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LORDSBURO, FED. 4, 1898.
W. F. Sbrlver was Id from the river
Ibis weelc with a big load of KralQ.
The El Tuso Times blossomed out
'in a dcw dress last Tuesday aod Is
as pretty as a little red wagon.
Tbe Southern Pacific pay car was lo
the city Tuesday, aod was given a
"tousIdk rcueptioo by all employes.
T. W. Falvey's motber aud 6lster,
who have been vlslUltf wltb hlui have
Teturned to tbclr California home.
A. V. lCrobne left for Tucson on the
first where be has a position as
draftsman In the surveyor Keneral's
office. .
Tbe cancellation of stamps at ttye
Lordsburtf postofflce was larger lajft
month than during uoy month in the
history of tbe office.
Edwin Ely was attacked with a
serious slckuess tbe first of the week
and weut to the Sister's hospital at
El Paso for treatment.
The Rev. U. M. Craig, presbyterlan
missionary for New Mexico, Was lo
tbe city the flrstof the wuek return
ing from a Clifton trip. -
Mrs. J. A. Leahy received a' tele
gram announcing the death, of her
younger sister, Miss Paulina McGeeiu,
at Portsmouth, Ontario.
Will. Cassman, who has been actinij
as Held deputy for Utiiied Sute
Marshal Foraker, has resigned and
will return to Silver City.
Mrs. S. P. Simpson, who recently
burled her husband at Siloaui .Springs,
Arkansas, arrived in town Sunday
nigbt to visit with Mrs. W. II. Small.
The sure sigo that the backbone of
winter is broken, and that spring,
geutle Annie, Is with us has appeared,
tbe kids have commenced to pluy
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Ii. B. Adams of Solomonvillc on
list week Thursday. Mr. Adams, who
is counly treasurer, Issued the doctor
a tax receipt on tbe little one.
R. L. Lowder, a long youth from
South Carolina, was In the city the
first of the week, representing H. S.
Hansberger, and let the contract for
carrying the mail between Lordsburg
and Gold Hill for tbe oext four years
to Mart Hill. ,
We have had quite a January thaw
rtu.-iug the past week. The snow Is
all gooe and except in some of the
hmst shady places the ground ha
thoroughly dried out January was
hne of Ihc coldest months In the his
lory of the town and uo one wants t"
tecc another like It.
The west bound pnssenge r train due
here Tuesday night did not arrive un
til Wednesday morning, Hbout twelve
hours late. About an hundred miles
feast of El Paso one of t he cars got into
the ditch, and the time consumed In
getting the wreck cleared away was
the time that the train wa-i late. A
coup!e of the passengers were taken
to the El Paso hospital, the rest of
the passengers who were hurt were
patched up and sent through on the
same train.
The sad news came this week of the
death of Mr. George C. Buell. of
Rochester, New York. Mr. Bue'l
was one of the main" stockholders in
the Pyramid compiny. He has visited
Lordsburg a couple of times and made
many friends here. Resides his In
terests here Mr. Buell was a large
stockholder In tbe New York
Central railroad, a director In one
of the leading banks of Rochester
and the head of one of the largest
wholesale grocery bouses In the Gen
esee valley. . 1
The railroad company has received
the piping for the new well It is bor
iug In the east end of town. Owing
to the large amount of tratnc the well
at Shakespeare Is unable to supply tbe
necessary amount of water. To help
outadouble pumping crew has been
set to work at the Playas valley well,
aod pumps are being put into tbe
wells recently bored east of town.
Water will be pumped directly from
the well into the tanks of the tenders,
It will take about forty minutes to All
one of the large tanks, but this is bet'
ter than being entirely without water.
Tbe Santa Fe-Pacific people got tbe
repairs completed In the tunnel, where
the fire was, last week, and were Just
ready to resume operations, when It
was found that the timbering was
again on Are, As they could not get
at the Ore they had to let It burn out,
and then cool off before work could be
commenced on it again. The tunnel
is built through limestone, which tbe
Are turned Into lime, wblch Is very
soft. It Is extremely dangerous to
work in tbe tunnel, and the workmen
are demanding and getting a dollar an
hour. It is Impossible to say when
tbe company will be able to resume
traffic. In tbe meantime tbe Santa
Fe limited continues to travel over
the Southern Pacific lines, as well as a
great deal of frleght. All tbe train
men on tbla division are getting rich
wltb tbe overtime they are charging
up on account of the extra Santa Fe
Tbe following It a list of the receipts
and expendituresof Grant county dur
ing the past year as furnished the In
dependent by Probate Clerk Young:
Balance In bands of treasurer
Jan. 1 1897 I 7,190 67
Taxes 47,905 18
General Licenses 1,824 68
Gaming Licenses 6,384 00
Liquor Licenses 6,021 50
Fines 697 75
Poll Tax 771 85
Root of Court House 400 00
Collection Berg Bond 2u8 07
Collection Whitchlll Bond. 402 90
Collection Laird Judgment. 1,301 71
73,828 27
County Commissioner's
salary and Mileage 601 64
District Attorney, salary. . . 325 00
Probate Clerk, salary. P. O.
