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Irani eteiVt ofle 1 7
Snbarrlprlnn aPtrlW'
Mluglc Coplee 10 teats.
VOL. IX NO. 52.
ítTia iff. .. .. . . Iff
'nw Mexlno.
Br !'! !! KKD7.IE.
Subscription Price.
rtaree Months 00
BIX Moutbs "s
Ona Vosr
ubsoriptlon Always Feyablolii Advance.
B.Catron Dole-nte to Coniriws
f.T. Thornton (invcrnor
l-orloa Miller Swrotiiry
riioa. S. Smith Chief Justice
Win. l. Lee, I . , .
II. H. Haiullton, ( Associates
N. H Laiir-IiIIu. f
Charlo F. Kasley flurvcyor-Oendral
C. M. Shannon United State Collector
I ii. Hemliik-way U. 8. l)ltrlct Attorney
dward h. Hull Jj. 8. Mnrahu
W. H. loinla Deputy V. S. Marshal
w. r'lmnluir U. 8. Coal Mino Inapeetor
James 11. Walker. Santa Ke, Kejr, Land (Mhee
Pedro Delirado. Siintu Vv Kec. Land Olllco
j. D. Uryati. Las Crimen Heir. Land Ottico
J. P. Aacurate. La Cruce.... Iteo. Land Otltco
Kluhiirri Younir. Itimwell Ke. Land JMIloe
W. H.Cosifrove, Koswell Kec. Iind Othco
W. W. Boyle. FoUoin :..Ueir. Land (mice
II. 0. Plonlea Heo. Land Oltice
i p Vlotory Hollcltor-Oenornl
J.' II. Criat. 8'inia Fc Dlst. Attorney
It L. TeiiBir La Cruces
w H. Whitman. Albuquerque
A.'ll. Hurl'-. Silver City
M. W. MUI Sprlnifer
t.. C.lKort Las Veira......
uorjreP 3ukor. Koswell
uno Librarian
u' a ..i'a'i..T Clerk Supreme Court
k'm ' -iriiinunii Siipt. 1'enltentlary.
Moo w Kimebcl Adjutant t.enenii
H..I. Pneii IrtiiMuier
(Kme' lo Porea ....Auditor
Amad Chave Sujit. Piibijj Instruction
M S Hart t)al " inapootur
onnRT or private land claims.
u lúa, ol Kansaa.
VuttUow U. Ueynold,
of Missouri. C. 8.
BluradnsTlioniHaC. Fuller, of North Cum
ttilliuui M. Murray, oíTeiinussoc; Hen
.County Commissioners
8. 8. Brnnnan
Tbos. Foster
H V Noaham.... Prol.ato Judire
5- - v;,lr . Probate Clerk
T. Ñ.' Chlldél At"T,i
Hurler Shannon. K- üperVn'tendeut
tí' V ViV.Í.Vw" Treasurer
1 n'luird CollHCtor
1? rl-.V : . Surveyor
Iauao Úivoits...
. ..Coroner
Southern Poifio Bailroad.
. I,orttaourtf Time 1 able.
Passenger .
p. v.
. 7:30
A. M
Trains ruu on Paoltlc Time.
n iHNum.pH. T. tl. GoonMAM.
Gen. Pass, and Tkt. Agt.
, GeueiiH Alauairer.
Annum New Mi Hallway.
P. M
. . lU:llt
lAriinnurg .U
Duuoaii I'.qq
i.rusuurir - ...,io..
Traína ru n dally eieePt Sunday.
A. X.
. 0:lñ
, H :S0
United Statea Court Commissioner author-
liod to tronsaot Land ornee dusiuo-.
. i.i..,.. . . New Mexico
ii. M. CROCKER, M. I).
IMiralolan and Hurgeon.
New Mexico
OBoe la te Arirna Copper Company1! Build.
Attorney and Counsellor at I-t
Prempt Attention lvcn to all builnosa
entrusted to our oare.
BUrer City. Ne" Hali"'
District Attorney for the oountlea of Grant
and Sierra.
ATT0HWÍY and counsellor
wuinraotioelnall tbo courU and lana of
floe In ü" territory.
......nnnnlvento all busine e
trusted to him.
From the Minneapolis Journal.
A French engineer proposed last
ear to the directors of the Interna
tional Exposition to be givaa la the
''reuch capital in the year 1900 the
iKglntr of a hole to the depth of one
mile. The idea was favorably re
ceived, but on investigation the mag-
Itude of the undertaking became so
pparent that the idea has been
ropped. It will, therefore, be neces
sary for those who desire to descend a
mile into the bowels of the earth to
come to Calumet, for nowheres else
on earth are there available openings
f such depth. Within less than a
mile of each other in this raining
town there are three vertical sharts
each nearly one mile in depth. The
deepest of this trio is the Red Jacket
shaft of the Calumet and Ilecla cop
per mine, which has reached its full
depth of 4,900 feet. Five Eiffel tow
ers could be dropped down this hole,
were it wide enough, and the top of
the fifth would reach above the sur
face only to such a height as would al
low It to be easily covered by the steel
shaft house now being built over the
monstrous hole.
