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New Mexlro.
By Dtl II. KKD7.IK.
Subscription Price.
raraa Montba l )
Six Mvntfes I Tr
Da Year W
Subscription Always Payable In Adrnuce.
The eleclion of J. A. Mahrtney Indi
cates that the p'.-ojile of Grant county
are willing to have thecounty divided.
Tins Is the first Issue of the tenth
Volume of the Liheilai,. Fur nine
yeara It has labored for the advance
ment of the town, the county, the ter
ritory and of humanity. That it has
been entirely unsuccessful it is not
willing to claim.
On Novembers Mr. Jtryan sent the
following message to Major Mciviu
ley: "Senator Jones has Just Informed
me that the returns indicate your
election and 1 hasten to extend tuy
congratulations. We have submitted
the Issue to the American people and
their will is law."
The next morning Major McKinley
answered as follows: "I acknowledge
the receipt of your courteous message
of congratulation . with thuuks, aud
beg you will receive my best wishes
for your health and happiness."
These men are "all right "
Grant county has always been the
home of the independent voter. The
party cry could never carry a ticket
through. The vote of two years ao
Is a fair sample of the vole for many
years. Of the seventeen names on
the tickets eight republicans aud nine
democrats received pluralities, uo
more evco division could have been
made. The average plurality of the
eight republicans was 87 and of the
nine democrats was 10G. If the votes
had been evenly divided there would
have been a democratic plurality av
eraging 12.
This year the returns are different
No republican received a majority of
the votes In Grant county. That the
Voters of the county arc still inde
pendent is shown by the d I (Terence In
the democratic majorities, running
from 052 for congressman to 41 for col
ector, the average being .150. Looking
over the majorities it will be seen
that they naturally form three groups,
viz: (1) The congressional ticket
with a majority of 'JÓ2. (2) The leg
islative ticket, with an average malor
HyofSOO, (3) The county ticket,
with an average majority of 2Ó8.
What do these differences signify,
and what caused them?
The trouble among Grant county
republicans Commenced before the
county convention last March and
nothing has happened since to lessen
the differences. The disgraceful
squabbles between would be leaders
has bad a continuous influence on the
campaign. Out this has not been the
chief trouble.
At the Las Vegas convention the
mcti In power, hungry for the pie that
Major McKinley would cut, decided
on a practical endorsement of the St.
Louis platform. The delegates from
the south protested, saying that their
constituents had ever believed that
the republican party of the territory
bad always been in favor of free silver,
the delegates from Grant told the men
in power that the voters in this county
could not be herded to the polls like
Kheep and made to vole as directed.
The protests were unavailing, the
warnings were sneered at and the
gold plank was adopted. This re
sulted la every southern count giv
ing Fergusson a large majority and
electing him.
The republicans of Grant, still be
lieving as they always have on the sil
ver question, expressed themselves in
no uncertain terms In their platform
The effect of this Is shown iu the re
mits. Of the 475 men w ho bad for
merly voted the republican ticket and
refused to do so this year, only 125 con
cluded to let the hide go willi the
horns, and voted the county demo
cratic ticket. The legislative ticket,
which stood partly on both platforms
was notas badly beaten as the territo
rial ticket but was worse beaten than
the county ticket.
If Mr. Catron and his friends had
not repudiated the Socorro platform
of 1804 there is no reason to doubt he
would have been elected, the legisla
ture would have been republican and a
portion of the Grant couuty republi
can ticket would Lave been choseu.
In passing It mfjht l mciitioued
that ou the county ticket the two re
publicans against whom the largest
number of votes were cast were Mr.
l'errault and Mr. Splller, and these
two unfortunate gentlemen wero
known to faiuo as the olltlcal prote
ges of the editor of the Silver City En
terprise. Whether there Is any con
nection between thce facts the Liu-
kra Is not Id a posittou to accurately
All of which Is referred to tue care
f til and prayerful consideration of the
republican leaders of the couuty and
the territory.
The election returns show that Mc
Kinley carried the following states:
California, Connectlct, Dclcwnre, Ill
inois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Ma
ryland. Maine, Massachusetts, Mlchi"
liiiu, Minnesota, New Hampshire. New
Jersey, Now York, North Dakota.
