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ta I
Snhurrlptlon 93 Pfrlrtr,
Single Cop ir 1 O Canta.
l.orUbnr jf
New M irf.
Snbscriptit.r Prices.
rtiree Mentha !1 W
Bix Months 1
Oho Yenr 3 Oíi
Suborlptlou Always Va y:i Mein Advari-o.
T. H. Cutrou Dni'jrto t' Coivrcss
W. T. Tiun-nton liivi-i ri.'i-
Ia ,011 Miller í-icieoiiy
'l'hua. Smith (liict .lilslke
Win, I). !. i
II. I!. Hamilton, ( Aasociutes
N. II Ltiiiirhliii, I
0. U. llano: )
Cliaric r'. tfe.sley Piirvoyor-Cendral
C. il. SllrUlllou I'tllte,! M.uvi I ol -:f cl-
J. II. Ilemliia'wuy U.S. Dim riel Attorney
KdwHl',1 I. Hull i:. W. Mnrslliil
W. II. J.UHUIÍH Deputy i;. S. Marshal
J.W. rlomiiijf l'.,S loal Mi.i" I ns .-lor
Junius II. IViiikiT, Sítela !'), l'-i v. Land '
I'oni'O iKiliriidn. Nauta Fe liiu. Limit (i:iieu
J. I). Urjan. La" Cruces id ir. Laid (i!l t
.1. 1'. Amurille, l,ii Crceci. ... üee. I.U-..1 i -n:.-
Klel'sld Youui-, Itoswell licit. I.a'lii '. ice
'W. ll.('t,Krove, itonvcli Íleo. LiinllMticc
. W. ilf.vlo, Fol-oln L",. I and OI, ico
ti. U. l'iciilcs Loe. ..mil Oliice
J. . vt0tor.r Soü.-íitor-Conernl
J. h'. i-il, V.-iuiil Fe lost.. Allorney
t. 1,. fouii? I.an Cilios
'.H Wlii'-iuati. AUiliiicriiiia "
A. 11. 'Cari'"?. Silver i.'uy
M. W. Mili iprlii
l.. O. Viill Las Veras "
1. w.rro I' jtaker. Hosm'cII ' '
fino Librarian
H. 8. t:ln icy l'lrrli Supreme Court
. M lt -iriiiuauu Sitpr. i'euilcntlnry
Kot,. w K'imcbcl Idjuaoit (.nu-riiL
f. -i. F ion Treasurer
IHm' ni IVruz. Aud:lor
A liMd'' CIlHVCS Sllpl. l'liliílc 1 i -t l-'.. 1 1 lill
1. K. .lul'L .. (" l Oil lllíl-IVllif
..Hxinit U. Itrctl ol' Iimv'.i, (hk'f J i:sr ic-t.
smíh:iat .lusricx-i V.'iiii ir l St-jíi. of
Colunui; Tluin;i Fuil-T. i Nurtii imh
ii Willmui M. Murray, ni Teniu -tn-cv ; lU'iiry
' luf.. i K a.is.í-.
.VntrMow Ci. K-y:i:lN, ol Miy.:un, V. S.
0. S. Drnlliltlil i
'JIiub. Kumer County Co:r.u!ti..ii:rr
A.J.Chuk )
li. V. Nowvham Vroiiato Jinlpc
E. M. Vounir 1-roliale l'li-i k
I'. N. l.llll'.LM-í Am
fiurlur hanur-jn Mu-nil
H. f. Link hcluail i-aipt'rilltciuu hi
N. A. Hulich 'I rra nri'l
A. U. Ij4íi rollmliir
loo. U. Itruwu Mii vcyo.
Iwao u;vi n Oniiiici
Soutborii l'.tcir.o Eíülrcau.
I.onlHliu Tltiiv 1 ul.l.
ltwiijnoi- l:::i
A. M;
Pnenoiior u-'
Truilltí fan mi 1'iiJilii; TitiiC'.
1. 8. NOWI.K. T. '.I. f;níi'S,
üupcriiitcii'lciit, (ion. l'-ns. ur.il Ti.t. Alít.
A.N. Tuv.'K,(i'mTr.' MyuaKi.,i'.
jlilxtinaw: .m'iv Ai..i-o l.aiUiiij.
r. '.
