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' f. 0. HAVENS,
Iditor and Publisher
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Entered a* *ecoml-cla!«* matter March 3d,
1906 at the pootnnlce at El Centro, California,
under tin- Act of Congress of March 3, 1979.
As all eyes arc now on* Wash- j
iiigtou and every items concern- j
my; the actions of the big 1 men
who are handling the Colorado
river problem is of 'profound in
terest to our readers we forego j
.any editorial this week and de- j
vote the space to the latest solu- j
tion to be proposed, as set forth {
iv the Times of December 20th:
Members of the California delegation
are seriously considering the acquisi
tion of part of Lower California by the
United States. Senator Flint has been
In favor of It for some time, on the
theory that the courjtry is no good to
Mexico and is much more closely ai
lied to the United States through the'
ownership of property by Americans,
etc. . .
Representative Smith to-doy declar
ed himself In favor of obtaining pos
session of at least that part of Lower
California bounded on the south by a
straight line running west from the In
ternational boundary on the east side
of the Colorado river. He said he
had discussed the matter with Senator
Perkins and that the latter thought it a
good idea. Smith's primary reason is
that he thinks regulation of the Colora
da river and distribution of its waters
for irrigation can never be properly ac
complished unless the United States
owns the territory, at lea t as far south
as the break In the river's bank Is;
otherwise trouble is bound to result, he
says, when the United States govern
ment takes over the irrigation system
of the California Development com
pany, as tt will inevitably do in the end.
"Mexico now has the right to one
half of the water taken from the Colo
rado river by the company," said Mr.
Smith, 'and I don't believe our people
will want to see the United States irri
gating Mexican land The only way
to settle the irrigation question in
Southern California Is for the govern
ment to take entire charge.
"Unless this is done soon It is feared
the Alamo river will go dry and that
will mean that Irrigation of most of Im
perial Valley must stop."
Smith called at the White House
to-day and urged the president to take
some action to relieve the settlers in
the Imperial Valley. The president
Intimated that the United States gov
ernment will be something to stop the
break In the Colorado banks unless
Harriman and Sou hern Pacific do.
He said he was waiting to hear from
Harriman on that point. He added
that Secretary Root is working on the
international features of the case, in
view of the river's break being In Mex
ico, but that no solution of ihe prob
lem had been reached.
Under the laws of Mexico it Is trea
son for any official of that republic to
propose, consider or consent to any
measure giving up a foot of Mexican
soli; to overcome this difficulty the
United Stales has proposed ceding to
Mexico a strip of land along the Rio
Q:n:-d'. in 'lexas rruch dcs red by
our ifU".i:n. neighbor. In txc.iarge for!
ti at p"*r! of Lo*fcr California now un
der discussion for acquisition by this
country. Under this arrangement
Mexico would lose no land, as that It
sires along the Rio Grande river Is
equivalent In area to that part of Low
er California north of a straight line
running west from the International
boundary on the east side of the Colo
rado river.
It is reported that President,
Roosevelt's demand on Mr. Ifar
rim. in and the Southern Pacific
that they proceed at once with
Work at the beading has been ac
ceded to and operations resumed
this morning. Great
things are happening and great
er will conic to pass. Uncle Sam
will control the Colorado river
and Imperial Valley become the
Kdeti o\ the nation.
Where Government Un Help
; From the Sun lU>i ii;iriliin> Sun:
We note with Interest that Senator
' Flint Is gettirg very busy In Washing
ton,* punching up the government to
! join hands with Mexico and see that
; the Colorado river is again put back
, fnto Its cl annel, and It is to be hoped
i that this time the job will be so well
| done and such an Indestructible levee
built along the Imperial front that the
Salton sea will be only a memory and
never again a possibility.