Ohio. Oregon, Pennsylvania, Ilhode
Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West
Virginia and Wisconsin, with an elec
toral vote of 277, and a popular plu
rality nf 1,013,000. Itryan carried the
following states: Alabama, Arkansas,
Colorada, Florida, Georgia, Idilio,
Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Mis
souri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada,
North Carolina, South Carolina, Tex
as. Virginia and Washington, with an
electoral vole of 1"5 and a popular
plurality of ó4fl,!00. Tennessee and
Wyoming, with 15 electoral vote's, are
still in doubt. McKinley has 53 more
electoral voles than he needed to he
elected and ho has a popular plurality
of 1,00(1, UK).
Ferguson carried the territory by
about 1,300. His largest majority was
In Grant county, ÜÓ.!. Catron carried
only three count i '8, Ilerualillo by C00,
Itio Arriba by 200 and Valencia by
1,400. The legislature Is democratic
In both blanches. All the republican
candidates for the legislature carried
Dona Ana county, but the democratic
majorities in Grant county were quite
large enough to overcome them. The
entire republican ticket, was elected
in Dona Ana county, for the first time
in years.
Durinor many years residence In the
far west 1 had many opportunities lor
observing the wondeitul effects ol
Chamberlain s colic, cholera mu ill
arrhoea remcdv. Itsoflleacy wasdeni
oustraied in the alkali regions, wlieie
the waler produces violent purging.
It allayed the attack when all oilier
remedies fulled. I repeatedly saw the
the greatest distress from diarrhoea
cured in a few minutes. I used the
remedy myself with most sat isfacti
ry rcstilis, and can recommend il for
the complaints for which It is indi
cared. II. V. Gilingham, editor of
the ltepiibllcan, l'hoenixville, la
fur saie at the Eagle drug store.
Mow to Ward utr ail Attack of Croup.
Ill speaking of this much dreaded
disease Mr. C. M. Dixon, of l'leasam
Uidge, l'a., said: "1 have a little girl
who is troubled frequently during the
winter months with croupy ulfecuons.
Whenever the Urst. symptoms occur
my wifcglves her Chamberlain's cough
remedy, and the result is always
prompt and satisfactory." This rem
edy is used by thousands of mothers
throughout the foiled States, also In
many foreign countries and always
v. ilii perfect success. It is only neces
sary to give II. freely when the child
becomes hoarse or as sson as the croup
cough appears and all symptoms of
croup will disappear. For sale at. 25
and 50 cents per bottle at the Eagle
drug store.
Mallard's ituoiv l.iniiiieut.
Tills invaluable remedy is itm that
ought to be iu every household. It
will cure your rheumatism, neuralgia,
sprains, cuts bruises, burns, frosted
lect aud ears, sore throat and tore
chest.. If you have lame back it will
cure It. It penetrates to the seat of
the disease. It will cure stilt joints
ami contracted muscles alter all rem
edies have failed. Those who have
been cripples for years have used Hal
lard's snow liniment, and thrown away
their crutches and been able to walk
as well as ever. 1 1 wili cure you. Price
50 cents. Free trial bottle at Eagle
drug store. 1
A Sonad Liver M i It 94 Well Man,
' Are you bilious, constipated or troub
led with jaundice, sick headache hail
tasto in mouth, foul breath, coaled
tongue, dyspepsia, Indigestion, hoi dry
skin, pain iu h ick anil between sluiul
ders, chills and lever, etc. If you
have any of these symptoms your liver
is out of order, and your blood is be
ing poisoned because your liver does
not act promptly, llertiine will cure
any disease of the liver stomach or
bowels. It has no equal as a liver
medicine, l'rlce 75 cents. Free trial
bottle at Eagle drug store,
You are In a Hud Fix
Hut we will euro yun if you will piiy u.
Meo who hid Wl-nit. Nrvou and di-luli-tllteil
mitl.'r'og from Nrvniis Debility.
