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In writing to Ihe San Diego Herald
of his trip to this valley. A. E Dodson
of San Diego, amonfj other things.
*ays: "The Imperial valley Is well
named. It Is a wonder. It must be
*een to be fully appreciated. Some
thing like 75 OCO acres of rich land Is
\t\ cultivation. Good crops are grow
Ing of alfalfa, barley, sorghum, canta
loupes and grapes. Thousands of cat
tle, horses, sheep and hogs are In pas
ture. The entire valley is prosper ng
All that is needed to make them con
tented and happy Is a direct line of rail
to the coast. Many anxious Inquiries
*ere made about the tailroad pros*
pects. 1 was pleased to report to the
people what I had seen and learned
about the progress made by the
Spreckels people* As quick as this
road is running to tUs valley It will
an Immense harvest."
Forty-two cars of or.lons have been
shipped this season from Thermal.
Speaking of this crop the Submarine
sa)s: "The effect of the large volume
of money coming Into the valley from
the crops of cabbage and onions is al
ready beginning to show in every line
of business, it Is practically an assur
ed thing that ihe entire crop of onions
gro *n in the Thermal district will bring
m average of two cents a pound net to
The grower. Orders are In for the re
mainder of the crop and it looks as
though the vegetable union had made
good. Numerous difficulties have
been met this year/which will perhaps
never be up again. The unknownness
of the br*nd had to be overcome, then
the lateness of the crop this year
caused to a large extent by Inexperi
er-ce when to plant, allowed. the Texas
onions to make the first market, and
in the East, especially, hold It until the
past ten days, when the superior quali
ty of the Ccachella valley onions won
out. The crop has passed by the ex
perihoental stage and Is here to stay,
and it is the general opinion of the
growers that while the probable net
profit this year will not be over $125.00
per acre, next year, with the knowledge
| See Wilson About It See Wilson About It 1)
M Ts of good advice and leads often to great opportunities. This is \§
i|j A especially so in real estate. In our judgment this is the time for jsj
|| a purchase of one or more lots in 3£T JC *2£ . 3£T %
fill I B^ x * ajl ' winiwimr-Tiifflftfn'iwMiW*wi«M |f|l|
|| C/l The oppurtunity is open to all and ju£t a little money is needed. S ||
|| We recomend investments in this property because we know juft what f|
m ***-*. ' is in store for it. Because the growth of the residence district is more P"" m
H in evidence in this section of the valley than in any other at this present ' p |I
|j § time. Because it is most favorfcd in point of location and charm and S> j|
m Jj because of guaranteed improvements and many more buildings. The g"> it
b g electric plant is here, and the big ice manufacturing is here. It is the ■"* J|
M Junction town and there are many large and substantial brick blocks C/3 M
|]i Uh all occupied. All these firmly fix the character of the property and ' ?^ [I
<«• • i r • i r ' t^i • i i W
lljj, . give assurance to the investors or a quick proht. 1 here is also three- m
J: acre tracts that are very profitable. One of these tracts will make a ||
|l living for the average family. Come and I will help you figure. To ||
II wait means to pay more money and to forego the profits that are sure to ||
H be reaped, you should be among the firft. It is a- proposition of safe -j|
\4 investment with the amount to be gained with the little invested. j|
I Correspondence Solicited Over the Bank, Cl Centro Cal. I
g See Wilson About It . See Wilson About It f
2i^ •S.'^S^s^s^ac^r^^s^^iS^ &&%<S3£&€^ A *'S&<?<2&*A!<e&
obtained from the growing of this
year's crop, the profits can be Increas
ed from 25 to 75 per cent. While
there will probably be from six to seven
hundred acres planted to onions next
year, those who know say that no ov
erstocklng can take place at the time
they go on the market "
Wants to be in New County
Dr. M. L Parcells. of San Beriar
dino, who makes Palo Verde his home
for a part of every year, has been In
Riverside for the purpose of Interview-
Ing county authorities relative to In
cluding the Palo Verde region In the
new ccunty it Is proposed to form In
the Imperial valley district. District
Attorney Evans advised him that there
would likely be no opposition to the
plan If the lints were not run too far
west, but Included Palo Verde alone.
As it Is now, Palo Verde people have
to travel 2CO miles to get to the coun
ty seat. El Centro would be only about
84 miles away.
Notice of Assessment
NO. 5. location of principal place
of business at Holtville, California.
Notice is hereby given that at a
meeting of the Board of Directors held
on the 6th day of May, 1907, an assess
ment of fifty (50) cents per share was
levied on all the issued capital stock
of the corporation, payable immediate
ly to C. H. Eckert, the secretary, at
the office of the company. In the A'a
mo hotel buildirg. Holtvihe, California.
Any stock upon which this assess
ment shall remain unpaid on Saturday.
the Bth day of June. 1907. will be de
lirquent and will be advertised for sale
at public auction and unless payment
Is made be'ore will be sold at the of
fice of the company at Holtville. Cali
fornia, on Saturday, the 29th day of
June, 1907. to pay the delinquent as
sessment, together with costs of adver
tising and expenses of sale.
By order of the Boa r d of Directors,
mll-jl C. H. Eckert. Secretary.
Colorado River dage Taken At Yuma
Dally mean gage heuht and dis
charge of the Colorado river at Yuma.
Arizona for week ending May It,
Date Gage Height Discharge
May 5 23 10 31800
May 6 23 15 33 000
May 7 23 25 33 700
May 8 23 30 33 900
May 9 23 30 33 900
May 10 23 20 33 500
May II 23.15 32 800
Reclamation Service.
U. S. Civil Service
Theru were 41,877 appointments marie
last year to cnitipetatlve positions in
the civil pervice at salaries ranging
from about $75 to $150 a month.
