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TOw Mloo.
Fly VOy. H. KEllZTE.
Subscriptioa Prices.
Ttiroa Uuotht
BIX Months
One Your
Subeorlptiori Always rayable Id Advance,
..1 0
.. 1 :6
.. 8 OU
It ia rumored that the Louisiana fílate
Lotiery will move to Juarex, altar. I'aso
Osltetk Irotu next Mouitay Preiirl.'nt
Cleveland ateps cut and FresidVut Harri
son steps ia.
It i nutbon'.ivf ly stated lui.t James fi
Blaine is to be llie uext secretary of state
Tho Sanioan affair will noon liu rettld.
I aft senate but continued the nomtna-
tion of Norman J. Coleman, who will live
ia history as the first eicretarr of incul
Dklkoatk Joai.ru hua etilo! tho mnt
ter. Last Hod Hay be introduced a til
providing for the admission of New Mex
ico a late.
A xoktbkkn republican makes this fx
predion: "What New Mexico needs is to
pet snore Uaited States into her instead cf
fatting- into the United States."
Gentlemen of the legislature, fcurrj up
that agricultural col'ege .
To DAT is the anniTa.tiry of the' natal
day of G. Washington, decased. Onehun
4 red yean ago Mr. Washiiigton was one
f the leading citiins of the eoantry and
a promiaeat candidate for president to
which o3ice he subsequently was eloctcJ.
Thb Libbkai, would like to bet that th
gentleman who will be the next postmaster
general ia a person whose name bna cot as
yet been public!y mentioned for any cab
inet position. And furthermore the Lib
eral haa the honor of bring personally
acquainted with the gentleman.
mill man and is thoroughly posted in l'.i
practical, details of the business. Ke ia
now enciigeq in sumplmg the various
properties owned by the company.
Tim Enterprise promisee to disclose tbe
whereabouta of a Urant county bonanza
thia week. There are Iota of them.
Calumet, Feb. 14 The valentine that
the Calumet & II cela mine got eurly tbia
morning was the breaking out of the un
derground f re so severe that all the minera
were called to the surface and the shafts
sealed with tituben aud dirt. The fire
ia appeaiantly as bad as at any time lat
November, aud may be worse. No livea
were lot.
The Enterpiite gathers the following
from the recorder's office: Thomas Foa
ter han an option and bond on tbe follow
ing Gold Hilt properties: The Carlisle,
owned by H. C. Mr-yers, S'2,000; the Frac
tional, owned by L. A. Snyder, Í2.500;
the Enpin'-or, owned by C. 8. Kellum,
$3. 000; the Humboldt, owned by KeeMr
tr Cunningham for $'2,000; the Reserva
I iort, June Hug and mill site, owned by
Sterling íc Cunninhem, $10,000; the
Mary Lte, owned by J. J. Kcester. 82,500;
the Jamee G. l'laine, owned by Matthew
Doyle for f3,000. Matthew Doyle
of RliHk"pore bat aold the Pontiabrook
mine to the Ilciculua Uiiuing company
!cr ,000.
Yesterdxy Superintendent Foster of the
Gold Hill company shipped a 140 ounce
r-nck, valued at $2,400, the result of ten
days run of the live stamp mill. There
are two bammera working on atoping
ground. The mill is crushing from 8 to
12 tona per day and is in shaje to do
good work nnd abow first clasa result.
We hope soon to chronicle an increase in
tbe capacity of this mill as we feet aura
that the ore bodies now allowing in the
workings of the claims owned ky thiscom
prny are certainly ample to justify the ad
dition of many more stamps. The com
pany has overcome the difficulties often en
countered in muiiug an it has d"veloped
an ntninount supply of water and ia near
On Tuesday night Ada Humes shot and
in-inotly ktllerl Jack T'rown in a suioon in
Silver City. A lover's quarrel.
For dyspepsia and liver complaint you
hsve a printed guarantee on every bottle
of Shilnh's Titali7,cr. It Btver fans to
cute. Kaglfl drug store. 23
. ,
Wright's compound syrup of sarsaprril
la is ured successfully in curing all blood
diseases, from the least blotch and pimple
to tbe largest scrofulous sore. Sold at tbe
Kugle drug store.
