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By DOM: M. (ID7.lt,
8ubecrÍBtiea Frio.
Oira Mentha II 00
BIX Month 1 V
rne Tear 00
Subscription Always Fayablein Advance.
Tiik Albuquerqtieans have about
come to tbe conclusion that they will
not bold a fair thin fall.
Mkthodikt are going to build a
rburch at Lordsburg and Don: Ked
zie, tbe editor, Is getting ready to
nove away, ai timo are evidently
changing. El I'bso Herald. Not on
your life. Kcdzle and the churches
are great friends, and It Is probable
that the Liueual will be selected as
the official church organ-.
It will be remembered that four
years ago John M. Wright was chair
man of the Grant county republican
committee and put up the best fight
ever made In thin county, giving, for
the first time in years, the republican
candidate for cougress a majority of
the votes. Well, John M. could not
swallow the St. Louis platform, and
like Teller and Carr and Itetts, has
temporarily left the party. On the
Brst page of tills paper will be found
a letter he wrote the San Francisco
Exatuluer defining his position In Ibis
Tns Enterprise has christened E. M.
Young "the watch dog of the county
treasury." This is a pretty good name
and was acquired by the noble efforts
Young makes to keco from drawing
warrants to pay allowed accounts
when the owner of the account docs
not happen to be Inside the line. The
Liberal recently saw a county war
rant which Y tiling had "watchdoj;ged"
fer two years and a half before the
owner got It. The Enterprise might
Interview the "watchdog" and learn
how the S. U. Newcomb Judgement
was settled. It has many readers who
would read such an Interview with
great deal of interest.
It Is quite well known In political
circles that Collector of Internal Hev
enue Shannon and the democratic
gang at Santa Fc do not get along
very well together. In fact, that
gang is altogether too tough for
man like Shannon to associate with.
Tbe gang has been trying to get rid
of Sbaonon, and many and numerous
are tbe charges that have been made
against him. Finally the department
at Washington concluded to Investi
gate tie oincc, and sent out a special
inspector to find the shape affairs were
in. Tbe inspector dropped Into the
ofllce unexpectedly and gave it a most
thorough inipectlon. He reported
to the department at Washington
that be found the office In first class
shape, there wa not a thing left un
done that should be done, there was
not a thing done which should have
been left undone. In short he did not
know of an office that was kept any
better. Now at Washington all com
plaints from Santa Fc go Into the
waste basket. The Liberal takes
pleasure In making public this fact
for It is seldom that this can be said
of an office run by democrats. The
only way to account for it is that
the oOlce force Is composed of Grant
county men who nver before held an
office. Collector Shannon is an old
resident of this county, his chief dep
uty Is the good Deacon Loomlsof Sil
ver City and tho clerk Is Hud Moore
of Deming.
The gold bug democrats have con
cluded to call a national convention
aud nominate a straight gold ticket.
It is understood that President Cleve
land, although be refused to publicly
approve or disapprove of the project,
is heartily in favor ef it and will use
all tbe power of his official patronage
to aid the ticket. Then will come the
fun. There are thousands of demo
cratic office holders who will, when
told to support tbe gold bug ticket,
promptly resign their offices, trusting
to Bryan to restore them. There are
other thousand who kuow that they
could not receive a re-appolntment
from liryan, who will enthusiastically
support the ticket. In New Mexico
there Is not much doubt how many of
the office holders will go. Governor
Thornton will never give up his good
thing if he can help it, and If his or
ders to bolt Bryan include, as they
probably will, Instructions to bring
bis pj,rr. Vhe New Mexican, with
Lira be will immediately order Editor
Oli -org Cross ti wite goldbug edito
ilals, and do.t't for a minuto think
that Cross cannot w'rlte a good edito
rial oo both gldcA of any (jucHtlon.
Then will tho great and ood Harvey
D. FtrgusHou, the democratic candi
date for congress, raise up bis voice
and pray, using a form of Bryan's in
vocation: "Do not press down on the
trow of New Mexico deiuociacy this
crown of Thornton's; do not crucify
the subscribers of the New Mexican
upon this Cross of gall."
The Wlllcox News has changed
owners, Chas. E. Fugh having sold the
paper to Horace Dunlap. The News
will In the future, as in the past, bo a
sound republican paper.
