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A Son of Or*** *«*«• Thnt U Urine- '
Kilns mr r.xlAtenre.
l"nr the part of the time the
rnriable Mlra. which has been known J
to astronomers for 300 yours, is nlto- ,
pother unnotlcenMe nnd Indeed Invls- ,
Ible, except with telescopes. It once
disappeared entirely for n period of
four years, but nftorwnrd attained ex- ;
traordlnary splendor.' only to fade
nenin to Invisibility. It Is n sun of j
pront size, briphtor than our sun when
It shines nt its brightest, but some
trouble, some solnr disease, seems to
to sapping Its vitality, and It resem
bles n pntlent nlniost nt the last gasp.
Once in about r.P.I dnys-but the pc- !
riod is irregular— it has fl sudden nc- (
cession of energy nnd flares »M> for h
little while with several hundredfold ;
brilliancy only to sink back into a
dull red point that nearly escapes the (
ken of the telescope. One Interesting
explanation that has been suggested
is that the surface of Mlra periodical- ,
ly bursts Into n vast flame of burning
hydrogen, so groat and powerful that
It is visible across millions of milllous
of miles of space. It la a star for the
imagination of a Dante, yet there is j
reason to believe that the time is
coming when every star in the sky, '
not excepting the sun, will have to
confront a similar struggle for exist- '
ence, just ns every mortal being must .
some time see death.— Garrett I\ Ser
vlss in New York American.
Wlint lie Wanted.
"llow will you have your hair cut,
sir?" said the talkative barber to the
victim in the chair.
"Minus conversational prolixity," re
plied the patient.
"How's that, sir?"
"With aUbreviated or totally elimi
nated narrations."
"Without effervescent verbosity. Let
even diminutive colloquy be conspicu
ous by its absence."
The barber scratched his head
thoughtfully a second and then went
over to the proprietor of the shop and
•whispered, "I don't know whether that
man in my chair is mad or a foreigner,
but I can't find out what he wants."
The victim had to explain that he
■wanted the job done in silence.
Strangre Fog Signal.
When fogs prevail in Boston harbor,
the attention of passengers on the Nan
tasket Beach line of steamers is at
tracted by a faint metallic sound which
might be mistaken for the sound of a
bell. But it is not the clanging of a
bell which the passengers hear. Sud
denly through the mist there appears
ahead, like a specter, a large tripod.
from the apex of which is suspen^tl a
big steel triangle. It is this which
causes the strange sound and signals
vessels as to how to guide their course
through the difficult channel of the
/(Tj** Coronado has the most even andde-
y/wGuf lightful climate of any spot on the con-
tFy tinent. Never hot — never cold.
s Coronado is located on a peninsula with
Di the Pacific Ocean on the one side and the
y^, , beautiful Bay of San Diego on the other.
jfff\\ -"?^wi&?| Boating, bathing and fishing are tin-
f/ft/>i ■■Sf*^«3?~s« surpassed at Coronado.
ft/ f£;. ■•^^'t/^/iV The famous Coronado Tent City Band
/M. -''eiv^^&Us; with its excellent poloists provides after-
VlrUfi'^c^' ' : 'wSt& '■ noon and evening concerts of the highest
/^V^*^?^^^ Coronado mineral water piped to each
J&''i&^&~* : 4s&F tent - Free electric Perfect sani-
jft& ■ysj^r?^£'ss: tory conditions.
f/M Ton! Pity offersUieadvantajfesof a my; shrink-
'i /3 "-'i j: "-^SSS^o534 'till L/lljit-.i htreets; btrcei i;ir service; tele-
L>'f..-Cfi'.'ii';i!j ii>^s^^jiTa phone and telefraiili cmnections; superior bathinjj
jV-X'/ii'j'i! 1' Sr^<~^s~£&\£ v lacilities; splendid provision for the children— spe«
f^>_; - '< \\ V/^ife^^^^V £ «ial play grounds and separate bathing pool; all
p-^^T^'i^Q^J^^^nv- sorts of shop-s and markets; daily newspaper; cafe,
I ■'- :"' ~'&.F+~^\:J?£3^SfK3S restaurant, lunch counter aud delicatessen under
|-'y;^'^-='';'?^s^^^W!ra2w fir»t class iii.inau'.-iiK-iit.