Wright's red crosa will cure cough
colds, hoarseness, loss of voice and all in
fj med conditions of the lungs. Bold at
Eagle dmg store.
Sbiloh's cure will immediately relieve
rroup, whooping cough and bronchitae.
IsHgli drug store. 23
Catarrh cured, health and sweet breath
secured, by fihiluh's catarrh remery, pn"i
50 cents, nasel injector free. Eaglo drug
atore. 22
The Rev. Geo. H. Thayer, of- Ponrbon,
Indiana, sava: "Hoth myself and my wife
owe our livi-s to Shilon's consumption
cure. Eagle drug store. 23
Shiloh'a cntarrh remedy, a positive cure
for cttarrh, diphtheria and canker month.
Eagie drn? store. 23
Mb. Cleveland' administration bnn
arrived at the very eve of ita demise, and
the general aentimeut ot the democracy is
one of relief and thankfulneee. New
York Sun.
For once the aeotitr.ents of the demo
crate and the repnblirans are tho samo.
C. Tonkin returned thu week
his Kuiiaas City trip.
Tie if York Press
Louisiana Loltery Co:
Incomoratert bv t.hs tecrlsliitnr i isas fn
ertiiontlounl and charitable purpoous and Ita
tiHnehiceniale a purt of the present si to
oonxtitution. In 1874 by an overwhelming pop
ular vote.
In marrmoth drawlnsm take place seml-an-
nucllv. June and jHm'inher. and Ita mind in
gle ouuioer drawlnifs In euch of tbe ottanr tn
momas in Hie year are au drawn la pubuo at
tbe Academy of iiualo, New Oroaou, Lav
for thetntPtrrltr of Its drawlna-a and rromnt
payment ot tts prt7.es.
i uo uruwtna; are nrrtined and supervlaad
The payment of the priwis Is guaranteed by
All of Now Orlt'iins.
At tho Acadomy of Music, Now Orleana, La.,
Tíie Agjjresnlv Kppuhllran Journal of tlin
Founded December 1st. 1887.
Circulation, November 1st. W, 107,105,
Clroulutioa, Novouibur ítü, lüof, Zr,840.
New H lí ico will not become a state at
this session of congress. The bouse in
atrocted ita members of the conference
committee to eave down and exclude New
Mexico and admit) North and South Da
koli, Wyoming and Washington. H
New 11 rico wants to become a state the
tuot cerlaiu way to accomplish this ob
ject is to elect a republican delegate, then
a republican congress will be able to see
thenecestity of admitting br.
Misa Wiuuie Hurt of Silver City is visit
ing iu Loidsbiirg.
Con uaiitlou Purely Cured.
To thk Editor Please inform your
readem tbi-.t 1 have a positive retuedy (or
the above nutued diHease. liy its timeiy
use thou -and of hopeless cases have been
permanently cured. I shall be glad to
send two bottles of my remedy free to any
of your renders who bava consumption if
they will eeud me their express and poítof
tic address. Re-tpectluily, T. A. Sl.o-
cuu, iM. C, 1S1 I'eurl at,. New York. 2
Aüvlcu tu Alutlmrs.
Mrs. Winslow's soothing srrno, for
children toethic.T. is the prescription ol one
of the best fenvil? nurses and physicians
ih the United States, and hns been used
for fo'ty yeara with never failing auccess
by millions of mothers for their children.
During the process of teething its value is
incalculable. It relieves the children from
pnin, cures dysentery R:id diarrhoea, grip
ing in the bowels and wind colic By giv
ing heillh to the child it resta the mother.
I'tiee 2.r)c. a bottle.
The PnFSS Is the ora-nn of no faction! pulls
no wires; has no animosities to avenir.
Tho New York Press Is now a National
Nuffsuuper. rapidly growing in Invor with ti.e
UepublKiins pt every Maw tu me i uion.
CheiiD news, vulirur sensr.thinN and trash
find no rlHo In the column" ot lito l'tess. It
it mi exp4utit'e pa)Hr, pulilixhed at tho low
est price Aimiricun cul'rtncy permits.
