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VOL. H, NO. 14.
. w- ÍéWA-
StitMorlptlnn 93 TVr Yrir,
Single Colet 10 Cnts
Kcw Mexico.
ny Df!: H. KKD7.IE.
Eubscriptio. Price.
Throe Months J. .ti W
filx Months 1 7
One Year 1 00
Subscription Always Fayabloln Adrante.
Southern Paoifio Bailroad.
Lorrisburg- Time Table
r. .
A. U.
Passenger :16
Trains rúa on Paolna Time.
J. L. Nnm.K, T. H.GoonwA,
buporlntcndont. (en. Pass, and Tkt. Aft.
A. N. Towne, General Maniig-ur.
Ariioim New Mexleo Kallway.
North bd! stations. l!outhbd
1:W p m Lv .. .. .'. I,orlsburg Ar 11 -M a m
:M p nil Summit '. J0:6a m
8:Wpni Ilinimin. :30am
4:V-p m' .(otliria S:04 a m
ipniAr Cllftun- Lv J:Wam
Collection made for all the State and Terri
torio. Lordsburg ... Kew Mexico
Physician and Surgeon.
i Ot4oe In Enirle Dmir Htore, corner of First
and iimlieiUK Ure strooM. where ther can be
found t ail business hour, unless profusion
alljr eivrttired.
Pliyslelan mid Surgeon of tho Southern Pa-
-irn- railroaa.
New Mexico
Office In the Arlnona Copper Company's Uull.l
ing, West Side of Uiver.
J l-niing
New Mexico
Will practice In all the courta and land of
tloes ill Uie Icrritory.
Prompt attention givou to all business en
trusted to biin. ' - .
Now W ex loo
3" E "W E L E E
' ' A Completo Stock of
All Work Warranted.
Doming - New Mexico
Lordslmrg Mexico
Corral & Fee We
(Wcitt of l a unen Ilrothertr ,
Tho hortt nUt'iitU.u yivcu to trauKieut ami
TruiiMportinir f froitfht nnd ffoudi of oy
klal tloue nuiikittc(4rij .
T'Mall and Htiur I in U-nvm th corral every
Tm rnlnv, 1 iiuixUy ttiiU tiuLunluy luoruUig ut
.M lor Gold iiill.
The Cifrcta of Komi Remllns.
The mischief of voracious novel rend
iría; la reailr much more like the mlacliief
of dram drinking than appears at Grot
sight. It tends to nake all other liternry
nourishment Intolerable, Just as dram
drinking tends to make oil true food in
tolerable, and to supersede food by drink.
The voracious novel reader of today, os
we have said, rejects Scott, because Scott's
novels contain so much good food that it
Is not mere story telling. The penuine
novel reader detests what ho calls tame
stories, stories in which tho interest is
not exap-frerated and p-led up ten time as
high as tla interests of ordinary lifo. Ho
wants always to bo foelinir a thrill of ex
citement running through his nerves, al
ways to be living u Imagination tlironj-h
the concentrated essenco of the perils of a
hundred adventurous lives, instead of
toiling calmly through the ordinary hopes
and foars of one.
No state of mind can bo moro unwhole
some, because nono is moro calculated to
divert the energies from tho sort of rjuiet
tanks to which they should bo habitually
applied, and to keep them htnstched on
the tenter hooks of expectation, waiting
for a sort of strain which is novcr lively
to occur, and If It did ,cccnr, would cer
tainly not find a man's energies n;iy tho
better prepared for it for having 'been
worn out previously with a long series of
imaginary oxcitomonts. ' The habit of
dram drinking, it is said, IcaJs o futty
degeneration of the heart, I. o.. c.-:ces:;ivo
fattening round tho heart, .imd weak
action of the heart lit consequeiieo.
So. too. tho habit of exciting novel
reading leads to fatty degenera
tion of the literary mind, I. o., to nn
unhealthy and spasmodic action of tho
iinannation, and a general wca.'iiM-.in: of
tho power of entering thoroughly into the
solid interests of real life. fco "far us we
know, tho only . efTectivo cure, for this
habit of literary dram drink i a euro
not always forthcoming is a moral shock
of some kind .which esposen, the hollow
ocas of all theso unra.1 in -rests, end
mokes thorn appear as or .liciul and melo
dramatic as they ncviuliy. nto. That,
howevOT, is a euro which I-, n:i extremely
painful one, almost cruel In i"-r.!iMÜubio:i-uing
power. London Spectator.
The Car of Domestic Ani-i-r.l.
The family cat Is regarded with far
greater respect in England than America.
