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Imperial Valley Press.
An Interesting Issue to Come Before the Peo
ple of the Imperial Valley this Summer
or Fall
Although an undoubted majority of
the residents of the valley would pre
fer to have the county division election
held after the hot summer weather Is
over, a small minority; in fact, three
people have so manipulated matters
that an election will be held about
Sept Ist, probably the hottest part of
our hot season.
It Is fully recognized that the action
taken by the Imperial committee was
in every way premature and high hand
ed, and really did smack of unsavory
methods, nevertheless it Is now up to
the people to make of the western end
of San Diego county anew county, and
to choose for that new county a set of
officers and a coun y seat. It has
been Intimated that the reason Imperi
al took upon Itself this obligation to
force upon the people a vote as soon
as possible was to not allow of any
great deliberation on the part of the
people themselves, as by hustling the
thing along In double-quick time, there
would be a possibility of Imperial to
grab off the county seat. The people
mostly interested in the town of Imper
ial fully realize that El Centro has
taken a front rank among the towns of
the valley, by virtue of its business en
terprise and rapid growth and to wait a
moment longer for a decision in the
- matter would be suicidal. This, and
no other reason, explains the action
taken, and the very fact that all the
adverse criticism from Imperial Is di
rected toward the town and people of
El Centro, proves to many that this
town of brick buildings and Industries
Is the strongest candidate in the field
to-day for the county seat.
Imperial has constantly and continu
ously asserted that the people of El
Centro are rylng to delay county dl
vision,. while it knew that El Centro
was only trvlnjj to secure for the peo
Just to Illustrate
Just as an illustration of what an
impecunious liar the Standard can be
when Howe is of a mind to make it
so. read these two little columns:
The effort to build
a livery stable at El
Centro which would
be showy and yet con
tain the fewest possi
ble brick has resulted
hi the collapse of
three walls of the
building. The walls
did nut all fall at
once, but have been
gradually tumbling
for several days. The
lastof the three went
down Saturday night.
The Heber associa
tion met with a little
mishap Saturday
night. The frame
work for the new
packing house was up
and the wind leveled
it to the ground. The
loss will not be heavy
but will cause a few
days' delay and may
necessitate some otli
er arrangement fur
handling the first
melons to be shipped
this year.
The livery stable Howe refers to
was not veneer, but of as heavy wall as
are the buildings In Imperial, and the
same hard wind that blew down the
Heber packing house blew down the
walls of the livery stable. The broad
sides of the building stood against the
wind and as they were not braced the
wind had the best of it In the f^st
place. But the. Standard had a chance
to misrepresent It and It took it.
pie of the Imperial valley fair play
And now It has evolved Itself Into this:
when one Is found that Is not absolute
ly and unequivocally In favor of Imper
ial and Imperial's committee of three,
he is promptly denounced by the Im
perial paper as an obstructionist
Statements of the kind that are emln
ating from the^ Imperial paper are real
ly not worth much more than just a
general denial, for 'he people of the
valley consider the source from which
they spring and believe sparingly.
Imperial is in the field for the coun
ty seat good and hard; emissaries and
boosters are being sent to the four cor
ners and sharp politics are being played
by the steering committee which has
the campaign In charge. They have
showed from the beginning that fair
ness has been eliminated from their
memory. Any misrepresentations
which they have so far been able to
Imagine have up to the present time
been used.
El Centro, on the other hand is in
the field to win the county seat, If such
can be done by fair and honest means.
There is not a representative In tnls
town who will counsel any other means.
In this valley, with fair and honest men
In the majority. It Is a crying shame
that such mean tactics as have already
been fastered upon the people, should
have happened. And it will not be
much of a surprise if it meets with ov
erwhelming defeat.
The people of El Centro have talked
the matter over candidly and seriously
and, while they are as determined as
they can be In the matter cf locating
the county seat at this place, they have
set their hand against any unjustness
or unfairness, and while they intend to
do what they can In an honest way.
they are firm In their belief that the
support of the voters will In the end
uphold such a course.
