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Imperial Valley Press.
El Centro. May 10, i 907.
Editor Imperial Valley Press,
El Centro, Calif.
Dear Sir: I was one of a number
of those oresent at the county division
meetings at Imperial on Thursday,
May 2d, and at El Centro on Wednes
day, May Bth. Not being an orator I
had not the nerve to rise (to be sat up
on) at either meeting, but feel that
■while Mr. Brown barely touched upon
the advisability of holding the election
after we have returned from our sum-
mer vacations that the fairness and
justice of such a step should be em
phasized by some one
As a resident and a tax payer of the
Imperial valley I protest against the
maHer of county division, the election
of a set of county officers and the lo
cation of the county not being put to a
vote when many of those who will have
to foot the bills and pay the officers'
salaries, will be away and, in my case,
too far away to enable me to return
for the casting of a ballot to which I
am entitled I say and say emphatically
that In justice to all the election should
not take place at an earlier date than
October 15th.
( Hold the election when we are all
here and allow us to go to the polls
and when alone In the polling booth
with our conscience and our God, cast
a ballot which we Individually believe
to be to the best Interests of the com
munlty In which we have made our
home. Yours for fairness,
A Taxpayer.
Cucumbers planted In the open In
March are now bearing. A family in
El Centro picked from their own gar
den a splendid mess of cucumbers the
2d day of May. If someone had plant
ed a couple of acres of this fruit he
could command a good price, for all
the plants would bear for the next
month or six weeks.
■ . Old "Maid's
The OW Maids will hold their conven-
tion at
Saturday Evening
May 11th
The old bachelors should get busy. It's
the chance of a lifetime. Anybody
ean come and see the fun. In
fact, you're invited. A small
admittance lee will be
charged. Not over
20c for children
and 35c for ■ •/
The proceeds will ro for library pur-
poses. The "Old Maids' inven-
tion" is a most laughable play _
and you will enjoy it
The Convention will be held at
Masonic Hall
Masonic Hall Was Crowded to Its Utmost Capacity
Laft Wednesday Afternoon
Action of the Meeting Was to Indorse the Action of the Imperial
Meeting Last Week Thursday. County Division Goes Forward
Now With the Proper Dignity it Should Possess. A Large
Crowd From Imperial Was in Attendance .
The largest and most enthusiastic
mass meeting held in the Imperial
valley since 1904 was held at El Cen'
tro, Wednesday afternoon, at the. Ma
sonic hall. Notices of the mass meet-
Ing were published In the valley papers
and the turnout was very gratifying In
every way. Imperial turned out In a
body and It Is reported that town looked
upon the day as a holiday and practic
ally every business house In the town
was closed.
In the meeting there was evidenced
a general good feeling and friendliness,
but opinions differed. The Rev. Mr.
Wentworth, pastor of the Methodist
Episcopal church, of Imperial, was
chosen as chairman, and Bert R.
Chaplin as secretary. The differences
in opinion appeared on the ' surface
when a resolution was offered to com
mend the action of the meeting at Im
San Diego People Enthusiastic Over
Their Coming Excursion
Nearly every newspaper and maga
zine in the United States has had more
or less to say about the Imperial valley
on the Colorado river, a tract about 50
miles wide which was a barren desert
only about five years ago. Every per
son who« visits this wonderful valley
now is amazed at every turn. In place
of drifting sands are Immense fields of
alfalfa, barley, wheat, oats arid other
farm produce, herds of cattle, droves
of hogs and other live stock. The
stories of the number of crops of alfalfa
per year, and the yield per acre of
other crops and the wonderful growth
of cattle and hogs can only be believed
after eelng them. Almost since the
dawn of history the bottom lands of
the Nile river In Egypt have been noted
for extraordinary fertility, but It Is now
be.ieved that the Imperial valley in San
Diego coun:y Is fully as rich as the
Nile, and because of many superior ad
vantages, students of history predict a
denser population for this favored spot
than any other part of the globe. It Is
the agricultural museum of the world,
where the fairy tales of wonderland
come true, and within two years will
be our next door neighbor via the San
Diego and Arizona railway. The ex
cursion to this valley on the 17th of
this month will be an eye-opener to
those who have not been there recent
ly. E. E. Shaffer, chairman of the
Chamber of Commerce committee
having in charge this excursion, reports
that San Diegans are very enthusiastic
and he thinks all tickets will be sold
before the 17th.— San Diego Sun.
