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More Figures Indicative of the Mar-
vellous Growth of the County
A few weeks ago figures show
ing that the business at El Cen
tro's postoffke had doubled in
only a few months were publish
ed in the Press. The prediction
made at that time that the ratio
of increase would continue has
already been verified. A year
ago a clerk in Postmasterßrown's
store was able to handle the post
office business easily as a side is
sue. Now there's so much business
that one of the most efficient post
office men in California, is unable
to take care of all the business,
and on Wednesday of this week
another clerk was added to the
force. A third man will be avail
able at times, so that adequate
provision has been made for the
prompt handling of outgoing
mail and the speedyldelivery of
incoming mail.
The postoffice was established
in October, 1905. During the
first quarter of its existence the
receipts were $29.85. A year
later, for the corresponding quart
er in 1906, the receipts were $261, -
50. During the same period this
year the receipts have been more
than $800. The number of reg
istered packages sent out from
the office has increased in a few
months from 273 to 886. It is
estimated that fully 1,000 people
are served from the El Centro
postoffice. This is significant
when it is taken into considera
tion that El Centro probably had
a population of less than 200 in
Methodists of El Centro Increase
Membership and Organize
New Societies
At the first quarterly confer
ence of the El Centro Methodist
Episcopal church, held Sunday,
Dec. 15, by Rev. Dr. Pitner, pre
siding elder of the San Diego dis
trict, it was announced that in
the past two months the church
had taken in twenty new mem
bers. An Epworth League has
been organized with all of its
departments in good working or
der; a junior league, numbering
23 members is in a /flourishing
condition; a Sunday School, con
sisting of six classes with 53 in
attendance, has grown from a
small beginning and a Ladies'
Aid has been organized to add to
the effectiveness of the work of
the church.
These are some of the indica
tions of progress. Others are
the building of living rooms for
the pastor's family, installing
electric lights in the church, pip
ing water to the parsonage and
the erection of a barn.
Dr. Pitner was greeted by a
good audience on the occasion of
. this his first official visit to the
valley, and his sermon was lis
tened to with appreciation.
At the Methodist Church
Mrs. 0. L. Snow will speak at
lla. m. Subject "Walking;"
Mrs. B. L. Strange will lead the
league at 6:30 p. m. ; subject "The
Birth of a King." The pastor,
O. L. Snow will speak at 7:30 p.
m. Subject, "The Christ of
God." Church one block west
of sch6ol house. AH are cordial
ly invited to these services.
For any ordinary diseases of the tskin
Chamberlain's Salve is excellent. It
not only allayes the itchnig snd smart
ing but effects a cure, For Bale by
El Centro Drug Store,
Durham's new stock of candies keeps
true to hi» rule that evtrything shall
be clean and good.
For quick action list your lands with
V. E. Stockwell & Co. El Centro. 30tf
Teller 'sells Singer sewing machines.
P. 0. building, Imperial. 24tf
Ordinance No. 7
An ordinance to promote the hor
ticultural interests of Imperial
county, California, and provid
ing for the inspection and de
struction of insect pests and
providing restrictions upon the
Importation of Cuttings, etc.,
and providing punishment for
the violation hereof.
The Hoard of Supervisors of Imperial
County, State of California, do ordain
ns follows;
Sec. 1. No person or persons, firm or
corporation, either ns owner, agent,
factor, broker, servant, or other em
ploye, shall bring for delivery or cause
to be brought for delivery, into the
County of Imperial, from any other
s)lace or places without said County of
mperial, any trees, plants, vines,
shrubs, scions, cuttings, buds or grafts,
boxes, ladders, props, picking sacks,
tools or other appliances which have
been used in orchards or in connection
with the handling or transportation of
trees, plants, vines, shrubs, scions,
cuttings, buds or grafts, without giv
ing written notice of their arrival at
their destination within twenty-four
hours thereafter.and prior to their re
moval from said point of destination,
to the Horticultural Commissioners of
said county, or to the local inspector of
the district into which the same are
brought; nor shall either the persons,
parties or corporations above named re
move the same from the place of their
destination until inspected as herein
after provided.