Pedro de la Lama, the Clifton anar
chist who was sent to Jail for sixty
days for contempt of Justice Wright's
court at Cliftoii, was brought before
Judge House of the district court at
Solomonvlllc on a writ of habeas cor
pus. Judge House examined the case
carefully and found that Justice
Wright had not exceeded his authori
ty in summarily committing de la
Lama for contempt, and that the
commitment papers were properly
made out, but held that trie district
court could modify the sentence, and
by virtue of this power reduced the
sentence from sixty to fifteen days in
Jail. As de la Lama had served ten
of the fifteen days bo was allowed to
pay a fine of a dollar a day for the
other five, and on doing this he was
given his liberty.
Wednesday inurning abou'. three
o'clock a band of Yaqui Indians at
tacked the Mexican custom house at
Nogales with the intention of robbing
it. There was a fierce, fight in which
many Americans, including the No
gales company of tho Arizona militia,
participated. The Yaquis were drlv
en away, and as they went over the
hill thirty men were counted, three of
whom were mounted. Thirteen men
wero killed In the fight, five Mexicans
and eight Yaquis.
Mrs. Stevens and Master Ltwrcnoe
got as far as Pyramid on their way to
visit Mrs. Chase in the Animas valley
when Lawrence was attacked with
croup and Mrs. Sturcus thought it wise
to return home. Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs.
Medrow, Mrs. Small and Miss Mar
shall, however, made the trip, and
have been visiting Mrs. Chase aud her
garden this week. They returned on
A little daughter of Mr. Lewis Day
ton, an old and much respected citi
zen of liarnitz, Pa., occasionally has
trouble with her stomach, which gives
her considerable distress. In speak
ing of It Mr. Dayton said: "As soon
as she has an attack we give her a
dose of Chamberlain's colic, cholera
and diarrhoea remedy, and it has nev
er failed to relieve ber promptly. We
all use it In our family with the same
good results." For sale at the Eagle
Mallard's no l.iiiluient.
This invaluable remedy Is one that
ought to be in every household. It
will cure your rheumatism, neuralgia,
sprains, cuts bruises, burns, frosted
reetaud ears, sore throat and sore
chest. If you have lame buck it, will
cure It. It penetrates to the seat of
the disease. It will cure stiff joints
and contracted muscles after nil rem
edies have failed. Those who have
been cripples for years have used Mal
lard's snow liniment and thrown, awav
their crutches and been able to walk
as well as ever. It will cureyou. Price
50 cents. Free trial bottle at Eagle
drug store. j
A Sonuil Liver Make a VII Man,
Are you bilious, constipated or troub
led with jaundice, sick headache bad
taste in mouth, foul breath, coated
tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry
skin, pain In luck and between shoul
ders, chills and fever, etc. If you
have any of these symptoms your liver
Is out of order, and your blood Is be
ing poisoned because your liver does
not act promptly, llcrbine will cure
any disease of the liver stomach or
bowels. It lias no equal as a liver
medicine. Price 75 cents. Freo trial
bottle at Eagle drug store,
Mall and Kxpresa Line.
Stage leaves Solomonvlllc Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 a. in.,
and arrives at Duncan "nt 12 in., mak
ing close connection with the A. &
N. M. Ily. Leaves Duncan Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Fridays at 12 m.,
arriving at Soloinonville at ti p. ni.
i nis une is eiiuinea with eiegant
Conc'oicd Coaches, Fine Stock, and
careful drivers.
rare $5. Low charges for extra
baggage. The quickest and safest
route to express matter to .Solomon
vlllc. Noah Gickv, Prop.
Solomonvlllc, A. T
You are In a Itailt-'lx
Hut aiti will cura you if you puv u.
Men who are Weal;. Nervou and bilí
Utod niirl.-nnif from Nervoun Debility
Seminal weakness, anJ all th r1.-t of
eArlyevil habits, or luli-r inJiKcvetions,
whi'-b lea l to Premature Dway. consump
tion or inetamtv, should lund I'm ami read
the "book of lit.," eiving particular foi
d home cure. S-"nt (sealed) free, ty d
reusing Dr. Parker's Medial nd miri'i
cal inntite, liil Noit'a Spruce St., Nah
Tille, Tnnn. Tboy iruai antee a cur.t or no
pay. I hesunrluy .vkirinnir.
