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liter nml Manager
One Year • • •
Blx Months (*?
Thr.-.' Moulin •••'•*»
Single Cov»it*B . . - • .05
Per Month
1 inch • $ 125
2 to 18 inches (1 column) per inch 1.00
tl% inches (M P«Re) 17.50
15 inches (H P^p)~ 3° °°
90 Inches (full pftfte, ~ 60.00
Reading notices, le«als and solid matter
10 cents per line firat insertion ami
6 cents per line for each subse
quent insertion, Brevier measure.
Make all remittances and address all
commuic»t so us to Imperial Valley Press.
W Watch th« subscription data on your paper.
The number of our paid circulation
will be furnished on application
Entered a* second-class matter March - 3d,
1906 at the po9tofficeatEl Centro, California,
■nder the Act of Congress of March 3, 1»79.
The Press is sending out a
complete statement of each sub
scriber's account with this paper,
l>elieving fully that one runs be
hind in their subscription to their
paper through thoughtlessness
more than for any other one rea
son. The postal laws are strict
in the matter that a subscription
to a paper must be paid for in
advance, and in order to get the
date on every name marked up
to these requirements, the few
who are delinquent are being no
tified as to their standing. It
not being the wish of the Press
to arbitrarily discontinue the
paper without good cause, this
method is taken. Should there
be a mistake in any statement
you may receive please let the
management know wherein it
lies and the same will be cheer
fully corrected. But don't kick
—you won't feel any worse than
we do if we make a mistake.
The meetings held at Imperial
Friday and at El Centro Tues
day are bound to have a far
reaching effect on the future of
this valley. As was stated in the
Press last week, there'is no doubt
but what there is land in the
Imperial Valley that is being
jumped the owner of has
fully complied with the law in
every respect, and that the act
of contesting the same is either
a piece of foolishness or of ma
liciousness. In either case the
owner will be subjected to a
great deal of expense and annoy
ance needlessly, and these
things should be stopped, and
every land owner in the valley
should lend his hand to help stop
it. People must be protected in
their rights.
But extreme caution should be
used by the men who are acting
in this matter that they do not
lend their hand to also help some
one keep a body of land that
they are not entitled to. In the
face of so many allegations re
garding land frauds, there may
possibly'be some cases of such
in the valley, and the Press holds
that there should be nothing
done to cover up any wrongfully
held land. And the Press holds
with equal vigor that no one
should suffer from the foolisli
• ness or maliciousness of a pro
fessional land jumper. Care
must be exercised in this matter.
Let investigations be made, and
a segregation of wheat and chaii'
take place.
Edison and Zon-o-phone Phonograpns
for Bale by Teller, the Singer agtnt.
All late records on hand. Poatofiice
building, Imperial. 24tf
The tax rate as set by the
Board of Supervisors of Imperial
county is $4.25 on the $100.
This seems like a very high rate,
and to some few it will so prove.
The most of the taxable property
of this county at the present time
is personal property and to the
man who has both personal prop
erty and real estate will feel the
taxation quite a little, but there
are always a few who have to
carry a heavier burden for the
benefit of the many. As the
taxable property in this county
stands today, it has to be made
to do double duty. ' For instance,
a man, has a farm, well tilled,
and valuable; has proved up on
the same, but as yet has not
patent He has to pay enough
on his personal property to make
up for thd land not being taxable.
If all the land in this condition
was taxable at this time, our rate
of tax would be very small in
But even as it is the whole
county is gainer. Last year
what is now Imperial county
paid into the treasury of San
Diego county $21,000 road tax
and San Diego county paid back
to us what amounted to about
$10,000. In this deal our roads
suffered to the amount of $11,000
while this year, under our new
government there will probably
be paid to the road fund nearly
$22,000, every penny of which
will go to the betterment of our
roads and bridges.
We can well feel that we are
ahead in the transaction. Our
roads need attention and good
roads mean more to us, probably,
than to any other part of Sonth
ern California.
The County Board of Educrtion
v Solving Knotty Problems
Supt J. B. Carr, Mrs. J. M.