■ ; vk-^3V'' l^^^lv Palm PnttnnPC ant? rooms at the Arcade, f urn-
V : &^ik^fv^>y^§^ ' "' m t»oliagt3 ished for those who desire
\*-M^^ J i^2ri^^Sa theni. Our IW7 literature fives complete rat.-*.
Pncf nf TpntC furnished. A furnished tent in-
Tl^'2^?^T^^^-1 tOSI 01 I eil lb elu des furniture, beddiinr, linen,
K^^^^^^^Mfflß|l towel* an.! electric lit,'iit^, daily .arc ..( tent and
lit T^^^'a-O^^fliS'H Size of tf. l' No. Persons I>av Week Month
/I' 1 ' \VT^»^^^!»©' V> > xU ' * i < 3 'w *low)
l&Mxfflffii^gr^ U*x\t 3 1.75 Sioo 25^00
••"*iS^»j^S 12x20 4 2.25 K».o<) 30.00
W^U'^f H"2o 5 2.75 12 00 35.00
IrfJ&l£A 14x22 6 H..' c U-'X' 40.00
lg^-<Zt~K 10xJ4 7 3.75 H-.ix) 45.00
I W^i, rjyoK Add to the above r;in-s J2.00 per week or |3.00 jn-r
iiiiuith for each additional person occupying the
Xj»V(;^-i^ r « l<^fV'\ tame tint. Kitchen lents i 1 .5u jmt week; +4.30 p«-r
j f >C '(-■ vJ^jfii, '•"% i Iv buv'uitf >'«>ur tickets be sure they read to Cor-
Wi'ife^ "**lkgp % onado 'I'etit City and return. Write today for il-
yjjr . lutitrated literature aud further particutar«.
Joshua A. Hammond, Mgr. Coronado Tent City, coronado Beach, cal
or 11. P. NORCROSS, Atfeut, 334 South Spring St., Los AuuvWh, Cal.
II ait n Tnrknmnn Sni»«1no«l a Snarl*
Inff. Anarv Man Kutcr.
"In ft enpe near tho room In which I
lived while In Khivn." says Lanprdon
Warner in the Century Magazine,
"was a tlpcr from the OXUS swnmps.
He had taken a dislike to me, and
every time I passed his cage he Rot
up nnd paced nnprlly toward me.
"Into tho cape of this beast, nt the
command of the prince, a Turkoman
stepped, artnod with a short stick as
bi«r round as his wrist. With this
stick be struck the tisror's nose ns he
made for him. nnd then, with palms
out nnd eyes fixed, lie wnlked slowJy
up to the shrinking beast nnd stroked
his face nnd flank.
< "The tiger stinrlod and took the
mail's hand in his open mouth. I held
tuy breath nnd looked for the bleed
in cr stump to fall nway: but, keeping
that hand perfectly still, with the
other he tickled the tiger's Jowl nnd
scratched his ear till with n yawn nnd
n pleased snarl the biff cat rolled
over on his back to have his belly
"The man then sank to his knees,
always keeping his hands in motion
over the glossy fur, and with his foot
drew toward him a collar attached to
a chain. This he snapped round the
beast's neck and. rising to his feet,
laid hold of the chain and dragged the
tiger out.
"This was only the second time that
the casre had been entered. As soon
as the tiger was outside he espied the
watching party nhd started for them,
but came up short on the collar. If he
had chosen to use his weight and
strength no four of them could have
held his tether, but as it was the
Turkoman found little difficulty with
him and held him. snarling, while a
camera was snapped."
"nook of Mormon."
The "Book of Mormon" has been
proved to bo a literary plagiarism, be
ing a free paraphrase of a romance
written by the Key. Solomon Spalding
In ISIG. the manuscript of which came
into the possession of Joseph Smith,
and he. sittiug behind a curtain, dic
tated it to Oliver Cowdery, who, seat
ed out of sight of the reader, wrote
the matter as it was given him. Smith
pretended that the book was discov
ered to him by revelation and. dug up
from the side of a hill not far from
Palmyra, in the county of Ontario, N.
