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Western liberal. (Lordsburg, N.M.) 1887-1919, September 27, 1895, Image 4

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Angostillo Lafont vas t!io cmifiik'iitir.l
hgoiit of a l;ir;i) Imiiluiitj huusuin TuriH.
Early lu tho spring of 8:J3 ho sot out
from Paris with hills, notes, (In.fts, etc.,
to tho amount of 1,000,000 francs, for
a bonBO in C'hav.tuoiit. JIik.1i ocrry
had bcttn ohsurvtd in tliu prcpiirations
of his jonrm y, ns tliu kingdom va nt
that timo iiifistiid hy a n;cn t organiza
tion of tl;ii ves. Lafont bad tho notos
coiicealcd in various tüirU of liis dress,
and talcing tho Ik avy (liiioncs n.'i tho
best modo of eonvoyauct) lio set cut on
his mi. sion.
NotMinr? worthy of noto orenrrert to
nnrest Lafont's nttenlion nntil l;o lied
paxsod nearly tlironh tho department
of tho Seine-et-Jlarno, when jmt nt
niphtfall two well dressed p nilemen
hailed tho dilimnco ami claimed pas
Bapo to C'har.nioiit It was already too
dark f. ir tho nent to distinninh tho
features of tho newcomers, bat yet from
what little ho could eolio ntonco mado
up his mind that their countenances
woro not nufamiliar to him, and having
como to this conclusion lm determined
to watch their movements, for a vauo
suspicion that they had by Fomo means
becomu possessed of his secret business
took possession of his mind.
Tho ilili't nco crossed tho Seinn at Xo
geut and there remained for tho niht.
As soon as Lafont had opportunity to
examino tliu oountennnees of tho stran
(jers nt tho sujipor talilo lio becanio Kat
islicd that his first impressions wero
correct, for 0110 of tho travelers ut least
ho had seen in Paris on tho day before
his depart uro, and ho could not but no
tice tlu.t they both eyed him with mark
ed interest
After supper tho ardent lighted his ci
gar and walked out on to tho hrido,
where ho remained nearly half an hour,
nt tho end of which timo ho started back
toward tlio inn, and just ns ho arrived
at tho door ho noticed his two compan
ions cr.terin,' tho i;t;Ho door.
Prompted by a fueling of curiosity, ho
followed them, nnd ns ho camo round
by tho Btahlo door he could jusc neo tho
two men crouching away in an empty
With a stealthy, catliko tread ho ap
proached, and l:o was fortunato cuou;,-h
to inuko out tho gist of their conversa
tion. When Lnfnnt left the stable, ho knew
that tho two men had 1 ft. Paris for tho
purpose of robbing him, uud that they
intended to put their plan in execution
as Boon 13 tho diligence should havo en
tered tho department of tho Upper
Ho returned to tho inn, nnd nfter con
siderable, reflection ho determined to
procure a horso nnd secretly continue his
journey. Having como to this conclu
sion, ho went to tho driver of tho dili
gence, and under tho plea o( having to
remain in Nogent on special business
for a day or two ho settled his faro
thus far. Then ho went to tho st.iblo
and ordered a horso to bo in readiness
for him by 3 o'clock in tho morning, ut
tho sumo timo enjoining upon tho f,Mrcon
tho htrictest secrecy with regard to his
As soon as these. airang?ments wero
mado Lafont retired to his room. Ho of
courso knew that his secret hail leaked
out, anil even in his proposed courso
was not entirely freo from danger. A
million francs was a largo sum, and if
the two Parisian robbers had set their
hearts tipou its possession ho had Jut
soiuo work to perform ero lio would bo
entirely free from them. Last of all, a
now idea struck him, and oMa ni.'ig a
number of pajx rs ho neatly folded them
in an envelope, which ho strongly sealed
uud bound with a bluo ribbon.
At 3 o'clock in tliu morning, whilo it
was yet very dark and before any ono
tlso was stirring, Lafont (juiitly descend
ed from his room uud Went tothcstuhki.
Tho garcon wus easily aroused, and in u
few moments the agent was on hid wuy
to Chunmont.