Eshleman and E. McCully of the
Imperial County Board of Educa
tion have been in session several
days. Mrs. Eshleman was elect
ed president of the board and
Supt. Carr is secretary ex-officio.
The problems coming before the
Board are numerous and weighty ;
among them may be mentioned
the following: A course of study
for the schools of the new coun
ty, the examinations for teachers,
examining credentials of teach
ers who have not had opportuni-
I ty to be examined, textbooks for
j the county schools and reference,
and library lists. >
The other members of the Board
express themselves as delighted
I with the familiarity that Supt.
i Carr has shown regarding his
duties and powers, as well as his
pleasant manner in dealing Lwith
the many intricate questions
continually arising. . .
| The members of the Board ex
press a determination to place a
high standard of educational
excellence for the new county
and ask that those interested
give a warm support to every ef
fort made for the improvement
of the schools. In many coun
ties the efficiency of the schools
has been greatly hampered by
the certificating and employment
ot' inexperienced and incompe
tent teachers merely because
cuch teachers had influence. ; It
i» believed that Imperial county
vih start in its educational ca
i er without any such an incu
i'b'usi and the present Board is not
likely to encourage incompetents.
ueimiie results of the Board's
action will be given from time to
j time, /
' Toper sells Singer sowing " machines.
P. 0. building, Imperial. 24tf
The/Imperial base ball team are rais
ing,'money to build a backstop and
grand stand. They need a hundred dol
lars and have the most of it in sight.
'< tor Sale
320 shares of water stock In Im
perial Water Co., No. 1. at $15 00
net cash per share
320 snares of water stocky In Im
penai Water Co.. No. 2. at $12 00
net cash, per share.
Western Audit Company.
335 Pacific Electric Bidg., Los An*
geles, California.
Sick Headache
This disease is caused .by a derange
ment of the stomache. Take a dose of
Chamberlain's Stomache and Liver Tab
lets to correct this disorder and the sick
headache will disappear. For sale by
El Centro Drug Store.
List your lands with the Ira Aten
Land Co. They can give you best re
Classified Liners \
Liners under this heading will be in •
eerted fur 5 cents a line each insertion :
_________________ r
FOK SALK — Dairy cows, Brood bows
and stuck hogs. K. 11. Clark El Cen-
tro. ,'V; \. tf
FOR SALE -Thirty dairy cows Purham
an I ilol.xtfin lor particulars address
James Murphy, Imadia, ban Diego
Co. Calif. 21-2H
FOR t-Al.E — 1 horse for sale or trade
fur Hlinats ; 3 cows, 1 fresh, for gale.
Enquire of A. 1. Baker, 2 miles south-
weHt of El Centro 4tf
FOR HALE— 3O head 'milk cmvs. 1
llolsiein hull, 12 heifers. This stock
is located dt corner of Filmoie nt.
and Maunolia ave, Arlington station,
Hiversiile, Cal. En()Uire of or ud-
dress, A. E. I'runk, same place. IStf
1-ORSALE— PaIan China Boar at Co-
nant ranch Telephone. ld4o 19tf •
FOR SALE— 2O voiinu cows, 16 heifers
and calves. Write H. O. Sisson or
, see tttnek at|A\ ill Van Horn's. ♦ 14tf
FOR SALE— IO- tons of baled barley
hay, mixed with a little alfal a. W:
S. Moore, 4 miles south of El Centro.
3tf .. ■ . '. - ■ ■■ :.. , ' - .
FOR SALE— IOO Baned Rock chickens
see . Buttresj 'about it at Machine shop
El' Centro. tf
LOST— A black boar, weight about
400 pounds. Notify H. H. Peterson,
El Centro. tf24>
FGR SALE— First class Dairy Cows
10 to 200.' Address T. B. Key, Con-
ejo, Fresno, Co.. -It
FOR SALE— Duroc-Jersey boars from j
four months to one year old. Fuller '
Bros., Heber, Calif. Phone 13x2. 24
FOR SALE— Some heifers from 1 year
up to 2 years old. W. E. Wilsie,
El Centro. 23tf
TO LEASE— Good alfalfa land to lease
' fo* 1 Cantaloupes; one mile north of
heber. W. J. Driggers, Heber. 23tf
FOR SALE— One thoroughbred Jersey
bull. A. S. Fell, 4 miles .northeast
of El Centro. j. 24tf
FOR SALE— One Shorthorn bull. Also
some brood sows. R. H. Clark, El
Centro. 24tf
FOR SALE— 2O head' of steers and
heifers, 4 miles northeast of El Cen-
tro. Arthur S. Fell. 24tf
FOR SALE-White Plymouth Rock
roosters $1.00 each. Leave orders at
Ira Aten Land Co. office. 24
FOR SALE"OR~TRADE-Will sell~or
trade for hogs 20 head of milch cows.
