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Imperial Valley Press.
The Imperial Valley Thoroughly Inspected by
The San Diego Chamber of Commerce
The special train bearing the mem
bers of the San Diego chamber of
commerce, over a hundred strong, ar
rived at Imperal last week Friday
night. They had come to their back
country, of which the mest of them
had heard but never saw.
The truth to tell, they were not In
the least prepared for wtiat they were
to see: The magnitude of this great
valley, the richness of its soil and the
many prosperous farmers were certain
ly such a revelation to them that it
took time to recover from the shock.
These peopie discovered In less than
two days that right at their door lies an
agricultural, dairy and fruit country,
which Is destined :o practically double
the state productiveness In these lines,
Why, they never dreamed of such a
thing. CtrUlnly the had been told
about It. but they thought It was a
The visitors Inspected Imperial Sat
urday morning and then as many as
could be accommodated by the rigs
furnished were Immediately driven to
the farming country tributary to El
Centro. They were driven over this
part of the country pretty thoroughly
and it was here they received their
flrsf impression of what the valley real
ly is. About noon the train moved up
from Imperial to El Centro and at the
same time the rigs began to arrive
from the country and all to^k dinner
at the Hotel El Centro. It speaks
well for this hotel that It was able to
accommodate the large crowd, when It
had been, previously Informed that the
visitors would take dinner In the dining
car. whlcn proved to be a false report.
More than two hours were spent in
looking over the town of El Centro.
Everyone visited the opera house and
were certainly surprised. They had
previously been lead to believe that
Imperial was the only place in the val
ley of any consequence, and to find
here such substantial store buildings,
such a fine opera house, the best of
ho els. the mammoth Ice plant the
new up-to-date creamery, the canta
loupe packing sneds, the machine
shops, the foundations for other large
buildings completed and woik being
rusned toward completion, wonderment
could be read In their faces.
At nearly 3 o'clock In the afternoon
the train started to Holtville. The
power house and power canal were ob
jects of special interest. The visitors
were told that a good view could be
had of the surrounding country from
the Alamo hotel bilcony and In less
than thirty minutes the balcony was
crowded with Interested people. The
people of Holtville furnisher rigs for
those wno wished to drive out.
Tnis trip was not a part of the ex
cursion and the Eastslde visit was due
to tne courtesies of the Holton Inter-
Urban raiiwa.. which kindly lurnished
an engine and took tne excursion train
In charge, tnereby giving the people an
opportunity of seeing this prosperous
town and country.
Upo'i tne return to El Centro !n the
evcint g itie tra n was delivered back
again to tiio S. P. road and~was taken
lo l.nprial tor asnori time. At about
10 o'clock the excursionists were
brought back through here and taken
t) Calexico, where they awoke on
Sunday moynlng. At the Internation
al Gateway they visited until noon,
viewing the country from the balcony
of the hotel, visited In a foreign coun
try and learned more of the south part
of our big country.
At about 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon
the train arrived at Brawley, where
the remainder of the day was spent.
They fell In love with the place, and
once rriore you could see that ques
tioning look in their faces. Brawley
had been busy. They welcomed the
strangers to their town with a confident
air. With politeness they told that
here was anvher place where things
grew and that they did not have to bor
row stuff to make an exhibit. They
proved it. They led their guests to
the windows wherein were displayed
their products and at the curb were
teams in waiting to show them the
fields close to town.
After getting their first good Impres
sion In the surrounding country of El
Centro, followed up with what was seen
at Holtville and in the country north of
Calexico, it was pleasant that the visit
ors from San Diego should leave witn
a vivid recollection of the true value of
this country of ours as Brawley would
Impress upon their memory.
This excursion will prove to be of
great value to both the valley and to
San Diego. Out of the one hundred
prominent men who came, It Is safe to
s>y that ninety-five understand the lay
of the land In the Imperial valiey.
They were merj who are able to judge
and from the many remarks whlcn
were heard It was made clear that
they were not slow In judging the true
state of affairs as to the attitude of
the different towns of the valley, their
prominence and the sources of their
future sustenance, which, looked at
carefully at the present time, will en
able any careful thinker to determine
in his own mind what the future holds
In store for each of them.