A. M.
CHf'on M
tnmoiiu ,
Uinl-biirpr , Id:-1'
'1 ruin ru n laily oxeen hiunlay.
nota ii y rur.Lic AXI)
Cuite ü States Cmirt Conini?f inner antiair
liced totrunsuet 1iikI Ollico Iiukíulís.
New Mexico
rliyulilun r.uil Sui'K'"'. ,
New Mexico
A T T 0 11 N K Y AT. LA W.
Offlo in tUo Arlv.oiin Cnnpor roTivmuy'n lluild-
Bllrer City, .... New Mexico.
Dl.trlot Attorney for the counties of (limit
end Sierra.
Will pruotioe In all tlic courts nn'1 luud of
Doet in the torritory.
romptiittehuon given to all bumuuM en
tru.Wd to bim.
Now Mexico
oraner Block. Silver Avenue,
Dealing, New Mexico.
Kniin tlie Denver ll-pnlil!e.in.
When tlic Uiiiod I'acillr" nnd (iulf
)M-isct.i:cr oriicials wiTciirranUin their
hist, "Ar.niiid tlie II'Mii' exriiiíi'Hi of
thu spHsun two works ;ipo the people
of L'lVehiml nkeil thai, an exlemleil
slop he iirraiiw'eil lor the trtii) 1!. their
town. 1 1 is tho eostoin in thoe rx
ciirslons to lonke silop ;it sevcrnl
towns, en route. K-"('rilly 'f thirty
niiniites e:icli. Lovehmd w:mtei nn
hour ;ind a. half this time anil prom
ised to t:ike e;ue of lile oxi'iir-i'ini-.ts
every title of tlie ninety iniiiiili's (hey
wctilil he in town.
Yesterday the last "Around the
I lorn" excursión wont, nut, n nd, ;s was
predicted because of the con I em phi led
treat at Eoveland, it was a tremen
dous one. The train was sHicdulod
t ) leave the I'n on depot al 8:i."i, Put
at thai time and for (flcc.il niiniites
later the ticket clerks at the depot
ollice v ere selliiii.' tickets so fast their
date panchos ratt led away like type
writers. It was after ! o'clock heforo
the crowd could lie ticketed, and
away went the train for the excur
sion. At 1 o'clock Loveland was reached,
f ', was ahout 1 1 o'clock, o conductor
II:! i'! y liickson declared, that the peo
ple tul the train hoi:ati scentini; roast
ing ears. All manner of extravagant
ideas were coiiteiuphiled as to what
would he in store when the train
reached Loveland. Extravagant as
they were, none of them were short of
realization. The people of that town
h id none to no end of truuhle. 'With
in a hundred yards of the depot, in
the i-hade of Ion;; rows of cot touwnod
trees, latiit s had been eonsl l uclod,
and alol:;; these, were, arrayed ttreat
heaps of eatables. Apples there were
in abundance, besides olher fruits,
there seemed to be no limit to the
sandw iches, and cleai ly.tlie profession
al carver, w ho.-e proud boast it is that
he can over an acre of ground with a
ham, had no part or parcel in prepar
ing tho.e. sandwiches. CuaVe. had
been promised before the train Mart
eel, and colTce there was, hut never a
word had been said ahout lemonade,
fresh milk, and buttermilk as is but
leimilk, yet there were tubs ami
whole dairy waj;ou loads of a'.l t,f
them. J
Thou there was the corn pit. Ev
erj In iily knows what, rnast.intt ears are,
or at least think tiiey do. Once Iherc'
was a lili le till who, as she regarded!
a luilf acre of peas ),'ro.vins, asked in I
ail sincerity when he can, ami bright
L'rocn labels would yrow on them, j
S'le was about as near the exact' con- j
ditiun of things as some of those (',."0
Ueiiver people ycsteiday cuncemmu
roast ine. ears. The popular idi :i of a
roasting ear of coin is one boiled.
Nothing of the sort. A roa.-lim: ear
is a roast iu oar, as anybody about
Loveland can le',1, and there are liieii
there who know how to roast them
ijuitc as well as a Missourian knows
how to ha i hecue a side of bee '.
The Lovebiud corn was all roasted
in a pit. A deep pit was dutf and
lined. Into this were throw n ears of
yountf corn eneaMil In the husk.
