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Imperial Valley Press.
The people of Imperial are so hard
pressed for talent to represent them In
Ihe pending contest for county seat
honors that they have Impressed the
Methodist minister at that place into
-service and Rev. Wentworth Is billed
to speak on behalf of that town at
# Holtvllle and other places. We have
heard It from the lips of persons whose
lives were consecrated to the service
of the blessed master that the rule of
•Christian living may be determined by
asking the question, what would Jesus
do? Also some years ago an eminent
divine wrote a book entitled. "If Christ
came to Chicago." Therefore the
query arises, If Christ came to Imper
ial Valley what would he do and is the
Rev. Wentworth following in the steps
of the master when he. deserts his
church work to enter politics. While
we do not pretend to infallibility in re
ligious matters we do not think rrj^ny
Christian people will think that the
Rev. Wentworth is obeying the man
dates of the gospel when he takes up
the cudgels for Imperial or any other
town for county seat. So long as
there is a sinner unconverted ora blind
pig In Imperial the Rev. gentleman
can find plenty of work in the line of
his high calling, If he love's Imperial
more than he does his God he should
resign the service of his God, so as to
be free to enter that of Imperial. If
he loves his God most then he should
attend to the ministrations of the gos
pel and let politics, alone. He cannot
serve God and mammon. We have
no objection, to a minister of the gospel
taking a lively interest in those public
matters which involve questions of
morality. But the Methodist church
•members outside of Imperial will hard
ly believe that If Christ came to Im
perial Valley at this time he would
find any great moral question involved
ir. deciding where the best location for
county seat exists. They believe Uhat
if Jesus were in our midst He would
attend to the Master's business — heal
"real estate*]
We have opened a Real Estate Office in the
Hotel block, and are ready for business. jl
We can sell you
Farm Lands and Town Lots j
We have an excellent list to choose from j
and can get you as good a buy as there is !
in the Valley. If you want j
. . . To Sell . . . |
Your property, list it with \ us. We are in .4
touch with prospective buyers and will be |J
able to dispose of property quickly. |
E> ~ pyiTiyL. _ P^'f ?^ lv " /v _ J
the sick, preach the gospel, urge sin
ners to repent and seek the kingdom of
The Methodists at El Centro and
vicinity who are helping to pay Rev.
Wentworth's salary are willing that he
should take sufficient time from his
pulpit to help clean out the blind pigs
which now exist at Imperial and else
where, too. if any exist elsewhere, but
when he takes the stump on the county
seat question he should resign his pulpit.
The New Auto Car Will Soon Be
Placed in Commission
The large auto car for use on the
Ho'ton Inter-Urban Ry arrived in the
El Centro yards Monday on a New
York Central flat car. W. E. Boy
ington. a motor car expert from the
Sheffield Car Co's factory at Three
Rivers, Mich., was here to receive it.
It was unloaded and made its trial trip
to Holtville within three hours from
the time of its arrival. General Sup
erintendent Paris and Machinist But
tress accompanied Mr. Boyington and
state that the car is in every respect
satisfactory. It will be placed in com
mission within a day or two. Pajrons
of the H. I. are to be congratulated on
this new addition to the motive power
which means to them better service
and rapid transit. Tnis is the first car
of this style to be placed in service in
this state and will be inspected by
several parties from other parts of the
state during Mr. Boyington's stay of
ten days or two weeks.
Bad Burn Quickly Mealed
"I am so delighted with what Cham
berlain's Salve has done for me that I
feel hound to write and tell you so, 'A
says Mrs. Robert Mytton, 457 John St.,
Hamilton, Ontario. ".My little daugh
ter had a had burn on her knee. I ap
plied Chamberlain's Salve and it healed
beautifully." This salve allays the pain
of a burn almost instantly. It is for
sale by El Centro drugstore.
J F. Tout and the County Seat Con
All sorts of things have been said
I about my connection with this con
test. I simply want to be understood,
hence this note.
Two years ago I was sent to Im
perial to preach the gospel, I was sup
ported jointly by the Southern Califor
nia and Arizona Christian Missionary
Society and the Christian church of
Imperial. I cannot say too much in
appreclallon of favors, respect and
1 kindness shown me during my term of
' service, by the church business men
and people generally. There has
never been a moment when a sincere
••God bless you all" was not my feel
ing toward all. The people are all
right and I have no reason f or not
considering them my personal friends.
For about fifteen months I have
been preaching at El Centro once In
two weeks in the afternoon. The
people here as In Imperial have been
cordial and kind lo me and my work;
this work was encouraged by the same
missionary society. When the time
came to close my work at Imperial It
was my desire to move here and give
my time to this fieid. It was also the
wish of the members who reside here.