There are some things the govern- :
ment can with good reason address It
self to. aside from making "lawn and
gathering taxes. When San Francisco :
was shaken and then purged by fire, j
congress chanced to be In session, and
money was almost instantly approprlat- ;
ed for tne relief of the citizens of that i
stricken city. On a smaller scale, a
similar condition threatens in the lm- ;
perial valley. Property now worth 1
.f25.000.000 and in time to come, with '
additional development and cnltivation, I
i to be wortn 10 or 100 times as much, i
will be at the bottom of a great salt j
lake, and thousands of people deprived
of their homes, unless the river is con
trolled. And the time to do it is right
now. The Southern Pacific spent ;
w.iat was reputed to be as much as
$2,000,000 to stop the former flood, I
and is probably willing to help do lti
again. The Imperial people them
selves are striving to raise .the funds, j
but Uncle Sam can dip a finger into <
his treasure box and bring out enough
to supplement everyfhing that is need- j
ed, and if Mexico will also contritue, .
tnen the tax on the California interests
will be by so much the lighter.
The government is spending millions
ti'reclaim deserts by means of new
Irrigation projects, It is spending other
millions to drain swamps; and from
both of these it expects returns through i
all the years to come, in the way of !
happy homes and prosperous people.
These projects are right and proper
and the more of them the better. But
among them all, none would -more
largely justify the money and the effort
than will Imperial, for in fertility it
probably excels them all.
This is not by way of suggestion
that the government should take charge
at Imperial; we fully understand that
the people who have thus far developed
the valley are jealous of thefr control
of It. But they will welcome immedi
ate assistance just now from whatever
source It comes.
Senator Flint has already given evi
dences or an intention to establish a
reputation for doing things at Wash- \
ington, and here's hoping h e will suc
ceed, particularly In his demand that!
Imperial shall be protected.
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ASKS $2,000,000 TO
Senator flint Will Present Bill to
Congress for That Sum After
"WASHINGTON, Dec. 17—Gov
ernment aid to check the encroach
ments of Salton sea, restore the Colo
rado river to Its channel and preserve
■a domain from Inundation and destruc
: tlon will hi Invoked by Senator Fiank
P. Flint, of California. Imperial Val
ley now In danger of obliteration may
yet be saved.
Immediately after the holiday recess 1
Senator Flint will Introduce a bill ap
propriating, $2,000,000 for the purpose
of repairing the break In the Colorado.
The bill will provide that the United
States government shall join forces
i with the Southern Pacific railroad and
the people of Imperial Valley In , pre
venting further disaster to the Immense
landed Interests in the Colorado basin
Under Senator Flint's measure the
I United States reclamation service will
have full charge of the work and the
; private interests concerned will be ask
ed to co operate with the government
engineers. Inasmuch as the Mexican
government has given its consent for
! the United States to go into Mexican
'territory and repair the break. Senator
; Flint is hopeful that his bill will not be
; delayed in passage.
" 'Every move is being made to cx
i pedite the matter of saving the lands
! that are now overflowed." ' Senator
Flint said to-night. "Unfortunately
I congress will adjourn for two weeks on
I Thursday and It Is Impossible to get
, the bill through before recess. Hvery
I day of delay Is dangerous, we all ap
i preciate that, but we can't move any
faster than we are. We had to wait
1 for the Mexican government to give
its consent for. the United States to re
• pair the break which Is in Mexican
territory and it takes time to reduce
the agreement to writing." '
The abovefroni the Los Angel
es Examiner is the most complete
statement of the situation from a
Washington point, of view that
has jet been given out. From
this it appears the reclamation
service will have charge of the
work and the Southern Pacific
will co-operate. No doubt the
Southern Pacific will do the work
as they alone are able to \do it
promptly and effectively. Con
gress will appropriate the money
to pay the bill. There can be no
doubt of that, for the State de
partment gave Mexico a pledge
to that effect when asking for
the right to go in and do the
work. Just how in any days or
hours it will take to reduce this
agreement to writing we do not
know, but it certainly will be but
very few, as the matter is being
rushed by both governments.
And just the minute this is done
work will begin. It will not be
necessary to wait on the appro
jpriation bill or congressional ac
tion, as there is plenty of money
in the reclamation fund and it
can be used till the appropriation
is made.
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