When cnoi!;h had been put in the pit,
and the impression of the liberal folk
at Loveland was that each Jieuver
loan was tiumI fur a ill, vi.n e-i r i,r iiif,r,
cm, i uaui-s. v. eie mil ooi iou v no,e,
then wurmcr ashes, until there was a
regular lire hurniii,' on to). l!y keep
iiiii this (Ire g'ii) the corn was roast
ed, and by the time the excursion
train wa to reach the place the bot
tom cars were done to a turn.
It was worth (.'olni; to Loveland to
f 'C the pit and the way the corn was
handled. It was the sif.'ht of i life
time to see an able-bodied man net in
to the pit with ;i four-tine pitch-fork
and hetrin hoisting the roasting cars.
Attendants stood near w ith bucket
to receive the corn, and these distrib
uted them to the excursionists. Each
ear had Its quota of wood ashes on It,
but by the exercise of a little care the
husks were removed and the rich
brown kernels brought to liyht.
There are several ways of eating
roasting ears, most of which, however,
are tu grab hold of cither oml of the
ear and set the incisors to work.
There are other ways, but the excur
sionists voted this was the proper one,
ltlll;iiij; NoIkc
In the ears, sometimes a r;iariiqr, buz
zing sound, are caused by catarrh,
that exceedingly disagreeable and
very common disease. Loss of smell
or bearing also result from catarrh.
Hood's Sarsaparllla, the great blood
purifier, Is a peculiarly successful rem
edy for this disease, which It cures by
purifying the blood.
Hood's Pii.i.s are the best after din
ner pilis, assist digestion, prevent con
stipation. 4
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
A Pu.- Grape C renin of Tartar Pcwdcr.
and for fifteen minutes over the allot
ted I me In town (hoy regaled them
selves on the bounteous feast ti e
Lovclaiiders had provided.
Aceorrliiu,' to Chauncy M. Popew.
who Is just back from Europe, the ex
citemcnt in the gold lields of Pourh
A.'rica equals the wildest, speculations
in (adorado or California boom days
Hot h London and Pans are era..'.
( )ne of the best, informed bankers in
Europe told him that 100 men had
pocketed in cold cash in the past yiar
v.VAJ,(Kio,(M,( by the sale of stock tu
shares of these eompanh-.-, The cash
has come from the cooüülny Li ilish
and the usually cautious I-'icncli.
Forty million dollars wore won by a
man who entered I ho cape as a juji
Kler in a circus and is no.v climbion
rapidly the social ladder. The stocks
arc constantly risi'i;; hi price, and of
coime capitalization, and at no dis
tant day the bubble will burst, scat
terin.i; ruin more widely than has been
experienced tur a ronera: ion.
New Mexican: The secretan' of ag
riculture has post poned for thirty
days the date of placini; in effect the
now rule for the inspection of canned
moats. This act ion w as taken at the
earliest solicitation of the );re;iL pack
ing monopolists who could not net
ready to comply with the new require
ments as early as at first contemplated
by the order. What belter evidence
is needed to show how sadly the heel
.ackers requite looking ifteiV Secre
tary Morion is on the rl'ht track now.
Socorro Chieftain: The New Mexi
co school of mines opened Monday
with Prof. W. II. Seamon, director, in
chuitfc, assisted by an able corps of in
structors. The school is expected to
open .v 1 tli from lificen to twonly stu
dents. Y.'Uh mining constiiutlnej so
larye a sh ue of the industries of New
Mexico, the ad vantages of this school
should he bronchi to l lie at tent ii in o I
the young men of the territory v.iio
expect to make mining and the o;ie,.
tion uf mines their business in lite.
The dilVeretice
Simmons liver re;
Pills don't lb
between pills a:;!
ulator is just this:
Wii very easy with
most people, and you feel them after
wards. While Simmons liver regula
tor in lieui-1 or powder is very pleas
ant to tuk :. and t;:e only b-eii;i.r inn:
you have afterwards is the o;rcat relief
tiiat It irivos trom constipation, i,u
iousuess, sick headache and dyspep-.iu
It is a mild laxal ive ami a tonic.