Section 2. Any person, or persons,
corporation or corporations, mentioned
in Section 1 of this ordinance, who
shall ship or bring, or cause to be ship
ped or brought into Imperial County,
California, any trees, cuttings, buds,
grafts, shrubs, or plants, shall have
placed upon or securely attached to
each package, box, or separate parcel of
such articles a distinct mark or label
showing the name of the agent, owner,
or shipper;' the name of the grower,
and the place where grown.
Section 3. Upon receiving the noti
fication mentioned in Section 1 hereof,
or any other information, of such im
portation, the Horticultural. Commis
sion, or the local inspector receiving
the same, shall, as soon thereafter as
practicable, carefully inspect the arti
cle, reference to which notice was ser
ved or information received.
If it appears that the importation is
of shrubs, scions, cuttings, grafts, or
buds, and that the same were grown
outside of the State of California infested
with the white fly(aleyrodes citri), red
spider (tetranychus Mytilaspidis) , red
scale (aspidiotus aurantii), yellow scale
(aspidiotus citrinus), purple scale
(Mytilaspidus citricola), or any other
injurious insects, not prevalent, it shall
be the duty of the Horticultural Com
mission to at once cause the same to
be destroyed.
If it appears' that the importation is
of boxes, ladders, props, picking sacks,
tools or other appliances which have
been used in orchards or in connection
with the handling or transportation of
trees, plants, vines, shrubs, scions,
cuttings, buds or grafts from any place
infected with the white fly, red spider,
red scale, yellow scale or purple scale,
or if it shall appear that the transpor
tation of the same is from one district
which is infected with the red spider,
red scale, yellow scale or purple scale,
or any other injurious insect within
said county to another district within
said county, then it shall be the duty of
the Horticultural Commission to cause
the same to be disinfected by a tho
rough fumigation with cyanide of
Section 4. If it shall appear that the
importation, notice of which is re
quired to be given by Section 1 hereof,
consists of grape vines, scions, rootings,
grafts, buds or cuttings, from any
grape vine grown in or shipped from
any infested district shall immediatley
be destroyed. *
Section 5. It shall be unlawful to
sell any vines, cuttings, rootings.grafts,
scions or buds imported from any dis
trict, except upon the written permit
of the Board of Horticultural Commis
sioners, stating that said plants have
been inspected and treated as herein
before provided, and that the same did
not come from . any infested district
and are free from insect pests.
Section 5A— It shall be unlawful
for any person, firm, company, or cor
poration, etc. to import into Imperial
County, any vines, shrubs, scions, cut
tings, grafts, buds, citrus trees, scions
or buds, from north of the north line of
San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bern
ardino Counties, of the State of Cali
fornia, or from the states of Florida or
The provisions of this section do not
apply to shipments from any lawfully
authorized state farm or agricultural
school, or United States Experiment
Station, or Agricultural School or Col
Section 6. The Horticultural Com
mission shall adopt such rujes in rela
tion to application for permits provided
for in the preceding sections as in
their judgment may be necessary.
Section 7. Every person who shall
violate any of the provisions of this
ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof shall be punished by a fine of
not more than $500, or by imprisonment
in the County Jail not exceeding six
months, or by both such fine and im*
Section 8. This ordinance shall take
effect and be in force on and after the
26th day of December, 1907, and a copy
thereof shall be printed and published
in the Imperial Valley Press, a news
paper printed and published in said
Imperial County, for one issue before
said date. ,
Passed, approved and adopted this
10th day of December, 1907.
Chairman Board of Supervisors of
Imperial County, State of California.
The above Ordinance was adopted by
the following vote. Ayes : ii l i ■-■
Supervisor Sidney Mcllarg voting yes.
Supervisor R. 11 . Clark voting yes.
Supervisor F. S. Webster voting yes.
Supervisor Porter .N. Ferguson
voting yes.
Supervisor O, R. Wade voting yes.
Attest my hand and seal of the Board,
of Supervisors of Imperial County, this
10th day of December, 1907.
Clerk of the Hoard of Supervisors of
Imperial County, State of California.
