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Imperial Valley Press.
Ice factory Looms lip Again and
Work is Being Rushed
It Is certainly surprising with what
rapidity construction work Is being
rushed on the Ice plant. The brick
walls of the engine room are rising
apace and quite rapidly, too, consider
ing they are of extra thickness. The
Inside walls of the freezing room and
of two storage rooms are already In
place and ready for the Insulation.
The freezing room In the new structure
Is being built where the creamery part
was In the one which was burned.
This room Is so arranged that It will be
possible to keep the temperature at a
lower point than before, thus enabling
much' more rapid lreezlng, consequent
ly a larger capacity. The machinery
has already arrived and Is being un
loaded and assembled.
There will be no delay In the work
now and El Centro Is congratulating it
self that it will have a larger, better
and more convenient Ice, factory than
It had before.
• And more convenient It will be," too,
for the plans on which It is being built
this time are such that all faults of the
other one have been corrected. The
new structure Is so built that cars may
be loaded from both the west and east
sides, while on the south provision Is
made for loading wagons In an easy
manner. Last year proved that the
wagon trade was no small factor to be
reckoned with, for nearly every farmer
bought at the factory door from 100 to
200 pounds of Ice a day and many
dairies bought in great deal larger
Cable Ferry for Calexico >
Will Waters and C. F. McCleary
ire at work this week making arrange
nents for the placing of a cable ferry/
icross New river from Calexlco. Tilts'
;able has been ordered and its arrival
s looked for daily. The ferry will
lave a carrying capacity of four tons
md will have deck room sufficient for
he crossing of teams and wagons,
'he gentlemen expect to be ready to
ccommodate the traveling public by
he middle of next week. — Chronicle.
it. Louis, Rocky Mountain and Pacific
What Is believed by some to be a
nk In the chain of railroad lines which
111 eventually be connected up by the
ifferent owners and merged under one
/stem is being constructed at w Clifton
louse Junction, New Mexico, near
•aton. This road is known as the St.
ouls. Rocky Mountain & Pacific and
le of its officials stated to a newspap
■ representative only a few days ago
at San Diego would be the ultimate
For the past month the St. Louis,
ocky Mountain & Pacific railroad
is been running regular trains between
aton and Clmarron, a distance of 47
lies. — Ex.
New Side Track
I The Southern Pacific Is getting
idy for the big rush of business dur
; the cantaloupe season. The side
ck leading to the packing house is
be extended up to past the Ice plant,
>slng between the plant and the trans
mer house, connecting with the
>lton Inter- Urban railroad on the
rth. This new connection with the
I. will enable the cars to be Iced
ping from Holtville without Inter-
Ing with other cars receiving Ice at
other side of the plant. Last year
reat deal of annoyance and loss of
[c was experienced because of the
kof another connecting track be
en the two roads.
Holtville and Its Surrounding Country
Is On the Move
Water companies Nos. 5 and 7
comprise what Is known as the East
slde when referred to 'collectively and
the most of those who live there are
proud of the reputation the Eastslde Is
acquiring for Its progresslveness. They
are ever alert to the best Interests of
their community, as Is evidenced by
the following from the Holtville Tribune:
"Holtville ia to have a creamery. So
say a number of our best dairymen who
are associating themselves together for
tiie building and equipping a first-class
creamery for the benefit of themselves
and the community in genoral.
There aro in the vicinity of Holtville
some of the finest herds of dairy cows to
he found in the Imperial valley and the
number is constantly being increased so
that now the output of cream each
month will compare most favorable witli
any other section and assure the
success of the enterprise."
' Also a Vineyard
"Arakelian Brothers, whoarecommis
siou merchants doing business in Fres
no, Calif., and Portland, Ore., who have
been looking over the valley for the past
two weeks have decided to make Holt
ville the point of their operations.
During the past week these gentlemen
have closed a number of land deals for
the purpose of engaging the raising of
grapes. They have secured 80 acres of
the K. L. Kendle place near Gleason's
siding, the G. N. Apkins place north of
town and 320 acres of B. Howard Whit
comb in No. 7 and are negotiating for a
number of other tracts close to town.
It is their intention to set out grapes
on the different pieces of land secured
and during the period of the vineyards
maturing they will raise cantaloupes.
Operations will be begun by them at
once in order Co raise cantaloupes for
this season's output."
Colorado River Ciage Taken At Yuma
Dally mean gage hel ht and dis-
> cJiarg«-ofth*e~~Colorado river at Yuma,
Arizona for week ending January 26,
Date Gage Height Discharge
January 20 22 85
January 21 21.50 25.800
January 22 ' 21.00 23.900
January 23 • 20 60 22.100
January 24 20.10 15.200
January 25 20.00 13 800
January 26 19.80 11.400
Reclamation Service.