S:ar: P. II. Paul reuunod from the
coal holds in the tlii.i valley. The
outlook for the discovery of valuable
and extensive coal beds rows mure
.1. (J. Wilson, one of he receivers of
the Santa I'e system, died suddenly at
the Holland bouse i.i New Vurk last
I'. L. Ooodseli tells the White Oaks
Eagle that, he will have Hi,),U;U pounds
of good pota! oes this year.
The first snow of the season was re
ported from I'iah last, Friday even
ing lttlcWIcn'K Arnica Salve.
The best, salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sor.'s. ulcers, .a!t heum, fev
er sores, tetter, chapped hands, chil
bains, corns an ? all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect .satisfaction, or money re
funded. Price cents per box. Kor
sale at Eagle drug store.
l'rollouin-ril Hopeless, Yet Suveil.
I'roin a letter written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hurd, of (Iroton, South Dakota, we
quote: "Was taken with a bad co d,
which settled on my lungs, cough set
in and finally terminated in consump
tion. Four doctors gave me up, say
ing I cotihl live hut a short time. I
gave myself up to my Saviour, deter
mined if I Could not stay with my
friends on earth I would meet my ab
sent ones above. My husband was ad
vised to get Dr. King's New Discovery
for consumption, coughs and coltis.
I gave it a trial, took, In all, eight
hollies; it lias cured me, and, thank
(!od, I nm now a well and hearty
woman." Trial bottles freo at Eagle
drug store. Iiegular size, óo cts. and
$1.00. 4
(luoil l.uuks.
Good looks are more than skin deep
depending upon a boa it by condition of
ah the vital organs. If the liver be
Inactive, you have a bilious look, if
your stomach bo disordered, you have
a dyspeptic look and if your kidneys
be affected, you have a pinched look.
Secure good health and you w ill have
good looks. Electric Hitlers Is the
great alterative and tonic, and acts
directly on these vital organs. Cures
pimples, blotches, bolls and gives a
good complexion. Sold at Eagle drug
store, 50 cts. per bid tie. 4
Dr. Prlcc'8 Cream Baking Powácr
World's Fair Highest Award.
Highest Honors WorM'j Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Aanonia, Alum or any other adulterant
A Otlpvtlon mi Till Point AnA-rerril; AIbo
(.Vie. AU.uit tiio ImtiAu (entleiuíui.
A cor;ei-ro;mc:it roi-iding in Guthrie,
O. T. , :u-l;s li:l this question:
(Irantii-.u ttot tlin UnlU',1 Ututos lmvo "freo
and unlimited rr,;i!n;:o of a.lvnr" how will
that t;et imiro -ni.ney In circulation? In other
wonts, Mir-pcm- IndiiiKentl;iiAi.(vJ,(nOi.f silver
tulli, n hi re tu bo coined, won't this bullion
lie coined into American i'.,. liara fr;'0 nnd then
"hnm'.ivl over" to Iho Iai'.l.iu jontleiaanr How
will that líelo t!-e American farmer? V.'on'l
this Indian p ntkmnn bey njld with hl9
American do'.lara nnd then tako tho guld out
of the countryf
Idle money, like idlo men, earns
nothing. Under fi-co ooinago tho owner
of bullion, cither nilver or gold, would,
when ho found it to his advantage, tako
it to tho mint, l avo it coined and ro
ceivc lack cither his bullion coined or
its equivalent in eom.t. What Would bo
then do with it? Hido it in a vault? It
would pnreha.'O for lriia nothing there.
