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Holtville Happenings
From Our Rr^niar Correapondent.
The residence of Mr. A B. Jones,
in the northwest part of town, was the
scer.e of quite a fire, Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Jones when kindling a fire poured
kerosene Into the stove. At once the
can exploded, throwing burning oil up
on everything In the room. The re
port of the explosion brought the neigh
bors to the place nnd Mr. Brldenstlne
was the first to arrive and with prompt
and effective work soon put out the
blaze. Mrs. Jones' face and arms were
badly burned, but It Is thought the re
sults will not be serious.
The library board of the Holtville
public library held their regular meeting
Thursday afternoon, at which time a
Spanish class was organized with sev
eral members.
The regular meeting of the Ladles'
Aid Society of the Holtville M. E.
church was held at the residence of
Mrs. Brldenstlne, Wednesday. Jan. 30.
A very enjoyable and profitable after
noon was spent and It was decided to
hold the next meeting at the home of
Mrs. Schenck, on Wednesday, Feb. 13.
A. L. Hill, of Imperial, was doing
business In Holtville on Tuesday and
Wednesday of this week.
R. A. Walker was In and around
Holtville most of the past week looking
up the prospects of the cantaloupe
growing here this year.
G. E. Hammer, of Anhlem. Texas,
is a business visitor In Holtville this
week. He leaves soon for Los An
geles to make the annual proof on his
Thos. O'Brien, of the north end, was
doing business here thts week and ' at
tending the board meeting of Water
company No. 5.
Imperial Water company No. 7
held their regular board meeting en
Tuesday of this week.
I. P. Sllllman, who is at present at
Aqua Callente, Ariz , was not able to
attend the meeting of the board of di
rectors of Imperial Water company
No. 5 on account ot the serious Illness
of hid wife.
The Holtville chamber of commerce
held their regular monthly meeting on
last Saturday afternoon'
. On last Saturday an important meet-
Ing of the of the Eastside
was held and articles of incorporation
were adopted for the building and run
ning of a creamery at Holtville. The
company is Incorporated for $10,000.
and more than half of the stock is paid
up and much interest is taken in the
organization. The directors elected
were: W. F. Gillett, W. G. NBelden.
George Whitlock, F. S. Best and C.
L. Jessup and the officers for the year
are George Whitlock, president; G. W.
Belden, vice-president and J. N. Pat
ton, secretary and treasurer.
Minutes of the Regular Meeting.
Meeting of the Board of Directors
of Imperial Water Co. No. 6, held at
Holtville. Calif., Feb.. sth, 1907.
Board called to order by Vice-pres
Following members present: Fergu
son, Stevenson, Chaplin, Eckert.
Report of committee on main canal
matters, accepted and committee dis
On motion of C. H. Eckert, second
ed by F. N. Chaplin, the superintend
ent was Instructed to place one 20
foot waste gate having ten foot weirs
In Maple and one in Oleander waste
On motion of Stevenson, seconded
by Chaplin, the superintendent was in
structed to bridge all checks In laterals
at main canal.
On motion of Chaplin, seconded by
Ferguson, the secretary was Instructed
to arrange with W. F. Holt or the
Holton Power Co! for delivery of water
to Bowen land.
On motion of Chaplin, seconded by
Stevenson, the president was request-
Ed to look Into the matter of waste
water being turned Into the company's
canals and take such steps as he may
think necessary to correct same, es
pecially at Raymonds' and Whlmps'
On motion of Chaplin, seconded by
Stevenson, the secretary was Instruct
ed to ascertain the correctness of the
bill of Goldberg & Mlley and settle
On motion of Chaplin, seconded by
Ferguson, the secretary was Instructed
to place 40 shares from the SE 1-4 of
SE 1-4, Sec. 21 to the SE 1-4 of SW
1-4. Sec. 4-14-15.
On motion of Chaplin, seconded by
Stevenson, the superintendent was In
structed to raise structures and neces
sary banks or. Pear at Power's ranch,
at SW corner of E J of Sec. 26- 15-15.
On motion of Chaplin, seconded by
Stevenson, the president was authoriz
ed to a drainage canal constructed
through center of Sees. 14 and 15, Tp.
15 S, 15 E. In accordance with resolu
tion of Oct. 5. '06, page 41.
On motion of Eckert, seconded by
Ferguson, the superintendent was In
structed to place necessary checks
and deliveries on NE 1-4, Sec. 31-13
15 and NW 1-4. Sec. 8-14-15 or re
port reason fojxlelay to president.
