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Methods of London* Detective Force
For 1 Locating the Loat One*, and
JS+err Detail of Hot* the Mraterlen
Are Unraveled.
Awny nlong the embankment, close
Co the bouses of pnrllnment, Is a big,
businesslike red brick building, the
headquarters of those whose business
It Is to solve mysteries.
Scotland Ynrd is the home of thrill
ing occupations and has many tasks
undreamed of by those who regard it
merely as the directing office of the
army of blue coated London consta*
blcs, and amoug those tasks Is that of
probing the mystery of lost persons— a
mystery touched often by romance, of*
ten by tragedy and occasionally stir*
rounded by n black obscurity Into
which no human ingenuity can pierce.
It Is part of tho work of Scotland Yard
to endeavor to extract from the be
wildering human continent of London
those individuals who have suddenly
walked off the track of human knowl
edge, who in ordinary speech with
friends and acquaintances in one hour
have in the next, for no reason and
without a 'word, disappeared.
Some of these mysteries never have
been solved and never will be solved,
but they are astonishingly few com
pared to those .which Scotland Yard
unravels every week. Only one case
here and there is heard of, because the
work is In the ordinary routine of the
yard and the force has no eye f6r ro
mance, rigidly restricting itself to prac
tical thoughts and practical work.
Stretched over twenty square miles
of London, with its population of a na
tion, are the nervous tentacles of Scot
land Yard; ever alert for the work,
responding in a moment to an impulse
from that center of intelligence— the
red brick, businesslike building on the
embankment. Frequently throughout
day and night the agents of Scotland
Yard are scouring London in the search
for missing persons. ' The great or
ganization, works like a machine.
To give an idea of the work it will
be best t ; o take an instance of what
happens in an individual case.
A prosperous middle aged civil serv
ant living at Clnplmm is amazed and
alarmed to find that his son, a bank
clerk, aged twenty-four, does not re
turn home one night after business.
He is a well behaved young fellow and (
has never before stayed away all night.
In the morning his ( father hurries to
the branch of the bank in Kensington
where his son is employed and finds
that he left at ab6ut half past 5 on the
night before. in quite his usual manner,
giving no indication that he was not
going straight home. From the time he
left the bank door he has not been seen.
His accounts are in perfect order; he
was a young man on the way to pro
The bewildered father takes a cab to
the nearest police station and relates
his story to the inspector in charge.
"Oh, I dare say he'll be found in a cou^
pie of days," says the cheery inspect
or. "We'll get on to it at once. What
Is his description?" -m_
I Thereupon the father gives a descrip
tion of his son, running, perhaps, some
thing like this: Height, five feet eight
Inches; fair hair, slight fair mustache,
gray eyes, slim build, wearing silk hat,
morning coat, dark striped trousers
and glace kid lace boots. The inspector
enters this In a book, together with
Borne details as to the disappearance.
He hands the book to a policeman
clerk aud turns to give another word
of reassurance to the father. Within a
minute the latter hears the "tick, tick,
tick" of a telegraph Instrument In the
hands of the policeman clerk./ The de
scription he has given Is being tele
graphed ta every police station in the
London area . and is also being sent to
Scotland Yard. Thus within a few
minutes the pol'lce depots from one end
of the metropolis to the other are on
pxe gui vive 'for the sljm, fair haired
young man." i'^i'yf
But the process has only Just begun.
As soon as the father has left the po
lice station the inspector calls out from
another room two "special inquiry offi
cers," who are expert searchers for
missing persons and who have a won
derful knowledge of their distrlct-with
Its doubtful resorts, low class clubs,
boarding bouses of shady character
and other places where lost people
drift. They hear the details, and they
go out on their quest, starting first
with inquiries at the hospitals within
their reach In order to make sure that
no accident has befallen tho youug
By the time they are in tho street
headquarters at Scotland Ynrd has
tho mutter In hand. At Intervals
throughout the day the private priut
ing presses at tho Yard produce v priut
ed sheet with the latest confidential In
formation on police matters, aud this
sheet Is distributed hot from tho press
to every pollco stutiou In London, aud
as thero are three or four Issues every
day only an hour or'two elapses be
tween each edition. As a result by
midday the description of the young
mau- lias been printed and is being
distributed broadcast to tho police.
Svery expedient Is used to get It
round quickly, nnd in ttie case of some
of tlic Isolatod pfntlons mounted men
convoy It from place to place.
As soon na the Gazette Is received at
a station the officer In charge sees the
description and takes action. Every
hour or two batches 'of constables are
paraded before him previous to going
out on duty In the streets. To each of
these batches he reads aloud the de*
ecriptlon of the missing man, and ev
ery constable goes out to his work
with a picture of the fair haired, slim
young man In his mind. Within twen
ty-four hours every member of the
force has beard of that fair hatred
young man and Is looking out for him.
1 Hut perhaps there has entered the
mind of Scotland Yard the idea that
crime lies at the root of the mystery,
that the young man lias been murder
ed. If that thought comes to Scotland
Yiird, another part of the great ma
chine ft» Bet to work. The criminal In
vestigation department is invited to
lend its aid, and a defective Inwpector,
with n little band of clever subordi
nates, sets to work independently of
all that is being done in <. '"Her direc
tions. The young man's emp.^ei-H, his
relatives, his friends, bis acquaint
ances—every person he bas known to
speak to during the past week is ex
haustively questioned, and people
against whom there may be some kind
of shadowy suspicion are unobtrusive
ly watched without cessation by care
less young racing men, omnibus con
ductors or city clerks, all of whom are
really Scotland Yard detectives. And,
while the newspapers know nothing,
the police force of London is humming
with the search for that fair haired
young man.
Perhaps after two days the Scotland
Yard squadron gets a clew and, unit-
Ing with the local special Inquiry offi
cers, tracks the fair haired young man
to a shady lodging house in North
Kensington, where, half starved, dazed
with the effects of drugs, he has been
locked in a cellar for forty-eight hours.
He has been by some plausible means
lured to the , house in question and
plied with drink by well dressed scoun
drels, who believed he carried keys
belonging to the bank, Finding he bad
not what they required, they had tem
porarily locked him up, with what
ultimate object can only be guessed.
■ There are hundreds of simpler cases
which are solved in a matter of hours.
It will be safe to say that the chances
are ten to one in favor of Scotland
Yard finding the whereabouts of a
missing person within a week.— Frank
Dilnot in London Mail.
Will Work in Harmony
The people of Imperial have
decided to take their medicine
like men. They -..'jvill ; i not con
test the election which resulted
in giving to El Centro the cov
eted county seat prize. The
canvass of the vote by the sup
ervisors conclusively showed
that, even were the alleged
frauds perpetrated fully proved,
the result could not be changed
and the folly of contesting the
election became so apparent
that the people of Imperial de
cided to accept the accomplish
ed fact as gracefully as their
natural disappointment would
The decision of the people of
Imperial will- meet with the
most hearty approval from
every precinct in , the new
county. Throughout the valley
people feel that "Harmony"
should be the watchword of
every section thereof, and that
the bitterness inseperable from
such a heated electoral contro
versy, should be allowed to die
and be forgotten. — San Diego
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