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Saturday, September 11, 1909.
County Notes
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Slrippling, of No.
7, spent Sunday with .1. N. Bradley.
•* * *
Mrß. W. n. Garey is having quite
a serious time, suffering with a cat
aract growing on {the left eye, the
right being greatly affected also.
# # *
1 Prof. Roberts, of Glasgow, Scotland,
> spent Saturday and Sunday at the
'; hriine of Frank Sharp, taking the train
'Monday morning at Calexico for Phoe
nix, Arizona. -■;}
* *• *
: The I. C. C. Club met at F. Dlns
1 more's Sunday afternoon, all enjoying
a royal good time. Refreshments were
served before the close of the meeting.
t^U departed to their many homes
"with the expressed wish of gathering
. again on the next Sunday at the home
of V. B. McKlnnon.
J. E. Pierson has begun "dry farm
ing" on the mesa.
* * *
Rev." J. W. Martin of Los Angeles
is arranging to move into the valley.
* * *
The August rains were of such un
usual duration that over 200 tons of
hay were destroyed.
* * *
Mrs. P. H. Bodkin left on the auto
for Los Angeles, Monday, accompan
ied by her daughter, Florence.
* * *
Mrs. J. E. Neighbors and her three
children 'have left for Los Angeles to
; remain a year or so. Mr. Neighbors
will follow later on.
* * *
The stage automobiles are filled al
most every trip with landseekers. The
heavy rains have rendered the desert
roads almost impassable, especially
crossing the mountains. These autos
have been of great service to the pub
lic, as the trip that formerly took
-two days now can be made in five
hours. - ■; •>' •:
Robert Allison lias gone, to Los An
geles to reside.
* * #
James Shreve, U. S. customs in-
Standard Makes
The Valley Shoe Store la re-
ceiving a large stock of New
Goods of Standard Makes In
latest designs. This Is the
only exclusive Shoe House In
Imperial Valley and no old
stock Is on the shelves. The
newest arrivals include:
Absolutely No Old Stock—
Everything Freeh and New.
Valley Shoe Store
P. T. Cunningham, Mgr.
spector, has been enjoying a visit from
his wife, who came from Los Angeles.
* # *
Dr. William Kawcett Smith has re
moved to Tx>s Angeles.
* # #
Wong Fong has purchased the
"Paris" restaurant. Cosmopolitan Cal
* # *
Culexlco business men are discuss
ing the project of, holding a celebra
tion in honor of the completion of the
Inter-California Railroad.
* # *
T. W. Espy, water master for the
California Development Company has
turned to Calexico aftetr a two
months' trip to Portland and other
northern points. I
* # *
Farmy 1 Pellman and Mary Braun,
who it is alleged illegally tried to en
tef the United States from Mexico, at
Mexicali, have been taken to Los
Angeles for trial before the Federal
court on the charge of violating the
immigration laws.
* * *
Among those who have returned to
Calexico after summer vacations are
Mrs. J. G. Dow and son, Rex, Mr. and
Mrs. H. J. Rich and son, Harold, Mr.
and Mrs. E. R. Elliott, Mrs. Guilbert
and daughter, Stephen , and Frank
Lyons, Mrs. S. S. Reynolds and moth
er, Mrs. Graves, Mrs. Griswold and
daughter, G. W. McCullom and W. F.
The brick foundation of the new
high school building is being laid this
* * *
'City Engineer J. E. Rice has re
turned to Imperial after bis summer
-* * *
The Imperial Valley Business Col
lege will open its first year's work
on September 29.
* * *
McCain & Huston have brought 500
head of range cattle in from the
mountain districts to be fattetned for
* * *
J. H. Hay nes last week was fined
?5u for currying a concealed weapon.
The case was heard before Justice
Clarke Bradshaw.
* * *
J. Curtis Kimball has traded his
farm to Dr. Forester for residence
property in Pomona and has gone to
that city to reside.
* * *
H. E. Park, manager of the Im
perial Lumber and Commercial Com
pany, is back from his vacation with
predictions of a general building boom
t hroughout Imperial Valley.
* * #
Steps are being taken to organize
an abstract and title, insurance com
pany at Imperial. Branch offices may
be located in the county seat, but
the main offices will be in thiij city.
* * *
The Imperial City Trustees, through
the president Dr. E. E. Patton, sent
to E. H. Harriman an invitation lo
come to Imperial and share in its heal
ing climate. Good advertising stunt.
