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Toward final Victory Over the Treach
erous Colorado. Dams Across
Rockwood Bypass Success
ful. Water Raised 6 ft
From Mr. Aten, who visited the Im
perial Heading last Tuesday, we learn
ed much of the progress of the work at
that point. When he arrived there
/Tuesday morning the third trestle over
I the Rockwood bypass was just being
finished and while he was there a large
amount of rock was dumped from It
Into the stream. Mr. Aten says the
• rocks are showing above the water
the upper and lower dams In the bypass
and were almost to the top of the wat
er In the middle one. The abutments
of the Rockwood gate still hold and
this Is a great help In controlling the
water and keeping l» from cutting the
bypass wider. The water was about
six feet higher above these dims than
below them and about one third of the
water of the river was going through
the bypass and the remaining two thirds
going over the Hind dam. The Hind
dam had been built up almost or quite
to the top of the railroad trestle for
much cf the distance across the chan
nel, but after the Rockwood gate went
out it was lowered for a distance of
four or five hundred feet, so the water
could be turned through it and relieve
the pressure in the bypass. This work
has been entirely successful and now
the bypass can be closed up In a short
time and Is completely under control.
The Hind dam Is holding perfectly and
everything seems absolutely secure,
but In order that no chances be taken
a second railroad trestle is being built
50 feet above the dam and from this
trestle rock will be dumped and a sec
ond dam erected to lessen the pressure
against the Hind dam when the final
. work of closing off the river Is under
taken. Mr. Aten visited the old chan
nel of the Colorado and measured the
amount the water would have to be
raised before It will flow down that way.
He found that it would have to be
raised about 18 inches before it would
flow down the old channel at all and
about three feet, before it would flow
that way In any quantity. The water
had been raised about six feet already
and it would take at least six feet more
to force the entire flow down the old
channel. From this it can be seen
about what stage the work of closing
the Intake has reached. The work of
dumping rock into the channel began
about September 20th. In spite of the
loss of the Rockwood gate and the
many disadvantages encountered the
net result of a month's work was to get
everything secure, make a solid found
ation and to raise the water level about
six feet and confine Its entire flow to
two streams, one about 500 feet wide
and the other less than two hundred.
Another and a very Important thing
that has been accomplished during the
past month has been the stirring up of
the Southern Pacific people to a full
realization of the size of the job and
the Imperative necessity of completing
It as soon as it could possibly be done.
While they have been willing to furnish
all the men money and material neces
sary all the time they have only re
cently realized what large numbers of
men and large amount of money and
materials were required. Every farm
er who ever irrigated and had a ditch
break knows that the easiest way to re
pair it with the water running Is to
shovel In dirt just as fast as possible,
the faster the better. The same kind
of a problem Is involved In closing the
Intake. The faster material is dumped
Into It the easier and cheaper the work
will be done. This fact is now fully
realized and acted upon and the result
Is that very nearly 300 carloads of
rock per day is being dumped Into the
Intake. Probably not to exceed one
third of the rock that will be required
to complete the work has as yet been
delivered at the Intake, but the remain-
Ing quantity will be delivered much
more rapidly, than that already In the
dam. The new trestle across the
channel 50 feet above the Hind dam
will be completed within a week or ten
days and then it should not take but a
very few days to close It up entirely.
But whatever time it takes Is of lit
tle consequence when we consider the
solid work that is being put Into that
dam. When the water is shut out
and the dam finished It will be our
guarantee against any further damage
by flood. As we want that guarantee
plenty strong enough It Is small matter
If It takes a few days more or less to
make It so. Mr. Aten says there is
an immense equipment at work on the
job and that great trains of rock are
arriving from all directions. It Is an
nounced that not a flat car or rock car
can be had on the entire Harrlman
system west of El Paso or south of
Lathrop for any purpose whatever, as
all of them are employed on this work.
The extraordinary effort that is being
put forth by the Southern Pacific to
shut off the Intake is not without Its
good reasons. The water In Salton
sea rose one foot from Oct. Ist to Oct.
13th and is still rising at about the same
rate. A very few feet more and the
Southern Pacific's main line would be
but of commission. While that men
ace 1s of Itselt sufficient to cause the
S. P. to put forth extraordinary effort
there is another cpndition culminating
that gives them concern and that Is
the erosion of the channel up in Mexi
co where the surplus waters find their
way across the country from the Ala
mo channel to New river.