The! was begun In 18?9 and it
took st i'u years to sink It, showing an
average progress of 700 feet annually,
early all of which has been blue trap
rock, one of the most refractory of
minerals. The conglomerate carrying
copper was the bed of an ancient sea,
nd is composed of pebbles aud gravel
worn by the action of the water, such
s are seen on sea beaches or lake
ake shores, cemented into a solid
mass of cale and silica. By the perco-
ation of the waters and the decompo
sition of certain constituents of the
rock little cavities were formed, in
which were deposited small nodules of
copper by the water.
The Red Jacket shaft is 151 by 25
feet in size inside the timbers, and
contains six compartments, being
fully equal in working capacity to half
a dozen mining shafts of ordinary size.
The shaft Is solidly timbered. The
adamantine firmness of the rock ren
ders it secure for all time to come,
the timbers being merely to carry the
trulliic of ineu and mineral, of water
and electricity, which surges between
the sunlight and the bottom. In four
compartments will slip uo aud down
the ponderous cages, carrying ten ton
loads of rock at the speed of cxprers
trains. Up and down In these cages
will also ride the men who mine the
rock from the old sea bud. In one
compartment will be the great iron
pump pipes, and down another de
scends the steady current of com
pressed air, which runs the drills a
mile below the engine bouse. Bunched
in slender cables are the copper wiref
which cvey electricity to light the
reccsse the mine, threads of wire
that afluí 'elepbo.ilc communication
from the most remote drift to any oth
er portion of the property, for the Cal
umet and Ilecla has a telephone ex
change of Its own, which in size and
perfection of equipment puts to the
blush the facilities of many preten
tious towns, and which reaches every
office on the surface and every por
tion of the great mine. There are
Ore alarm wires, too, for the Calumet
and Ilecla spares no cost to make its
employes as safe as skill and lavish
outlay of money can render them.
The slnkrog of the shaft posesscs
deep interest from a scientific stand
point. Observers ascending to great
heights in balloons have been able to
secure data of surpassing Importance
regarding meteorological conditions,
aud observations made at the depth of
a mile afford positive Information.
The Red Jacket shaft has shattered
some of the deeply cherished theories,
and there are text books dow extant
in the higher institutions of learning
which must be overhauled, because
facts have succeeded theory. The
mines of the Comstock lode lo Nevada
were the deepest In the world. The
mines were very hot, and on the deep
er levels some of the more pious min
ers were quite positive that they
smelled sulphur, and refused to go
further down for fear of encroaching
upon the dominion of the devil. Ac
cording to deductions, the bottom of
the Red Jacket should be about the
proper temperature to boil eggs. Care
ful tests have determined that the
normal temperature of the rock Is 87.0
degrees Fahrenheit at the bottom.
The rock temperature at the depth of
105 feet was 59 degrees Fahrenheit,
showing an excess of 28.6 degrees to
95 feet. There was, however, a
gain of 8 degrees In temperature In
the last 500 feet sunk, a much more
rapid increase than at lesser depths.
Notwithstanding the beneficial ef
fects of ventilation and compressed
air, men working at the bottom of the
deep shaft do not have an especially
easy berth, though liberally paid.
They are compelled to wear rubber
boots and rubber coats, as the water
found in the mine at that great depth
Is most corrosive to the human body.
There is machinery enough on the
surface to drive all the street cars In a
city like St. Louis at this single one of
eleven shafts, and It Is housed In fire
proof buildings tnat would be the
pride of a city of 100,000 Inhabitants.
Marvelous Iteaulta.
From a letter written by the Rev. J.
Gunderman of Piniondale, Mich., we
are permitted tu make this extract: "1
have no hesitation in recommending
Dr. King's new discovery, as the re
sults were almost irarvclous in the
case of my wife. Wb'lo I was pastor
of the R'tptist church at Rives Junc
tion she was brought down with pneu
monia succeeding la grippe. Terrible
paroxysms of coughing would last for
hours with little Interruption and it
seemed as if she could not survive
them. A friend recommended Dr.