Miss Jessie Gulick. sister of E. A.
Gullck, Is very 111. She was taken sick
last Saturday and Is threatened with
lung fever. Miss Gulick Is superin
tendent of the Sunday School here.
The Cantaloupe Association heltl
quite a lengthy session last night and
perfected Us organization. Secretary
Brown's yearly report was read and
considerable business was transacted.
A meeting Is to be held this afternoon
at 1 o'clock.
Owing to the Irregularity of receive
Ing the report ot the gage height from
the observer at Salton sea, our weekly
feplH > rh*4-4aJ»er / dlscontlnued, but now
word comes that weekly reports, can
be had hereafter and the same will be
published as before.
The El Centro Grocery Company
has added to their stock a line of poul
try food, manufactured by the Hercu
lean Stock and Remedy Co., of Colt
on, Cal. They have on hand especi
ally prepared food for hens and turkeys,
egg producers, as well as a celebrated
mite and lice exterminator. The de
mand for this line of goods has been
steadily Increasing here and Is bound
to be more In demand as the benefits
derived from Its use are better known.
Lyons and Coggins Companies Will
Handle the Cantaloupes
The Holtville Cantaloupe Associa
tion held a meeting Wednesday, and
signed up a contract for this season's
output. Lyon Bros. company, # of New
York, and M. O. Cogglns company, of
Plttsburg, Pa , secured the contract on
a very satisfactory basis to both parties
concerned. They are to receive 50
cents per crate advance on Fancy
Standards until a certain number of
cars have been shipped, the Holtville
Association to do its own pooling and
the money will be remitted to the As
sociation Instead of to the grower di
rect as was done last year. This ar
rangement pleases all parties better,
but last year it was practically all an
experiment and the knowledge gained
helped both shipper and grower to
come to a more intelligent conclusion
as to what was needed this year. The
acreage signed for Holtville will ap
proximate about 200 acres, however It
is thought by some that before the
planting season is over there will be
nearly 250 acres put In.
Holtvifle Will Have New School House
and Library
As soon as the bridge across the
Alamo at Holtville is fixed, carpenters
will commence work on the fine school
house and library this hustling town on
the Eastslde Is going to have. Four
thousand dollars will be spent on the
school building and $1500 on the
library. The library building will be In
the center of the park which Is near
the center of the town.
Arrangements are being made to
beautify the park so as to make it a
pleasant place to visit. No doubt the
water pipes will soon be extended so as
to cover a larger area and things will
soon be on the move. Holtville is
happily situated In the midst of as good
if not the best,' agricultural section In
the Imperial Valley and Immense pos
sibilities lie in its path. The Press
Is indeed glad to publish this piece ot
geod news regrading Its step toward
the front. May Its Interest never lag.
C R^v Hr Leonardson preached at
the schooTTftjr»«4iist Sunday mJrnlng.
and afternoon. His sermons were very
Interesting and impressive.
J. C. Stewart has accepted a posk
tlon with the El Centro Department
store. He is an experienced store
man and will help Increase the already
large trade of that popular store.
R. A. Walker, the cantaloupe man,
has been In the valley this week and
•paJaV EI Centro a pleasant visit Monday
anaTtH^ay. He will leave very
shortly for Rocky Ford and points in
Mrs. Vern Farrls, who has been vis
iting with het sister, Mrs. I. E. Casner,
for the past month or so, returned to
her home In Watts, near Los Angeles,
last Tuesday.. She left here much Im
proved In health.
• The W. C. T. U. met at the Hotel
El Centro, Saturday afternoon and
among other things took up the matter
of a reading It's to be hoped
that satisfactory arrangements may be
made whereby a sul'able room may be
obtained and supported that a conven
ient place to stop and read may be en
joyed by the young men of our town.
Irrigation Committee Approves $2,
000,000 Measure to Hold Colo
rado River
Washington, Jan. 28 — Senator
Flint's bill appropriating $2,000,000 to
protect the Interests of the United
States on the Lower Colorado river
was favorably reported Monday by the
committee on Irrigation.
Senator Flint's plan to have a recla
mation district esabllshed along the
Colorado is agreed to by the commit
tee and the recommendation to appro
priate $2 000,000 to construct and
maintain such works as will hereafter
confine the Colorado river to Its old
channel Is approved. The measure
also provides that the Harrlman Inter
est may be reimbursed for moneys
expended in this work subsequent to
December 20, 1906. The president
is to determine what sum, if any, shall
be paid to Harrlman.