For two hours he rodo on his way, but
instead of pursuing tiio highroi.d from
Tr, ivcs ho ugain crossed tho Keino and
kept ulong by tho banks of too AuImi.
Daylight Was just b"giuniu;( to Htrcuk
tho heavens when Lafont thought he
heard the sound of horses behind him,
ami it v.s not long i re ho knew that l.a
was being pursued, and in ten mirun a
ho was assured that tho tworohboia v. t ro
after him.
In a moment tho a;;ent leu-etl from
the saddle, and seizing a heavy ston.i
be inflicti."! u severo bruiso upon ouu of
his torso's fr.rc legs. The animal reared
and plumcd, but Lafont mana 'cl to
' hold bin- again mounted and rodo on,
' iut thy horso limped and slavered Ix--
!!:. h tho c'Tcct'i of tho blow ho had re
ceived, and in a i.l;c:t timo tho robbers
can. o up.
"Ah, pod mo-nh'(--, R' nt.lemcn, "
Fa'.d the te: nt as he reined in his hnnc
steul, a' tlio rumo timo raising hU but
v. iüi nlVabl'i po'lli ncss. "mi, it soonis,
yon, too, mo tired of tho lumbering dil-ig-
"Yea," npiiel tlio foremost of the
two moil; "tho diligence did not exactly
suit our c: in ven i( nee, f o we t .ink Jrirscs. "
"And von aro bound to (Jhauuiciit;"
w!:"d Lafont.
"Ycm, on important bn-incs. "
"That il fiTfun.i;:'," said Lafont,
with tlio ntmo'-t en-'iiestness, "lor yon
may, if yon sen fit, dome a urcut f ivor.
I, to , havi- ii'iji:)! t;;:it b'.isiu; ss at ( '!iau
mont, but I ir;.r tiut Without :.s isiaiiee
I shrill not bu iihln tj accomplish it. I
have, grntlfiii-'ii, in my p:isessiini, a
T:st amount, of v.iliciblo p.ipws and In
tend' d to havo couii-jn-'d on my way in
tho diiii.-enc but at Í logout 1 received
tho intelligence that a plan was on foot
to rob tee.
"D.j not start, fjentlenien, for what I
tell you is true. And lor that reason I
Fot nil thus alone, br.t my hois-j has met
with n sad mishap, and I fear tho rob
br.', who, I think, are yet at i.Vgeiit,
may nvertakn mo. Now, if yen :ir'- go
ing dir'i 1;- t C'har.mout, )erlriiS you
would l-o w illing to take my package in
your chaig'- nnd deli.vr it ti il. An
gient at his olilco. Any ono t lir-io will
tell you where ho is. Thou, if I am over
hauled, tho robbers will find nothing,
and of course ymi will not l-o suspect
ed. K yon will thus nceommodafo me,
you shall bo suitably rewarded. What
say you. gentlemen?"
Tho two men exchanged significant
glances during these remarks, and nfter
u moment's hesitation one of them said:
"You seem to bo ready in tru-itiug
stranger!!, sir."
"Oh, not at nil, ir," retorNd Lafont,
with n frank smile, "I would much
rather trr.-t honest tr.iveh is than run
the risk of meeting with robbers. Yon
sco just how I ur.i situated, gentlemen,
nnd if you will do lno tho favor I nsk
yon shall not regret it. I shall stop at
Arcio r.nd chi.ngo my hor.io and then
follow you. "
"Weil," said oua of tho men, "wo
will do your wish and meet you tt M.
Augient's office. "
"Then I than!: yon most heartily,"
said Lafont, and as ho spoko ho took a
closely sealed packet from his bosom
nnd handed it over. "In this," ho said,
"there aro valuablo papers, and I trust
you will uso all discretion in your caro.
Now tho robbers may overhaul mo as
soon a:; they like. "
After some further directions, given
in nu honest, confiding manner, Lafont
bado his new messengers godspeed,
and ero lung tin y woroout of sight. Tho
ngei-t tinned his horse's head back to
ward Nogent, whero l.o arrived in safe
ty, and on tho next morning ho pro
cured a guard nnd onco moro took tho
diligence Tho robbers stopped nt tho
first convenient placo to examino their
prize, but their chagviii can bo better
imagined than described when they
found that they held only a securely
bound parcel of waste paper. They knew
that they were suspected, uud of course
they dared not push tlio matter further.