The Daily Press has he briiht'st e litorlal
l-UKii iu Now York. It spurkit' with i.oiiiiK.
Ttie Sundnv I'rees is a sr'ondid trttive-p:ipo
tiopHr. covering every cuneui touio ol iti-
Tho Weik! Press contains nil tho -ood
thlnirs of the Daily and Sunday editions, with
iM-ciu teutons suited to a weekly liuuitca-
ion. h'or those wlio cannot afford thti Daily
l'roBS or aro urnvnted by distunee from eurly
'vintr it. tue weekly rivss is a spienuiu
substi .uco.
TDK ritiws.
Within the roach of all. The host and cheap-
C6t Newspapur publisued lu America.
Dally and Sunday press, one y-Hr M no
O lilt, lililí. ...... . v
ono month ó-
Weekly Prca, one year 1 CK)
Bond for tho Press circular with full partio-
uiars and list of oxcoiient promiums.
Samples Free. Amenta wauted everywhere.
Lio''til cornmissions.
Tim Nr.w Yonic Pnuss Co.LivtTan,
iiii-U, North William Mi., New York.
Cards wera ismed to-day tur the mar
riage of .the Hon. S. P. Foster, representa
tive from Grant and Sierra counties, and it
successful mine owner, to Miss Kate Nich
ols, the pretty and accomplished daughter
of Mra. J. M. Nichols. The ceremony
will take place at the church of tho Holy
Faith at 7:30 on tte evening of the 23t'o
inat. M iaa Nichols is one of Santa Fe'a
most popular and cngagiag young ladies
a true little woman, aud is every respect
suited to become the life partner of so ex
cellent a young geuLlemau as the TTon. H.
P. Foter. The New Mexican congratu
late them in advance. Santa Fe New
The Liberal hastens to add its con
gratulationa to thoae cf the New Mexi
caa. 17 If thia ia a legitimate result of an electing
to the legislature the I.iueual proposes
the following ticket, subject to the action
of the republican convention:
For Representative in the 2'HU Ley la
tiré Assembly Richard P. Hart.
f.,.,if ..... f ,l,..h ucnv
V' I" '"I
SKI:V K K lit'a 1'jimrtiTs Lnpurtuiint of
A ri.OUtt, O.IKlM DiI Vl'Wl'l'"l'Tl',''-,'rs i'K All
iroitosH!, win bo rrrivea ai inia owiro ur.iil
I u clock a. in., Weiliu-siitty. Murvti 'm,
Htitl omtMi üíiniotiitttiy tbPrcurior in m
ivvi'ncii ot LiiMcTb, tor th fumn'i ftvl
(lcliT( rini; flh it mu ppaotfciiule, at ud Au
ffHfi, i Kllfoi tint, or tort Lnion or Kort w in
unto. Nvw Mexico, ol nil or any imrt of sixtv
hTH( roijnirts. for t'ftvalry Horvieo; tho (fov
friimcüil rt'wrviHK tho iitfht to lvjeot the
whole or Hiiv imrt of any bul roowlvo... Pro-
MU r lilMII ifl(aal IIHIIII'U Will U UIIKI tlllVd
Vrcfort lie h (riven toHrtiolc of do'Ofptio in
i.tiction, conuitit'i.H of price and (jitulity lwiutr
otiiHl, uml such pit'ffii'uuo kvou to hrticlt'H
ol Ainoricnn nnMluctiou Droilueotl oil tho Pit
citJci (Vast to tho oxtMDt of tho coi.tmniptioD
rMh-o Lly tho puhlio rv(co there. HfKci-
ItcHtiiint. iifiitT't iimtruiit ion to itnilorH una
hltiuk forinf of itropoMnt will bo tuniirth'.' l on
H!MliuHtiou to tilín oihco; to tho ArHixtant
O ifiríí-rTiiiUT, ftiirita Fc, New Mexico, 4r to
tuo Dinit Qimrloi'iimrttor, Bt, Lou it, Minnouri.
A. K. KIMHA t,l, tViiurtoruiUfiUfr. U. o. A
C'hlof Omirtonn.'Wtor.
Jlport from Yarlaus Csmim-tlrml ot
General Interest i J llnrs.