Caused by Wind
The wind storm last Saturday night
did some damage to the packing sned
of the El Centro Fancy Melon Grow
ers' association, as well as the livery
stable of Dr. Biacklnton's and the
packing shed at Heber, all of which
are In the course of construction
The damage was not great In any
case, only it was more In the case of
the livery stable, that being of brick.
The rest of the new buildings being
erected In El Centro were far enougn
a ong so that the wind had no effect
It the buildings that did suffer had
been properly braced there would have
been no damage at all, but the wind
so seldom blows hard enough to do any
damage at all, the contractors were tak
en by surprise 'his time.
Messrs. A M. Ham. H. E. Harris,
vice president of the San Bernardino
National Bank, and Judge J W. Cur
tis, In company *lth H. E Peck, were
in El Centro, Wednesday, looking at
the new warehouse of the Imperial
Grain & Milling Co., of which they are
Delightfully Entertained at the Home
of W. E. Downing, Thursday Night
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Downing, as
sisted by Mrs. D's brother, W. A
Berneker, very delightfully entertained
the whist club and other friends, at
their home, on Brighton street, Thurs
day evening, the event also being 'n
honor of the second anniversary of
their marriage. The house was fra
grant with sweet peas, carnations, ole
anders, roses, nasturtiums and cosmos.
Punch was served during the evening
in the dining room. Six tables of
progressive whist were played, while at
two tables the flinch players tried their
luck. Prizes wereawarded the fortun
ate ones in whist. At a late hour or
ange Ice and cake was served, after
which all departed for their homes, all
voting a delightful evening.
Farmer Purdy Hart, of the Holt
ville district, was here Tuesday, and
says that while he is qutte busy with
ranch work, he still has some time to
spare plugging for El Centro as the
best favored point f or tne county seat.
R. C. Harbison, editor of the San
Bernardino Sun, was a visitor here
SEE Europe if yon will
but see El Centro first.
People of the Imperial Valley
The Center in name
The Center in location
Come and See Our
New Cantaloupe Sheds
Come and See Our
New Grain Warehouse
Come and Kat at Our
Come and see the only
Steam Laundry
in the valley (now in course of con-
Inspect the foundations for the Steam
Electric and Distilling Plant
El Centro has the largest payroll of any
town of the fame size iit the
United States
Come and See Our
New Creamery
Come and See Our
Machine Shops
All kinds of Mill and Foundry Work
Come and See Our
Ice Plant in Operation
Come and See Our
Domestic Water System
The best in the Imperial Valley
Come to Kl ContioMay
31 to tin* opening of our
Opera ll<>unt)l>y t la- Im-
perial Valley Association
And decide for yourselves whether
la a One Man Town or not
People Preparing to Attend from all
over the Valley. Lecture Satur
day Night
The dedication of the Methodist
Episcopal church will be an event long
to be remembered by those who at
tend the services next Sunday. The
program for the day Includes three
services, the morning, afternoon and
evening. Each service Is replete with
Interesting numbers, the devotional
part being especially the object of
much preparation.
The music, under the direction of
Miss Mary . McWllliams, with Miss
Bragg at the Instrument and Mr. So
chcr as oblfgato accompanist on the
violin Is to be excellent.
The first event In the new church
will be the sacred concert given by the
choir Friday evening. Everyone
should attend and hear the program
that has been prepared. The fall pro
gram appears on tne editorial page.
The lecture by Dr. Pitneron 'Boots
and Saddles" will be a great treat.
Mauy tickets have been sold and if
you have not secured one you should
not delay the matter. Dr. Pltner, who
is presiding elder of this district. Is
noted as a lecturer ann 's extremely
entertaining In the pulpit. — Calexlco
Memorial Services
The G. A. R. of imperial valley
will celebrate memorial Sunday in
Imperial, Sunday, May 26th, at 2
o'clock p. m.
