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fjOToty naldon,
Pretty whwil,
Koafh to make ono sonaos reel
Swiftly ell.llng
Throtitrli thit park,
Yner th latin ami In! -park.
Man approahlna
'NothiT whm-1
Maiden foar begin to fnol
Triad to útxíifB hiiu.
All In rain.
Bsahe on aa if Inxnne.
Then toavtlmr
Whiol and whml
Crwih with nhork that wronoh stool I
Man takoa boader.
Maid a flop.
Both togethor toko a drop.
"Be your pardon,"
Saja the man
With what hpnrt and araco ha can.
"Clumsy creator,"
Bhrtoka the maid
With a look Ilk lemonade.
Than nprlalng
rail oí ire.
And her glano flashing Are,
Wrathful ronlfltin.
Deadly wheel.
Forth to other conquest (teal.
Frank B. Wolcb In Detroit Free Pre,
Billy Tima won enjoying thnt period
of rent and poace w hich como to n man
when bii wife and family go to tho sea
tide and leave him in poawsslnn of the
house. Then a pvraon van stny out m
late is he like. Ho may Hmoko iu any
room in the honse. He may evon po to
bed vith his boots on If it bo plouwe
Billy had expected to uttiy at tho'eoa
for a couple of vooks, bnt a tolegram
bad recalled him to town after being a
day or two away, and ho enmn joyfully
back, for the noa bored him,, aid there
was nothing lively going on at tho re
tort hia family had chosen. Before he
left town Billy had told tho police of
br suburb that the house would be
closed for a fortnight, end ho asked
them to Veep an oye on the preiniKcu.
Billy's fa.th in the foroe wan goniewhut
shaken when he unexpectedly returned,
found he had left his latchkey at Mu
rineville and vus thus compelled to
climb in at a window after midnight,
yet no notice was taken of him. He got
out in tho same way next morning and
telegraphed for his keys. Ho roamed all
over the house with a lighted candle at
various periods of tho night, but the
guardians of tbo peace uover disturbed
bim, and Billy made up his mind that
the next timo ho went away he would
take out a burglar iusurauco aud not
trouble tho guardians who guardod so
On Saturday afternoon Billy, having
a day off, took a thiy on, as it wore, and
went fcr a long ppin through the conn
try oh his bieyclo. He had dinner at a
waysidoinu mid got home lute and tired.
Putting his machino iu its shed, he en
tered the house, poured out for himself
a glass of oooling Ftii'.inliintH, nud rented
bis weary body in his niufit cowfort.iblo
armchair, sipping tho gratifying mix
ture in accordance with the directions
on the bottle.
The houso was very quiet, and soon
Billy dropped off to sloop. Ho woko up
suddenly and found everything still
very quiet and very durk as well, yet ho
had tho feeling within him that he had
been awakened by a moise. Ho listened
intently, Hitting still in the comfortable
chair, and presently the ohnndelior
above his Iteitd gave a slight rattle, as it
was in the h.ihit of doing when some
one was walking in tho room overhead.
Billy did not bolioo in ghosts, for he
was a no'vspnicr mini and could hardly
be said to bnlicvo iu anything. Again
the chandelier jinglud, yet there whs no
noi' of a footstep overhead, und it
dr.wnod u'xin Billy's sourcely awakened
faculties that wboevor was above him
was going around in his stocking feet,
trying to ba as silent as possible. Billy
regretted that ho did not own snch a
thing as a revolver, for ho felt convinced
that at last burglars were in the house.
He vaguely saw himself writing un ac
count of tho incident, headed: "Desper
ate Encounter With a Burglar. Hcroio
Conduct of a Suburban Householder. "
Fired by this thought, and in f pito of
the distinct creeping of his scalp which
we exaggerate into terming the sensa
tion of the hair standing on end, Billy
grasped the poker that lay on tho fender
by his chair and cautiously crept out
into the hall, making .his way like a cat
up the stoir, fervently hoping that no
step would creak.
At the landing above Billy peered in
to the bedroom from which the light
issued and was appalled to see, not one
burglar, but three. This exceeded Billy's
most ardent expectations. He had been
prepared for a desperato encounter with
one, especially if ho could huvo crept in
on him and lundod on his head with the
poker before the burglar was awaro that
there was anybody else in tho house,
but a fight with threo was too much of
a gooJ thing.
Onu of them would be certain to have
a piutol, which would make things even
more interesting. Glad as he would be
. to have an exclusive item for his paper,
be hiA no desire to have some one olse
writ") it up and head it, "Dastuidly
Murder of a Rep irter In Lonelyville. "
There are some sacritlcos that a man
does not care to make,, oven for Ills pa
per. Moderation in all things was
Billy's mot ta
The burglars had evidently come to
the conclusion that there was no one iu
the house, for no guard wus set, Thoy
movod about quietly, bnt that merely
came from long practico in an arduous
profession where there wus much night
work aud littlo thanks front a callous
public Billy did not punso to think
that these men bad no Saturday night
off, and that they were most industrious
while other people were sound asleep.
We generally think that our own inirtio
ular occupation has the most drawbacks,
giving little hoed to tho discomforts of
One man was holding a bag open and
the other two were creeping about fill
ing the receptacle with various articles
prized by oonuuianoui's nud collectors.
"I Uiiuk we've got us uuch as wectui
carry," whispered tho man who was
holding tho bng.