Too latest quotations are: Silver, 93Ja';
eepper, 16.50; lead, 3.G5.
Mesara. Gleasos, Denniron and Tlowney
shipped twenty tons of high grade ailver
re from the American mine at Hitchila
thia week. They have got fifty tona morf
ready for shipment. When the boya gd
their rotulas from thia or they will biive
more luouey than they can apecd in Ha
sh, ta.
The "rifflea" which the American Man
ufacturing, liming t Milling Cjdip.iij.v
brought here for the purpose of concen
trating ore have been boxed up for ship
mentjto Newhall, California. It ia whis
pered that the a. ui. m. and m. co., liiat
Liuo and Uuwlaxid, have captured a
Col. Low Friend, aeconpsnied by Dr.
Jourdaa and Messrs. Vance, Lloiuiejor
and olh'-rs, was io town this wenk eu
route to Clifton. Thny bad three Car loads
of material, including Blteco hoists, a
number of wagons, sorapevs, etc. The
outfit is intended for use on the Wonder
ful property at Cliftoo.
R. II. Potter ot Untie, itunlaiiH, has ar
rived in town to tike chitrtre of the piop-i-tty
of th" Hiuibiildt inmioany. ilr. Pot
ter is aa oid aud etprn.oi'ed Uitiie arid
To W. IT. Case: You aro hereby notlflod
that I buve expended fllHI in labor and Im
provements up-m tho Alabama No. 3 and
lllitck Huwk DilnlnK elaiuia, situated in Kim-
bull mining district. Grunt county. Now Mcx
icMi, us i-eeor-it d in bMk IX ma, loe. roo., pages
pcitr by ccrtillcjtes tiled on Junuary 31st.
1MK, in tlio o'hoe of the recirder of sulj
county of Cti-unt, in order U hold said protui-
lsos under tbe provisions of section St re
vied stututoa of the Tnlted ?taUíí, being the
amount required to hold tho sume for tbe
year ending December Dint, l-H, and if within
ninety days from tbe servleo of this notieo
you full or rvftisv to contribute your pmpor
llon of such exiKinditur3asaco-oiu r, which
is a one-fourth interest, or&'iO, aud the cost of
this publication, your lutei-e.-tt iu auid claim
wHI lietsitne the properly of the aubsoriber
uudt-r said seetlou 2,-i. Fua.nk Vkuctok.
men Mro
botisMl and BwtsdJ 9mit to
Capital Piize
ino.o.m tickets at r0; f-tntvs at !0: Quar
ters ni tí, Xeuths ul Ü, aud I'wuulivthsai l.
1 prl.e of f.Tnfl.000 ta
1 prii-.u of liKi.nm la
1 prise of Bo.mm is
1 pnw of i-'-.'ksi in
X prizes of Hi,ini ro
fi prizes of ii.niM are
2n oriy.os of l.ihi) are
Itsj prizes of Si 1 aro DO.tMK
m prizes of Hi 10 a r ti.!!
5n0 prizes of ZuO are IUJ.oOj
appRoxiMATion paizxs.
ICO prizes of fan are Ml.diio
liM iu are W'.o-m
lis) gnu are ro.uou
OOfl prizea of tun are
(fiitf luo are
3,134 Prir.es amounting to ....gl.OM.ovO
Tickets for Bale at the
Eagle Drag Store.
A Laa-Btook of the rüKW-i WIM JU.lUlürtHÍii4 C30I ASAi CuotOfl--oo Itsrxi.
lifa -il AWenMan Urtm e (V-m7 Oías a.
Tie L W. I
T .1
sxa raaaciisco
wading Newspaper
iv'',.;!?! t-MM
c-v VvV.i.1aiWtV'-l''-,'
Antl for the lemocraey.
Th Sum belloves that the campaign for the
election of a Democratic Congruss in 1S90 and
a Democratic President in lb'.íí should begin
on or about tho fourth of next March. Tnr
Sun will be on hand at tbo beginning and un
til the eud of tho most interesting and Impf.r
tant political conflict since the war, doing Its
honest utmost, as ever, to secure tho triumph
of the Democratic party and tho permanent
supremacy of the principles hold by Jefferson.
Jacksou and Tilden.
