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Imperial Valley Press.
And Business Picks Up Immediately.
All the Towns Feel Pulse
Quicken .
Now that the Colorado river is again
under control and practically the only
draw back the Imperial valley has had
to contend with Is at wst done away
with, it Is expected- tha\ a great revival
of business will take place. It was but
natural that , a spirit Vrf depression
should possess the people* of the valley
during the period of uncertainty that
enveloped us. for some time, but never
theless the courage of our people Is
not easily weakened and improvements
have been steadily going on In everjj
section of the valley. New buildings
have been going up In every town and
new acreage has been put into crops In
every vicinity.
But now the time has, come when
things will move much more rapidly.
Those who were rather timid before
will come to the front with enthusiasm
and will do all the more because of
their former lack of confidence that
the river will be shut out.
The hotels of the valley are already
enjoying larger lists of guests and ev
eryone who comes here from the out
side Is looking for a piece of \ land.
The cantaloupe growers feel in the
best of spirits; in fact, their optimistic
view of the situation seems to be infec
tious, for Heber has symptoms of the
fever and an additional acreage of the
famous Imperial valley cantaloupes
will quite likely be planted there.
The greatest activity In building Is
going on at El Centro and the crying
need of the contractors here Is for
more help. The ice plant is being
rushed to completion, the creamery is
needed, .the new power plant for the
. Holton Power Co. is yet to be buiM,
new cottages are under way. .
Of course with the shutting oif of
the water comes so many riarrargs
ments tha4 Inconveniences will be c
perienced. The water for Irrigation
will now have to come through the ce
ment headgate and the intake to this
will have to be dredged out and the
main canal leading from the gate will
have to be deepened, all of which
takes time, but not of long duration.
It is believed that ten days or two
weeks will see a sufficient amount of
water running again to supply all needs.
The Irrigation water at present is not
particularly Inadequate, but the Holton
Power company, which furnishes light
and power throughout the valley, is
suffering for the want of water to run
Its turbine, consequently all the towns
of the valley ate discomoded alike.
There is never any water used for
power when there is a likelihood that
such use would cause a shortage of Ir
rigation water.
Colorado River (jage Taken At Yuma
Dally mean gage .hel ht and dis
charge of the Colorado river at Yuma,
Arizona for week ending February 9,
Date Gage Height Discharge
February 3 , 22.40 31,300
February 4 21.50 26.600
Februarys 21.10 24.400
February 6 20.65 19.200
February 7 20 35 17,900
Fetruary 8 19,000
February 9 v "> 2a9§ 20,500
■.'* v Reclamation Service.
H. B. PearsonW rented the corn
ier <tf flee room overuio b>nk for the
Headquarters of Cru|ebfleld.'& Wool
iofe/cantaloupe merchaWs of PUtsburg.
Cantaloupe Association Met Tuesday
and Members Commenced Sign
ing Contracts
On Tuesday the board of .directors
of the El Centro Cantaloupe Growers'
Association disposed of considerable
Important business in executive ses
sion, winding up all unfinished business
In readiness for the active work now
under way of planting.
Immediately following this the asso
ciation membership met, nearly every
member being present. The contract
between grower and the shipping asso
ciation provoked 'some discussion on
th= point of time of delivery of melons
to the shed, this being set at 5 o'clock
p. m. It is thought, however, that
delivery time can be materially extend
ed when summer conditions can be
fully explained to the receiving com
pany. In all other points the contract
was approved and members present
started the signing of the agreements.
The acreage signed ranges from 5
acres to 40 acres, with a number leav
ing that open until they have finished
planting. Several of these will exceed
50 acres. As indicative of El Centro
enterprise many town lots will soon be
adorned with the trailing melon vines
and will add their quota to i the ship
ments of the El Centro association.
The lure of the melon and its profits
appeals alike to staid citizen and school
Band Concert
(The El Centro band will give an
open air concert here on Sunday after
noon, beginning at 4 o'clock. The fol
lowing Is the program which will be
rendered: * •
Part 1.
1. March, Under the Double Eagle
. Wagner
2. Overture, Grand Religious Fanta
sia Rolllnson
3. .Waltz, Annuccta Mia (dedicated
to Miss Chaplin) Scarpa
4. Lir Palome, Spanish Serenade,
■L mi | | till HIMI4 M Mil ■•#••••»« 4 ifIUICI
5. March, La Francesa Costa
6. Waltz. True Love Brown
7. Fuiwral March Chopin
8. Granii Fantasia. Our Nation. Beyer
Flint Says He Has Not Compromised
and is Not Going To
"I have agreed to no compromise
whatever. No compromise has been
suggested and I shall entertain nothing
of the sort."
This positive declaration was made
by Senator Flint, when hs was asked
as to the probability of a compromise
being reached on his bill, which has
passed the senate, appropriating $2.
000,000 for the purpose of construct
ing the necessary repair work to stop
the overflowing of the Colorado river
at its banks and indundating land with
in the boundaries of the United States.
When the measure reached the
house committee on irrigation the ap
propriatlon was cut to $1,000,000.
This amount, in the opinion of Senator
Flint, will be entirely inadequate for the
purposes required and he proposes to
fight for the retention of $2,000,000,
as passed by the senate.
Representative Smith, who will have
charge of the measure in the house,
has made several efforts to see Speak
er Cannon, in order to secure recog
nition in the house for the bill, but up
to the present time has been unsuc
cessful on account of the Illness of the
speaker. When he succeeds in get
ting the bill before the house he says
he will make a speech in favor of In
creasing the amount of the appropria
tion to $2,000,000 as provided for in
Flint's bill, and if unsuccessful there,
he will make a fight In conference.