L. E. Smith returned from Monte
rey Saturday night.
* # *
L. E. Burnett has opened a new
restaurant in Holtville.
* # *
Mrs. George Kophe has gone to Los
Angeles for a week's vacation. .
* # -*
V. Smith has been chosen as prin
cipal of the Holtville schools.
* * *
Hort Underwood has returned from
a three months' sojourn on the coast.
* # ' *
Mrs. VV. B. Richards has returned
to Holtville after a vacation in Los
* * *
Charles Long is taking the .place
in the power house held by the w late
Terrance Goodwin.
# * *
Mrs. Samuel Earl left for San Fer
muido yesterday, where she will re
main about two weeks.
* * #
J. H. Harness and family have come
from Reynolds, Illinois, to visit M. P.
Harris, brother of Mrs. Harness.
Mr. and Mrs. Chan. Good returned
Saturday night from Los Angeles,
where they have been spendlpg a
month. /
Q. W. Uelden and DriT'j/N. Patlon
have returned from a^/overland trip
to the mountains west of Imperial
■* * *
P. L. Hedrick is erecting a substan
tial shod at his cement works to re
place the one recently blown down
by a wind storm.
* # *
County Supervisor Porter Ferguson
returned to the valley on Tuesday, af
ter a visit to the Seattle Exposition
and the National Irrigation Congress
at Spokane.
* #' #
Rev. J. G. Hall and Rev. Amos Rob
inson are supplying the Methodist pul
pit at Holtville during the absence of
the pastor, Rex. Chas. Seymour on
his wedding trip.
•::- * •*
The plate glasH front a for the
Scheuck-Holt block were placed in
position during the week. The block
gives Holtville's business jcenter a
substantial improvement, being one of
the best, business blocks in Imperial
•::• * *
The El Centro Lodge, Fraternal
Brotherhood, went ma body to Holt
ville to assist in the instituting of a
new lodge at that point George S.
Adolph, Lieut-Gen., commanding Uni
form Rank of Los Angeles, officiating.
There were fifty eight initiated and
after the ceremonies an excellent ban
quet was served, which was followed
by dancing.
J. J. Miller and J. W. Jennings with
their families have returned from an
overland trip to Julian.
* # *
Dr. J. A. Miller is building an ad
dition to his cottage which will more
than double the floor space.
* * #
Mr. and Mrs. Philo Jones, havete
turned to Brawley after thenr-weiSding
trip to various coast points.
* * #
Mrs. J. P. McClermont and daugh
ter Louise have returned from a visit
in Harbor Springs, Michigan. " .''7.
* * *
J. Juvenal, of Otay, will build a
residence on his acreage property east
of the Southern Pacific depot.
•::- -* x~
Ralph Reese, formerly baggage man
at the Brawley station, is now em
ployed at the Arcade Station, Los An
* -X- -X-
M. E. Shortley has leased the din
ing room of the Bungalow Hotel and
will operate under the name of the
Bungalow Cafe.
* * *
Samuel Marks, formerly of Braw
ley, has gone from Los Angeles to
Sacramento, where he will be em
ployed by the United Stattes Land
•tt * *
The Oakley building at the north
west corner of Sixth and MAin streets,
is receiving its finishing touches. Last
week the largest pla^e^glass windows
In Imperial Valley were placed in this
structure. The corner room, which
was to have been the headquarters
of the Brawley Town & Improvement
Company, is fitted up for a new bank.
* # *
Among those who have returned to
Brawley within the past few days, af
ter enjoying summer vacations at
points outside Imperial Valley are T.
B. Edgar and family, W. T. Dunn, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Stahl, George Good
rich, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Taylor, Mr.
and Mrs. C. H. Frederick, John Cady,
Mrs. C. B. Cameron, and F. H. Stan
ley and family.
A meeting of the farmers of the
Coachella Valley has been called for
the town hall at Thermal this after
noon, to formulate plans for organiz
ing a farmers' union and 10 discuss
the advisability of joining the Imper
ial County FarmttrH' Union or organi
zing a Riverside County Association
The meeting has been called toy aeo.
Beach and I* G. Abbott, who were In
Imperial Valley recently in confer
ence with those Interested In the co
operative movement here. Coachellu
Valley ranchers are generally a pro
gressive lot of men, and it is believed
they will readily see the importance
of organization and cooperation with
the ranchers of Imperial Valley for
the purpose of getting better results
in marketing and eliminating jas far
as possible the commission man.
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