Iuiii:m' HulTprlns.
When Alexandre Dumas, tho youn
ger, was just out of college, his lather
took him on a hunting trip. Tin y put
up ut a iarmlior.se and occupied two lit
tlo bedroom:) which openad inta each
other. In the middle of tho night tho
sou was awakened nnd saw his fathev
walking back and forth.
"V'hat aro you doing?" asked the
"You seo. I nm walking. "
"You nro sick?"
"Yes, I nm in great pain, but I an
ured to it. I have it every night."
"Is thero nothing to cure it'i"
"It is incurable."
"Put can't it bo relieved?"
"No. When it takes me, I get up nnd
walk. If it is very bad, I go to reading. "
"And when it is insupportable?"
"I go to work."
It was true, and in later years hi ; son
often saw him in tlio night sitting at
his desk writing with ono hand and hold
ing upon his stomach w ith tho other.
"How can you work always?" some
ono u,-kod him on such an occasion.
"I havo nothing else to do," answer
ed Dumas. Y'outh's Companion.
A 1'hiiiuuii ActrcH.
JIrs. John Drew says: "On Kept.
182?, at tho Walnut Street theater,
Philadelphia, iih tiio little Duko of
Y'ork, in hlmkespeare's play of 'Iticharil
III,' and with Junius Brutus l'ooth, the
great 'elder Pooth, ' father of tho lato
Edwin Pooth, ns the crook back tyrant,
I began my stage career, uud as 1 have
been continuously before the footlights
ever since I havo had a longer stage ca
reer than any of my contemporaries.
Though so ninny years have passed, I
remember my lirst pcrformanco as well
us though it were last night. Tho per
formance of the elder Pooth ns Richard
mado n most powerful impression upon
me. His dramatic forro and magnetism
wire liko n giant whirlwind, sweeping
all before it. I have never seen any ono
tlso in that pat who seemed to com
pletely realizo it. It seemed as though
it had been written fur him. "
Orli-ln of l ootlmll.
According to Ktevvart C'tilin, tho cura
tor of tho Alusuoin of ArclKeoloyy of tho
University of 1'eiinsylvanin, football
ciriKina'.ed with thoso beginners if i v
orything, tho Chinese. Mr. Culiu luiii a
curious and ancient drawing showinji
a pcrsunajjo in the dress of aprimo min
ister playing football with a kuo, or
roble, and two of their chamberlains.
Tho t i mu is (.omcwhero in tho tenth or
eleventh century, but lon beforo Mien
tho Kami) was cultivated mt an exercise
suitable foi- tho training of soldieis.
About tho eighth century it was intro
ihivd into Japun, vvhiiti it becanio very
popular. From thoso two countries it
epicad over tho cnliro world.
Aro yon baking Simmons Livfu Reo
i'lator, tho "Kino op Liver Medi
ciNr.s?" That is what our readers
want, nnd nothing but that. It is tho
same old friend to which tho old folks
pinned their faith and were never dis
appointed. Put another pood recom
mendation for it is, that it is better
than Pill.3, nevor gripes, never weak,
cup, but works in such an easy and
natural wuy, just liko nature itnolf, that
relief comes quick and sure, and ono
feels new ail over. It never fails.
Kverybody need) t-.ke a liver remedy,
nnd everyone should tako only Sim-u-.ona
Liver Regulator.
íío sure you pet it. The Red V.
if ca tho wrapper. J. II. Zeiliu t
Co., Philadelphia.
b f :. fi i. 1 1'1 -i t:-.s V'
'I'm K iii'Mi'! rnv
i;.ít,.'ts i ii tht ; " :i t v 1 r ii-i
I ;ri rliuuNrci.j: l.fw u.hjim:
' i' i t. H I fit : :J ui iM.itV. !,'...;:
I ib t i ifl.l.'s Vi'l-::i "! tl
itir t-u -kl nm-. r '!i:i'iu. tt
liiM.ii n i l Hp -iv-v., mi l itt K.h;.'!
niilf-1 tm'íi's in titr c.niui ry.
