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Imperial Valley Press.
Acreage and Town Lots
Are Selling at
Higher Prices
Tract Near El Centro to be Offered
in Small Divisions. Settlers
Flocking to the Valley
Without undue or sensational
"boosting, the sales of acreage
tracts and town lots in Imperial
Valley have largely increased
this month. The demand for
good farm lands has been active
all the year, but at this time it
appears to have received a pow
erful impetus. Men who came
to the valley earlier in the year
•to look over the situation are
now coming prepared to buy.
Half and quarter sections are
held at higher prices than a few"
months ago, 'and in a few months
more will go very much higher.
> Small tracts for cantaloupe and
vegetable gardens, close to towns,
are being readily sold at $150 to
$200 per acre. The demand con
tinues to outstrip the supply, so
it will be gratifying news to
those who wish to secure five,
ten or twenty acre tracts, that
some very choice land close to El
Centro will be cut up very soon
and placed on the market at
moderate prices and favorable
terms. .
In many parts of the valley
landowners who have larger
tracts than they can handle them
selves are renting ten, twenty and
forty acre tracts to cantaloupe
growers either for a cash price
: per acre or a percentage of the
crop. Land which rented a year
or two ago for $3 to $6 per acre
'is now bringing $10 to $30. In
Brawley choice cantaloupe land
is considered to be worth $40 per
acre per season. At Holtville
and El Centro the price is rapidly
approaching that figure, although
. there is much good land which
can be secured now at a loWer
figure. .
The activity in town lots is
greater than at any previous time
this year. Many thousands of
dollars worth of lots have chang
ed hands in El Centro during the
| month and a large number of
Holtville lots have also been sold.
In Brawley, Calexico and Imper
ial there is the same gratifying
demand for building lots. All of
which shows that the growth of
the valley is to be. solid and per
manent. The increase in 1 popu
lation since spring from 8,000 to
20,000 has come about in the
right way. It is not a shifting
population but a community of
energetic people, who have come
here to remain and share in the
prosperity of America's most fer
tile valley.
'Following are the records of
sales of the week as compiled by
the Imperial Valley Abstract and
Title Co.:
J. C. Phillips to Peter Walker, N 1-2
of SE 1-4,- Sec. 14, Twp 16 S, R 13 E,
S. B. M,, containing 80 acres, $10.
Richmond R. Baker to Daniel S. Eld
<er lot 16, blk 70 Brawley, $100.
Holton Power Co. to Frank Smoot,
Official Paper of Imperial County
tract 3 in Alamo tract, being an add to
town of Holtville, $10.
George 11. Ballou and Harriet A.
Kallou to George W. Fitch, the east 260
acres of Sec 16, Twp 15 S, R 15 E, S.
B. M., commencing at the NE corner
of Sec 16 and running thence southerly
along the easterly line of said section to
the SE corner thereof and running
thence westerly along the southerly line
of said Sec 16, distpt 130 rods westerly
from the NE corner thereof, thence
easterly along the northerly line of
said Sec 130 rods to beginning, except
road 60 feet wide along the northerly
end of said land from the east line to
the west line thereof; $520.
Ella A. Morse and Philip Morse to
Louis D. F. Farrand all of Sec 16, Twp
12 S, R 12 E, S. B. M., $200.
W. T. Bill and Leroy Holt to Robert
J. Leisenberg, blks 11 Jand 12 sub of
the SE 1-4 of Sec t, Twp 16 S, R 14 E,
S. B. M., $795.
Drue C. Harrington filed brand VT,
ear mark crop off left ear and long slit
in right ear.
Holton Power Co. to H. H. Peterson,
blks 116 and 117 in town of Holtville.
El Centro Land Co. to C. E. Paris,
lot 7, blk 42 of El Centro.
A. Y. Lindsay to H. S. Taggart and
F. P. Taggart, lot 10, blk 39 of Calexi
co. Con. $10.
Louis Oviede and J. M. Polhamus
give notice that they have located on
and claim a tract of land known as "Our
First Chance," E. R. Duncan being the
last locater'and owner, having located
it Jan. 2, 1905, and no work having
been done since.
El Centro Land Co., to I. A. Morgan,
lots 22, 23 and 24, blk 34 of El. Centro.