The groat fact of tho year la tho return to
absolute power .f tho common enemy of all
good Democrats the iiolitieal organization
for whoso overthrow Tub Sun fought at tbe
front for tifteeu years, tho memorable years
ol Grunt r.iid tho Fraud Huyes, and Garfield
and Arthur.
It is the same old enemy that Democrats
now confront, and he will be intrencl ed in
tho sume strong position, It bus been car
ried onco by bravo and hopeful fighting. Do
you Dot beiieve with The Nun thitt the thlug
can be dono HgainT Wait und Bccl
The hope of tho Democracy is in the loyal
efforts of a uniled press, cherishing no memo
ries of past differences in non-essentials, for
getting everything but tho lessoua of experi
ence, and that victory is a duty.
Probably you know Thp Sun already aa a
newspaper which gets alt tho nowa and prints
it in incomparably interesting shape; which
chronicles facts aa they occur and tolls the
truth about men and events with absolute
fearlessness, making the complotest and most
entertaining Journal published anywhere on
earth; and which scils ita opinions only to its
subscriber and purchasers at two cents
copy on Sundays four ocnt. If you do no:
know Tns Sun. send for it and learn what a
worderful thing It is to bo in tho sunshine.
DAILY, per month 80 50
DAILY, per year 6 00
SUNDAY, per year 2 00
DAILY and SUNDAY, per year. . . . 8 00
DAILY and SUNDAY, per month.. 0 70
WEEKLY SUN, one year 1 00
Lath, EMS, DoorijITMíTi, Bliiis snl Míüijs.
. . . - ALIO
Z-Ecx3r ciza.dL "Q-r'e-Iza..
Í 7 . B TITUS. Afeat.
Lanest Knrsory is ft Mi
170,000 Very.Tlaeatrnit sad Bhaae -Trees and all klnd.rof Vlaea and riowtf.Vg
Shrubs. A Ins TestIngOrahar4 in eoanotianaodno treuor shrub la so:.t out ut.tU thai
variety ly thorouehly.test.
We have a large andgrowlog trade la Now llextoo.
At State fairs we have In two years been awardod 1)3 premiuma, H Diplomas, t t ertlfl
catea and 1 ailver modal. Band for prloe Hat.
AddreasTIIE SUN. New York.
jDKJCi-iii r fit si NtiriCK.
To J, J. Kciiiuiuih: You are hereby notifi
ed that the undernlgned co-owners have ex
pended one hundred dultara illifj) in labor and
improvements upon tho "Hobokea" :ulnini
claim, located August Bth, líh7, la Gold Hill
mining district, county of Grant, territory of
New Mexico, and described by ccrt;tl ar
Hind tbe l.'itli duy of October, A. D. P7, and
lecorded iu book W, pageslH and 10 o' mln
lung records In suld county, In order to hold
suld pt-uiiiles under tho provisions of section
S:M. revised ststittes of tbe United States,
for tlioyi-iiroiiding Decciiiber 31st lNl, and If
withiu iiitu ly di.ys uftvr this notice of publi
tMtlou you full or refuse to contribute your
portliiii of swell expenditure aa a eo-owuor.
beliitrHli ulldivnlcd one-rutil lh, amounting to
i wnitv -11 i e dul lurs '-'") ami the ciuts of this
piitii.rittion, your liiti-i-tt in Kuidclium will
tu i nine tbo pioperty of tbe subscribers, ilu
dir mid section Set. II. Auhlku,
J. (). I'.titaa.
First iiiibll.-kttiiB January i'iih. 1HM.
Lat publiwiii-m April lo-lh. In.
f:rt imiier en the Coirt In sbil.ty and in the Iresh-
ni'Msnd rciisUUtyot its NEWS. Nothing thatths
truild dcs'.rcs t kiwi Is ci.lttil I rem its columns.
t s:s t i t' t ry reqnireijtrt -il a nrjt-clsss paper.
lu Tclcgraphio lUtp'jrts nre ths latsst and most r
!j.t.:. Ps L'jcsl News t!:e lulltnd spiciest, aud Ita
UiUirisIs truin the sblút pui'S iu ths cuotry.