If you want to raise canta-
loupes, grapes or any kind of
early vegetables in the Imperial
Valley, see the California Mexico
Land & Cattle Co. about renting
lands for these purposes. They
have the very best land for early
maturing and will give you a
chance to make most of the mon-
ey. Call or address California
Mexico Land & Cattle Co., Calex-
ico, Cal. o4tt
lEir Pepper Trees
Semi 'Postal Order
A. Harpold, Colton, Cal.
2 to 2 1-2 feet high To
2 1-2 to 3 " " ©c
3to 3 1-2 " " 9c
3 1-2 to 4 V " He
4to 4 1-2 " " 14c /'
i * .• . /
Arizona Ash, 6 to 8 feet, 20c.
Wiley B. Allen pianos are re-
nowned. Recommended and en-
dorsed by thousands of eminent
pianists. We handles over fifty
different makes. Sold on your
own terms. Don't buy cheap,
unknown makes. We sell old
standard made pianos at practi-
cally the same price. Stores ev-
erywhere from El Paso to Seattle.
Local representative,. Wm. De Le-
GRO. Address any P. O. in the
Real Estate and
Investments /
Imperial Valley Lands a Specially
Imperial Valley is the largest irrigated
district in the United States. The best
bargains on earth can be found in the
Imperial Valley. Anyone having Im-
perial lands they wish to sell or trade
for Los Angeles property will Gnd it to
their advantage to consult me. My fa-
cilities for finding bargains for buyers
and buyers for bargains cannot be sur-
passed. Write or wire me at 205 Mer-
cantile Place, Los Angeles, Cal. Home
Tel. 8182. Tel. Main 3440.
/> ■
Something New
Our 1907 crop of Bermuda onion seed
is due to arrive in a few days. Send in
your orders at once. Price delivered at
your postofnee:
Crystal Wax per Ib. $4.00
White Bermuda " 2.50
Red " •• 2.25
113 N. Main Street Los Angeles, Cal.
Sunset Pavilion
El Centro's New Open Air
Dance Hall and Skating Rink
Now Open to the Public.
The Town's Chief Pleasure
Resort. AfFords the Best of
Enjoyment Without Objection-
able Features.
Open Mornings 6 to 10
" Afternoons 4 to 6
" Evenings 8 to 10
Until October 15 admission
and skating will be FREE TO
LADIES mornings and after-
noons, i
Sunset Pavilion
__ __ , ,
With us for tale or exchange
Lindsey, Allen & Wagner
Offices Room 1, Covert Blk., Riverside,
Cal. 105 S. Broadway, Los Angeles/
The Land Office Records
Show the title to 90 per cent, of the land in Imperial County.
The Imperial County Abstract Company furnishes full abstracts
of the land office records.
All work guaranteed. Before you buy land, get an abstract.
Imperial County Abstract Company
%'.<•'• El Centro Cullf.
* ;; — I " — i — *
*i s ■ ft
"Do not put off. until tomorrow that |[
|- which should be done today." *
,* If you are not already using *
} Electricity for }
I Light and Power |
|[ notiry us to make the connection now
J- before the rush, when everybody *
»^ will want work done at the *£
same time. Estimates \
* furnished promptly. *■
I Electric Irons f
m For Sale *
N ' ■•■ / . ' *
* ■ on Ten Days' Trial. Try one and *■
* enjoy real comfort at small
expense; -
J^ C. E. PARIS, General Superintendent. *^>
El Centro, Cal. *
« !_ _ — If
|j W. F. Holt, Pres. R, G. Webster, Cashier ||
H Paid up Capital, $25,000 J|
I Your Patronage Solicited jj -.
H Jill accommodations extended to customers con* 11
m sistent with Conservative Banking Business p
On Two Year Deposits We Pay 7 Per Cent.— On
Three Year Deposits, 8 Per Cent.
■ ■ ■ , i
The Imperial Valley branch of the Southwestern
Mortgage, Loan and Trust Co., of Los Angeles, invites
deposits, large or, small. /
All the money deposited with us and an equal
amount in addition from the home office will be im-
mediately available as loans to home builders of Im-
perial county. • ; ! V- .1 '■ 1
| Help yourself by starting a savings bank account
where it will draw a good rate of interest and be abso-
lutely safe.
Help your town and county by making it possible
to build attractive homes. \ x
For full information, see or write A. P. Nuffer, El
Centro, Cal.

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