1 1 1 'i I K. t i j lots ihvrtt r w
III .., no tin...1 u'i'l ii.niiploii or
nü'M tl cnttüii '.ituti.H -i;.rt -4. i m
0iTi"ts.1)1,f .iv km 1
Ill i-vertiit.. iin.lr'i i tioüi.t.g.
i I r,:' .
ns ttr-i
fl íl-vrc.'-í
!'. o, -
' . "
i i-
("'""I "; n
I '
' I v
i Q'-Jl ' l ''
ilfiíl 'filo
( I V
1 lit Chronlrl i lluíl Ifn
i;- M,l t, r.-':i-.ri- 1.1 .
Oflly$8.70i Vea?.
i i r.i
Id í'
a 'ir.i
(In h. I'-i :
.nil M .
: i ' . y.
Tin-; u t. . r .; .
! fcnd iiiuhI coi. i l : --
wurl.l. pi nii i- ;.ii .(".
l;t ;t. o" . i.u 'i 'i .ir.
Hot i, nli'in bi.i. -ii .'iit v
t t
i i i ::
no v i; w :t
ch i'?onicl:::
Reversible Mm?
i- H o U'lNO
The Unil-I f're- p
Canail x 1'il Mcr:!n-:
:i i-f
f e: mm i :
A il. I til, i
Map of tho World
oivr lilt': ill I !:i;. nti-t:,
Bond ::-.; an I or tin- 51 u .t ul
AVeekly lniii.il, fir O . Yei.r,
poalnK- I e O 'l l on M ip ami 1'. p
M. 1Í. li VOlTNti,
l'f.eri.-l 14. K l'hr.iii.-l .
Kl.V UlANl I.JU I. I'll.
Ii-lahieiinl In ('..l.im.lo, l-.T,. Kanii.'e liy mall or
?pii..j w,ll it'c-ivi) prtiiiii'l un'1 i.i-t-lul iit iitieii.
Gold & Silver Bullion M:;
Ai1;s, 172C h :?"3 l-?r:3f6 ZU, ?'3-ar C:li.
rilri'vrnfi.O Tínniíín TItt
Tlie Orou; ropuliir ltoir.o llctwccn tlio
:-lwirt t.lne to Nt'.W OltrXAXP, KANSAS
crrv. ( n:r.;. s r. t.'pt :. m:w yokk
nii-l WAStli.VtrroV. Vnvorite lino to
til'' ll'irlh. If t HIV SMI i t!i, I'l'I.Ii-
!AN HI ill.;" fl.Klll'lXU
t'A II.1 lO - S : i-il tlitilia
fimn Píi:-! to
Plll'.li". ViTt Werlll. Ki. ( h !i ui:s, JIiMliplili
nnú l:t. l.i.u;-'.
nú Tims ;ia SurcConncctíon.
S'-r tli;it your t'ivct1 yrm via Tovns A Ta
oiile Uuii'-VKy. K t Ti.iiji.i, linn t.tb!cr tfKf-t
r:ilr-4 uiiú ull ttMi'iirt'tl infin-ni;iiiuii call (ill or
fiiMn-s-a any oí tlic ttckf 1 iifront.i.
n v. i).:uiv?H;it, Cfiiuiiti Aavnt, e:
C ASTON MKST.IK!?, Clmici! risvinp;or
h:k1 Tickot A;r.i, iMilu.
Eest meals in the city
los an;i;li:s cook.
Good meals 25 and V'i cents.
Short orders Hl'.ed.
Kvcrylhing br innew.
I'lojiiietor from Kl l'aso.
Open from ó a. in. till iniilnight.
llwrytbin;: clenn nnd nciu.
Try Us Once.
I LEE, Prop.
Tin: I.iüMv.i. '.r.leuds to umlte a pe
ci.iii.v oil i;. stock interests of t'ai.. portiotr
i f N'V.' Mexico and the sui iouielina ecn'n
tiv. It will be in thr lu.nils of and read by
i, ., si of the 'tcckmen and cowboys in this
fortien of Ihe feiriiorv.
As stork is liable io stiu) it is (lesiiablo
bir owners to have their iiriiima wmi-n
tr.e-xY), if tV.r.l t-tr:' s-toe'.c cp.n bo recrg
mzed and owners l-' iit'.'i'i.