No. lie would invr.-t it iu soino enter
prise nnd venid do ho in tho firm confi
dence that in tho cXorciso of ordinary
busiiie'.'.s precaution ho would realize n
profit on his investment. Why this con
fidence? Jjccauro freo coinago would
constantly ndd to tho voluuio of pri
mary money, thu.i meeting the increased
demand which comes from year to year
upon tho nation's stock of money by
mason of tho increado in business conse
quent upon increase in population, and
thus holding steady (ho valco of the
dollar instead of permitting it to in
crease from month to month U3 it does
now. This constant increado in the
vahío (f the dollar produces a constant
decline in tho vnluo of nil other kinds
of property. To illustrate: Bnppose to
day a man v.'cro to measuvo tho wheat
in liia storohouso nnd lhul that ho had,
according to tho iucasi-.ro used, 10,000
bushels. Let iiim then lock tho store
house and not permit any wheat to bo
removed theref.-eni for a year. At the
end of tho year lot r.3 Knpposo that he
ng.iin measures tho wheat in tho Ftoro
honso, and that this timo ho fiuds only
0,000 bushels. Let us further supposo
that he, in Ins endeavors to ascer
tain why ho has less wheat now than
ho had wdien ho measured it before,
compares tho bushel mensuro usod at
tho List measurement with the bushel
mensuro which ho used at tho first meas
urement, and that ho finds tho last
bushel ir.ea.-nro is cue-tenth larger than
at tliYt, ho will have discovered a con
dition of things similar to that which
nowadays xista at tho otid of each year
wdien tho Luj.iiKvs man comes to meas
ure Ills property and ascertains what
profit ho ln.s mado during tho year just
Tho business man finds that, meas
ured iu dollars, ho has accomplished
little if anything, and this is ro not he
causo ho has not added to tho sum with
which ho starts, but because tho dollar
the thing w ith which ho measures that
sum ut tho end of tho year has increased
in its measuring power. His debts have
remained tho Kama. Such a condition of
things deters men from entering new
enterprises deters them from putting
money into property, sometimes called
business. Tho reverse would bo truo
uuder freo coinr.go of both gold and sil
ver, lien would then inako a profit be
canso tho stondily increasing supply
would prevent tho dollar from increas
ing in its inoa.vaiing power in its
value and this would eneonrago new
ventures in tho development of tho na
tion's resources, and those ventures
would put money into circulation.
Tho Indian gentleman spoken of in
the question would have his bullion
coined into American dollars and havo
it bunded back to him freo of charge.
Put after receiving it back it would bo
of no moro valuó to him than before it
was coined, except for tho purposes of
investment in tho United (states. Ho
would consequently invest it either in
the produce of (ho factory or tho farm,
or in soiiio other kind of American
property. This would crould a demand
for American products, and who does
not dosiro such a demand? Freo coinage
would bring us tho entire trudo of tho
silver using countries in the world a
trudo that, without the aid of any gold
standard nation, would start ovory mill
ill tho couulry and mako every farm
bloom with prosperity.
Ves, tho Indian gentleman might buy
gold with tho American dollar, but Tho
World-Herald's interrogator may roRt
assured that tho owner of the gold would
not part with, a dollar of it unless be
obtained what bo thought it was worth
iu American silvor dollars. Ho worlld
thou part with it, and bo will do tho
very saino thing today uuder tho gold
standard. Freo coinage has nothing to
du with tiio matter at nlL Omaha
The Roberts & Leahy
"77 cícleselo Uoalcrí
anci Rotate o3
KI. 1'ASO,
Capital, !1C0,000
J. S. RAVNOLPS, Prcnidcr.t. M. W. Vl.nrPXOV, Vice Frrflitriit.
V. 8. STEW A UT. Cio-hier. J. F. WILLIAMS, Aist. Cunfoor,
Chntnical National Hatik;..",
First National Rank
Anglo-Califbrnian Rank, Linntoi'
Treasurers of the Local Boards
of the
W. II. SMALL, Lordi.buiif,
J. (J. HOPKINS, Clifton,
CLO. nor SB, Morcnci.
Fidelity pays 20 per rent, dividends; 0, 7 and 8 per cent, on withdrawal;
Secured by state laws: Protected against runs.
Rapid Traiisit and Express Line-
Kn ight mid I'xnro.n Matter Hauled wilb Care and Delivered with Dispatch.
PasKoiigu- Scrviee Unesicllcd .
New Concord ("oaclios Firnt class utock. Experienced and Careful Driven
N. IL Coiniiu i üiul traveler with heavy sample cases are invited to correspond
lor terms, etc.
HENRY HILL, Proprietor,
Olifton, Arizona
Jons IIitocKSfAN, President, T. F.
NO. 3H30.
Silver City National Bank
Advances made on (fold and silver
In Ilay, Oraiii
Siarprus, fc2E,COÓ
New Toil-
San Fruneisrú
Conavay, v. p., J. W. Cartkh Cashier
bullion J Dejiosits solicited. Exchange
-rv - ? 8

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