This water has been slowly cutting
back from New river for about three
months and now has ' less than two
miles of channel to cut when it will
connect v,tth Alamo channel at a point
about eight miles above Sharp's head
ing: As this new channel will be sev
eral feet deeper than the Alamo chan
nel it would naturally follow that if It
ever reaches the Alamo it will carry
all the water out by way of New river
and none of it will reach our canals.
Consequently the entire water supply
of the -Valley would be interrupted.
Our latest information Indicates that
this channel is being cut back at the
rate of about one mile per month and
our informant believed It could be pre
vented from cutting at any faster rate.
This Indicates that situation will hold
for 50 or 60 days more. The present
rate of rise in the Salton sea would put
the railroad In bad condition In less
than 60 days So it is apparent that
everything that men, money and ma
chinery can do will be done to shut off
the intake as soon as possible. It is a
most fortunate thing the present plans
are successful. Had they faiied and a
resort had to be made to diverting the
river through ihe concrete gate at
Hanlon's the time it would have taken
to do that would have backed the wat
er over the railroad tracks In the Salt
on and the channel from New river
would most likely have reached Alamo
and Interrupted the entire water supply
of the Valley. The success of the ef
fort to dam the river "by main strength"
Is therefore of the greatest Importance
to every Interest Involved and to none
more so than the farmers In this Val
ley. We hope to soon be able to re
port everything completed and the wat
er situation safe at all points. Then
Hurrah! for La Fiesta del Valle de Im
Department of the Interior, Land office
at Log Angelee, Cal., Oct. 10, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that Orlando V.
Darling, of Kiluhep, Cal., lias iil«-d notice
of li in intention to make final five year
proof in fwpportnf liiHclaim, viz : Home-
Htead entry No. 9774 mail* Nov. 20, 1901,
forthe«W.»4,Bec. 7, T. 16 8, It 13 E, 8.
15. M., and that Haiti proof will l>e made
before the United States coiiiniioßioner
at Sail Diego, Cal., on NovMnifoer 27th, '06
lie names the following wilnewsea to
prove hits continuous leuiuencH upon and
cultivation of the land, vis; A. Kweua,
of FoHter, Cal. ; A. N. JoneH, of San Die
im», Cul.; A. K. DodHon. «»f Kan Diego,
Cal.; J. C. Huasey.of Kjlhlwh, Cal.
FttANK C. PItESCOTT, Itegiater.
V. F. Handley. regular Democratic
nomieee for the assembly 80th district.
Vote tor him.
Classified Liners
Liners under this heading will be in-
serted for 5 cents a line each insertion.
FOITsiALK— On terms to suit, 80 ncres
with wrtter stock, 7 miles from Holt*
ville, 20 acres cultivated ; surrounding
land improved. 11. U. Track*, 115 E.
San Fernando, Ran Jose. o-20-n-10
FOX iSAI/K^First class clean seed bar-
ley in quantities to suit. Apply to
M'urf M organ, Xl Centro. <>-13-n-3
FOR SALK— Barley 95c sack cash; no
mustard, lluseev Broß., Silsbee, Cal.
FOR , BALE«-Thoroughbred Da roc Jer-
sey Boars. Apply to W. V. Baker, Xl
Centro, Cal. " Q-13 tf
iIONKY FOII SALK— Four dollars per
can (sixty pounds) f. o. b. iloltville.
Warranted to be absolutely free of all
objectionablesweets. A first-class ar-
ticle in all respects. C. 8. Thompson,
Holtville, Cal. o-13n-3
FOII SALE— IOO yearling Bronze tur-
keys in a bunch or in lots to suit.
Call or address K. E. Forrester, 4
-. miles west of Xl Centro. s-29-tf
FOR SALK— About 175 head of hogs,
all sizes, shoats and young sows. Ap-
ply toR. ll. Portis, Heber, Cal. H-20-tf
FOR SALE— IOOO fence post*, have been
water soaked, 10 cents apiece, w)^
miles northwest of Blue .Lake. See
P. J. Storms at Silsbee or O. V. Dar-
ling, Storm's old crossing on New riv-
er. . July 14tt
I have an order for 160 shares of water
stock that can be located in either oi
the water companies No. 1, No. 5 or
No. 6; will divide to suit purchaser in
forties or eighties; $13.50 per chare;
all cash. Write or ccc F. H. Stanley,
Brawley, Cal. n 4tf .
