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Saturday, August 14, 1909.
County Notes
Final settlement has been made in
the, estate of James Coon.
n~ri..,.,n ~r i ..,.,- ... ,# # #
Five hundred tons of hay has beea
put up on the ranch of Wesley War
ren this season.
* # ♦
Mrs. L. E. Thompson has go ne to
hersformer home in Texas forVi visit
of several weeks. \
y-'.y*} <• /*/ * # # i\
The one dollar round trip rate 1 be
tween Holtville and El Centro west
into effect last week.
A. Palm was called to Beaumont
last week, to attend the funeral of
hits sister, Mrs, Pearson.
* # *
The new Eagle's Hall, in the
Sctaenck-Holt building, is nearly ready
for occupancy, and the Eagles are
planning on having a formal opening.
* * *
A rest pavilion has been erected in
the Holtville city park. It will be
thatched wQ.h palm leaves, tend a
drinking fountain will be installed in
the pavilion.
* * *•
An examination for carriers for the
rural free delivery route No. 2, to be
served from the Holtville postoffice,
was held last Saturday at the Holt
ville postoffice.
* ;*■■•
Emil Richter has departed from
Holtville for a visit to the Alaska-Yu
kon Exposition and to his former home
in Dundee, lowa. He will be absent
for three months.
* # *
Water Co. No. 5 has purchased a
string of mules and two wagons for
use on the ditches of this company.
The secretary has been authorized
to purchase an adding machine.
The Holtville school district will
vote upon a proposed bond issue of
$14.00 bonds on August 28. The mon
ey is to be used for purchase of
school equipment and improving the
school grounds.
* * *-
It has been discovered that through
a change made by the last session of
tl.be State Legislature in the formation
of union high school districts, the
Standard Makes
The Valley Shoe Store is re-
ceiving a large stock of New
Goods of Standard Makes in
latest designs. This Is the
only exclusive Shoe House in
Imperial Valley and no old
stock is on the shelves. The
newest arrivals include: x
Absolutely No Old Stock—
Everything Fresh and New.
Valley Shoe Store
P : . T. Cunningham, Mgr.
recent bond isßue voted for the Holt
vlllo Union High School district ia
invalidated, and new proceedings will
have to be started.
D. D. Blakeman, leaves Imperial this
week for a visit' to his former home
in Union City, Michigan. He will be
absent a month.
# # # - 7
Imperial is to have a system of
house numbering. Numbering will be
gin from B. street and run cast, and
on First street run north. One num
ber is to be allowed to every twenty
flve feet, and each block begins with
an even hundred.
# ♦ #
The Imperial Valley Transportation
Company, which hats its headquarters
at Imperial, has received three large
automobiles, each capable of carrying
nine passengers and a half ton of
freight. Each machine has three large i
seats with a screened-in place in the
rear of the vehicle for freight. They
will be placed on routes through the
valley, and it is possible that others
will be added to the equipment of the
company if the project proves profita
ble. The company has purchased of
H. H. Peterson the garage he recently
built in Imperial, and has erected an
other building beside this structure
to be used for the business of the
new transportation enterprise. It is
said that small depots or waiting sta
tions will be built at various points
along the proposed routes.
Fifteen carloads of grapes were
shipped from Brawley this season.
* # *
\V. P. Mansfield has gone to Seattle
to visit the Alaska-Yukon Exposi
j tion.
* * *
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Ruse have sold
their Brawley property and have de
parted for their former home in Mary
* # *
The firm of Hoveley & Cady, pioneer
J real estate men of Brawley, has been
dissolved, Mr. Cady retiring from the
* * *
Thirty men .ire at work on the new
Brawley school building. The build
ing will be completed in time for the
beginning of the next school year.
* * *
In a jury trial 3. K. Holcomb. a
rancher in Water District No. S, has
been cleared of the charge of illegal
ly taking water from the No. 8 ditches.
* * #
Brawley's City Hall hereafter will
be in the brick building formerly oc
cupied by the Stanley-Dc Blois Com
pany. The new hall was opened for
business last week.
* * *
J. D. Bennett has t>een re-elected
president of the Brawley school board,
and Mrs. D. L. Boyd has been elected
secretary. The board decided on a
levy sufficient to raise $7500 for sal
aries of teachers and general running
expenses of the schools during the
ensuing year.
* * *
Bernard G. Johnson, the date expert
from the experimental stations at
Mecca and Indio, in the Coachella val
ley, visited Brawley last week and
Inspected date trees growing .in this
vicinity. He expresses great faith in
the future of the Coachella and Im
perial Valleys as date-raising centers,
and believes this will develop into
an important industry.
