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Silsbee Sayings
* * * /:<r - ' V
from onr rtgnlfcf eorrMpondent:
Walter Elliott- returned from San
Olego Saturday!, where *he went to
take over several hundred bead of beef
«attle to market.
Marshall Salisbury was brought
from across the river Saturday,Rafter
noon and was sent out on Sunday's
train to his mother, where he, can
liave the necessary treatment. •,•'■' -
Mrs. Browning Is some better?'' '
Mrs. F. G. Havens spent Sunday
with relatives In Silsbee. ; Y< ' l
Miss Ada Roberson, of Imperial,
spent Sunday with Mrs. Will StockstorT
Jim Hlghser, of El Centro, visited
the family of J. R. Havens, Saturday.'.
The W. C. T U. meets at Mrs!
Haddock's residence, Wednesday,
Feb. 13. 1907/
The business meeting of the Y. P.
C. E. of Silsbee will be held February
20th, at the school house. A very
good time Is assured. Everybody In
. •vlted. A sociable time after the busi
ness meeting. A good program; re
freshments will be served.
Prayer meeting every Thursday
evening In the parsonage at Silsbee.
Everyone welcome.
A large crowd Is asked to be pres
ent at the church services, Sunday
morning, Feb. 10th.
Mrs. Dr. Longshore Is visiting in
Silsbee. v
The W. C. T. U met at the Silsbee
school house, Saturday in honor of
Mrs. Miller, president of the Brawley
W. C. T. U. She was in company
with the El Centro ladies, after which
they drove and viewed the river and
were then taken to the home of Mrs.
Pyle, where supper was prepared by
the committee — Mesdames J. R. Ha
vens, Abbott, Patterson, Wilson and
Mjss Henderson. The guests that
•were present from El Centro were
.Mesdames Cooper, Royce. Havens,
Masten, Newton, Blcknell, DeGroff,
Miss Tuttle and Miss Gilmore. Mrs.
J. C. Miller and Mrs. Tuttle were en
tertained at the home of Mrs. Kramer.
After then the evening's entertainment
was opened by the choir, which con
sisted of Mr. Barass, Mr. Pitts, Mrs.
Abbott and Mrs. Harding, the organist
being Mrs. Campbell.
A scripture reading by the president,
Mrs. Thomas Harding.
Prayer by the'pastor, Mr. Haddock.
The lecturer, Mrs. Miller, of the W.
C. T. U. of Brawley, was then intro
duced to a very attentive audience, the
topic being "The design of the W. C.
T. U," followed with a song by Esther
and Amy Kramer, entitled "Drunkard
Father." Special music by Mrs.
Campbell, the organist, accompanied
by Mr. Charley Henderson with his
Dialogue by Thurston Harding and
Leroy Rhynolds, entitled "good boy or
brandy pie."
Special music by the quartette,
■••how will you vote?" \
A reading by Miss Henderson,
-•Pure cold water.''
A very appropriate reading was then
read by the president, Mrs. Themas
Harding, of the W. C. T. U., of Sils
bee, the subject being, "Mr. Scott's
reasons against patent medicines."
The song America was then sjng by
the audience.
Closing prayer by Mr. Patterson. •
The pledge was then read by Mrs.
Mrs. Wilson and Miss Havens took
the signers' names, which were twenty
one. In all now ths membership
reaches close on to forty-five.
We were then entertained by Miss
Tuttle, of El Centro, with a temper
ance recitation, after which she was
encored by the audience.
The social committee served re
freshments, consisting of cake and
coffee, which were just fine.
Mrs. Miller talked Sunday morning
■■•■, ,
to the children, the subject being "tem
perance." Sunday afternoon she
talked to the ladles of the W. C. T.
U. about the work and the L. T. L.
You want to remember Mr.
Farmer, that Wilson is still selling
farm implements at invoitc prices.
That's cheaper than anyone else.
See Wilson about it, Thelma hotel,
Imperial, Cat.
The Tallr Stick.