This would average nearly 1000 from
each Btatt>, to whom aru paid about $(,•
000,000. The large, more populous
Htates, however, get niuch more.
In spite of t lie good eahtrics, pleasant
employ ment and chance for promotion
in these positions the government, has
not been able to secure enough compe
tent help to meet the needs of the Her*
vlee, due no doubt to the fact that so
few people know how to prepare and
secure these places. Any of our readers
interested in this work should write at
once for the May number of the San
Bernardino Business College Journal, of
San Bernardino, Calif. This is Haid to
he the only school in the west making a
specialty of training for civil service ex
If you have land toseil or rent come
and list with us. Ira Aten Land C:.
Henry J. Kerker, Prop.
The best of Bread, Pies ami Cakes
East 9tli St., Imperial, Cal.
H. Woods »!?rVS. Chicago
*o?nJ 'o« *r>v tamnus Mermaid nr^nd o i Coniu'tipiS trom Coach^iid
Cdiitorma dii- ins la.noua z\ Centro tantaiopes, at Cl Centro Caiitornia.
Best Possible Price Obtained
Potatoes, Tomatoes — All Kinds of Domestic Fruits in Car Lots
~P\~ V\ Centro Lodge, U. D., F. A
}\J\ *-*& M. Stated meetings In
/ ▼> Mftflonic flail. El Centro, first
Monday of men month, 7:30 P. M.
Members and visiting Masons invited to
attend. D.»H. CHAPLIN, VV. M*
El Centro Lodge, K. O. E.. meets the
first four Thursday nights of each
month. Members and visiting Euglefl
invited to attend.
v Oll(1O ll(1 Allows' Club
wsJ^j?£bfl^ nieetH at Mnsonic
every Saturday
. ->Cr^ at Bp. m. All niem-
Kr^& * bers of the I. O. O. F.
are invited to attend. J. L. Travera,
President. 40
Presbyterian Church
k Preaching Services in El Centro First
and Third Sundays of each month at
2:30 p. m. All ait* cordially invited to
attend. Kkv. A. 11. Cnoco, Pastor.
Christian Church
Preaching in the Hotel Franklin every
Second and Fourth Sunday of the month.
You are invited to attend.
11 by. J. F. Toot. Pastor.
, .
' Attorney at Law
■Land offtce matters a Specialty
■ Attorney-at-Law
Admitted to practice ill all courts
Corporation work a Specialty
Teller sells Singer sewing machines
P. O. building, Imperial. i tf
"0 -"s'-j *■-••' -,'Ov.. "V •>.<•. .msu
iOu on very eaiy terms and long time;
a!! in Water Co. No. 1. See Wilson
about it. El Centro. 2tf
Department of the Interior, Land office
ftt Lob Angeles, Cal., May Ist, 1907.
Notice la hereby given ',hat Lucien L.
Forrester, ol Imperial, Cal., has filed
notice of his intention to make final
five-year proof in support of his claim,
viz: llnniMHtead entry No. 9611, made
July 2f2 f 1901, for the KB 1-4 of NK 1-4
ami K 1-2 of 8K 1-4, Her. 2, and NB 1-4
of NK 1-4 Hoc. 11. T. 10 8, It. 13 K, S. B.
M., and that flaid proof will I>h made
before reniHter and receiver at Lns An-
geles, Oal., on June 12th, 1907.
He names the following witnespes to
prove his continuous renidenco upon mid
cultivation of the laud, viz : Thomas
Harding, of Silabee, Cul. ; I*. J. Bt.orms,
of Silsbw, Cal.; William 11. Brooks, of
San Heninrdino, Cal.; \V. H. Poole, of
Imperial, Cal.
mll-j3 Kt-aistcr.
United States land office Loa Angeles,
Cal , April Bth, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Emma E.
Morgan, of El Centro, Cal., assignee of
Ada I). Terry, has filed notice of inten-
tion to make, proof oil her desert laud
claim, No. 2232, for t* e \\y 2 of NKi^,
Sec. 22, T. 10 H, H. 14 E, S. IJ. M., ho'
fure register mid receiver at Los Angeles,
Cal., on Friday, theßlh dnyofJuly, 1907:
She naineH tie following witnesses to
prove the complete Irrigation and recla-
mation of .said hind : Jei-se L. MeGuire,
John L AtkiiiH, Iwiac A.. iMorgan, Wil-
liam J. Driggi'iH, Jaitiea T. King, F. G.
Havens, all of El Centro, Cal.
in-25 j-22 Krister
Department of the interior, Land office
at Los Angeles, Cal., May lut, 1907.
Notice h herebygiven that Lucien L.
Forrester, of Imperial, Cal., guardian
of the minor heir* of Laura B. Miller, •
deceanetl, has filed notice of ills inten-
tion to make final five year proof insnp-
port of their claim, viz: Homestead
entry N... 9824, made Dec. U», 15)01, for
the NEK. > s ec. 27, T. 10 S, R 13 E,
S. H. M., and that said proof will be
made before register and receiver at Los
Amreles, Cal., on June 12th, 1907.
He names the Wlnw^ns? witnesses to
prove his coutitmoiie reHUit*nce"upjn and
cultivation of the lami, viz. : P. J.
Morma, of Silsbee, Cal. ; Frank Webb,"
of Silsbee, Cal.; 'I 'nonius Harding, of
bilsbee*; Cal.; W. 11. Po«de,of Imperial,
Johnson & Musser Seed
103 N. Main Street Los Angeles
FOR THEIR i937 CATALOG and receive
a picture of the Los Angeles market at six
o'clock a. ni.

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