In order to have brands widely known
they tiuH b- well ailver!isd.
Tub l.f.ir.n.M. will tolv-'itiKP Mto:.k
bi-amls at the following rate.;:
Or.e brand on cut, one yen- S12
Ilr.-!i ail lilioi-al buind o.i cut. samo
owner 8
I Kacli nddiliopiil brimil in print (straight
I i.... i r . n
n'l lers linn ui,'ii '
llaili nildilif.i-id brrrnl, (liaraeter, bur
or connected lett.-r rfqiiiriii .in cn
gi lived block 0
) Each brand u-ivina location of brand
on annual, or ear marks or both .... 5
Ail descriptive matter in addition to
name of company, iJJiess. range nnd
brands nhai gi'd extra.
iy i!hli:;í:ii'í ii mcsí vuluit tU series of '1 hi i::
'ioriiiticiUf. Tti'":0 aiii vi't'iMircd wllh t vi vv
tn stiiiit í lio füiü-j u n 1 ur tímente for rrou-.;-wliLtlicr
in fio irm-:t'r;. A Íuiiií,
UilHU t'rti, ih or l-rot'-tíj-innal int :i.
i.'.K-h c-fiif t t 'k ( ri'.- ii-if::l? to those i 1
l'irí tl ir. ..'p-M Ho iri'luwi i it s, and ir(!w-ntK in
j.'.'julnljie í.ictr- fjiMitst itHiS ot wiurc. cusi.
't' l iii r, ami vilmr urguuicut sbuwiutf tb'j
LMjitL'tit.-t tt I'rotc'fti.in.
Any 8iiii:it) mu. w be pnt on rwipfc of t
C.vAiii,inivi-fX, " Waucrt, Living uud
'lwntf," whii'ii vill hv Aont fur 4 c nts.
Tluwhnlü liht will bMa;nt for ;íi t'vntB nr
niiv twi-lvp for ííi cenis, rr any 11 vh lorio
ot iiH, pusiuiru i i'.Hl. Onlorby uiunLcr.
Kf. TV.nics.
1 W,ni Living aud TarlíT., E. A. ITA.i'fs-
n , m Unix 104
"Hi.- AJviiutu, r m rr., tactivo Tíut:T to
thO I.U'i' l- titMÍ ll-ütl it.-1 H Of tho I'falN'ii
fc-üileii.' Ki'M I'lUu t'-fy, AiH7. CliA.
i. KtJ 1). II'.VMNO. 12
5 ' lit te i ' r . 1 : i. : j n lu'l; '.niLahlf to it .mijh
i. iy, nt I w I'liv, of tn Muimf u ',í ,
I .-ini.i''itii. i-.,ulivl f.irtliv' l'oi!-oi'
ti, It.iU'il Ht-.lfS, ui.-i Ai iiiutic MoinA
1 JO Itti . H'U Ot i't: iV t H)iIIHhUt-t ImtMtd
s.tMi iti.out it I riiitH-' ivc iui Ut.' Mr..t
) ! .'.i.v, l.-.is, v. I?, 'tmn J3
4 " V. ij.u,.v ;;.v .Mr.c rt.u t W'oaUl I'VpcI'jw
.! t :. '..'-out tlie I.j'.,.ii
M..1 It.-uitiit. .i ( t.io i i.tuil M.u"v.'-
Vi'-t I ilr t'at. tV, JK-.t. Ii. UHU H ?t5
IS Fa.)H -t -i Krw J';:üí-." K. f. Mn.:;it... Ü4
0 rti-nu Uur.i' uu lilt) 'inrlT iy an CM Lul-
ID i-iJ), I'I141.K S3
7u'ihf rut ftivo 'I'.iriir ; Iim A'lvumjfjt tur
'dm '.i ti." C. L. 1'iiWAltn.i
6- HT..- t )nl InU'p t." .Tu.lu V. m. I.awk'.vi; y4
U " J ruiit i uju i . t-n-e-iríi-lc." A ttltiluru'ul
lviw. I. tJ. HAi:r.i-tA.x 29
10 ,Ti' .irnT aud tJi I will Col. T.iomah
U. i" ;m.í: W
11 i rct'i l ii íH a I'ublic Toili'y." Gküitoüíí.