Till! CCro5IflS hn always bso'n, and always
v ill bo, the trlvr.d ar.i ehanipioo of the people ae
a :a!nit combinatlotis, cliipms, eorpnrsltons, or op.
prcKions ol any kind. U will bo t. (dependent in
coo Uiini, neutrsl iu nothing fair ai d Impartial to
uli parties, jc.STKNiiig corruption wherever found,
and working with f':ar!css siitleaior b promote and
protect every uiterrst cf the rrt puhlio whoia it
serves, and on vbom ft depeuds tor support
PJI,T 'RROMCI K (Invlodlng Sunosy Quad'
ruple Sheet), ty audi. M TO one yesr.
TRKM ritAxrut'o Wr.KKIT rHCO1-
K ir, tie most fcrllliiiut and complete Weekly
Kotisysper In the World, prints royularly It columns,
or eigbi pges el Ksws, Literature, and General la
onutiuni also, a aisgaiaccat Agricultural Depait-luaiit.
$1.50 fcr Ono Year,
!noludÍTig poaUjs, tojmy put of Uie ITcited States.
year, nd Premium Map of the United
SU-es, Canada, Britiah Columbia aud
Nor tier n lüuxico, $2.
t-a. All orders mint bo aruompsnled by tlie solo,
adupsia all ordera to
Proprietor . P. 'brenltl.
Gene' for Premium List.
Texas & Pacific Ry
The Great Popttlnr Route Ilotween the
Short Line to Now (Meara and to All
Points in Louisiana, Now liex
ioo, Arizona and California.
Favorite Line to tlie KortL East and
Double dally line of Pullman Palace Sleep-
lug cura to St. Pouls via
See that your tickets road via Texas ft Pa
citlc ttuilway. For maps, titue tablos, ticket
ratos and all required Information call on
E. L. SAH3ENT, General Agent, El I'aso
II. C. AHCIIEK, Vravofiug Passeuger Agen
Dallas, Texas.
B. W. McCUI.LOUO II. General Passenger
and Tlckot Agent, Dallas.
JNO. A. OKA NT. General Manager.
f rrt v Sollil Cleild Wl,k TTTl
- A sidiuf sioo. uMiuuuir ii L
i' lhiilrll,lt,,illhn
Wiasli sMS.-lltiWOI
é Jt "d eew ml muI taii
, " , CtU MM sMkM Me Crwsj
-gt.- jr ncwwtsMr wiw iav'ir auiq t.j.
(well ll sf kfe.uack.sl4
1 rlaTi(Mi Tft'M asvslilM, U
), a tla valL, (vm
jK,s A Sk ata TsV ' e-en am . sahrl a flml sua bib was at
Ah may iievsj cat I 41, laxy barcomsi y jut owrs prupanf. TL
wb writ ml isvsi caví b Mar t rw'hia th VmU
mn kCMpIiéh mm pajr J1 srapsrsjss. rrrighl, 1 titrem
e.almtjw ue slsVox I H MTtwUmmU m m )mm
Her, Bese l CmssBii,
Correepoudonoe BoUoited.
Ort.iaaJ Little LouKUoa Company.
This oompany Isaues the samo i numbered
tickots aa theiLouiauiua State Lottery Ccnn
pany at New Orleaus, and paya prixea ou the
same numbers as tbe Louisana.
Prises paid through "TVells, fargo A Co. or at
the home oflloe, San Franolaco.
nuca or tiokvts.
Tfhola tickets TcsaU
Half tiekeu........ a coats
Monthly drawings.
Cwpltol Prisa, SJT.SOO.
Ttoketa for sale at the Lilian ALoHloe.
Tickets for sale at the.Kagle Drug Store,
Tx3r cu TlclTot for X-.io.clr,
m. er-son
3z Bef riea
Agents for 8 ihool Desks and BuppUos
taa as H rusa sane.
A-'.se MtrtaUlo Caslaeas sad Undertaker's inpptloi.
Kl rweo Tosa.

dtl Norte.
HtHulri fr lolivri'H of" ton horbi-rt at poluta
:z and and pintes -íi and líl as will an-
Uh hi la yT skorn tor O mom be bí nwn Ibero t U.t

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