Authority Is also given In the bill to
enter into an agreement with the Re
public of Mexico in order that the nec
essary work can be done.
So much of the cost of the work on
the Colorado as may be of direct ben
efit to any irrigation project will be as
sessed proportionately to any land thus
Imperial Valley Water Users' Asso
A meeting of the Imperial Valley
Water Users' Association was called
for Thursday at Imperial but a quorum
was not present and the meeting was
adjourned without date to be called
when it would be possible tojget
a quorum together. The object
of this meeting of the association ie to
follow out the plans laid out by the
meeting of the boards of directors of
the various mutual water companies
at Imperial January 17th.
J. S. Roth was down from Brawley
the first of the week. He represents
Lyons & Co. In this valley and makes
his headquarters .tat Brawley. He j&
ports a large acreage ready for canta
loupes at that piace. »
L. M. Lyon, the cantaloupe map;
was In town Wednesday. He was in
company with R. A. Walker and J. S.
Roth and was on his way to Holtville
to close up a deal for the handling of
F. E. Humphreys, of Marietta, Ok
lahoma, Is visiting with his brother, B.
of Holtville, this week.
He Isaccompailled-by-hls little son
and they spent part of last Monday
looking over El Centro and. Its sur
This week the Press job department
printed some neat stationery for tro
Central Creamery company of El Cen
tro. The officers as elected/ at Its last
election are: F. S. Webster, president;
H. R. Kyle, secretary and the Valley
State Bank, treasurer.
L. D. Robinson, who has been"^»
resident here for a few months past,
has been secured by the Holton Inter
Urban Railway company as their agent
at Holtville. Holtville Is fortunate In
having so genial and pleasant an agent
as Mr. RoblnsonjjtlH-make them.
C/^Thompson received a fine
Poland-China Boar from Kansas City
this week, which came by express.
There seems to be quite a number of
blooded hogs being shipped from east
ern points to the Eastslde and no
doubt It will pay big In the long run:
Rock Shows Clear Across the Gap
and the Fall is Nearly Two Feet
The work of shutting out the . wa*er
Is going along rapidly and smoothly.
The following from the Yuma Sun
gives a clear statement of the progress
being made:
"The second trestle at the Intake
will be completed by to-morrow noon
and rock dumping from It will begin
at once. Word was received from
■ the heading last night stating that the
building of the third trestle has been
abandoned, as It was not considered
necessary In the task of turning the
Colorado Into the old channel.
M.re than two feet of water are
flowing Into the old bed and every rock
now dumped from the first trestle can
be seen above the surface of the water.
In spite of the rain which was prev
alent Tuesday, reports received at the
heading on the condition of the tribu
taries of the Salt and Glla are much
the same as they have been all week.
The work Is being rushed In every
possible way at the intake In order to
so enforce the dam that should a sud
den raise occur in the eastern part of
the territory no possible damage could
be done to the dam across the break.'*
Enlarging Stock Yards
A force of men are at work at the
El Centro stock yards thlsweek. Two>
more pens are to te added; as the
present quarters are found to be not al
ways adequate. A coat of white wash
is being put on, which adds much to
their appearance. It's about annua
inspection time, hence the white wash.
Keep the Roads Dry
The committee appointed by the
chamber of commerce to look after
the roads leading to El Centro, have
asked the Press to state in their behalf
that numerous persons are letting wat
er out Into the roads, thereby hindering
travel to a great extent. The commit
tee wishes It understood that action Is
likely to be taken against these vlolat
•«<sof law against the public good If
the ott&<isels repeated. There should
be no troub!e>»tiDut this matter and
.certainly will not.be If irrlgators would
be more careful about flooding the
roads". -It's a waste of water anyway
and should not be permitted under any
circumstances. However the com
mlttee will no doubt have the support
of the entire community If .hereafter
they should proceed against anyone
who Is negligent about this matter.
Found Them Misinformed
J. Stanley Brown, the hardware man,
was in Los Angeles this week on busi
ness, returning Thursday morning.
Mr. Brown says he finds that most of
>the business men with whom he talked
have been woefully misinformed re
garding the conditions of this valley
and it Is traceable to reports sent out
from here in a sensational manner and
published In the dally papers. The
articles are always "scare headed" and
■aUractthe reader's eye and on these
fabrications they base their knowledge
and belief. The wholesalers and re
tailers of the City of Angels would do
well to more thoroughlvja^iderstand
the country from whjwtce comes so
much of 'helrjMrttfJort.
GSo. Ritchey. wife and child are
here from Wllllts. Ca). George was
one of the pioneers of Imperial and
made that place his home for three
years. He has come back to. look
around and thinks perhaps he -will re
main permanently^ ,^^
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