f July Ist, 1902, Statutes at large*, Vol.
52, part 1, page 728, is completed and
the corrected maps filed in the ■U. S.
Land office and the lands restored to
rjntry. Signed: H. E. PARK.
Witness: Ed. E. Boyd.
Dated, Imperial, Cal., Sept. 28th. 1906.
160 acres of the best land in Water
Co. No. 7, with water stock, all for
$20 per acre; easy terms. This is the
best buy I know of. Apply to
El Centro, Cal.
♦ l««l»l««»l«H>l«l»IWmH«»«« —m
i El Centro Hotel Block \
] i
I A nice, quiet place to spend
1 your leisure hour.
2 ' f
♦ Soft Drinks, Lemonade, 2
t Cigars and Tobacco '
I I. E. CASNER, Prop. !
Watcn Us! Watcn Us!
And Let Us Watcji You
We can fit you up with a new
Watch or we can put that old
one of yours in repair and guar-
antee the work either way.
Everything in Jewelry nnd a
nice assortment of Watches and
Clockß at tlie
Jewelry Co.
Imperial, California.
TEr.;' Cement Work
Estimates Furnished
On Application
************* **#******#***"
* What's the Matter f
{ With Idaho? 1
* m
i£c ThoufiAtids of acfeg of land hnVebee'n reclaimed ifc,
to cultivation by irrigation in Hint State, during \^
yfc. \\\v, past 10 ypjirs. Thoupnndn more will he re- ?jv
i& claimed within the next ten years. Tlilfl means -ii-.
\)\ nn Opening for many thousand*! of homes
<^ •
Have you Investigated Idaho? h
>7V It lms been truthfully termed '^
« A Land of Opportunities %
1 A Land of Homes |
it: The Oregon Short Line railroad company vyill Iks pleased .ifes
\y to send descriptive mutter regarding Idnuo'ci resources. \fc
?fr Write to ?fc
I). E. BUKLEYi (i. P. A. or Di S. SPENCEU, A. Q. P. A.
Suit Lake City, Utali
\ . •■ • '<
Holton Power
is prepared to furnish
Electricty for Light and
In all the towns of the Imperial
Valley at the same rates
charged for similar service
in other towns in * Cali=
flotors installed, fixtures sup-
plied and wiring done at
reasonable rates.
For information, rates, prices, etc., apply to
Holtvilie, California
W. J. iVlltoHell, wAT<gHMME.O£O%MkIR

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