S'üirmil weakness, ami ti'l the tttiT.U of
eailyevil balms, or Liter imliaiTutinus,
wlii.-li lead to 1'n'iriutiire IVcay. cciiiini
tion or Insanity. ImiiI.I -nd for kimI ieud
tue Look of li!'," (riving tjrf irulara fur
d liuine fiir. 8?rit (sealed) IYi by il
ri" nj 1. Partir' .Vb"lie,il nn. mirgi
cl inliti 151 North Spruce Si., N;i.h
villf, Tnn. T liny ifi iMiih'H a ur' or no
pwy . TlieSundsy Ylnmipu.
Mall ami -:prom t.lne.
Stage leaves Sotomonvllle M.onda.vs,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 a. in.,
ami arrives at Duncan at 12 in., mak
ing close connect ion with the A. X
N. M. Ky. Leaves Duncan Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Friiinyn at 12 ni.,
arrlv lug at Solomon ville at 0 p. in.
TliU line is cquiped with rlej-alif
Conooko Coaches, Fine Stock, and
careful drivers.
Fare $.". Low charges. for extra
baggage. Tho quickest ami safest
routo to exprcs-s matter to Solomon
ville. Noaii Gi:kn, I'rop.
Siiloi'iom ille. A. T.
Caused by torpid livor It promptly n-L.-vuil
hy a few doses of the favorita cathartic,
Hood's Pills
Easy to Uke, tay to opcram. Hi ccutj.
Hora Throat Quickly Corad.
Not long ago In sneaking of Bore
throat and the difllculty frequently
experienced In curing it, Mr. J. K.
I bomas, of L móndale, ra., told how
he h;id often cured It In his own fami
ly. We give it In his own words: "1
have frequently used Chamberlain's
pain balm In my family for sore throat
and It has effected a speedy cure In ev
ery instance. I would not think of
getting along In my home without It."
rain Halm also cures rheumatism,
sprains and bruises. For sale at 2"
ami 50 cents per battle at the Eagle
druz store.
For Over Filly Yeara.
Mrs Witislow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for over tlfty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
a 1 lavs all pain, cures wind colic, and is
the best remedy for Diarrhu'a. Is
pleasant to the taste. Sold by Drug-
yt.s In every part of the world,
'líwenty-flve cents a bottle. Its value is
incalculable. lie sure and ask for Mrs.
AVinslow's Soothing Syrup, and take no
other kind.
If what gives Ilood'a Barsaparllla its great
popularity, its constantly increasing
sales, and enables it to accomplish its
wonderful and unequalled cure. The
combination, proportion and process
used in preparing llood'i Barsaparllla
are unknown to other medicines, tai
make Ilood'a Barsaparilla
Peculiar to ItseSf
It cures a wide range of diseases becaust
of ita power as a blood purifier. It ceta
directly and positively upon the blood,
and the blood reaches every nook and
cornerof the human system. Thus all
the nerves, múrele, bones and tissues
come under the beueliceut influence of
1 strr tk. xtn
The One True Wood Purifier. $1 per bottle.
, cure l.lver Ills; easy to
nOOU S PUIS take, easy to operate, ase.
Wantsd-An Idea I
Wbo vmn think
one fimpi9
thing toptutF
Protoci Tonr Mra; thrw way tirlug yon Ufaliu.
nvva, WaahinsUHi, 1. t, for their I.ftií ync oiler
&ud lUt oí two liunilxfei lurontloiis wauteil.
Watch maker, Jewel er.
The repairing of watch ,
clocks and Jewelry a specialty.
All work done in a workman
like maimer and guarauteedor
money refunded. Shop locat
ed in the Arizona copper coui
paey's store.
(Late of London, England)
The only Meat Market iu Lordsburg
is now run by
The best meat on the range Is han
dled by us.
I'ouk r in
HkikIW ever) tiling In the line of
JDxy Gccda ana
't'ha tlio Karnirr and Minor wniitH.
E V A TO R A T E I Vil U1TS.
Tnbucru and Fine Clfriiri.
Hay, Uraln, llmin. Onions and other f arm
I'roduuts a claltr.
Great care cxcrclaoil in aelurli.iir thew ar
tii'U-a. All orilni-n fur Korayo and other aup-
pllea filled with proin.tu"M uud at prion
ixinaisUut with Murkct Valuee.
lea! Market.