Box rent aod supplUs .... 591 74
Probate Judge, salary, per
diem and supplies 455 89
Treasurer, salary and sup
plies : 305 35
Sheriff, fcediug prisoners,
fees and supplies 3,428 78
Assessors com. on taxes, li
censes and supplies 1,944 40
County Physician, salary .... 304 130
School Superinlendent,salary
ex. teachers aod supplies. . 820 25
School salary teachers' ex
amining board 100 00
Interpreting 38 48
Justice of Peace, fees 437 87
Constables, fees G90 57
Collectors, supplies 40 72
Road Supervisors, salary,
materials 320 00
Court House and Jail, sup-
piles and repairs 1,027 20
Jailor and Guards, salary... 1,471 17
Paupers, burial aud food log 348 03
Stenographing 97 46
Witness fees aud mileage.. 63 63
Printing 555 70
Transportation 10 5"
Election expenses, brioging
in ballot Uixes, 1897 12 90
Election expenses, registers
of election 1894 324 00
Janitor during court 29 00
Bounty on wild animals.... 180 00
Judgments 8,113 93
Court Fund', 9,502
School Fund 21,004 20
Illegal levy 15 44
lulerest on Couuoos 9,474 00
lialnocc iu hands of Treas
urer, Jan. 1 1898 10,999 90
$73,828 27
The Unhed States grand Jury at
.Santa Fe which has been Investigat
ing the rumors of bribery in the legis
latures, has made its report to the
court. It found no indictments. It
eported that it had no doubt tint a
great deal of bribery had been com
mined, but as it was so long ago all
the witnesses had ''forgotten" about
any specific case. According to its re
port the most of the bribery had been
committed over bills providing" for
divisions of counties, removing county
seats, fuudiog indebtedness of the
territory and reducing the fees of
county officer. It seem to think that
bribery. had been committed both for
and against nil these bills. Ii recom-
mendudto the court the calling of a
grand Jury In Santa Fe about the
time the next legislature adjourns,
when the, matter would be fresh In
the n 1 1 rL- of witnesses, and before
they bad time to cool off, then If the
next legislature is as bad as th I:t
two have bad the reputation of being.
It U quite probable indictments
would be found, and if they were
not found the scandal on the good
name of the territory would be
Tbe Wlllcox News baa the following
account of a fatal accident which
occurred Sunday: By an unfortunate
accidental Duval, the first railroad
siding west of Wlllcox, a brakemao
named James Lutber IUirkett, was In
stantly killed Sunday by being run
over by a heavy train. He had just
cut the train loose from the engine,
which was to run to this point for
water, and It is supposed that lo
attempting to set the air brake he
lost bis balance and fell under the
wheels. The body was so mangled
that it was brought to Wlllcox In a
blanket. Sunday night a telegram
was received, requesting that the
remains be forwarded to bis family
at Sao Jose, California, but owing to
their condition early Interment was
rendered imperative. The body was
therefore placed In a handsome casket
by Agent Lean and deposited In tbe
Wlllcox cemetery. The coroner's in
quest resulted in a verdict of accldeu
tal death. Mr. Burkett was a native
of North Carolina, aged thirty two
yeirs. The accident happened on bis
third run over this division.
Last week W. B. Walton wrote the
Liberal that he would soon give his
undivided attention to tbe Doming
Headlight. Tbe next day after writ
ing this letter be sold the Headlight
to Messrs. Whltten and Long, who
have ordered new material and
promise to have the Headlight out
this week iu lis usual size and with Its
usual brilliancy. The Liberal ex
tends to the new proprietors Its best
.wishes for a prosperous business
It Isn't mneh tremble
for a really healthy mu
to be good humored.
Jollity and, exbnSerant health sre a pro
verbial combination. The hearty man who
is always lnnpr HiiiR doesn't have any trouble
with his digestion. It has been said that
laughing makes people healthy. The truth
ia that health makes people laugh.
It ia impossible to estimate the tre
mendous influence of health upon human
character. A man with a headache will
not be in a happy, contented frame of
mind. A man who suffers from a weak
atoraach and an Impaired digestion will sit
and grumble through the best meal ever
prepared. A bilious man who is not a
bore, ia deserving of a place in a museum.