]OR SALE— Forty head good dairy
cows. Five miles? west of Imperial.
J. Arthur Mcßride. o-G-tf
FOR SALE — One J^rsy cow and year-
ling heifer. A. F. Wagner, 2 miles
east of Silsbee. o-G-o-27
FOR SALE— Large full blooded bronze
turkey toina, young, imported from
Texaa. Address or inquire of Mrs.
Ira Aten, at Aten Land office, El Cen-
tro, Cal. o-27
FOR SALE— A fine lot of brood sows
that will farrow in November. Geo.
D. A beams, Heber. > o-27
PASTURE — 1 can furnish grain and al-
falfa pasture for 5o head of cattle on
my ranch. 11. M. Kinne, El Centro,
Calif. m-3-tf
FOR RENT— 32O acres, well improved,
on Dahlia, 3 miles from El Centro;
240 acres in alfalfa, good house, all
fenced in 40 acre fields ; just the place
for cal tie, hogs or a dairy. Address,
Prof. H. O. Sisson, Santa Ana, Cal.
aug 25
FOR RENT— The north %of sec. 36, T.
15 South, R. 14 East. Will furnish
feed, seed and water and give a good
layout for two or three years. Thip
land is on the Iloltville railroad, just
north of Gleason siding, three miles
east of El Centro. Has had some lev-
eling done. Address L. V. Sisson,
Santa Ana, Cal. aug 25
W A NTED— To buy , one fi rst-daeT"?^
land China boar one year old. Apply
to A. J. Morey, El Centro. o-13-n-3
WANTED— 3 or 4 cars of first-cUss al-
falfa hay, delivered any point on S. P.
line. Let m^ know what you have
and price asked, .address, J.A. v Wat-
son, Holtville, Cal. s-29-tf
WANTED— Cheap saddle pony; safe
for girl. Address Chas. N. Tufts,
Holtville, Cal. sB-tf
WANTED— Work for man and four
horse team. Burt L. Young, Imperi-
al, Calif o-27
WANTED — By experienced, responsible
man, a stock ranch with stock on
shares or nalary. Address W. W.
Morrison, Box 75, Victorville, Calif.,
or T. A. Morrison, El Centro, Calif.
WANTED TO TRADE— lmperial prop-
erty foracreageat Iloltville or will sell
and take pay in leveling land. Ad-
dreHH E, care of Prims, El Centro, Cal.
FOR EXCHANGE— WiII exchange 123
acre.* grazing land, with wood and
water in Ventura County, 4 milee
from b. Pi R. R , worth $1200 for re-
HnquiHliinent or other property in
Imperial Valley. M. W. C, 62^
Bryson Bldg., Loh Angeles, Cal. dlOtl
water in Ettstuide. Write R. E. Gon>
der. Calexico/Oal. a-3 dec 1
FOR EXCHANGE— By owner, $3-100.00.
1(50 aciu loot hill ranch, all fenced, 0
room linuHo, barn, other improve-
ments, 20 Here orchard, plenty good
water; want Los Angeles property or
Imperial lunda. J. 11. Scott, Hpalding
Station, via Loh Angeles. eept-1-tf
FOR EXCHANGE— BO acres in No. 7,
southeast of Iloltville. 40 acres alful-
, fa, 40 acres grain or will sell on easy
'terms. Choicu rich laud. Addreus,
Ueo. llingo, Ocean Park, Gal. o-13-tf
Hotel El Centro
Most _ i
Centrally 1
Located |
/Tbickmort^^^ UJUIJ
•& .^^mXl^miW GURRY GOMBSi
BICKMCRE'S GALL CUKE, %ViitchV-%vet;Wferrant:a satisfactory
Cure for Gclls.-V/ottmfe. n^d H-m-js «;.on f.joi. : U_: ,
JL %"JL% "JL *JCllv • Kr V
* I
| El Centro, California |
Valley State Bank
61 Centro, Cal.
i cllQ LJU vudDllctA * . \jyi\J\Jj\J\J\Jo\J\J
Sui*plus > $ 20,000,00
AIII accommodations extended to Customers
Consistent .with Conservative Banking
Your Business Solicited,
; l|='r=V='^^r=''=^= jj F E7^ ,— #— I— /— r-f-r-f— /— /— /— f— /— f— l— /=
j For.
! That Insures
« Apply to
ffl Our Companies pay dollar for dollar on
I their losses, and do it within thirty days.

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