Every householder in Now York, when ho
parks off for tho snmrnoi . leaves tho cat
to live in tho ttroets. The consequence
is that during tho hot weather t';o c.Us of
tho Empiro citverv cloud and sliont: thev
wail in anguish to tho vurloss moon lii
moans "must muslcall, most'colancholio."
They maki night hideous for callous
hearted muii, who ignores their aíYcction
nnd rejects their companionship. Ainruig
cranks, commend mo to tho i.nimal lovrj'r
crank. Ilo is a bit v.-oalt headed at times,
but softness of heart is quite compatible
with strongness of mind. Whether the
Caroness liurdott-Coutta was cranky or
not as a connoisseur in husbandry sho
shows admirable judgment In tho euro of
animáis. And her caro for then when
they ccaso from ago or malady to bo ecr
viccablo beasts of burden eniilio her to
Cublie horaago. At Holly Lodge, her
cautiful suburban homoat Ilighgato, sho
keeps her worn out horses, donkej.'i.
cattlo, dogs, cats and other pets in v.'cll
tended pastures and Btables until they
die. And sho visits them with tho re
gularity of a doctor, sparing nothing that
can give them comfort. Cithers here and
there do tho samo.
( havo seen )edigreo cattlo with famous
names and records living in luxury to a
grand old ago, and I havo r.l.io seen poor
folks' broken dowu horses ami pets kept
In country quarters at an u::küsci they
could but Ul ullord. "Tho moivifal m;:j
is merciful to his beast." What of Now
Yorkers and their cats? If they sneer at
tho baro Idea of imitating tho cxr.:2;lo vi
thosn who havo established a lioinj for
cats tu I-iO'.idon, let them do somet'.iinT
belter. I-Vir a very snail feo t ho Lon
doner who, locks up house to go n-hoiiday
making can have, his cat n .;-erly cait'd
for until tho family return. Tlij is com
mon humanity nad common se:usc. li tho
wealthy Now York l:;;:seowner c.u'jct
afford to keep his cat all tho year round,
be should have it killed rather thun
cruelly subject it to tho horrors of New
York itreet lifo. Now York Cur. üiobo
Democrat. People of New I5rnnfrw'.c!E.
They are a splendid peoplo hero. Then
lit certain dignity about every wu cf
them far moro striking than with any
English in England. And v. hat hi l etter,
they aro truly ULnu hearted and pul.to. I
used to know, a quarter of a icn'.u:; ego,
tomo of thoso grar.d old Hudson ty c
pany's factors; und fino fellows thcywc.ro
bravo, cultured, chivairous. geullo r.id
good, but with a roaring sort of v.ny v. ith
Ihem that suggested the entnuici-ig ;an
Itobau Indian summer with a lu:0;:i:g,
howling blizzard element beneath. Ti.o
aro liko them. Climuto has had to do
with It; truo culturo of brain and brawn,
more. They aro near enough to tho states
to be cmuluüve; far enough from Hug
lund to abhor incivility.
They and all New Brunswick folk
are less pretentious than we; moro toler
ant than others of their nationality. Iu
all that ' makes sociologic distinction,
these people are immeasurably bolter
than Englishmen, and infinitely less the
time servers and snobs than some Ameri
cans. I should say they had got further
away from the liuglaud wo pro.'es3 to
condemn than many of ' ns whoso cheeks
should flame for our cocknoy apings; that
they wero, la moderation, love) headed
uess, oieaa culture, and in tho freedom
from feverith ambitkius and vanities, far
in advance of moat of -oar communities;
that they possessed tho Lest or' Ul J
World equipoise nnd conservatism, end f
Naw World virility; and that if by any
good fortune of diplomacy or war their
country should become our country, we
would cure a lino bit of possession
and as admirable a cla is of pwplo as are
How within our farthest boiiud.ti'itts.
Edgar L. Wakeuion's Letter.
A Nou-TrajifrruJle Itullroad Ticbct.
A ' yonu;T railroad mau of Atlanta lir.s
come to tho front with an invention in
tho way of a ticket that will bring him
fame and an enviable bank account. It
Is simply this: The purchaser of an Iron
chid ticket U not to be required to write
his name or make any formal declaration
as to his intention In regard to the ticket.
Nothing of the kind. The ugent who
miUs the low rate round, trip points his i
little camera nt yi u while he gives you
your chango. It records tho imai;o of the
purcliKser iu nil Instant. Tho agent pulls
ont tho slide, rubs his chemical apougo
over tho sensitized paper and thero you
are. In tlr. upper hit fiand corner of tho
ticket ho pastes that picture, puts It in
under a stamp that emliosses tho edges,
aud unless you can find somebody that
looks enough like you to risk the chanco
of a return on your image the ticket will
carry tho original purchaser and nobody
lse. A t Js nt Ompt it.ntion.
tercie lor English Sol, Hem.
