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Editor and Manager
One Year • • • • $1.00
BU Month? .... .50
Three Month* .... .25
Single Copies • -^
Per Month
1 inch % 1.25
2 to 18 inches (1 column) pef inch 1.00
22# inches (J-4 pane) 17.50
45 Inches (H page) %.V. 30.00
•0 inchre (full pape, 50.00
Reading notices, leqals ami solid matter
10 cente per line first insertion and
5 cents per line for each subse
quent insertion, Brevier measure.
Make all remittances and address all
eotnmuications to Imperial Valley Press.
• *-w mtcb the subscription d«te on your paper.
The number of our paid circulation
will be furnished on application
Entered a« second-class matter March 3d,
1906atthe post office at 151 Centro, California.
• nder the Act of Congresn of March 3, W.
I hereby announce myself as a candi-
date for the office of county coroner of
the new county to be, subject to the will
of the voters sit the election August Gth,
1907. T. J. MITCHELL
I hereby announce myself aa a candi-
date for the office of Couuty Assessor of
the new county, subject to the will of
the voters of tbe propoBed county. He-
■pectfully submit ted. J. I>. HOFFMAN
To the voters? of Imperial county: 1
hereby announce myself as an inde-
pendent candidate for the office of su-
perior judge. Reßp'ectfullv yours,
11. N. DYKE.
1 hereby announce myself aa an inde-
pendent candidate for the ofliceof coun-
ty coroner of the county of Imperial,
subject to the will of the voteia August
6, -1907. Wm. WESSEL.
I hereby announce myself as an inde-
pendent candidate lor the office of Coun-
ty bheriff of Imperial county from Holt-
ville, subject to thewill of tlie voters
August 6, 1907. J.B.HARRIS.
I hereby announce myself siB a candi-
date for the office of County Recorder,
eubject to the will of the voters at the
election, August tith,l ( Jo7. Rtspectfnlly
submitted. JOHN li. BAKER
I hereby announce myself as an inde-
pendent candidate for couuty clerk, sub-
ject to the approval of the people at the
election August 6. 1907.
Election day is Tuesday, Au
gust 6th. It is quite likely to be
a warm election day as well as a
•warm election.
Better trade some of yonr sur
plus brains for wings, Bro. Howe.
You'll need 'em to find a lighting
place alter election.
Howe, the hireling of the Im
perial push, may possibly be a
smarter and more able man edi
torially than some o f us who have
climbed into the El Centro band
wagon, but he's in the wrong ve
hicle once more. He'll get a
nasty jar when the wheels give
way under the enormous weight
of brain and wit it will have to
carry until August 6th, 1907.
Those who went to Holtville
to hear F. N. Chaplin tell why
Imperial should be the county
Beat of the new county certainly
went home disappointed, for in
the iorty minutes he talked not
once did he offer one idea or sug
gestion in favor of that town.
Some few thought there might
be one or two minor reasons and
they also knew that if such was
the case Chaplin would lave been
posted. But there was not even
a good word to be said in its be
half, so Mr. Chaplin refrained
from hardly mentioning the town
and continually talked about
something else.
Once in awhile a man who has
been used to voting water stock
in most of the elections held in
the valley heretofore, finds out
that there are no proxies to be
voted for anything in the coming
election. This is likely to prove
a sad feature to many of the Im
perial push who have been so ac
customed to getting most any
thing they wanted in defiance of
the wish of the people by secur
ing sufficient proxies.
The average valley resident
wants the couuty scat of his coun
ty at the town he feels confident
will go ahead and make of itself
a town to be proud of. It's nat
ural for a man to feel a pride in
his county seat town, and it's
natural that he would watit it
truly representative of his own
industry. He does not think so
favorably of the town that lies
dormant while he is using all his
energy to build up his farm and
likewise the country. „
The Imperial people themselves
were anxious to know why Im
perial should have tlie county
seat and turned out in full force
to hear the word: o! cheer that
was promised to flow from their
worthy champion's lips at Ilolt
yille last Saturday night. They
went away a sadder, but no wiser
people, for even on this important
occasion, when no doubt the
most plausible speaker they have
on their side, failed to say a word
in behalf of the town.