Major Patton. of the U. S. regular
army, retired, a parlcipant in four
wars, will deliver the address.
All soldiers of all wars and friends
are cordially Invited to attend.
F. H. Wales,
In behalf of the comrades.
Three Vitals of the Christian Religion
At 8 o'clock next Sunday night at
El Centro hear the sermon on Three
Vitals of the Christian Religion.
Speaker Samuel B. Letson.
Voters who have not already regis
tered should do so at once. Deputy
county clerks at El Centro are as fol
lows: Ira Aten, D. D. Pellet. Call
either at the Ira Aten Land company's
office or at the Press office and the
deputy at either place will register you.
Ties for the New Road on the Way
from Japan
Two steamers are plowing their way
across the Pacific ocean, filled with
ti.s from Japan destined for the use of
the San Diego and Arizona railway.
These cargoes will contain enough
ties for a large part of the line between
this city and the Colorado river. The
steamers will arrive at this port some
time next month.
A railroad survey party Is working
below the line In Lower California.
Another is working in this county.
Mr. Spreckels of course eeslres to as
certain which is the best possible route.
Although the Southern Pacific railway
hods a concession In Lower California
It is underssoud that this will not ' hold
water" and that another railroad can
be constructed through the territory.
John D Spreckeis, president of the
Sa>> Diego and Anzj^a railway, will
arrive in tnls city me first of the con>
ing week. — San Diego Sun.
Combined Harvesters and* Binders
Will Soon Be in Full Action
Dr. J. C. Blackinton's crew of har
vesters started to cut' and thresh with a
combined. Walter Moore's field of
barley. From this field they will go
to that of Chris Jackson's, and by the
time these fields are finished all the
grain will be ready to harvest
The threshing machine which has
stood by the El Centro machine shops
all winter, where It underwent a thor
ough overhauling, Is being put in shape
to go to work.
Over on the Eastslde E. Mead has
started his combined, whtch this year
is under the charge of 'Charles Mead.
There Is another combined expected
on the eastside and by the time that Is
put into operation the harvesting sea
son will be well under way.
The output for the valley will ex
ceed considerable that of last year, al
though those who raised wheat and
barley last year have cut down their
acreage of this cop and have gone to
raising more alfalfa, the Increase be
ing due to the large amount of new
land which has been put under cultiva
tion. The yield per acre Is estimated
to be about the same as that of last
Southern Pacific Officials Here Pre
paring for Heavy Cantaloupe
H. V. Platt and H. B. Tltcomb. of
the Southern Pacific, were In El Cen
tro over night Wednesday night. They
were here to make arrangements for
handling the large cantal upe crcp be
ing grown here. The valley will have
to have a special engine to handle the
cars between Brawley, Heber and El
Centro. The new side track at El
Centro was arranged for and work will
commence on its construction Imme
diately. A large number of cars of
melons will be handled from this point
because of the Ice plant located here.
Outside of the large acreage of melons
grown and shipped from here, the cars
from Heber and Holtvllle will be Iced
at this place and every possible effort
Is being made to be In a position to
give to this very Important matter the
best of attention. The facilities for
icing cars at the Ice plant are much
better than they were last year and no *
delays In the handling of cars are an
ticipated. •
The Holtvllle and Heber crops are
coming along nicely and shipping from
those places as well as from here will
soon be in operation. The two new
packing houses, one at Heber and one
here sre being rushed with all possible
haste and will be ready as soon as the
season opens.
New furniture Store Will Open in
Hotel Storeroom
Wm. Wessel, of Imperial, will open
his furniture store next Monday in the
west store room of the Hotel El Cen
tro. He Informs a Press representa
tive that he would open with a com
plete new line of the best grades of
furniture. His location is one of the
best in El Centro and there is no doubt
but what this move will be profitable to
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