The bieyclo forco that lias been organ
ized in connection with tho English vol
unteers recently had its second field ma
neuvers, tha first having been held at
Easter Rainy and disagreeable weather
embarrassed tho troops on each of these
dates, but tho result of tho turnout has
been very satisfactory. Un the recent
trials the men coveroii about 10U miles In
forty-eight hours, fighting, scouting and
camping by the way. Thero wero soven
teen oliie-ers and seventy-seven men out,
made up of representatives of a numbor
of tho leading volunteer regiments.
The force was ilivid.d into t v.o bodies,
ono retreating and tho other following it.
Al frequent intervals tho retreating orco
mado stands at bridges nnd other eligiólo
points of defense, and tho pursuers wero
compelled to halt, dismount, send out a
skirmish lino and pcrfoim all tho other
preliminaries of mtaek, as though in
i:riivo war. It was found that two or
llin'-o m :, left behind by t.lio retreating
body cot. id m.:!;o a show of forco at n
brid j-p that would r-r:-.!Iy delay the ad
vance of a pursuing f,,rce. and then ci u'd
tn-jiint atnl jiitly rido .v.vay luider cover
of ii lie:'.e ami escapo to I lío main bocY.
This nbil.ty M fi;;l,t ir:d run a-.vay with
gre-.'.ter facility than tho ordinary "lufan
t,ry;nr.:i is o:io of ti e chief points urged
by tl.o .bid ders in favor of tho new
"arm." It u said thai ;..'o'.i'.ing and re
co:i:uitcihg panics mounted upon bicy
cles C;iuM ilo ta-.ich more ciloctivo v.'evk
without ri et of capturo than men on foot.
Iu th'.v-u maneuvers, although tho pe
trca'.L'ig l'o:vo numbered but tiiruj of jeers
aad twelve l.a a. they succeeded in delay
itf; the pvruers o that it to k them
ihreo hours to cover a tlistanco easily
mado hi le-.s than two when no obstacles
aro iiil-.;rposed. Thi-ce of tho retreating
tore" i lücil too long at a bridge, anil
v.-ero midan dowu and captured by a do
taclinicnt of t!.o enemy. Thero wero no
other lossos. T'uo ehie'f diiiiculty expori
enrr.J v. as Juo to tho number of parallel
roads occasionally cm voy -.i?; g that rati
tu;-,)i!-;h tho country traversed. Tilo re
Livati.ig party bad to keen scouts coi.
slaiitly ahead picking up tho lay of tho
land and bringing iu reports, to pro
tect tUtKasclvcs from tho danger
if being Uaur.cd on soino of the.su
ro.vla (uij cut o.T entirely ut a con
verging point. In a country v.' a cue
KOml csiii road and but lew sido roads
tho success of a bieyclo corps in obi.-rnct-iug
tha jiassago of an enemy would bo
much greater. Licyc'.es have not yet been
Introducid in the Kritish regular r.miy.
but if their success among tho volunteers
continue:;, it is expected that a similar
co-.--.il v.iil bo organised iu each regular
roruueat. Now York Snu.
I'j-o.-x.-cAsioii Iu far l:ra!:c.i.
Every year h u; shown progress in prr
foeting thj comforl:; and safety of the
r.-.;l-.vay car. In 1:'.U the liodgo hiuj
brake was introd'teed. and in lt-5." .he
itovcaj brr.líc. 11 eso enabled tho 'ars
to bo controlled in a manner which lie 'ed
much to tho ect nomy c.ud r-cfely iu hanu
l:ug the trains. In IS'J (J-coi-go"Vi'e:,:ing-b'lt'.Ko
j;r.lcat;"i his uir brake, by wl.icli
power from tho engino was transmitted
by con-.;; re-sed air carried through hose
r.ud acting upon t!io brakes of each car
in tho iraiiu It was under the control of
tho engineer, cad its action was so prompt
and iis power so ciVe-ctaal that a traía
could bo stopped in i n in Tod.ibly short
time, and tho brídeos released in an in--tu:t.
la loil tho vacuum bra!:o was do
visc;'., by means of which the power was
applied to .ho U-ukc by exnausting the
A ('ili"ci-l;j-under whii'h railways buf
fered fur many years 'was tho method of
coupling cars. Tho ordinary means con
sisted oí coupling pins inserted into links
; itacheil to tho car:'. Thero was a great
d'ja: cf "slack," tho jerking of tho train
iu en-'sciiiincH waa very objectionable,
l.n:l t ho i-'ttaiico b; tweiri tho platforms
ef tLj cari i:udo t!ie crossiig of them
liange-.-eiis. la cuIU..iou:i one plttform
was li!:e!y lo rise u'.-.vo that of the ad
joining ear, and "teleseo.i-jg" was not an
uivnnimcn oci'urrenco.