Would it not be a public misfor
tune to have the county seat lo
cated in a place that is not truly
representative of the Imperial
Valley? Look at the trees that
are being; triown at Calexico,
Holtville and Brawley and those
at El Centro, which by the way
are only a little over a year old
and ttren go and look at those in
Imperial. Those in Imperial are
as old as any and some of them
are lots older than most of the
trees anywheie in the valley.
The ohly people who had a
hard time in getting to Holtville
in order to hear the debate be
tween Messrs. Brown and Chap
lin were those who went from
Imperial. In spite of the oft re
peated assertions of the Standard
that the roads leading to and
from Imperial are so good and
that for this reason it was best
for the Holtville people to vote
for Imperial for county seat, the
people of Imperial themselves
proved the assertion to be utterly
false by coming- to El Centro and
going by way of the Holton In
ter Urban railway to Holtville.
They demonstrated to the East
siders just what a disadvantage
the county seat at Imperial would
be to them. El Centro £as prov
ed itself to be the one town in the
Imperial Valley that is easily
reached by all the people. Im
perial has proved that it can
make claims for campaign pur
poses which it is compelled by its
own actions to refute even before
the election. Take almost any
one of its claims as set forth in
its paper and you will readily see
after just a little deliberation
that they are just as foolish as
the one about its roads and its
easy access to the other places of
the valley. Just campaign bosh;
that's all.
If you hate land to seil or rent come
and list with us. Ira Aten Land Co.
From the reports that come to «
the central committee at this ;
place there is every reason to be- j
lieve that a large majority of the •
voters of the valley favor El Cen- •
tro as the place for the county ]
seat of the new county. The j
conservative people of tlie valley j
are of the opinion it will pay in j
the long run to put their county :
seat in a town that is not domin- !
ated by the Paulin push. Of :
this they have had about all they i
want. They know that this out
fit has filched all the money out
of the residents of the valley
tliev could and invested the same
in outside property, never putting
a penny back to help the devel
opment of the valley in the least.
So badly did the promoters of
Imperial hold up those who lo
cated in tlie town that it has kept
the Imperial! te busy holding up
everybody tlicy COuM to get even.
This has been the case right
along through the years when
there was no relief. Day after
day. .week after week and year
after year have the farmers who
have been compelled to ti udc with
the merchants of Imperial suffer
ed because there was no other
place where they could get their
wants filled. If they would take
advantage of the farmer under
these conditions is it not fair to
assume that they will take ad
vantage of him as soon as the
chance presents itself again? Are
they not doing so to-day with
those who are indebted to them
in one way or another? Is it not
a fact, now, some of you who
read this, that the merchants of
the Paulin town arc to-day
trying to hold some votes for Im-
I penal on account of a debit on
I their hooks against you? Are
you going to stand for such a
"holdup, especially after you have
been compelled to pay 1 per cent,
interest per month, compounded
every month for every bill you
have run at most of the trading
places in that town? No, of
course you are not! You are
very likely to take this occasion
to show the promoters of these
ways of getting your money as
fast as- you can earn it, that you
will tlo longer stand for their
holdup schemes, and it is quite
likely you will also take this oc
casion to throw back into their
faces all these lies they are tell
ing- you and no doubt will con
tinue to tell you from now on un
til election. They are basing
their hopes on the number of
falsehoods they can publish and
otherwise circulate. The editor
of their paper is a good man to
be among them. He cares not a
whit whether what he prints in
his paper is the truth or not, just
so it is against the town and the
people of El Centro. What thing
has Imperial or Howe ever done
that anyone could point to with
pride? What reason have they
to expect anyone to believe them?