A. E. Osburn and Lula Osburn to H.
J. Kohlstedt blk 122 of Holtville.
J. B. Carrice to M. D. Carrice to E..
A Griswold, N 1-2 of S 1-2 and S 1-2 of
N 1-2 of SE 1-4 of NW 1-4 of Sec 20,
Tp 16 S, R 14 E.
• E. R. Fairbanks to Wilbur Clark, blk
21 of Imperial.
W. W. Masten assigns r.nd sells to
Henry J. Burk his interest in the SE
1-4 of SE 1-4 of NE 1-4 Sec 32,T 15 S,R
14 E and 1 share of water stock per acre
and the E 1-2 of SE 1-4 of NE 1-4 Sec
32, Tp 15 S, R 14 with one share of wat
er stock per acre.
El Centro Land Co. to Sarah H. King
con. $10, lots 9; 10 and 13 in blk 6 of El
Pete Walker to J. C Phillips, con. $10
S 1-2 of the SE 1-4 of sec 14, twp 16 S,
R 13 E, S. B. M.
Organization of Stockmen
There was a large attendance
at the meeting of the stockmen
of the valley called to assemble
in Imperial with a view to organ
izing a live stock association.
J A committee consisting of
George A. Long, R. H. Benton
and C. H. Bradshaw was appoint
ed' to draft by-laws and lay plans
for the association.
It was evident that all the
leading live stock men of the val
ley have entered into the project
with interest and it begins its
career under favorable auspices.
This organization will be of
the nature of a county associa
tion and it is expected that the
supervisors will pass an ordin
ance requiring the registration of
all live stock brands with the as
sociation, for the protection "of
those engaged in the business
and of buyers of stock for the
The annual meeting of the
stockholders of Central Creamery
company for the election of offic
ers for the ensuing year, will be
held at the offices of the Aten
Land .Co., El Centro, California,
on Saturday, November 30, 1907,
at 2 o'clock p. m.
By order of the Directors.
F. S. Webster, President.
Ira Aten, Secretary. nl6-23
Postoffice Quadrupled
) in Last Few
Present Quarters Are Inadequate
and Are to Be Enlarged at
One: Some Figures j
Evidences of El Centro' s won
derful development from a front
ier camp to a thriving and im
portant agricultural and indus
trial center are multiplying on
every hand. So rapidly and cer
tainly has the county seat sprung
up to its present commanding
position that it is almost impossi
ble ,for its people to keep pace
with it. The new buildings in
process of construction, the in
coming of scores of new resi
dents, the institution of new in
dustries, all bear witness to . the
material prosperity and prospec
tive greatness of the town.
No better indication of a town's
advancement could be found than
the business transacted by its
postoffice. At El Centro' s post
office more mail is being handled
in one day now than was handled
in an entire week at the first of
the year. The stamp sales for
the quarter ending Sept. 30,
1906 were $142.64; for the quar
ter ending June 30, 1907, $324.64,
and for the quarter ending Sept.
30, 1907, $579.86. This is gain
of more than four hundred per
cent in one year and of about
eighty per cent in three months.
At. the rate the sales are increas
ing now, the increase for the last
quarter will be even greater.
The increase in the amount of
mail coming into the office is
yery much greater than the in
crease in outgoing mail. A year
ago the business of the office
could be easily transacted in the
leisure moments of a clerk in the
store.' Now there is so much
that the best postoffice clerk in
Imperial county is unable to take
care of all the business alone and
the services of a second clerk is
required. The facilities of the
postoffice have also become inad
equate and a new cabinet and
more lock boxes are on their way
here. I 1I 1
Last Sunday, when the post
office opened at 11 o'clock for its
customary one hour service, a
line of people were waiting* for
their mail. The mail had been
sorted and distributed so that the
clerks had nothing to do but de
liver it through the window.
Even that required an hour and
a quarter of steady, lively work,
while the line of waiting patrons
extended across the store and
sidewalk out into the street.