) An old time .way of proving one's
right to the payment of money loaned
was by tally sticks. A plain stick was
os&rt, and when a man loaned a sum a
stick Vas broken, and the creditor and
debtor .each took a part When the
lime for payment came the man who
had i. the ..stick which fitted exactly to
the stick -held by the creditor received
the* money; *^Two sticks never break
la exactly .Uio same shape, so there
was r never, any dispute about who had
a right to tile -money.
jaSpljl.pa^<S|qA\'"»tU *l pouißtl '*>»!
annnpod s^iotuvo b^i o) pjt?S9J JiiijAßU
ijsiaßd otjjjo ojclood oqi p.mo<lo hbav
,>snoi[ oin ooti.w ojuaq !uuui ..A'jaSpg,,
b sb ( ~ min^popjßS^: osi« sjoqqSjau
sin ''Bnofafddk itkftnod'.tiiq "I 3IIAV
b KtiAv oqAVtißin n rivoa* A'aura
Uinq B«A,Wshloq*otu*4Bq;' JO^j^ ax[% ps
•liojio XJiHbtt^^aiipK'i.paw Hik/A oqj jo
afijs oSnii^s jdqi qjjAV dsnoq'a^aq B s\
j.iotn 'nunjtftiH 'sjassM "L'poiioac^V
Mother, Love.
Friend— l »am afrajd yourihusbanrt
has a bad cold';*l»e'sjcontlnual^r'Bnee7 ; '
Ing. It's quite /painful to hear. j^lni;
Why don't you aak !a ( doctor to i see
him? Matron— Wen,; I'm waiting vfusf
a few days, becanso. It amuses baby fer
to see his father Bnejßze.r-Bon Vlvant.
Wilson says he., has \ calls for
Imperial lands and especially for
exchange tor goodVprange and
lemon groves, Los Angeles city
property, also Riverside, [ Pomona,
Pasadena, alfalfa lands in ; Downey
and Compton. Now Mr. Farmer
you want to see Wilson about it.
Thelma Hotel, Imperial, Cal.
I Bl Centro Market |
I Louis Knapply, Prop. |
% Meats of all Kinds Always on Hand. Fresh Fish Fridays. *
I INewly Fitted Market ♦
% EL CENTRO, Main St., Cal. *
j Remetus 3480 J
A kegisierea py the (ierman, llanovarian and I
i Oldenburg Coach Horse Stud Book^^ |
I Weight 1515 lbs, j
A This horse stands at the El Centro^LiveryJStables X
J and can be seen at any time. Now is the timejto
A book your mares. He is by far the best horse in 'V"
* the Valley. •£ £ g ,r, r
\TO INSURE - ... . $30.00
SINGLE SERVICE ----- 15.00 < r
I W. W. Marten, I
u V
VEI Centro, . . California |
~ ' ' ' V • ,-i- ",*■.:■,. . -. r Ir W ¥•
■ .-■-. ■ ■ •
Have you ever
seen a Sunset?
A beautifully illustrated
monthly magazine of the wide-
awake West with fascinating;
•hort stories, picturesque personal
point-of-view description of the
interesting development of the
West, and the romance and his-
tory of the wonderland of the
Ask your local newsdealer
for current issue or send $1.50
for year's subscri ption. The book.
"Road of a Thousand Wonders."
— 120 beautiful Western views in
four colors— will be included—
Watcn Ls : Watcn Us!
And Let Us Watch You
We can fit you up with a new
Watch or we can put that old
one of yours in repair and guar-
antee the work either way.
Everything in Jewelry and a
nice assortment of Watches and
Clocks at the
Jewelry Co.
Imperial, California.
El Centro Hotel Block
A nice, quiet place to spend
your leisure hour.
Soft drinks, Lemonade,
Cigars and Tobacco
I. E. CASNER, Prop.
ITo Homeseekcrs f
I and Investors |
O Wishing Imperial 1
g Valley Lands §
g Do you want a square deal?
$ It pays us to give our customers the benefit fjj}
It pays prospectors and investors to buy
0 through us 0
2 We have lands in any size tract from 40 to 640 acres. S
SWe are agents for El Centro town property and acreage
tracts adjoing town. 0
| We are selling land strictly at the j
| owner's price-Nothing added j
# > ©
# Real Estate Dealers EL CENTRO, CAL. §
# ©
The Holton
Power Company
El Centro/Gal.
Id any quantity and at reasonable rates
Ice will be delivered in the
towns of Brawley, Holtville,
Imperial, El Centro and Cal-
exico in any quantity desired
and for less prices than is
charged by anyone else.
For information and prices, address
El Centro, California

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