King's new discovery; it was quick in
its work and highly satisfactory in re
sults." Trial bottles free at Eagle
drugstore. Regular size 50c and $1. 1
Yuma Times: A corps of trusted
employes of La Fortuna gold mining
and milling company came in Sunday
evening in charge of a bar of bullion
aggregating $70,000. It is a product
of a thirty days' run of the twenty
stamps at La Fortuna and Is next to
the largest bar of bullion ever brought
to Yuma. Wells, Fargo & Co. took
charge of the gold at this point. La
Fortuna is to-day the best producing
liold mine in the west according to
its stage of development. -Solomonvllle
Bulletin: Lust Sun
day afternoon while the San Simon
was over Its banks two Mexican boys
killed a large white ibis. The ibis isa
very rare bird in the United States
and is found only in the lower part of
Florida and along tne mouth of the
Colorado river below Yuma. It Is a
very remarkable occurrence to And
one this far from its haunts. It must
have followed the San Simon down
during its flood.
The Arlzooa Stockman says the
easiest way to get rid of skunks is .o
roll a few erains of strychnine in a
ball of lard and place it where the an
imal will Olid it. Skunks are very fond
of lard and never fall to eat the poison
when prepared In this way. Better
put yonr house cats and dogs where
they cannot get the poison wheu It Is
put out, for they will cat It as quick
as a skunk and with a fatal result.
Kleotrle ItlUura.
Electric bitters is a medicine suited
for any season, but perhaps more genj
erally needed when the languid ex
hausted feeling prevails, when the
liver is tornid and sluggish and the
need of a touic and alterative is felt.
A prompt use of this medicine has oft
en averted long and perhaps fatal bil
ious fevers. No medicine will act
more surely Iq counteracting and free
Ing the system from the malarial poi
son. Headache, Indigestion, constipa
tion, dizziness yield to electric bitfers.
50 cts. and Í1.00 per bottle at Eagle
flrntr store. 1
Nogales Oasis: It is reported at
Ilermosillo that there has Jut been
unearthed about two miles from that
place six boxes and one sack of silver
and gold coins. Five of the boxes
contained silver coins and the sack
and one box was filled with gold.
About a month ago an Indian found
in the same place an olla tilled with
coins. .
Highest Honors World Fair.
The Roberts & Leahy
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
ficm Ammonia, Alum or iny other adulterant
40 Yeirs the Standard.
Self Doctiirinr; XVotnntrtl by the Uaeof Hied
llnra In Coniprenacil Tableta.
líot only 1ms tho general introduction
of incdiciiiB iu tlio form of comprcHd
tableta iiwplificd (ho woik of the doc
tor, but it lias also vastly promoted solf
doctoring. Tho number of remedies put
r.p in this form for popnlar rise con
stantly inorosscs. Many druggists mnko
a specialty of theso things. Yon see
them displayed urur l!io soda water
fountain, put tip in small bottles and
sold nt prices thrt muHt yield n hand
some profit. IT-.-. if a do::ou reiuodios for
indigestion nro thus sold, somo contain
ini prpsin as the ;;ctiva principle, oth
ers containing poda mint, souift bismuth,
some charcoal or mure powerful disiu
f octants. S'lino aro dosigned to remove
acidity of tlio stowach ; others to attack
a catarrhal condition. Others are to pro-
voko nppotito, nud still others- are to
promote ono or miothor natural fnue-
tiou. Adozcn headunlie cures aro sold in
this fasliion. and the different emolli
puts for tlio throut iir almost innuniera
blo. There are grip tablets, livor tub
lets, heart, lnng and bruin tablots.
I'ersons who have eschewed patent
medicines nil thiir lives buy these tab
luts of ono sort or another, boeunse
most of tliem nro supposed to be well
recognized remedies. Most of the tub
lts uro advertised oulyiu uicdicnl jour
nals, in accordance (v-itlt tho require
ments of tlio medical code, anil many
of thom, no doubt, have obtainod their
popularity through their uso by rcpntu
blo physicians.
Quinine, which is now extremely
cheap, is sold largely in tho form of
two grain pills or in larger pills con
taining iron. Although bilioved by
many physicians to be a dangerous rem
edy, it has long been self piei-cribod by
nil sorts of persons, especially in mala
rial regions, and it is ono of the reme
dies most freneiitly bought without
prescription. It is self priseribcd for
malaria in its many forms, to check a
cold in itü early stages, nud as a tonic.
Stimulants of ono sort or another are
sold iu this form, bnt moro esiiecijlly
perhaps ut the soda fountain, which has
become a sort of medical clfspoufary.
Many headaelio rnmodins uro Oisjiensed
at tlio soda fountuin. Some are recom
mended cr suggested by the attendant,
but many porsous cava their favorites
ninong tho various sedatives and febri
fuges, and souio are csllod for ns regu
larly as the fruit sirups. Newremodies
uro constantly introduced through tho
soda fountains, aud many old ones huv
long been included iu tho annually
lengthening list of tho soda water dis
pensers. Nuw York Sun.
and. ITPotatces.