List your lands with the Ira Aten
Land Co. Vtwy can give you beit
perlal last week and providing for the
division of the county as soon as pos
sible. Those who were not In favor of
an election during the hot weather and
who objected to the arbitrary action of
the Imperial meeting found themselves
in the minority and after they had de
fended their stand In unmistakable
terms, the vote was taken, which stood
1 17 to 156 in favor of allowing the ac
tion of the Imperial meeting to stand,
rather than to in - anyway impede the
progress of county division. The min
ority then readily acquiesced , to, the
wishes of the majo r lty and their labors
henceforth will be for county division
as soon as possible.
The action of this meeting adds the
necessary dignity that was lacking to
the Imperial meeting and now that the
people have had an opportunity to at
tend an open meeting, where no one
to show the San
Diego Chamber
o f Commerce
. people when
they visit the
valley would be
appropriate ...
The El Centro
x Chamber of
Commerce In-
vites the farm-
ers to bring In
samples of ...
* ■ <
Wheat, Barley,
Vegetables, Alfalfa,
Grass and
Please deliver
at the Fress of-
fice and they'
will be properly
displayed at the
Chamber of
• rooms : Bring
perishable goods
on Friday, May
the 17th •
was denied to express his views, the
feeling of a share Is everywhere more
apparent. It also sets forth the differ
ence between the two towns of El
Centro and Imperial, the former always
ready and willing to be open and above
board In Its doings, while on the other
hand. lmperial sesms bound to curtail
its movements for the simple reason
that thewishe^ of a very select few
(the ring) could not be worked out in
a free and open meeting.
[We write and set this Item of news
In type before receiving a copy of the
Standard and with no knowledge of
what Mr. Howe may have to say, feel
ing that as (< His paper does not ex
press the sentiments of the citizens of
Imperial," that it would serve no good
purpose for us to hold back our copy
until we had read his report of the El
Centro Mass Meeting.]
Comm'rttee Chosen
Following is tne list of committee
chosen, three from each judicial town
ship to act in furtherance of county di
vision. A meeting of the committee
is called to meet at Imperial to-day at
2 o'clock In Water company No. l's
hall. At this meeting they will effect
a permanent organization and transact
any other business which may come
before them: «
Brawley —
W. P. Mansfield.
D. S. Elder.
F. H. Stanley.
F. N. Chaplin.
P. N. Ferguson, -*
C. H. Trego.
El Centro —
Ira Aten,
J. Stanley Brown,
Fred Fuller.
Calexico —
E. H. Rockwood,
G. M. McCully.
Thos. Beach.
Geo. L Campbell,
F. S. Webster.
James Arthur Mcßrlde.
Imperial —
J. R. Stevenson,
S J. Ulrey.
T. P. Banta.
Members of the San Diego chamber
of commerce will be In the valley a
week from to day. They have re
ceived and accepted an Invitation to
visit El Centro and the Press would
take It as a favor It the farmers would
btlng and put on display at this office
samples of what is being grown on the
farms and in the gardens. A good
display will give an idea to our visitors
• ■ ■■
what we are doing here and will pro
duce a good impression. The Press
will furnish the table and tr.e room if
you will bring in the samples.
Will Meet at El Centro on Friday,
May 31st
The Ministerial Union of the Imper
ial valley has decided to hold a Chris
tian convention at El Centro, on Fri
day, May 31st. The Union met at
this place last Monday and partly com
pleted the program fur the occasion.
There will be three sessions, one in
the forenoon, one In the afternoon and
an evening session. All the people of
the Imperial valley have been Invited
to attend this convention. The opera
house will have been completed by
this date and there will be seating ca
pacity for all who come. A large del
egation from all the valley towns is
expected, as there Is offered a $25
cash prize to the town sending the
largest registered delegation. Speak
ers from abroad will be present, while
the entire day and evening will be filled
with good things to hear.
This will be a gala day for the young
people, as the ministers of the valley
have been putting forth their very best
efforts to make of It a semi-holiday
for all and that affair will be of great
good and Interesting Is guaranteed by
the character of the gentlemen who
are responsible for It.
Our townsman, Bird E. Nosier, Fri
day received the sad news of the death
of his father, J. H. Nosier, at his home
in Coquille, Oregon, on the 4th of this
month. The deceased had been a
resident of Coquille since the year
1870. He was elected county judge
of Coos county in 1874, was re-elec ed
in 1878 and held the office for eight
years, and was an honored citizen of
his state.
SEE Europe if you will
but see El Centro first.
People of the Imperial Valley
Come and See Our
New Cantaloupe Sheds
Come and See Our
New Grain Warehouse
Come and Eat at Our
Come and See Our
New Creamery
Come and See Our
Machine Shops
All kinds of Mill and Foundry Work
Come and See Our
Ice Plant in Operation
Come and See Our
Domestic Water System
The best in the Imperial Valley
Anil deckle for yourselves whether
Is a One Man Town or not
NO. 5

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