Tho meatci of war?iing faaseugcra
i-.g:ii::.t t landing c:i l! o plati'oi;s were
cliarc. tcrietio of tho dangers which
threatened, cid wero eften uig'-niocK iu
tho devices for o'-f rac'.'.n.; attention. Un a
New Jers road tin ro was painted on tho
c.-.r door a a uio of anew niad.o grave,
with a formidable tombstone, on which
vas an Inscription Riinonnchig to a ter
rified publiu that it v.as "Sacred to tho
memory of tho man who had sti.od ou a
platform." UeriLwcr's .Monthly.
t'sliiy; Second Iluntl Tin Cam.
Economy may bo tho secret of wealth,
but there aro cases wh- ro It does not pay
to economizo too closely. A method '. i in.
use, and lias been recently patent eil, of
using ugaiu old tin cans from which jeas,
lobster, sal.e.üu and other edibles Hato
been removed. Tho practice may provo a
pernicious one, aud tho cans M.ould be
relegated to t he furnace and rolling mill
before being ag::!n need for canning focd.
.M best, cans aro never preserved, after
tho food has been removed, in a very
clean condition, to say thu least, and tho
acid contained in tho .food often causes
poisonous compounds, when combined
with oxygen of thu uLiuoslihere.
li: j old cans aro. it is Mated, collected
hi tho "revamping" establishment, tho
damaged top removed, and tho cans
thoroughly cleansed. If this fatate;atut
bo truo, thero may bo no objection from n
sanimry point of vioiv, bat it is doubt iul
li cans can be cleaned short of removing
tho catiro coating of inoro or less oxidised
tm eoatiug with which they uro covered,
tins leaving nonio of tho poisonous mat
ter to contaminate tho next food placed
in tVe can.
After cleansing, tho old bottom i
punched to servo us a ne.v top, and a now
bo loin soldi-red on from thu mido,
through the punched holj. It might bo
well lor pureiiaii-rs of canced foods to ex
amino tha coi.-sl ruction uf e-.ins v.'hen
Í mi-chafing, und proaipiiy rejcl dil g.icds
ikoly to bo in cases or cans that are
'tecond bond." Uoctou lladi.it.
Ib Twenty-alT lara Old and II aa
Ktrnck It l.nrk.r Many Time. .
From tlio New York 8un.
Sax FiiANt Tsco, Feb. 8. "There goes
a mining expert," said Col. John Hull of
Tucon, as be pointed to a tall dark-eyed
girl, abont 26 years old, who was walking
rapidly down Market street.
"She is here buying n restaurant oulSt
with which she i going to start to-morrow
lor the Ilanpia Hala mines. She will be
the fii-Ht woman in the new camp, although
there are 1,500 men there.
Her nime is Nellie Cashman, and she in
known throughout all the mining towns of
Arizona. She came to Tucon about nine
years ago from Dodue City, Kansas. She
got to examining the oreas it cauie out of
the Tucson mines, and wns poon as good a
judge of its value as her brother Jim who
worked in one of them.
"Pretty soon the miners got an idea
that she was a iiood guexaer, and they be
gan to bet on her judgement, bhe hit it
close every time, and her fame spread.
Miners are always superstitious, and they
begae to think that to have her around
anil get her good opinion would bring
good luck. You can just, bet he wa9 treat
ed like a queen wherever she went.
"Miss Cashman gave some good advice
about where to dig tor oie, too. Some of
the best in the Contention wi found by
following her advice about running adrift.
Over in (Irahani county she made a hit one
iUj in copper und when he went to
Tombstone she passed her judgement
on some mines there and had more good
"Hill Wiggins sold the Excelsior and
lii.-nd View mines on her advice, and the
only il vidend they ever yielded wat the
Slo.OOO he got for them. Other mines
that were bought by her ndvice after she
had examined and reported favorably on
I hem tire now good paying properties.
"i'or yeais she has followed all the new
camps, und passed judgement on mines,
:inll lltitlflTlV Pnr:l,ri1 in k.,,r,f. Irin.l nf 1.....:.