Did Howe ever print anything
that was not in the interest of
Paulin or some of the companies
to which he belongs? The peo
ple have now the chance to break
the backbone of the push who
have all along tried to keep oth
ers out so that they might reap
the benefits of absolute monopoly
and holdups. There is hardly a
votei in the Imperial Valley that
ha 3 not come under this baneful
practice and whether it will now
be stopped or allowed to continue
remains to be seen. The chances
are that the people will put an
end to it.
A- Cl Centro Lodge, U. D., F. &
Tk^if LuA M. Stated meetings in
/▼ Masonic Hall, El Centro, first
Monday of each month. 7:30 P. M.
Meml>eraand viHiting Masons invited to
attend. 1). 11. CHAPLIN, VV. M*
El Centro Lodgo, F. O. E., meets the
first four Thursday ni«hta cf each
mouth. Members and viuiting Eagles
invited to attend.
V *Ssf£3i& y' r~Y '** Fellowu' Club
ineetß at Masonic
Xf\^-j»*«p Hull every Haturday
C Tt C= * at Bp. in. All mem-
bera of the I. O. O. F.
•reinTiMto atteud. J. L. Trawi,
Fretideut 4«
1 Car-Lot Distributers and Growers' Marketing Agents i •
1 21st and Perm. Aye., Pittsburgh Pa. j^
1 F. O. U. Transit Sales, and Distributing Agents j|
I Specialties: Cantaloupes, Tomatoes, Grapes, Asparagus, Egg \[
I Plant, Bermuda Onions and all Fancy Fruits and Vegetables |
% Wp represent the following Aneociations: •:
1 Indian Hlver and Lake Worth Pineapple Growors' Assocition, Mr. E. «:.
$ I» Porcher, General Agent. Kptimated output, 260,000 crates pineapple*. £
Gainesville Melon Growers* Association. Estimated output, 50,000
•2 crates cantaloupes. , £:
3 Dania and Delray Vegetable Growers* Aeflociations. Estimated output jg
5 100 cars tomatoes. - ?
Rockyford Melon (.2 rowers' Association, (The pioneer aapociation of the 5
•g famous Kockyford Cantaloupe.) Estimated output, 100,000 cratea. §
•5 The Numa Fancy Cantaloupe Growers' Association. Estimated output jg
iE 8- r >,(XK) crates cantaloup« t a. ■£
5 Sweet Mountain Cantaloupe AHHociation, liawrencehurjr, Term. ; Loretta 3:
.."S Cantaloupe Growers' 'Association; Lorettn; Term. ; The \A>w'\a County Can- g
!»j talon pc nnd Vegetable Growers' Association, Hohenwald, Term,; Eth-
; 5 ridjte Cantaloupe Growers' AsHociation, Wayne. Term.; The Hrac« Aeri- 5:
cultural and Horticultural Associallonj Brace,* Tenth" {Pleasant Point Can- t
:g taloupe Growers' Association, Plonsant Point, Term. ; Tnllalioma, Term. ; « :
;S Lincoln County Contaloupe Growers' Association, Fayettsville., Term., %
;S and numerous others. '.. • «i
% Valley State Bank Building, El Centro, Cal. |
H. B. PEARSON, Field Manager. jjj:
Wkprp Beech -Nut
Do You s (7w
Buy Your /SfsSflv
We carry the i^|Hp|SS^
brands you like
Bws&W® ur goods are
/ IW't&W^'^* alWayS 1 I C 011...
/ \ii§iiO^K\) in
V OallSldC LIUII 111
\ every order we
} 'I *^V sell. . . .]
SlC^^l^Nilt our prices
Dry Goods and Groceries
Lumber Prices Reduced
Oregon Pine Reduced $6 to 9 per M,
White Fir, Madera, • $5 " "
Redwood f f .$1
L. W. Blinn Lumber Co,
T. B. Blanchard, Agent
El Centro, California

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