Y. The claim was made by Smith that
the writing on the plates was engraved
in "reformed Egyptian," which he was
unable to read until magic spectacles,
which he called his Urirn and Thum
mim, were given to him. enabling him
both to read and translate into Eng
lish. The spectacles and the metal
plates have disappeared, and the story
of the dictation makes tolerably clear
the manner in which the "Book of
Mormon" had its origin.
S /Commutation Tickets S
W HPhe I-lolton f nter-f Trban m
VA CIA { I I ' I if II 1 „4 1 1 I - JU B IW- - 1 IyVSJ
p^s *■ li J*. ML *K**s WM
|i Railway 30- Ride Family Com= W
M mutation Tickets are now on ||
Between El Centro and Brice $5.00 |||
Between lEI Centro and Gieason $10.00
H| Between El Centro and Holtville $15.00 Wj.
® Between Holtville and Gieason $5.00 |||
pjp Between Holtville and Brice $10.00 Wi
M Time limit: 4 months from date M
The spirit of cheerfulness is some
times the result of a happy tempera
ment whose nerves have never been
disturbed by loss, sickness or, calamity.
Sometimes it is the abundance of youth
still finding a surplus of vigor after the
toils of the day. Sometimes it is the
expression of character which from
the reserves of its own nature and ex
perience is able to preserve a cheerful
disposition under even the most dis
couraging circumstances and face life
always with hope and good cheer.
Such a character is a strength and a
defense not only to him who has it,
but to all his associates and to all who
feel his influence. They are the watch
towers of humanity, whose lights
shine through the dark night of human
struggle and whose word is an inspira
tion of hope and encouragement.
Classified Cimrs
Liners under this heading will be in-
serted for 5 cents a line each insertion.
FOR t-ALE — 1 horse for sale or trade
for shoats ; 3 cows, 1 fresh, for sale.
Enquire of A. I. Baker, 2 miles south-
west of El Centro. 4tf
FOR SALE— A few fresh cows, gentle
and good milkers, sold on easy terms.
Apply to A. S. Fell, 4 miles northeast
of El Centro. 7tf
FOR SALE— I good Jersey cow, just
fresh. Enquire of W. J. Drfggers, 1
mile noith of Ileber. 6-8
FOR SALE— One McConnick header,
used only thirty days, good as new ;
will sell cheap. Information at the
Press office. 51tf
assignment near El Centro, 40 acres
barley and alfalfa, fineiloain soil; will*
exchange all or part for dairy cows,
horses, mules or fjhoats; balance cash
or good security. Get busy. See Wil-
son about it. El Centro. 2tf
FOR SALE— A light work team and
harness. $150. Enquire at Press of-
(ice. ; 4O_
FOR SALE— I white dresser at a bar-
gain. Enquire at Press oflice. 4tf
FOR SALE— IOU tons of baled barley
hay, mixed with a little alfalfa. \V.
S. Moore, 4 miles south of El Centro.
city lots In and near Los Angeles for
No. 5 water stock. C. F. Buttress,
at machine shop, El Centro. 51tf
STRAYED— OId bay mare, shod front
feet, has rubbed tail and the mange.
Kindly take up and notify I). D.
Nairn , Imperial, Cul. 7-8
our new county, township and rail-
road survey of California. Counties,
towns and railroad stations are fully
indexed with location, population and
many other features too numerous to
mention. Splendid opportunity for
energetic men. Rand, McNaUy &
Co., Chicago, 111. 89tl
«§* ■■;•.■«
* • *
I Impend the f
| Rummer §
* *
| In comfort |
* , , *
* *
4* *
| Buy an |
For your office or store
| A FAN and an f
For your home ,
* ♦
* *
* . 4
No need to go to the mountains or sea- 4
* shore if you take our advice *
* — - *
* ; *
$ 1
* Fans sold on monthly installments: 4
* *
$3 down •
4? $3 per month
$ Price $15
4* Cash price $14 *
* . . !. *
* «
4+ , „ *
* V *
I Holton Power Company |
4* C. E. PARIS, General Superintendent •$§•
* «•
I El Centro, California |

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