James T. Toe
A f avorit;roiiort foi tliono who aro In favor
of thejfreeoolmiie of illvcr, Miners, Pros
pectors, Hsnchers anil Stockmen.
Music Every Night.
Wines Ijlq.ucrs
and Olg-ars.
Of tbo most popular brnnila.
Jtorcnct . . Arizona
Fine Wines, Kentucky Whiskies,
Trench lirandics and Im
ported Cigars.
Vlnorino. Whl.fclea da rTeutucky, Cofrna
KranceayPuroa lmportailo.
(jood whiskiet. brandies, wines nnd fin
Hilvana Cisura,
Spanish Opera each ntfe-ht by a troupe of
Tnil'joJ C'o)ctue.
Tho Favorite of Morcncl, Arizona.
Double Stump Whlnlcipn-Ciilirrnla Wines
Warranted l'nre Grape Juice Foreign
and DomeaMo Clgarrt A Quiet Kesort
Uallrand Weakljr Taper Alwuy
on bunil, if tbo mails dou't full.
E . D A V IS, r roprioto r .
Arizona 4; 3Jew Mexico Railway
Timk Tabi.1
No. 12,
Aiifr.23, 1KI4
:ir, in
;ivi p m
Kl p in
1(1 p in
: p in
IK p ...
:li.-. ni
,'J.r. p "i
fió p ID
:(0 p in
" ..Summit..,
l-v... Uuneun...
" ..Sliulilon...
" ...Vorka....
" .. (jiitbna...
" R. rildlnif...
" ..N. Sidinif...
1 r....Cliltou.
Hi :.0 a ni
'J : -O u in
S :2U u m
8:10 a in
7:45 a m
' :2ii a m
7:10a m
t :Vi a m
6: ln a m
0:15 a la
110 p ml Í1
Trains stop on ilirnul.
tVTnilnii run dully except Sunduy,
Cllflon to Nnrth Hiding $.50
houtii Mdinir
lin 1 lirii 1 c.
' tronuilo ' 'mq
1 Ul KH
S noldoa 2.ñ0
" " Diincun 3.;
' Summit 4. hi)
' I.orddbura' 6.Ü6
Children hnhrppn ttvn tinA lwnl . vm
rri bnif firice.
5 v.l ....... . r 1 1 . . ....
b ,...,.i.iin 1.1 1.IIKKIIK0 ciirriua Tree won
eiicbfnli lure, abd úú pounds with eacb bulf
T.1I1I0 supplied with the hest in the
Everything neat and clian.
.... tbk niKM ilai'u . 51 pa irr.
J0. WEUUEfibUfaM, . Mai9(in AIMrnor.
pisioNa HiocDius ron
Atao. for Boidiun .oi1?a'lr itlaal.led In U rtefiof
Burvlv-irs of tl.u lmllan wuroof lAij to 1HVJ, nd
Umu widows, nowfiititkJ. 0;rtauürjt'cuiaiillnis
a pec.nlijr. ThoawiiiU imtltlfd to liii.-liur rut..
6.1.1I lor uew laws. Ha cturgo tor advicu. Sotuu
uulii sucouialul.
rTlil Company Is managed by aomblsatlon of
tba largoat aud most inflaoaUal newspapers la tbs
Kaltcd States, for the express parpóse of pre lect
ins thetr aabaerlaere agulost unscrapLloos and
lncunipment Claüa Admits, and sacb pspw vrlntlnf
tbls udTcrtlssment vouchss fcr the rosrc.MMl.ti.ty aud
oiga stumus; 01 tbs rrsts Clsluis Coe.psny.
EnUh'Wif d In Colormdo, 18Ht. fiamplei by mall or
fioU I Silver Bullion V' tllfifiiii
Aldrsa, 1736 1738 Urraca St., DtiTsr, kit.
Tie Ul mm
Calcera a specialty cf
The Best Table in Town;
Good rooms and comfortable beds.
G-so. lESocfb Proprietor.