I ... evil,'- lllllu VI uusi-
in them, ns well as staked out and de
veloped claims for herself. In Tucson,
IJbee, Tomlistoue and several olher
towns Mis fnthman has conducted gener
il stores and big lodging houses for the
miners. She is adventurous in pushing
forward to a new region as any man miner
villi a fresh stake, and she no sooner hears
of a new and promising camp than she
tnrts for it. She bnjs town lots, place
-ites, nnd led.' claims for next to nothing,
nnd unloads at a big prolit.
"At Pint she didn't get out. of (lie camps
non enough, und consequently she has
been poor about as ninny times as she has
been rich. She has big rhu k, thuogli, and
I if she goes broke in one place she soon
makes a turn and gets up iigiiiu,
"Down in Harqua Ilala her flannel-
sliirted implores will set out bacon and
beans for the miners at a dollar a plate,
and she will make her locations and begin
mining as usual.
"She reads a pood deal nnd ir. pretty
well informed on most all subjects, and
she is a quick, incisive t .Iker. When she
has a reverse hhe tukes it nonchalently,
and is just ns level-headed, self-contained
,nd serme us if she bail iiihiIh a fortuno."
l'oison Oak.
In surveying I ucei dentally handled a
poison oak vine, snd in a few hours the
usual eruption and swelling appeared. My
face was swollen and disfigured, and my
hands und arms seriously uffeetea. I took
Swift's Specific, and it promptly cured me,
and I have had no return of it though
this was five years ago. S. S. S. cured my
011 also of the same poison,
K. A. Bki.i,.
Anderson, S. C, Oct. 10, l-viS.
Swift's Specific lias cured mo of a malig
nant breaking out on mv leg, which
caused intolerable pain. It was called
Eczema by the doctors four of whom
treated me with no relfef. I candidly con
fess that I owe my present good health to
S. S. S., which in my estimation is inval
uable as a blood remedy.
Miss Jti.ia PkWitt,
2227 N. 10th St., St. Lens Mo.
Swift's Specifiti is entirely a vegetable
medicine, and is the only medicine which
has ever cured blood poison, scrofula,
blood humors and kindred diseases. send
fur our hooks Oil blood and skin diseases,
mailed free. Tut; bwiKT Si'ttitKic Co.
I.'ruwer!), Atlanta, Ga.
Our llitby.
Our baby, when two months old, was at
tnikml with Scrofula, which for a long
tito ! destroyed her eyesight entirely, and
e ui-ed in) to despair of her lile. The doc
tors fed ii to relieve her, und we gave
Swill 's .Specific, which foon cured her en
tirely, and she is now hale and heuity,
E. V. Dki.k,
Will's Point, Tel.
Scrofula developed on my daughter
swelling aiid lunip on her neck. We give
her Swift's Specific, und the result was
wonderful und Iba cure prompt.
S. A. llK.AitMA.M). Cleveland, Tenn,
. Tho Idea: Mr. Phillips returned from a
trip down in the Neutral Strip fifty miles
east of Eolsoiu. lie says the amount of
prospecting sn l lii veloiuiig of silver ami
copper mines down that way is reully ai
loniidiiiig, and thit pulsom will lie thu
supply point for tbuk section of coantry,
I G. 0.
Dealer In
Eeal Estate,
I maka a specialty of ssttllngr people
on Got. ernment Land.
t .
Room for thousadns to take homes on Government Land, with plenty of Water, Timber
and Feed for Stock.
Tho Cllmato and Soil Is equal to the best In California,
Apply or write with stamps to
jd-3n,rt Brothers,
Having; tho best faollitles In tho Southwost we are prepared to furnish customers with
In any quuntltlos'and at reasonable prices.
Market on First street, opposite
O- IR. 3 m. 3T t Iol ,
Freighter ani Dealer in Heary Hardware
Jjord-sTsvLrgr - - 2STew Mezico.
See'y and Troas.
Prest, and Uon. Ms.nug
El Paao,
OFFICK XI Paso Texas, Nos. S and 4 Rmnson Block. WOKKS-CotUm Avenue, El
Paso, Texas.
Original Little
This vn-.npony lasnes the same i numbered
tickets as tho'Louisinnu State Lottery Com
pany at New Orleans, and pays prizes on the
muuo mitnhci-s ns tho ixulsana.
' Prizes paid through Wells, Fargo it Co. or at
the homo otnee, 8au Frunclsoo.
Tic! cts for sale at the. Fugle Drug Store.
Txsr Oj Ticlrot for Xjinclr.
Eagle Drug Store
Dealer lu
Southern Paolflo dojiot, south side.
Loulslaua Company.
Whole ticket ISOToonta
Half tloketa.; 26 ocnta
Monthly drawings.
Capitol Trlie, 7.00.
Tickets for salo at tho Libikal office.
4 .
S ineltins
I i

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