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Imperial Valley Press.
One of the most unfortunate oecur
•ences arising from the i contest for
:ounty offices and county- seat was the
writing and printing of the article
signed by S. J. Ulrey, which was
printed In the Standard last week and
for which writing and publishing C. H.
Day alleges !he - was defamed and
It Is to be lamented that Mr. Ulrey
should go so far In his zeal to further
the schemes of the Imperial push as
to try and hurt-the character of a citi
zen of the valley to the extent he should
be arrested on a charge of criminal li
bel. The Imperial push had it all
planned that Wentworth was to be the
chairman of the convention and In the
pockets of two or three delegates were
resolutions which would have been
read had Wentworth 1 been made chair
man and because the deep iald scheme
was not allowed. to go through, now
the Imperial push must add another to
Its list to roast and toast through the
columns of their slandering paper.
The article as written ran smoothly
and sounded nice and venomous, >. but
there seemed to be no foundation for
the assertions made.
Under the circumstances Day is not
to be criticised for seeking redress
from both the author and publisher.
From the beginning it became evi
dent that the biggest portion of their
campaign ••argument," as they, call it,
was to malign the character of those
who were not with them. Ever sitvce
Howe took charge of the Standard
someone has been the object of' an at
tack from that paper. He seems to
be nevei* satisfied unless he Is: 'rhalign
ing a defaming someone. But every
ane was suiprlsed 'When -rf Mr-. ; Ulrey
should lend his versatile pen to what
seems to be ah attempt ■ at Vthe same
and, and all because he had just begun
to realize that their chance Xo win the
county seat was not so great as he had
believed. The 'question arising In the
minds of a great many people Is. has
the Imperial push any grounds for call-
Ing a shovel by its right name, as
Howe asserted Ulrey did In this in
S We have ojAned a Rea] Estate Office in the j
| Hotel blocl iaricT' are \ ready for business. A
i We can aei you I " j
Farm L» ids anrf^Town Lots j
j We hay/ i list tJ choose from Ky^/ j|
S abd canfcei r<nT as good a buy as there^afMV
j in- tkevalley. If you \ 1 8
. . . To SeJK .v. .-■■.. j
nl A / 1\ / ill i
\ Your I roperty, list it witl/ ipSsWeNare in 1
J touchy with proipectwe fouyersiand will be |
stance. How about 'the ■ way they
have conducted their • campaign? |s
It not a notorious fact that I they have
taken advantage. of every, underhanded
political scheme they could think of?
Have they ever conceeded any oth
er town or any other section of the val
ley any rights whatsoever? Have they
not rode roughshod over everything
they could? Did they not start out at
the very first with an unfair advantage?
What other town In the Imperial Val
ley would not have allowed each com
munity a fair ■ representation at the
first meeting called for county divis
ion? They know and you know that
Imperial did not. It was fixed by the
push, And now that the representa
tive people of the valley are turning
against the gang, their Ire knows no
bounds. What a pity. Really, what
disgrace against the peace and dignity
:of our fair valley.
But the effect of these utterances
does not end with just one man. A
majority of the delegates come under
these unnecessary and uncalled for re
marks and It is not to be supposed
that those honest delegates either in
the majority or minority side will
shoulder these serious imputations
without resentment., . . (
Whether Messrs. Howe and Ulrey
are guilty of criminal libel is yet to be
determined by the courts, but whether
Or no, these gentlemen have no right
to cast reflection on. so large a body
of men and it would be better in the
future should they call a shovel by
some other name.
100 head of first class young dairy
cows 11 -'miles South of Pomona.
Came and see them milked ar.d see
the milk check, they are; money mak
ers. Price $60. Some terms If
desired, For particulars /address
Crawford & Davis.
Corona. R. F D. No. 1. 16tf
Election is one * week from
next Tuesday.
For Whose Benefit
After having started the county di
vision movement In an underhanded
manner when It was believed by the
push that Imperial would stand Its best
chance to secure the county seat, and
after learning to Its sorrow that • the
majority of the valley people do not
believe in such underhanded means as
have been practiced by the push, the
Standard tries to work on the sympa
thies of the voters by making false as
sertions that Imperial Is alone In the
world — an orphan as It were. Along
with these -. same statements comes
one also to the effect that the promot
ers of El Centro. should It win, were
going to be benefited to such an ex
tent that It was almost appalling. Let
us look Into this matter a ilttle way:
Imperial was promoted by one of Pau
lin's companies. A few lots were sold
to people- who live in the town al the
present time. More lots — many more
— were sold at auction at whatever
price was offered. Most of these,
however, were sold to- non-residents. ,
Ail of the unsold lots belong to some
one of the companies dominated and
controlled by F. C. Paulln. Believing
the Standard was not telling the truth
when it asserted that the town was
mostly- owned by the people who live
there, the Press had the Abstract Title
and Trust Co, of San D'ego, make a
list of the unSo'd lots in Imperial 'be
longing to the' Paulin companies and
we are frank to confess that the figures
given were even a surprise to us— and
also showed us the nigger in the *wood
pile: There are ONE THOUSAND,
FOUR unsold lots in the townsite of
Imperial, or twice as many as there
are In El Centro. - ■ ■
The figures are absolutely authentic,
having been furnished, as we said be
fore, by the Abstract Title and Trust
Co., of San Diego. .. . ■. ;
The enormity of the figures cannot
help but show you who will be the most
benefited by winning the county seat.