lli'I'.lCLL 18
l?-MIlM'y tü (lif l r sl l.-ni' Krec-Truüo c-
nv H. 1'. I'tiMiu.,.. 8
13 Win klri7i.ii a mi. I fit' 1 urttT . tf
1 " J lif V H -ii tti 'll.in : i'hM Aniorlcuu lii.lua
t:it't i)c A tfinl.i1( (i utul AiiitriLuu 3iur
k"tll Miff ill. I'T.-l 8
IV ii.in in i.fiRiua, wllh Al(!ltlm 0
l.f-ltKKi- I'. iTiK'fK. 6
37 Va .o-, in n for a nu-rlcun I'1i:k . M g
1H-"Y!m-i i .i' N-t ' T.ix." Ift.Mf.ull. 1'iniLi.L.. 8
!!-- V. iiy Ii i-liiiH-u sh-.uU l'i-oiívUouuu." 8
1'r,, (J K. ii. AwnmowN 4
ül -'V.hit l.ia lAriri ?"AuwrrtuaWorlilutf-
ii. ai 'iifni.n 4
C2 "Tin Ani'-.n au Wool lutliuti-y." E.H. Am
'I1i.)WK 8
rV-"ii;.ai,.tf.nl. f I.lviiiK" J. D. WCLKtt. 4
-t "'i'iitinrn fuiinliiff lii'liiüi rl(." 4
- A Mu irl Ihik t Vv oikiiiKtiit-u." 8
"l'liiLtvilim ami ihi rainier." twimtor 3. M.
Ct'lXlfH 18
The Amkuii'AK K'''N'ti(isT, wM'kly. rtTft.l to tun
dliwuiNion r all , Jin. . f the 1 ;t . iff u.-Ktion. t'J
av.'Kr. un I'll--i. fr. A'ldr Arii.-r k-utt Pro
l.uiil i.vjKuv, W-.'uil fat., .V-w uttL.
Ti B W? a 1
Copper claims in groups of three to eight
Gold and silver properties of known merit.
OKOL'l' Xo. 1. Tlirf. fall claiinn cnnliiiima. on tho une ledge, of hivh grado
copper ore Cumin Hver; idth of lode iibeut s.en feet. i 11, ,i ncli pay Mreab ol
Kl,0M! w'-nt.vt oinelies; property (l.oi-0.jthj i io?pScli i süuali d in lind.ruu countj
CROIT Ko. 2. Kighl chilni contiiiiieni. to or.di other; cnrrr orr; cl.ir.c. red oi
ides itiui (aib(.niilf.s; will average J2 to V eer cent; GO tens of h i h pnule ore on the
fnrni; ituated in the Cofpcr meuu'.un mi-.iiig district, Ciaihum ecuuty. .Terra
GK0L r Ko. 3. ?even (?ebl nnn silvrr henrir-tr rpinrtü tnirep; Ihornnplily propectd
srid ODHneil up; plvnty oT wood nnd djurent. tn the Sun Frsncisco ri"er, vbich rnni
the yar round BfTordinr on pie wntcr pnvvpr to rn any number of lruip. renecntr
lor. !iidtort.'ti ; nnder intelb'if'nt nrd prnrficnl ntitiH L' mpervimon tl iu pronp of
in will yl"l.l eorraonslv; siinjled in the Greenlee rr.ld nTiintuiii mininr; disihrct
Graham county.
ÜK0ÜP No. 4 . Four C0)p"r clainin; carbonate ore; fice mncltijig; situated in the
"í reculen fuld mounUin minium district.
For further inTormation, tenns, etc., call on or address
Kedsie & CLAGSEIT,
Lordsburg, Hew erico.
mm m sii mm
Paper Hanging and Tcccrttir s a cpccinlty
l'ilher in AVool Or M irble. Orders for HeniUtotteii vih ii n ive prmi p iilleitlion
Dei-ign furniibtd on uppiicit' u v.itb Kpibif lis, l'lLbh n.s of f-m-r! Oicl.r o
Coals of Arni neatly executed.
Concspondenrn solicited.