Drue.C. Harrington, one half mile
south of Imperial. 24 tf
FOR SALE-About 120 turkeys, De-
[ cember hatched from fine Tom. These
birds are just what you want for
breeding purposes. See Mrs. A. F.
1 Wagner, 5 1-2 miles southwest of El
• Centro, on Brawley main. 22-25
• FOR TRADE-A fine Jersey Bull for a
' i Durham Bull. Jacob Butcher, Heber
• Calif. 4-tf
} i BEES- 1 can sell 50 to 210 stands of
'good grade Italian bees, in Standard
. Lonshotle 8 framed Hives warranted
j strong colonies delivered.to any R. R.
• Station in Imperial Co.* for $6.00 per
} hive. J. F. 'lout, Hotel Franklin.
I WANTED-Cattle and sheep pasture.
Phone 13x2 or address Fuller Bros..
Heber, Calif. 24tf **
WA*\TED— Woman cook for a ranch.
Apply to Fuller Bros., Heber, Cal. 24
C POULTRYIvA3iTEL~^VViII pay high-
est cash price for all ktyds of poultry
ji delivered every Tuesday beginning
i Tuesday, Sept. 24th, /at cantaloupe
> ! shed, east of railroad, El Centro. Geo.
! T.lrvin. "? f ■ 24tf
1 J. 8. CaorcnriKtD R. B. WooLrouc §:
| Crutchfield & Woolfolk
% Car-Lot Distributers and Growers' Marketing Agents |
% ■ '■■ ■•'•■' • *■.'.•' £•
| 21st and Penn. Ave. Pittsburgh Pa. |
| F. O. B. transit sale and distributing agents for £1 %
•§ Centro Fancy Melon Growers* Association, and i |
i Heber Fancy Melon Growers' Association. We are \ \
specialists in marketing all kinds of green fruits and j :
vegetables, cantaloupes, tomatoes, aspargus, egg ! j
._ plants, Bermuda onions, celery, grapes, etc. We ,j|: (
| desire to negotiate with Associations and all shippers ' j \
ijj who wish their shipments marketed in an UP-TO- i[
•: DATE manner. We will guarantee you best results. [
I Let us hear from you. MAKE US YOUR |L
I MARKETING AGENTS for your future crops. j|
I Our connections in every leading market are the best j f
I and gives us an outlet for marketing your produce • : '
I which is unsurpassed. Get in touch with us. \\
H. B. PEARSON, Field -'Manager 1
Office In Valley State Bank Building, El Centro, Cal. j[■ .
I Associated with Crutchfield, Woolfolk & Gibson, Inc., Chicago 111. \\ '
] ■ ■ i '. ', i ' ' — —
f , , „: / , i
tar load or urocenes
■ - — ?—? — — ■ ■ ■ .' —
I New Grop-Absolutely Fresh
You'll Miss the Best by Not
Buying Here
/s^^^p«_^ Our goods are :
/MS9R always Fresh -
/ '^^K Satisfaction in '
I every order we |-
Ji (\ \\ I ' , O
/' i / Owlli • • * H
Bc^lihr'Nut our prices
Sliced Beef lll|i|i|i |
Dry Goods and Groceries >
Lumber Prices Reduced!
Oregon Pine Reduced $6 to 9 per M,
White Fir, Madera. ,' $5" \ |
Redwood : » < • $1 " "
L. W. Blinn Lumber Co.
T. B. Blanchard, Agent
El Centro, California

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