Tomes from torpidity of the liver, which pre-
Vr.t5 dlfrtln and rauH'H fixxl to irrment
la üi sIoiiumIi. l'ortuci relic I Is found iu
h'ood's Pills
Which cura all I.I ver Illa. Price 2Ac.
To Whot.1 It Ma Coitoern:
That the undei-slirned Is a half owner, more
or less, lu Iba Volcano Minina Cluliu, sitúale
In the Kluibell lulnlns; district, Urant ooun
ly, Uirrllurr nf New Mexico, and beitihy
Kives not In that said Interpol shnll not he
held rosponslble for aujr lahur or dftits con
triirted or Injuries rco-lved hy any em
ployeos employed by others tuua uiynelf.
That nodclu arersll' aralnl said Inten'st
unle.s i,Qtr"id ty uiyself.
W. K. MlADK.
May Sod, in.
Some years ago when suffering with
an uncommonly severe attack of di
arrhoea Mr. W. It. Gulnnip, of Acto,
Pa., received through the mail a sam
ple bottle of Chamberlain's colic, chol
era and diarrhoea remedy. He says:
1 found u to be one of tbe most ef
fective remedies I ever used. It gave
me almost Immediate relief. It has
no superior and I think no equal, No
bad effects follow the uso of this reme
dy. It is pleasant to take when re
duced with water and . sweetened.
Children like it. It never fails. It is
the most perfect remedy ever pro
duced for bowel complaluts." For sale
at 25 and CO cents at Eagle drug store.
For Over nrtjr Tear.
An Old and Wkll-Tiued Remedy.
Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
iieen used ror over riity years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and Is
the best remeoy Tor Diarrhoea. Is
pleasant to the taste. Sold by Drug-
ists in every part or the world,
wenty-flvc cents a bottle. Its value is
incalculable. He sure and ask for Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup, and takeno
other kind.
MB einiarfomisna'aiiTrj Slllrl S POOL!
0 ÍS !k1 JOAfl 0.1113 r S"B
onioq JDd it Jonjnj poom njx oup eqj si
cuuudusjrjg "
-Suusnns pn broujidis iusa
avid 'qiH)i pooa nis)sj 'agsesip ojno o
11 JB spueanotii X 11 mu os Aqj& s 1qx
sasiMSp Xubiu oa eojno qi AtiM 8 iqx
pooiq ojnd sasui bh!-iJ,hubS a,pooi
'8uqsaj9j pu isatis 'panos doois
jnoA pus 'Suoiii eq ijiai soAJaa jnojt
jasddBstp ijtm mnarg jres
pn atniojoa -UMouMun eq tu.u maitunaM
pa uiaijauinsqH 'iqsdaduCp oa eq 1H A
eiaqi pus 'snojoSis. aq mil subSjo aipseS
IP pa tpBtuoqs eq 'pooiq qiisaq 'qoI
sjnd qilAi "quosq panos su bo in poofó
Wanted-An Idea
Who en think
of some alraple
Protect tout Id raw: ther mar briaa yon wealth.
Write JOHN W KUUEUUÜHN ft CO.. Patent Attor
nr, Washington, D. , for tbelr $l,ftju irUe ollttr
muM : ox ivio uiuiurou iutbuviodb vfauiu
Watchmaker, Jeweler.
The repairing -of watch ,
clocks and Jewelry a specialty.
All work done in a workman
like manner and guaranteed or
money refunded. Shop locat
ed in the Arizona copper cora
paey's store.
(Late of London, England)
leal Market.
The only Meat Maiket in Lordsburg
Is nw run by
The best meat on the range is ban
died by us.
ii'xa;an mtOTiiKRH.
James I
Dealer In
Huudles everything in the line of
IDxy Crood-o and
Thu' I'.ie Karuicrand Miner wants.
Tobaooo and Fina Cigars, i .
May, Grain, Deans, Onions and other Farm
Troduui a specialty.
Orrut care exercised In selecting these ar
tlolcs. All orders for Forage and other sup
plies fllled with promptness and at prices
courlstent with Market Vulues.
Bind qilAV
General Mentad
r.iQREnci - ARIZ.