Eqnal witk the interest of those having elaisnt against th ewwtuxvtiit
ttiat of INVENTORS, who often lose tha btnefit of valuable iuvintion beeawM
o. the incompetency or inattention of the attorneys employed to obtain thato
patenta, loo much care ennnot be exercised in employing competent and relfc
able solicitor! to procure ttents, for the value of a patent dependa ereaÜT. li
not entirely, upon the care and akill of the attorney. ..
With the Tiew of protecting inventors from worthies or careless attoraeW
and of seeing that inventions are well protected by valid patents, we
retained counsel expert in patent practice, and therefore ar prepared to 1
Obtain Patents in tho United States and all JPoreiszft
Countries, Conduct Interferences, Afaire " Speela)
Examinations, Prosecute Rejected Cases, Registe
Trade-Mnrfcs and Copyrights, Render Opinion as?
to Scope and Validity of Patents, Pro seo ate fi
Defend Infringement Suits, Uto., Etc
If yott have an invention on hand send a sketch or photopraph thrwrf, toi
gether with a brief description of the important features, and yoa will be 06
once advised as to the best course to pursue. Models are seldom neeeeaary. M
others are infringing on your rights, or if von are charged with infringement b5
others, submit the matter to U3 tor a reliable OPINION before, aetiair ea. thS
P. O. Box 385. JOHN WEDDERBURN, Managing Attorney. .
CTThls Crnnpni-y lsmnnugi-d by a combination of the larg-eat and most Influential Bwa
parxis la the United States, for the presa parpóse of protecting thalr aubswrlbaa
against unscrupulous and incompetent Patent Ajreats, and each paper prinUnf this advay
tlaameutrocUafortheTOponsibilltyandhlsHatBndiBgoftlaPTesaaahnCWpn - J
WCutthle out nd e-end It wltri your Inquiry.- I
system will be as free from nicotine as the uay before you took your first chew
or smoke. A iron clad written guarantee to absolutely cure the tobacco bablt
In all Its forms, or money refunded, l'rlce $1. 00 per box nr 3 bexes (30 days
treatment aud guaranteed cure,) $2.50. For sale by all drupirlsts or will be
ent liv mall upon receipt of price. SEND SIX TWO CKNT STAMPS FOR
Booklets and proofs free.
F.urcka Chemical & M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wis.
Ofliec of THE PIONKEll ritKSS COMPAN V. C. W, HmimcK. Supt.
St. i'aul, Wlnu., Hedt. T 18M
Eureka ('IiphiIuhI and M'f'g- Co., I.a Crowie, Wis.
Icur Sun 1 hare bei'ii a tnljacuo lU nd fur many rears, and during tbe past twe year have
sinokud BfUfii to Iwwnly elKiirs reirularly every diiy. My whole iii-rvoim syatrui hevamf
ulluoiid, unlil my p lyslolau told me I niiiht give up llio usoof toliarco lor the time Ijelnu a
Ii'ukL I tried I he m0Hllud " Keelv Cure." " No-To-Hun." and vh-'..hs other remedies bu
wiilioiil suweiM. until 1 auelriemally learnod or your " llaoo-t u- '1 bree weeks hko toda
I ooiiiiiieneiil usina: your preparation, aurt UulBy I consider mil -onipletely eured: I am i,
(..rim I ln.Hllli. and the horrible ora!!! for toliai-co, which every luv-iraie smoker iUj,
apprwiaL-n, liaa completely left lae. 1 eoiihlderyour " llaco-t'uro" simply wonderful. Hu
iiuu fully reuouiuieud it. Yours very truljt C. W. Hoajiio.
aad dou't be imposed upon by buvine a rem
edy that requires you te do so, as"lt in noth
iiiii more than a substitute, lu the sudden
btoppago of tobacco you must have some
stimulant, and in most all cases, the effect
of the stimulant, be it opium, morphine or
other opiates, leaves a far worse habit con
tracted. Ask your drug cist about. Rtrn
f--mM tT 1.
w, " ir . iJU,e1 vegeta
ble, i ou do not have to stoo
using tobacco with LACO
CUilO. It will notify yoa
when to stop and yoHr desire
for tobacco will cease. v.,.

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