J. I. BEEBEE, Clifton, A) iscna
Nothing in This Worid
Is so cheap cs a nrwsp?.pcr, whether it la
measured by the cos t of its production or bg its
value io tks consumer. We arc talking about
an American, udrcpcliian. daily paver cf the
first class Wis TUX CHICAGO REÍ0RD. Ifs3
cheap and so good x c-zx't vtferd in this dag
of progress io Is riirrnt ii. Thrrs are other
papers peni:S:j rj o!, l;:t ror.s bcttar, and
none jusí W:$ ii. . prliis ell tks real mm cf
the world th ;;-.t? yoi: f fcr every' deg,
and print? it in i hi si-cris;; pc-nillo tpace.' Yea
can read THE CHICAGO RECGED end do a dag's
work tec. It ;c an
all political r.cws
bias. In a word it's a a-r.p cozdsnsed,
clean, hcrcH faviiUj v.cn-nr.pir, and it has the
largest mornwrj cin:l.iil n Chicago or ike
west 125,000 to l',0,C0( a d:vj.
Prof. J. '. EriJ 'I cf 'tho Nrrthwcstcrn
Unioersil'j :a;p: "7Vf?- ClIC.QO RECORD
comes :s w?r íc;ry il c i .a, I vjly jour'
nz! wcr.rc fcr .r,r.,: t'rr.c L'kcly to find
on these r.-Mrtrl :-:h'.:r:z "
Held b-j nr.msdc.'l.-rc t-vcry where, and sub
scription? rccriucd ir; ell por.tr.as'.ors. Address
111 E CHICA G J R L COR D. 181 Ilcdison-st. (W
"pt "her
tUBUaJ frTH'TTl! IKailtttSMI MíLm4
libsial ornen
A R ' ''7
and gives
,.?? fr:::i th-; taint of party

Yrm nrt - s!:: ft r u I t
lint I v J u n e.i.
On thtt r:.rn ti:tt n v.-.r.- 1 a
llu th- i ;kr ( vl h'.riK. u!
Ln l.y S- ! I f" I tivi.r t rl..m
Th.:t li" turn- il un i;.'v.i- ).u
frli'-H In couldn't :,?c-li hv r-olor
Of yu;ir wlnnomo oyt a of bluo.
I pnzo tiptm y.nir fi-itim-
FirT ih:u will tvi r fiiifL
I'm cl:-'l tbt I'm not ii
for Ju k.MMvr th: t v.; i!Mi:i.1.
I y on l.!:o u:y J -t ? .n'r' hix.íii.j.
I'n tiy ) i 't.irc, 1- t r.
I nm l if.,il'"l i:!Ucii t fci -H yo'.i
Oh, yini witching pin.l..,;r.r,iil
.ll thf wrKl prM'i.fni'i you fluimiinp.
1 C-ll v i ll Ix-iii V( it K
T t tinto halk wt you
Vuli i.iy iity f-r t.ic b nix.
You m.M-k tln m wi.rn t!irir lu-:irt'; nh)
Av tin ir v.vn:iil.i t7. i oi n to L,.ii,
Anil you'in l;.rltiii;r di c.'r,w-Hm
Fur tl.o paiiL, Ju ni-vtr
Ala, I'm crtwinff nob nin,
And you r.' ri.u h t n t.-.voot t- .'tM.
Win -oi J 1 bl;i::.t ii itr- ity blosscin
Tint It 1-1 not K.tX ohi?
Llki- the nmi- nii'l Xh bl n.
You ttrri" Ixirn th'. f.irih to cr:'.''?,
Ami th i:u n, li!c si !ly m-iil.liin; .
blior.ld bt) t.mylit tit-i? l.uu.bio placo.
It In thi in to kn 1 1 foro yon,
l U youn to 1m udfrttl.
But ih Ix an urn 8 tupid iN-fnc?,
And I'm Miro you're oft n lnd
Bo for f ;;r I, toi, r.ry you,
Jv.it :i wl-.Ii, uud tit it a-'i- a
ll'iy tl iliit-H th:it l- :ini ii.wvr yrm
M-'b'-i your v,iii.mif ryiH :f blut t
-8aniut 1 Mmturn I'ifk in tii Trun.uript.

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