In this connection it should be
said that the people of El Centro
are to be congratulated on the
splendid service which has been
given them. Few people realize
the obstacles and difficulties in
handling mail for a new town
like El Centro and the business
ability and energy required to
keep pace with a business which
doubles several times in the
course of a year. It is all the
harder to realize these things be
cause the patron shave been sub
jected to no annoyances nor vex
atious delays. Postmaster Brown
is one of the few who have not
been (overwhelmed by the amaz
ing growth of the past few
New York Financial Pirates Re
sponsible for Money Stringency ,
According to recent dispatches
from Washington the administra
tion is convinced that the New
York banks are responsible for
the financial stringency and are
protecting the situation by hold
ing -money out of circulation.
Some of the national banks
nave been sellers of money in
stead of trustees of public funds
and have not put in circulation
the cash deposited with them by
the government. The secretary
of the treasury has called upon
the New York banks for 10 per
cent, of government deposits
and will send the money to other
parts of the country, where it
will be used as the government
intends to relieve the situation.
It looks as if there were some
basis for the charge that a group
of New York financiers conspired
to corral all the cash they could
inveigle from Western banks and
the government and hold up the
country for big profits in usury.
It is known that the Los An
geles banks have a large amount
of money in New York and can
not get a cent, while at the same
time New York refuses to take
their checks.
Congress will be asked to bring
these national banks up with a
round turn and governor Hughes
.has already appointed a commit
tee to investigate the banks and
trust companies and suggest
changes in the state laws relating
to the conduct -of their business.
A Special Session
District Attorney John M. Esh
leman received a telegram Fri
day from Gov. Gillette that an
extraordinary session of the leg
islature had been called for next
Tuesday. The session is for the
purpose of taking up the question
of a continuation of legal holidays,
the matter of extending the pay
ment of taxes and other matters.
Mr. Eshleman is a member of
the legislature from the 52d dis
trict and will go to • Sacramento
Monday to be in attendance. Dur
ing his absence ths business of
the district attorney's office will
be conducted by V. Rapp, Eso/,
of El Centro. /
Presbyterian Church Opened
The First Presbyterian church
of El Centro was opened Sunday
with about fifty persons in at
tendance. An eloquent sermon
on the subject Go Preach was
delivered by the Rev. George C.
Butterfield of Los Angeles. Mr.
Butterfield will also preach next
Sunday. The members of the
church are much pleased with the j
now building. I
Question of Building a
Court House Again
Present Plans Provide for the Com
pletion of a Building Before
May Ist
At a special meeting of the
Board of Supervisors Monday the
matter of erecting a temporary
court house was again taken up.
It is proposed to have the new
building ready for occupancy be
fore the first of May.
The meeting was called to or
der byy Chairman Webster, Super
visors Webster, Clark^ Wade,
Ferguson and McHarg being
present. Chairman Webster re
ported that W. F. Holt would en
ter into a contract to purchase a
temporary court house building
at any time within three years at
cost. It was moved and carried
that the plans for a court ' house
as submitted by Thomas Fellows
be recorded and placed on file
and that the same, as changed,
be adopted as floor plans.
It was voted that the county
clerk be directed to advertise for
bids for the building. of a court
house to be built of brick, con
crete or terra cotta and as per
the plans of Thomas Fellows; the
bids to be opened and considered
on December 16, 1907, and that
said building shall be completed
within four months of the date
of contract and that a penalty of
$10 per day shall be paid for ev
ery day over the four months re
quired to complete the building.
The county clerk was author
ized to purchase postage required
for the county officers.
The county clerk was requested
by the chairman to request the
county surveyor to prepare for
the county auditor a map of the
county snowing the road and
school districts.
A request from the county re
corder that he be provided assist
ance in making an abstract of
the county records for the county
assessor was granted.
The county surveyor was au
thorized to procure a room for
use as his office.
Sheriff Takes Girl
Sheriff Meadows took in charge
Tuesday night a young girl ap
parently about fifteen years old.
The girl came into the valley
Sunday with a man who gave
the name of Webb and said that
the girl was his daughter. For
some unexplained reason the man
disappeared and Sheriff Meadows
started an investigation. Tues
day night the girl was cared for
by Mrs. Tout in El Centro. Wed
nesday she was taken to Imperi
al and turned over to Mrs. J. H.
Weber until something can be
learned of her family.
Her last account of herself is
that her parents live in Long
Beach and the sheriff is corre
sponding with the authorities
there in hopes he can find some
trace of her people.
She says the man is not her
father and that he told her what
I account to give of herself.
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