A favorito'reanrt foi thoao who ara in faror
of the;rre coinage of silver. Miners, Pros
pectors, Rancher and Stockmen.
Music Every Night.
Wines XAqviors
and Cigrare.
Of the moat popular branda.
Fine Wines, Kentucky Whlskres,
French Brandies and Im
ported Cigars.
Vino Fino, Whiskies de Kentucky, Cogna
Fra no y P uros ai portado.
(iood whiskies, braudics, wines and One
Havana Cigars.
Spanish Opera each night by a troupe of
' Trailed Coyates.
The Favorite of Morencl, Arizona.
Double Stamp Whiskies-California WIik
narranteu ruro Grapo Juice Forcigi
and Domostie Cigars -A Quiet Resort
Daily and Weekly Papers Always
on sand, It tbs mulls dou't fail.
K. DAVIS, Proprietor
Arizona & Hew Meiico Railway
0 B 5 Tiyg Tadi.s J. a k
1 g II No. Í 5 g
C g Aug.2fl.1894 "
No. 2 TATIOKS. 3 No.l
13:00 m l.T..I,ordiborg.,Ar lo:osn
1 :iai p m 20 " ..rummit..,.Lr 2 8:20 am
2:00pm 40 Ar. .. Imuran. .. ' 20 Man
2:111 pui Lv... luucnn....Ar 8:10am
2:ar,prai7 " ...sheldon....Lr 7 7:4ft a in
2:4Hp.i. M " ...Yarks.... " 8 7:3aiB
S:(i6pm K, ''.Coronado..." 6 7:2Sam
:2)ipni fio " .. Gnlhrie.... " 4 7:laui
8:Mpin fit " 8ldin(r... " (l señara
4:lpm M " ..N. siding... " 2 8:40 a ai
4:30 pin 71 ' r. . . .Clilton. I.r 6 t:lil
Trains atop on signal.
K9rTralns ru n daily except Sundays.
Clifton to Nonh Bid i ag .
' " Houth Siding
" " (luthrie
" ' t'Aronade
" " Yorks "
' " 9 aeldon
" " Ifuncan
" ' Kurnnilt
' " Lordsburg
1 .68
1 sa
Children between nve and iv&itn vnra n
age half price.
f 100 p.unds of baggage carried free with
each full fare, ahd M pouads with each half
fare ticket.
Tabid supplied with tbe best in th
Kverytiiirjf neat and olean.
WMü0"U''. H.a.qina Altores,
AMO. for Boidier and Sailers dtahlxl tn W nneef
eiiljr In the nnlar Army or hvr alam lo wr,
Por? Irors o( 11. u ladino wri of lítia t mni
tUfli wi ows,Biawentltld. 01dudra)iai.hus
snostaitr. lliuuwi'Us entltiud to liii-iwr nu.
twnM Conpuy Is nuuuged by a eomlilnsUon oí
UM largest aad most fnflaMiUal newspapers la Uis
Dalted atetes, for the express purpose of protect,
lag thatr enksOTlaara against anserepaloaa and
laooapetant Claim Aamta, and sack paper printing
this sdverUaement Touehss for ths nspenslbUtqr and
alga sua ding ot the frase Claims Company.
EitAliltlied In Co)orilo, 1U. Btrniplim by mall or
9i)ruw will receive pruuiii aud cm luí lumiuiv,
Bold & Silver Bullion "ry(í' I'Msitit
Adlrtu, 17M 1 1731 Lsmaet Ot, lam. Colo.
The M Eictap Saloon '
Calces a specialty cf
XX. jhALX2XuX2Tl,
The Best Table in Town; .
Good rooms and comfortable teds.
Creo. -EeoTo Piopriotor.
cf imrtatlea trade
aartl aad salíala.
is the
m MP
?tl ffá rír!3 ÍTíC Co9ü no
TWaflft enl-r trs i unftOT B ra b
- - '"'f "vn vM 17 HKSSr) fej
Wrtta tot Arm mod nWnmrr Book t n. ímtAla XíHjmjrmra '
"'p 1 urn siBmw.MiiniBiimj ii imimiiii.i,nui.inw.in i nuil
i " i i i.