Paulln. with his 1 134 unsold lots.
would have a wad of money to take
out of the valley and invest elsewhere
If I mperial gets the prize.
And. information also just as au
thentic, shows that the large majority
of Imperial property owners do not live
In the valley.
Now the question comes before you:'
Are you going to help Paulin sell those
lots so that he will have more money
to invest In Los Angeles or Long Beach
or are you going to stand by the men
who put their money into the valley,
building up needed industries; men who
are not afraid to work with you shoul
der to shoulder to make the advance
ment of the Imperial Valley more
marked than any other section in the
United States.
This settling of the county seat
question is not a question of sympathy
or of priority right as, Imperial j would
have you believe; It's a question of se
curing a location where you know
things will move and keep a moving '
The Awful Crime
Rev. -Wentworth. 'practically the
only minister In the valley out of four
teen to favor Imperial, spoke at Holt
vllle Wednesday night mainly on the
greatest crime of the campaign-not
electing him, chairman of the conven
tion. He has taken it so seriously
that It Is amusing, ■At the end F. N.
Chaplin called for three cheers for Im
perial but the crowd listened and there
was not a single response. — From the
Calexico Chronicle.
For Sale — One half cash, 15 good
milk cows and one j bull,, I De Laval
separator No. 2 and cans. 1 span of
large.: mules and harness. Ira 'Alen
Land Co. lOtf
Fi /^FfSdlTiriA is the key to the situation in
I 1 I J 11 UIB the matter of the County
LL ULII lIW 3^ tion his
most centrally located point in the proposed new
county and the most convenient to reach by a large
majority of the people of the territory to, be embrac-
ed in the new county. It is a live, growing, progres-
sive town. It holds out the hand of good-fellowship
to every community in the peerless Imperial Valley
and it asks for nothing not justified by its merits
An Open Letter
. Mr. Editor: As chairman of the
committee on credentials at the late
county convention it seems to be my
duty to say a word regarding Mr. C.
H. Day.
The committee found Mr. Day's
name on the same list and certified to
by the same authority that was given
to all the Brawley delegation. No one
appeared before our committee to ob
ject to these credentials and all were
accepted. Now If Mr. Day had no
right in the convention how could the
balance of the delegation be otherwise?
Mr. Day was chosen chairman by the
majority of the convention, who repre
sented a majority of the voters of the
new county's districts and as it was
apparent that the people desired some
thing different from I mperial-Went
worth rule it was only right that they
should have it. The highest type of
ballot reformers > have adopted the
most secret methods of balloting. Open
balloting belongs to the dealers- in votes
and traders, of ■ patronage for money
consideration; 1 -The* majority In the
convention vbtedfor' -the former, so
that if the minority 'were . paying for
anything they will still have to guess
Suntmer :
Beginning Tuesday, July 16th, wet will place on, sale [I
our entire stock of Figured Wash Goods -at exceed-
ingly -low prices. The stock .includes Lawns, ,. „
Organdies, Batistes, Voiles, etc., that sold from (
12 1-2 to 20 cents a yard. In order to close them v
out and have the room for a big fall stock we have ;1
. . priced the entire line at 8 l-3cto 10 I~2c, n
: ■ • • . . . . ■ ,' • i-'.ii
Jelly Glasses 1
at 32 I =2C. a doz. I
We have two barrels to sell at this., price and wilfl -.
. be unable to get more at any where near this figure.
There are several styles in the lot, some plain, some
with fluted bottoms, etc., all with smooth finished
tops, making a nice drinking glass. They. are regular .j
60c a dozen glasses. Yours for 32 I -2c while this
lot lasls. ; 1
• ' • • • •! ' ..»j
El Centro Department Store i:
,El, CENTHp, CAL. , j ROY L RUMSEY. Prop: 1
whether they got it or not.
I have attended many conventions
In my career and I do not hesitate to
say that I consider the delegates to
that convention as a whole as « fair
minded honorable body of gentlemen
as I ever saw together anywhere and
though I feel sorry for Mr Wentworth's
disappointment, for he seemed to have
set his heart so much upon ruling that
convention. 1 have nothing but loath
ing for a man like Mr. S. J. Ulrey,
who dares to impeach the honor and
integrity of a body of his superiors.
It is not to be expected that men
should have hair and brains both, but
there was one In the Imperial delega
tion who has neither.
H. J. Messin6er,
Holtvllle, Cal.
School Opens Sept. 30th
The school directors have decided
to open school September 30th. This
decision was arrived at after a great
many complaints were listened to
against opening school any earlier In
the season on account of the warm,
See H. C. Griswold. the farmer
agent, about selling your land for you.
NO. 15

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