These people came here to see an
agricultural country and they saw It
and they were wise enough to know
WHERE they saw It.
The Imperial valley holds out the
hand of good fellowship to San Diego.
The destinies of the two places are
bound to prove great and the neighbor
ly spirit should be well cultivated. The
valley will welcome another visit this
fall and the people of the valley should
not be slow in returning this friendly
Excursion Brevities
El Centro had prepared a small ex
hibit for the purpose of illustrating to
the vlsltors'just how early our season
really Is. E A. Gullck and E. E.
Forrester were certainly very kind to
bring in samples of the early products
of their farms. The dlspaly was ar
ranged in the office room of the Press
and one striking feature was that all
the cards showed the fact that all the
products were raised either on an El
Centro lot or else close to he town.
Tne exhibit served a double purpose —
tlrst, that the Imperial valley was pro
ductlve of early fruits and vegetables
and second that El Centro was a fair
representative of the Imperial valley.
The many flowers brought In by Mr.
and Mrs. Adam, whose place joins the
townslte, would have done credit to any
place In Southern California, and were
greatly admired by more than a hun
dred people, who visited at this office
during the day.
The opera house, Just receiving Its
finishing touches, here at El Centro at
tracted a great deal of attention. This
building, along with the other large
brick structures that have been erected
here, showed to the visitors that It was
El Centro which had the stability and
progressive spirit it takes to make a
The large quantity of lemonade fur
nished by the I loltvllle people at tne
Alamo hotel just "touched the spot"
and the way it did appear was a caution.
To find here in the valley such an elec
trical power plant as they found at
Holtville was considerably more than
the San Diego people had counted on
and then to find one of tne finest ice
plants in Southern California located
in the valley was beyond comprehen
sion and why would have remained a
mystery If the visitors had not been
taken to the fields of cantaloupes in
the vicinity of Brawley, Holtville and
El Centro.
Chas Emery, of San Diego, prob
ably the best known man among the
visitors, thoroughly enjoyed his trip.
Mr. Emery was deputy county asses
sor for the Imperial valley for two
years and knows the county like a
book.. He is an enthusiastic believer
of the future greatness of the valley
and he never tails to pay the valley a
visit when opportunity offers.
C. A. Scott and wire were among
the prominen' people from San Diego.
Mr. Scott owns several lots at Brawley
and stayed over a couple of days to
look alter his interests in that town.
Dr. David Beaton, of Chicago Univer
sity Extension Course to Visit
Imperial Valley
Rev. David Beaton, M. A., D. D..
extension 'lecturer of Chicago universi
ty, is touring California and other coast
states under the ausp ces of that well
known institution and through t^e ef
forts of the Imperial Valley Ministerial
association this distinguished lecturer
has been Induced to visit Imperial val
ley. This is a rare treat for the valley
as such men as Dr. Beaton can seldom
afford to visit ottur than the education
al centers and the larger cities, but be
ing Interested In the future of our great
valley, which, as he rightly believes,
promises to become one of the great
Influential centers of the southwest
he consented to rearrange his tour so
as to Include Imperial valley. His
program for the week beginning May
26th is as follows:
Sunday morning. May 26th, Imper
ial M. E. cnurcn; subject "The English
Bible and Social and Civic Progress."
Sunday evening. May 26. Calexico;
subject "the attraction ot the cross or
the heroic in chrhUamty."
Monday, May 27, Silsbee, "the at
traction of the cross or the heroic in
Tuesday. May 28. Calexico Congre
gational churcn, subject "Scotland In
song and story."
Wednesday, May 29. imperial, sub
The Imperial Valley Ministerial Union Has
Arranged the Program for the Institute to
be Held in El Centro, Thursday,
May 30th
The arrangements for the Imperial
Valley Christian Workers* Institute,
that has been planned ts be held st El
Centro In the month of May. are now
fully made. The large new opera
house Is being put In readiness, the
seats having been placed and the dec
orations practically finished and every
thing will be all ready to accommodate
the large crowd that U confidently ex
ptcted to be present at the meeting.
Every, town In the valley Is preparing
to send a large delegation to spend the
entire day, and the country will be well
represented as well. The three ses
sions promise to be full of good things,
for much painstaking care has been
taken to make the program very inter
esting and helpful and entertaining.