ZDealcrs In Hay, Groin
Capital, $100,COO S-arpl-us, !$25.COO
J. 8. RAYNOLT1R. Vresldout.
V. 8. 8TKWAHT, Cashier.
M.W. n.OtrUNOV. VlcdenePresIt,
J. V. WILLIAMS, Asst. Cachi
Chemical National Bank
First National Bank
Anglo-Culifornian Bank, Limited ..
New Toik
...8an Francisco
Mor Curative Power
Is contained in one bottle of Flood's
Sarsaparilla than ta any other similar
preparation. It costs the proprietor
and manufacturar more. It costs tho
Jobber more atd it Is worth more to
to the consumer. It has a record of
cures unknown to any preparation.
It is best to buy because It is the one
blood puriller.
Hood's Tills are the best family ca
thartic aud liver medicine. Gentle,
reliable, sure. 1
Half a nilllien cubic feet of stone
was the estimated quantity that fell
in last week at a soft rock quarry In
Knox county, Maine, the heaviest
cave in on record there, eighteen
men at work at the bottom of the
quarry escaped, taking warning from
some small stones that they cearu
coming down.
The Eddy Current reports quail
plentiful in the lower Pecos valley.
llucklen'e Arnica Halve.
The best salve In the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt heum, fev
er sores, tetter, chapped bands, chil
bains, corns and all skin eruptions,
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to glvo
perfect satisfaction, or money re
funded. Trice 25 cents per box. For
sale at Eagle drug store.
The Bensntlooa That Are Snperindaced by
Its KlMlnjc und Fulllus;.
A dim sunlight strikes us iu the bal
loon. Suddenly we realize wo are iu
bright sunslnno again, with fleecy white
clouds below us and n deep blue Bky
ubovo. Look at tlio shadow of tho bal
loon on the. clouds ! See tho light pris
matic, colors like a halo around tlio
shadow of tho car. Here we are all
ulono, iu perfect silonoe, iu the depths
of a great abyss massive clonds tower
ing up on ull sides, a snowy wliito mass
below. But no sign of earth no sign
of anything human. Not a sumid, not a
sign of life I Whut poaeo! What bliss I
Horrors ! What's that roport? Tho bul
loon ninst have burst. Oh, nonsense I
Keep still) It's only a fold of the stnff
nipped by the netting being suddenly
released; that's all.
Well, we are falling, for see the bits
of paper apparently asconding. And we
must tal;o cure, for tho coldness mid
dumtincNS (f this cloud will cause the
gus to contract, and we shall fail rapid
ly. So get a baR of ballutt ready, for
wo are already iu the darkness of the
cloud. Now tlio gas bag shrill!; and
writhes, ut i the loose folds rnMlo to
gellier, and it gets darker. You can feel
tho breczo blowing upward ugaiu't
yonr face or hand held over tlio odgo of
tho car. well, thul's not to bo wondered
at, for remember wo are falling, sa7
1,000 foot minute, which is the san-
thing. ns if wo wero going ulong tl
nh los air hour sitting in a dogcart
sooner bo iu the cart? Well, perhaps if
tho horse wore going straight at a wall,
without the possibility of being uble to
stop him, yon would think otherwise.
Uut look ! There is tho earth again ; so
: out with your ballai-t. Go on I 1'oorout
plenty ; there's no good ucouomixiug.
lilauMWOod s Magaziuo.
Treasurers of the Local Boards
of the
fot Lounsni;ií; n. m., clifton auiz., andmorenci ariz
W. II. SMALL, Lor.lsbui-K,
J. CJ. HOI-KIN8, Clirton,
GEO. ROUSE, Morenol
Fidelity pays 20 per cent, dividends: 0, 7 and 8 per cent, on withdrawals;
.Secured by state laws; Protected against runs.
The Clifton
This old, reliable Pleasure Itcsort keeps its doors open
TWENTY-FOLT hoursa day, SEVEN days in the week, and
always has a welcome for every body.
POKER may be Indulged in
A lo Cigars, Whiskey and various other refreshing drinks.
IbTIcik: SC-va.grla.eG, jr.
Rapid Transit and Express Line-
Freight and Kxpres Matter Hauled with Care and Delivered with Dispatch.
I'aneenger Servios Unexcelled.
New Concord Couches Kind i-.laaastock. Experiencedand CarefulDrivert
N. B. Commercial trsvelura with heavy sample cases are invited to correspon
for terms, etc.
HENRY HILL, Proprietor,
Clifton, Arizona.
l r-
New Moxioo

Jna.nn K. lleca OI liiwn, iviuvi rfr i
Colora S
n. Mill
Not onite the sume, yon say yon'd

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