This remark ennsed Billy to reflect
that if he was going to do anything in
tho matter it wns tin e to bet about it,
So he omulutod tho conduct of the cele
brated Duke of York, who marched men
up the hill and str tightvuy marched
thorn dovn again. Billy cnpt down the
stair with tho upv.mmI jtoker still in his
fist lie ron'.iard that if he wont to the
police station, which was some distance
away, the burglars would be gone be
fore help cnn. s.
Then tho brilliant idea ocenrrM to
him that he might follow tho thieve si
lently on his bicyclo, m irk their lair.
ooiiio with an ample police force nt his
buck and capture the w lolo outfit, thus
earning tho eternal gratitude of the eu
tire nc'jihlxirhond. Then tho item would
be headisd, "Clover Capturo of a Band
of Burglars Tho Silent Cycle Follows
Them to Their Kendoivous. "
Billy got his machino out from its
shed, noiselossly unlocked the back gato.
closed it again its sileutly as ho hud
opened it and waited in the shadow of
a tree across the way. ' In a very few
moments tho burglars came out, each
carrying a bag. Thoy peered up nnd
down tho deserted street, nnd thou
slipped out, walking rapidly away to
gether. Billy had no difficulty infrl-
lowing them. His only trouble was tho
street lamps, whieh he avoided as well
as ho could by kof.nu, en tho "Oposite
side of tho road fp m them. Ho hoped
he would meet a p íli-vmnn, so thnt ho
might give tho nlnrin, and his wish was
gratified. The office'- f'vpped unexpect
edly out from besid a tree, and he
grasped Billy by tho i nn,
Why mo you eye in. 4 out at 1hi3
timo of night without J nr lump lit?"
"My lamp lit, yon fool! gaspod
Billy, taken by snrpriso, ou l thcrefuro
not having time to choose his hmguago
with the care a man should v-o when
addressing so important a persotingo lis
a policeman. "How tho could I
chute burglars with a lit lamp?"
"That's all very fine," said tho ofil
cer. "I've heard that kind of a story
before. A man doesn't get up and dress
himself in a full bicycling suit to chaso
burglars at 2 in the morning."
"But I slept in my bicycling suit,
yon ass!" protested Billy, feeling, as ho
said it, that it sonuded rather thin and
unbelievable iu the keen morning nir.
"I'll report the language, yon aro
using to the magistrate, " said tho po
liceman calmly, knowing tho whole ma
chinery of the law was with him.
"My houso has been burglarized,"
cried Billy. "The three thieves pnsscd
you with their swag, and I dun 't sup
pose you ever saw them. Precious lot
of good yon idiots are, not only letting
tbo rascals slip, but nrresting a man
who is robbed and who is trying to do
the work you are paid for doing.
"Come and tell all this to tho officer
on dutyut the station. Yon're bicycling
without a lamp nt night, and that's all
I have to deal with, and I'm going to
deal with it"
Billy broke into language that was
both deplorable and indefensible, but
tho polioeman merely noted it down and
took tho unfortunate man to the station
Billy speedily convinced tho night man
at tho police station that a mistake had
been mode, and two of tho forco wero
sent to investigate. They reported that
the houso had been burglarized with
neatness and dispatch, but tho burgling
birrtr. had flow n.
The magistrate told Billy next morn
ing that if lie had been more moderate
iu his talk his miscarriage of justice
might not have happened. He should
not uso such langnr.ge, tho magistrate
said, nnd when Billy asked what clso
he could have used, seeing that ho had
no clnb with him, the nmgistrnto re
marked thnt he would fine It i ra for con
tempt of court if he tried his flippancy
on the bench.
So the item appeared as "Burglary at
Lonolyvillo," and another paragraph
stated that Billy Sims, a well known
journalist,, had been fined for riding
about the streets ut 2 iu the morning on
a bicycle with an nnlit lamp, und that
Billy was supposed to have been intoxi
cated ut the timo, whoreas tho truth
wns that the magistrate, let Billy off
with tho reprimand aforementioned.
As the police huvo not yet succeeded
in capturiug the thieves, although they
aro always coining on a new aud grati
fying clew, Billy thinks this is a hard
world. Luka Sharp iu Dotroit Free
Foraging In India.
All tho captured cattlo wero penned
into 'he houses, aud filled them all, so
tho troop s and officers had to pnss tho
night in the orvu with 110 bedding and
no food. It wus bitterly cold, nnd be
yond green wood, which would not
burn, no fuel was obtainable. It was
amusing to see th'. officers tryiug to cook
some mutton for themselves, us one of
the sheep wus killed for dinner, but
what with tho green wood, its smohe,
no cooking pots, etc. , and tho impossi
bility of obtaining any hot wnter, the
meat dinner hud to be given up. Some
one said pea soup would bo excellent.
So, procuring a small brivss pot, he pro
ceeded to soak somo cf the mules' gram,
bnt this nl.jj was left, as not even a
fuscbox could be utiliz-ed with success
to mako soup iu.
Milk from tho Waziri cow was tho
next suggestion, so three specially se
lected ollleors were deputed to try to
tumo a cow. After many trials and he
roic efforts, and many butts and kicks,
a cow was cunght and tied; hut, alus,
she was dry. Goats were the same.
Finally hunger conquered, and pieces of
mutton stuck 011 to a stick and rousted
over the smoking firo had to be accepted
as the evening meal. The cold at night
was very trying, and sleep was denied
to all, for one's foot grew so cold that
tive to keep one's circulation up. Add-j
ed to these, there were u rowdy camel
and a vicious horse careering about most
of tho night, und last, but not least, an I
army of ruts, who would insist on run-1
ning over one's face said body. Black
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