Kcjnal with the interest of those
if , i wmw vu,u tupo mi vvnvuL ui vaiuaoisi lorinuou KiwaiiSQ
of Ui incompetency or inattention of the attorneys employed to obtain thel
nnf.nti Tiv. mhaU 1 : , . .77
l, . uiiuuiuuiuinireiKu in erapiojins; competent ana ral
able solicitors to procure patents, for the value of patent depends groaüy, JJ
ot entirely, pon the care and ak ill of the attorney. J-i
With the view of protectinj inrentors from worthies or careless attontayá
and of seeing that iuveutioas ar well protected by valid patents, w hti&
reumed conssel expsrt in patent practice, and therefore ara preparad to
Obtain Patenta in tho United States and all Iorelgr
Countrlom, Conduct Intez-forenoea, Mako ' 8peeíaj
Examinations, Proaoonte Rejected Cama, Keglatoat
Trade-AIarJcm and Copyright, Rendar Opinion e4
to Soopa and Validity of Patent, Promeeuto aM
uetena Inlringement
If yon have an Invention on hand
trether With brief description of th
, ,
Once arlTDWn SI in til TimI onnr& fr,
others ara infrine;ing on your rights, or
others, submit the matter to na for a
matter. -, s. -. . ,
P O Bmv 9BSI UirK.f,.r.a,iri.i . . ...
junn niuuLKouKM, Managing Attorney j
rTals Company la managed by a aomblnatloa of the largest and most laaoential nstXal
papers la the United States, for U expresa parpóse of protecting; their eatwerrkvara
against nnserapaloas and incompetent Fatant Agents, and sack paper printing this ad!fs)
tieemcat Teaches for the responsibility and hija standing of the rreea Clsrats Ossatpasv
. "Cui Hila out and sand M wtth your Inejtirrylw I
system will be as free from nicotine as tbe day before you took your first chew
or smoke. A iron-clad written guarantee to absolutely cure the tobaccohnbit
In all II forms, or money refunded. Price 1. 00 per box or 3 bfxes (30 days
treatment and guaranteed cure,) 12.50. For sale by all drugtt-.sts or will he
sent by mall upon receipt of price. SEND SIX TWO CENT KTAMTS FOli
SAMPLE BOX. Booklets and proofs free.
Eureka Chemical & M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wis.
Offlce of TUB PIONEER PKEH8 COMPANY. C. W, Honmrg. Sup.
Bl. Paul, Winn., Bedt. T 1PM
Eureka Cbemlral and MTg Co., I.a Crosse, Wis.
bvar Sirs I bare lxMn a tolmooo rlend for man y years, and during tbe psst twe yesrs have
smoked Bftwn tn tewuty olgars regularly every dar. My whole nervous syxlem heoarno
alteeted, until my iliysician told me 1 iniihl give up the UKeof toliacco for the time being
U'snt. I tried the so-railed "Keely Cure," ''No-To-IIho." and varloua other remedies 'hut
without sucoeits, until I aooldenliifly learned of your " Hiico-Curo." Three weeks hko tolar
I eouiuieiioed using your preparation, anrt today I ronHlilr myself completely cured; I am in
perfect health, aiidtlie bonilile craving for tobáceo, which every inveterate smoker fuilr
appreciates, has completely left me. 1 consider your " Haoo-Curo". simply wnndertul, suij
can fully reoomuend It.
io!e; story
man thw olher oi new s&Si
vmv sta a v . ,., -
having claims jalnit th mrrernmMt 9
Salta, Uto., Uto.
send a sketch or photograph thereeí, toi
Imnnrtanf f.iiiiru mxX ll v. A
1 . , v. . www w.a. w
TlT 1 1 - . . . .1
if yon are charged with infringemeat
ral fable riPlNTAM IvWnr. k,..
and dun't, be Imponed upon by buying a rem
edy thai requires roa to rio so, a it is nota
ing more than a substitute. In the sudden
stoppage of tobacco you must have some
stimulant, and Id most all cases, tbe effeob
of the stimulant, he it opium, morphine, ar
other opiates, leaves a far worse habit con
tracted. Ask your druggist about BACO
iuivu. ii is purely vegeta
ble. You do not ha to to stop
using tobacco with BACO
CUKO. It will notify you
when to stop and your desire
for tobacco will cease. Vm,
very truly.
C. W. Hoagica.

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