The date Is Thursday, May 30th.
The accompanying program will give
the public a splendid chance to under
stand the nature of the enterprise.
It is made of representatives of all
the evangelical churches of the valley,
as many as they can send. The fol
lowing Items should be kept In mind:
(a) A prize of iwenty-five ($25 OC)
will be given to the churches of the lo
cality sending the largest delegation.
The delegation Is not required to be
all members of the Leal churches, but
the prize will be awarded in the names
of those societies.
(b) Dr Beaton, who comes to us
for the great evening service, Is one
of the finest men on the platform to
day. It is mere chance that we were
able to secure him, and the treat that
he will give us. will a one pay the trip
across the valley to hear him.
(c) Anyone leaving their voice at
home will be fined a shekel of gold.
ject "The family life and the educa
tion of the child." *
Thursday, May 30th, El Centro op
era house all day. At the evening
session of the Cnnstian Workers' con
vention of that day and date his subject
will be "Fatherhood and Citizenship."
The latter will be a fitting climax to
this splendid course.
The El Centro convention is on Me
morial day. May 30 h. No one who
can possibly arrange to take In these
lectures and this convention can afford
to miss it.
A New Church
The Methodist Episcopal denomina
tion have started to build a church at
El Centro. It is to be completed at
as early a date as possible, so that
services may be conducted therein.
The Press Is Informed that this
building now In the course of construc
tion will be used as a parsonage when
the real crurcn building is complete,
but until then tnis will be made to
answer the requirements for churcn
Christian Church
J. F. Tout will preach at 3 o'clock
Sunday In the oid bank building. An
are cordially Invited to attend.
Publish the glad news and let us
have the beginning of a great series of
feasts for this part of San Diego coun
ty. Imperial couniy. !f you please!
For the Imperial Valley Christian
Workers' Institute. El Centro, May 20:
10 a. m. Song service led by Rev.
R. L. Glasby. Calexico.
10:15. Devotions led by Rev. A.
E. Wright, Holtville.
Special music.
10:30. "The imperative need of
Bible study in the church to-day,"
Mrs. R. L. Glasby, Ca:exico.
Echoes, Wm. Fell, Imperial; Mrs.
J. Hastaln, Brawley; Mrs. Huntington
McKusick, El Centro.
Open discussion.
Special music.
Preparation of questions for after
dinner hour.
Musical number.
1:30 p.m. Song service. Rev. R.
L. Glasby.
1 :45 Recitation by Silsbee delegate
2:00 Question box, Rev. J. F.
Tout. Imperial.
2:30 "Personal Evangelism,"
Chas. Wentworth. Imperial; Raymond
Henderson, Silsbee.
Echoes, Mrs. J. A^. Miller, Brawley;
Clarence Morrison. El Centro.
Business session.
4p. m. Young people's rally.
7:30 p. m. Song cervlce, Rev. R.
L. Glasby.
Devotions, Rev. A. H. Croco, Braw
Ladies' quartette. Imperial.
Lecture, 'Fatherhood and cltlzen
sh'p." Rev. David Beaton. M. A., D.
D.. University of Chicago.
The following committees for the
Christian Workers' Institute to be
held at El Centro, May 30, are as
Decoiations —
Mrs. Irvin
Mrs. Moore
Mrs. Sherman
Nursery Department —
Mrs. Paris
Drinking Water and Care of TeauiB —
W. \V. Masten
Reception —
Miss Kinne
Miss Adam
G. Morrison
E. M. ltoyce
Reports from the different parts of
the Imperial Valley indicate there will
bo an extra large attendance at this
meeting aii'l preparation tire being
made occordiugly.
In one way thiu meeting will have an
advantage over any other large meeting
ever held in tlie valley: The hi rue and
commodious Opera Mouse give*) promise
of ample seating capacity for those who
attt'iid the meetings.
Frt'd Griswold has begun the erection
of n f.mr-rt»oiu cottaga in the northwest
|>Hrt i)f town.
Falsehood Is so easy, truth so dlft
cult.— George Eliot
A itussian does not become of age
until lie is twenty-six. /
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