On a"survey of the situation during
the last year I became convinced that
El Centro gave promise of leadership
among the towns of the valley I be
lieved it would be the county seat
when the time came for county di
vision, this conviction was settled in
my mind at the time of the conviction
of the "one hundred prominent clti
! Zens," that conviction has grown
stronger. up to the present moment.
I want to say right here that Mr,
Holt never solicited me directly nor
Indirectly to come here. I had de
cided to move here and had a house j
rented. I went to him and told him
my purpose.
Whatever I do to advance the j
chances of El Centro for county seat i
is entirely of my . own choosing. J
While I think Mr. Holt or any one !
else has a perfect right to solicit peo- j
pie to work in their interests, I desire
to make emphatic that no such solici
tation came to me.
I have my reasons for the convic- !
tion that El Centrj is the proper place j
for the county seat. I have given i
some of them and will give more of,
them. Every f air minded person
will accord me this right. A minister
has every right that belongs to others. !
The old cry that a "preacher should
keep out of politics" is true only when
the 'politics' Is bad, but the moment
the preacher should "keep out" every
one else had better "keep out." 1
want to give notice now that as long
as I am in this valley I expect- to take
an active part in Its politics, I think
this Is my duty. lam a citizen and
shall exercise every right I have ac
cording to my pleasure.
J. F. TOUT. El Centro
free Scales
Through the generosity of W. F.
Holt and the merchants and citizens
of El Centro and vicinity a new ten
ton Fairbanks' scale Is now open to
the use of the public absolutely free of
charge. It has been installed at stock
yards, south of depot; the S. P. Ry.
has just completed a third stock pen
and has also piped water to same and
conditions are perfect for weighing and
shipping of live stock. The El Centro
chamber of commerce will see that
scales are at all times kept in perfect
Crushed fruit flavors used In our
fountain drinks. Valley Drug Co.
EH (P IP [\ I "|T Wh Ais the key to the situation in
111 1 Kll tlle matter °f 'he County
L Seat question. It is the
most centrally located point in the proposed new
county and the most convenient to reach by a large
majority of the people of the territory to be embrac-
ed in the new county. It is a live, growing, progres-
sive town. It holds out the hand of good-fellowship
to every community in the peerless Imperial Valley
and it asks for nothing not justified by its merits
C. 11. Day lias I. F. Howe. and S. D.
llrey of Imperial Arrested
Upon the complaints of C. H. Day
of Calexico Deputy Sheriff Murray
McAlmond placed Edgar F. Howe and
S. D. Ulrey, of Imperial, under arrest
Tuesday morning and took »hem to
Calexico on the morning train, where
they appeared before Justice Hoffman.
to answer to the charge of criminal
libel. The preliminary hearing was
set for August Bth and the prisoners
were released on their recognizance to
appear at that time and place.
Attorney Cox represented the com
p!ainant and attorney Farr appeared
for the defense.
Two separate complaints were made
out and two warrants issued.
This suit ror criminal libel arose out
of the article published in the Standard
recently, signed by S. D Uirey, where
by Mr. Day alleges that it defamed his
character and has hurt his business.
Mrs. J. G. Newton spent several
days in Imperial last week.
Beginning Tuesday, July 1 6th, we will place on sale
our entire stock of Figured Wash Goods at exceed-
ingly, low prices. The stock includes Lawns,
Oigandies, Batistes, Voiles, etc., that sold from
12 1-2 to 20 cents a yard. In order to close them
out and have the room for a big fall stock we have
priced the entire line at 8 1 -3c to 1 0 1 -2c.
Jelly Glasses
at 32 I-2C. a doz.
We have two barrels to sell at this price and willl
be unable to get more at any where near this figure.
There are several styles in, the lot, some plain, some
with fluted bottoms, etc., all with smooth finished
tops, making a nice drinking glass. They are regular
60c a dozen glasses. Yours for 32 I -2c while this
lot lafts.
El Centro Department Store
Special Freight Train Was Run Last
Thursday Evening
Thj Holton Inter Urban railroad
was compelled. to run a special freight
train last Thursday evening in order to
accommodate the shipments from that
place. This one day alone there were
shipped from Holtville 9 cars of hogs,
I car of cantaloupes, 2 cars of brick
and one ton of honey. Of course this
was an extraordinary shipment for one
day. but the shipments from ti.is town
are ste*adily increasing and will con
tinue to do so.
The people of that place ar.e real
izing more and more every day that if
they were depending upon anyone con
nected with the town of Imperial they
would not have the shipping advanta
ges they now enjoy. All the railroads
ever built by the Imperial push have
been merely on a map and probably a
little talk. Tnat's all It ever amounts
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