On motUm of Chaplin, seconded by
Stevenson, the president was appointed
fc^fdrrnulate plan for regulation and
planting trees on company ditches and
report to directors. '
Vouchers No. 1292, 1305 and 1313
to 1348 were audited by the board as
a whole.
On motion by Chaplin, seconded by
Stevenson, the secretary was instruct
ed to place 76 shares of stock on the
S 1-2 of the NW 1-4 Sec. 33-13-15.
upon Mr. Beasley's signing a release
from all damages from water that may
occur until such time as a ditch shall
be carried north of above filing by this
company this release to be written on
the certificate.
On motion the board adjourned.
financial Statement
Of Imperial Water company No. 5
from Jan. Ist. 1907 to Feb. sth, 1907:
Jan. ist, 1907.
Cash on hand $5833.64
Rec'd advertising 4.00
Rec'd water rentals 759.51
December 1906 bills paid Jan. sth,
as follows:
Construction, . * $ 379.15
Expense. . . 485.91
Salaries. . -. 1000.00
Maintenance, . . 17.08
Interest, . . 100.00
Water rentals to C. D. Co., 1000.00
Jan. bills paid Feb. sth:
Construction, . . 435.37
Salaries. ' . . 600.00
Expense, . . 104.96
Maintenance, . . 230.95
Cash Feb. 5. 1907, 2343 73
$6597.15 $6597.15
Will pay highest cash market price
for all kinds of poultry every Tuesday
at El Centro. Geo. Irvin. 42tf
Notice to the Public
Notice ia hereby given ttiat the under*
signed, a citizen of the United States has
taken pOHHesHion of and now occupies
tlie tract of land described as the N 1-2
of NE>4 and the SE^of XK# of Sec.
35 and the NE# of hK/ 2 of Stc. 35, Tp
14 S, R. HE, and the \V>£ of N\V#,
and tho \\'% of SW)£ y* Sec. 36, Tp. 14,
S, It. 14 K, S. B. M., according to the
survey of these lands made in 1900 by
the Sunset Commercial company and
eoinmonb called Both well eurvey. This
land it) unoccupied and unclaimed by
anyone except tho^undersigned and iH
at present in the Hame condition an un-
hui veyed public lands, as the numbers
properly describing them have been
UHe<l by other parties and applied to
other lamlH in making entry thereon.
And I hereby certify that it is my bona-
liile intention to occupy and improve
the land herein claimed and to file a
desert tiling on the uaid land according
to the United States land lawn an hooii
aHthe t-urvey now being made shall be
completed and the map properly de-
Boribiug Kii'l land is filed in the U. 8.
Laud otlice and the lands opened for
• Signed: GEORGE E. SCOTT.
Witneea : E. Stuiwill.
Dated at Brawley.Cal., Nov. 22, 1906.
Stands at the
head of Imperial
Valley Papers.
Our Motto:
Largest Circulation
$1.00 per Year
Published Every Saturday
El Centro, Cal.
'"SKI "™ ~ m^mmmmi """"" "" •"■■ «— "■■■■^ — — '" ' feS&!
&M ' ' ' S2P
mm . mk
■ The Holton Power Co, has the , ■ H
If best equipped Machine Shops m
£ in the Imperial Valley, Firsts 1§
m class workmen are employed w
M t and all kinds 'of ra
ft Repairing and Machine Work 0
II done promptly and reasonably ' H
ij E FROMME, Master Mechanic I
We are going: to give them away
Read'our liberal offer.below, before you pass on.
The TOWN AND COUNTRY JOURNAL is the widest read, beat
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Twenty-five thousand people on the Pacific Coast take the TOWN
AND COUNTRY JOURNAL into their homes and read it, because it's a
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But we want the TOWN AND COUNTRY JOURNAL togoinloflve
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Now, as stated, we are goin^ to GIVE AWAY 10,000 plants of Ihir-
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A single plant will produce from 80 to 100 stalks at a time— and it
keeps growing. Not only that, but it is as ornamental aa the palm or
banana tree. Its leaves are very large and of a beautiful rich green, and
that at a timo of year when green vegatation is scarce.
Remember that we don't ask you to pay anything for the Rhubarb
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Sign... Address..
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W. 3* iVHtcHell, WATCjfJMAJKE^^

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