Brawley City Trustees have direct
ed the City Attorney to prepare an
ordinance restricting the driving of
cattle through the main streets. Plans
for. perfecting the fire alarm system
were presented at the last meeting
(it thin body. Ordinances are to be
prepared making it a misdemeanor to
drive across sidewalks and also to
thtrown litter In the streets. The
City Engineer was authorized to run
lines on all streets in Brawley for
curbs and sidewalks.
Extensive additions have been made
to the Kdminßton feed yards.
* # •
George Kdward Coehler, of Tucson,
Arizona, who owns considerable prop*
erty in Calexico, has been visiting
this town the past week. He plans
to improve some of his business lots
during the ensuing winter.
# # ♦
Springer Emerson Is Improving his
residence property at Fifth and Paul
ine avenue.
# '•■#-■•
The Calexico City Trustees have
been sitting as a Board of Equaliza
tion this week.
# # ♦
A carload of hides was shipped out
from Calexico last, week by the Call
fornla-Mexico Land and Cattle Com
# * *
Moses Schlatter and family, have de
parted from Calexico for a trip through
the Northwest, including Utab, Idaho
and Washington.
# * #
Lee Little has shipped a second car
load of wheat to Ensenada. The first
carload he shipped to that point net
ted him $1.70 per sack.
-.;- * #
George McCleary has had his force
of twenty men engaged the past week
in cleaning out the Hawthorne ditch
south fo the boundary line.
# * *
The city wafer pipes have been ex
truded along Hockwood avenue from
Second to first streets, in order to
5-.ipj.ly the Government offices.
# • #
For eight weeks grain cutting has
been In progress on the ranch of
Mrs. Edwards, located across the in
ternational boundary line; The cut
ting was completed last week.
# * *
Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Haring and Eat
on Haring have gone- to Forest Home,
in the San Bernardino Mountains, to
seek restoration to health. They will
.spend several weeks at that resort
and in various mountain trips.
# # •*
A branch of the Farmers' Union
has been organized at Calexico with
Peter Barnes as president; D. A.
Boyce, vice-president; E. H. Rock
wood, secretary; W. E. Hixon, door
keeper; D. F. Hutchinson, conductor.
Calexico citizens are bragging about
its summer climate. For the month
of June ten observation stations re
ported higher temperatures than Cal
exico, while three other stations re
ported temperatures as high as at
this point.
# * *
A warehouse with a capacity of 15,
000 sacks of barley has been erected
in Mexicali by Lee Little, on a site
about two blocks south of the Inter-
California Railroad depot. A large por
tion of the grain from 1000 acres is
being placed in this new warehouse.
# * *
A. A. Ford, Mr. and Mrs. P. W.
Ford and F. A. Short nave gone with
a complete camping outfit and a boat
to Volcano t Lake to enjoy a summer
outing. They own the mineral de
posits at Volcano Lake.
Herbert M. Potter and I.ettie I. Potter
vs. Isaac W. Van Dorm.
By virtue of au execution issued out
of the Superior Court of the County of
|Imperial, State of California, wherein
Herbert M. Potter and Lettie I. Potter
plaintiffs and Isaac W. Van Dorm, de-
fendant, upon a judgment rendered the
24th day of April, A. D., 1909, for the
sum of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00)
United States gold coin, besides costs and
interest, I have this day levied upon all
the right, title, claim and Interest of said
defendant, Isaac W. Van Dorm, of, In and
to the following described real estate,
to- wit:
The east half of the northwest quarter
and the north half of the southwest
quarter of section 34, township 16 south,
range 13 east, San Bernardino Meridian,
excepting therefrom sixty-five (65) acres
of land described as follows, to-wit: Be-
ginning at the northeast corner of the
east half of the northwest quarter of
section 34, township 1C south, range 13
east, San Bernardino Meridian ; thence
south along the east line of said east half
of the northwest quarter of section 34,
township 16 south, range 13 east, San
Bernardino Meridian, to the northerly bank
or bluff of the New Klver channel; thence
northwesterly and along the top of said
bluff bank to the west line of said east
half of the northwest quarter of section
34, township 16 south, range 13 east, San
Bernardino Meridian;— thence north and
jilting said west line of said tract to the
northwest corner of said tract; thence east
80 rods to the place of beginning.
Public notice is hereby given that I
will, ou Monday, the 6th day of Septem-
ber A. I >„ 1909, at 10 o'clock a. M., of said
day, In front of the Court House door of
the County of Imperial, sell at public
auction for United States gold coin, all
the right, title,.' claim and Interest of said
defendant, Isaac W. Van Dorm. of, in and
to the above described property, or .so
much thereof as may be necessary to
raise sufficient money to satisfy said
judgment, with Interest and costs, etc.,
to the highest and best bidder.
Deputy Sheriff.
Dated August loth, 1909. 19-4t
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