Both Flint and Smith will undoubtedly
be on the conference committee and
they will undoubtedly succeed In se
curing the $2,000,000 appropriation.
An Important point now Is to secure
permission from Speaker Cannon for
recognition to consider the bill.
Bridge Across New River
A bridge Is planned over New river
on the country road west of town. The
bridge will have one or two spans, and
be so constructed and tied that In case
of flood It will be raised on the piling
and float to the bank. Instead of going
down to the sink. The river bed will
be filled Into the approaches and the
grade of the banks reduced. — Brawley
An Association Formed and a Good
Sized Acreage will be
Las>^/ednesday the farmers near
Heber m\t and formed an association
to be known as the Heber Fancy
Melon Growers' Association, and in
the neighborhood^ 250 acres of can
taloupes will be planted.
' A packing house will be erected and
a spur track built right away. The
association has contracted with Crutch
field & Woolfolk. of Pittsburgh, Pa.,
through their agent, H. B. Pearson,
who will handle the entire crop, mak
ing an advance payment of 75 cents
per crete for the month of June and
50 cents per crate for July for all
Fancy Standards and Jumbos, the bal
ance to be paid as soon as the returns
can be had.
The officers of the new association
are as follows: Geo. Cllne, president;
W. A. Van Horn, vice-president; L.
E. Srack, secretary and treasurer and
Ernest Bucher and Frank Tetley.
Change of Meeting
The meeting of members of the
Methodlstchurch called for Feb. 20th,
will be held this Saturday evening,
Feb. 16th. at 7 o\k>ck, at Hotel El
Centro. All members of the church
are urged to be present and others
who feel a desire to forward those
things which make for good^will be
gladly welcomed, so thaKby united ef
fort much may be accomplished for
that which endures. S
For the Library
The ladles of El Centro who have
worked so haroNto secure a reading
room have secured the use of space In
Mr. Burkett's Ice cream parlor and
they are going to give 'an opening next
Thursday night, February 21. Ev
erybody Is Invited to come. Refresh
ments will be servee and a nice time
Is assured. A free will offering is so
licited — bring a chair, a book or a sil
ver offering. Everyone should respond
to this Invitation to aid a reading
room. It is needed and will be appre
ciated by a large number.
The Site Has Been Chosen and Build
ing Will Soon Commence
The Central Creamery company has.
completed Its arrangements for the
erection of 9 creamery at El Centro,
The lots have been secured and Thurs
day morning the location of the build-
Ing was staked out. J. L. Travers
will superintend the building;
the creamery and has the lumber al t
ordered. He expects to start the ce
ment foundation right away. The
building will be 48x48 feet and when
completed and equipped will cost/
$6,000. The Central Creamery com
pany is a dairymen's association, form
ed for the express- purpose of building-:
and conducting this creamery, believ
ing that by the co-operation plan much
money can be saved for the dalrymar*.
The committee having the building in>»
charge consists of W. A. Van Horn,
Ira Aten and G. W. Nichols. Thep
fully expect to have the plant in opera
tion in ninety days. It will be located »
on the east side of the railroad between i
the ice plant and cantaloupe packing,'
shed and will be close to the Southern t
Pacific freight depot to soon. he.builU-
A St. Valentine's Party
The spirit of the Ecclesiastical mar*
tyr, St. Valentine of Rome must have
been pleased Thursday evening, whem
a jolly crowd of young people assem
bled at Hotel Franklin, upon invitations
of Misses Alma Tuttle and Fannie
Klnne, to do honor to the memory^ ofi.
that patron saint of the love 10rn... .
They found the sombreness of.- : the?
school room and hotel lobby - dispelled
by a lavish display of red, red hearts,,
festooned, circled and scattered hither
and yon, interlaced with Japanese lan
terns and other articles of decoration •.
that made the rooms veritable abodes •
of color and beauty. With the arrive
of the young people from Holtville and:
Imperial the program of games was
commenced and many quaint and cur
ious schemes were Introduced to aid;
the heart free to determine who might
be the Prince or Princess Darling of
the future and each new game met
with gay approval until the electric;
lights gave warning of approaching
darkness. Then candles and lamps were>
produced. Refreshments were served^
in the "other" school room and were;
delightfully In keeping with the other
happy arrangements for which the>.
hostesses were responsible.
Mesdames C. E. Paris, C. F. But
tress, P. 0. Parsons and J. T. Tuttle.
were patronesses of the evening..
The guests present were: Misses?
Blanche Straight, Ethel Free, .' Daisy?
Mead and Mabel Swindle,, of Holt—
ville; Misses Elizabeth Reid and Beula.
Good, of Imperial; Messrs. G. L-
Dutcher. of Holtville; T. A. Atkinson*:
G. A. Chllders. Chas. F. Masten, Wes^
ley Masten, Roy Shepard, Roger
Webster, Chas. Staack, Fred A. Grls
wold, A. W. Woods, W. L. Payne^.
and Robt. P. Moore.
Salton Sea Gage
Tne following Is the record of the;
rise of the Salton sea. near Salton*
Cal.. from Feb. Ist to 7th. Inclusive,.
1907: Gage height (feet)r
February 1 75.45.
February 2 "".75.55
February 3 ........] 75. 60
February 4... 75 65
February $M^'^!^. "XwiirS
February 6. 75.7E
February 7 75.60>
The above record Is furnished by-
Mr. W. B. Clapp, engineer U. S. Geo^
logical survey, Los Angeles. Cal.
NO. 45

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