A nervous rasa who is not petulent and
fault-finding is a curiosity. All these con
ditions lead to grave diseases, when the
victim becomes not only disagreeable, but
dependent as well. A wise wife will real
ize that while the old saying that a "man's
heart is in his stomach," Is not literally
true, it is a fact that his stomach sweetens
or sours his character according as it is
healthy or unhealthy. Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery is the best of medicines
for the conditions described. It makes
the weak stomach strong, the impaired
digestion perfect, invigorates the liver,
purifies and enriches the blood and tone
the serves. It tears down half-dead, inert
tisanes and replaces them with the firm
tnuscular tissues of health. It builds new
and healthy nerve fibres and brain cells.
It dissipates nervnnsneas and melancholy
and imparts mental elasticity an 1 courage.
It is the best of all known medicines for
nervous disorders.
"Through your skinful treatment I am once
more a well man," writes I. N. Arnold, Ksq., of
Gaudy. Logan Co.. Nebr. I suffered for years
and could not find relief until I commenced
tn king your '(.olden Medical Discovery.' I suf
fered with constipation and torpidity of liver
which resulted in irritation of the prostate and
Inflammation of the bladder. I had only takes
one bottle when I found great relief. The mcd
cine has effected a permanent cure."
Charlie Gardiner was in the city the
first of the week. He says that he
has found some fine placer ground a
few miles west of Gold Hill, which
runs from five to thirty cents per
pan. He has located seven claims,
and when he gels all the gold ex
tracted from these claims ho will be
rich. He recently shipped four
ounces of dust from these claims at
Silver City.
Col. "Spud" Murphev returned the
first of the week from Chicago where
he had been to have his eye treated.
The treatment was partliilly success
ful as he is able to sec a little, l-.UL 't
is probable he will never recover tl.e
full use of the Injured eye.
Mr. F. C. lielhig, n prominent drug
gist of Lyuchiiurg, Va., says: "One
of our citizens was cured of rheuma
tism of two years standing, by one
bottle of Chamberlain's pain balm.
t his liniment is famous for its cures
of rheumatism; thousands have been
delighted with the prompt relief
which it h lords. Fur sale by the
Kagle Drug Store.
Notice is hereby given that no per
son, without, written auihority from
me. except . i tugues, sr., is anowea
eo haudle, or sell any of my property,
or V incur any debts which will be
chagalle on my property, cattle or
uivc stock.
.Mr", jane uugnes.
Dated Lordhurur. N. M Feh. 1, 1808
In tho Territory of New Mexico,
At tho closo of business January 8. A. D
ISM, utter deducting R.iponsos, Taxes huiI
oinl-annuul dividends of tour por cent (t pur
cent) from undivided pnmis.
Loans and discounts
Binds, Stocks, Becuritios,
Bunking houso furniture aud
Amount on deposits with bunk v.
Cash on hund In bunk vuult
Total resources
Cupitul stock paid In
Und'vidd pronta not
Individual deposits I119.71i.ja
Demand oertlttuates of de
posit 8.KI1.S5
Due to other banks t,084.8J
Total deposits
Total Liabilities I102.8W.
Territory of Now Mexico, County of Grant,ss:
I, Lou H Brown, Cashier of tbe above namod
bunk, do solemnly swear that the above atato
ment Is truo to tho beat of my knowledge and
Lon H. Brows:.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Srd
day of January, A. D. 1MM.
Waltir H. Ouinev,
Notary Public.
Cosbxct Attest: Jobm Corbitt
James P. Bthon
Beven year's experience In general prao
tloe in Tenueasos and New Mexloo.
Will praotloe In the
Mexico and Arlione.
territories of New
Attorney and Solicitor,
All business will receive prompt attention
Oflioe : Rooms and
Bullard street.
4 Shepherd Uulldlug
A man Who has nrar.tlCRil mprilclno
for 40 years, ouifht to know salt from
sugar, read what be says:
Toledo, O., Jan. 10, 1887.
Messrs. F. J. Cheney & Co. Oentle-
men: 1 have been In the general
practice of medicine for most 40 years,
and would say that In all my practice
and experienco have never seen a
preparation that I could prescribe
with as much confidence of success as
can Hall's Catarrh Cure, manu
factured by you. Have prescribed it
a great many times and its effect is
wonderful, and would say In conclu
sion that I have yet to find a caso of
Catarrh that it wonld not cure, if they
would take it according to directions.
Yours Truly,
L. L. Goitsucn, M. D.
Office, 225 SummltSt.
We will give tlOO for any cate of
Catarrh that can not be cured with
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Taken Inter
F. J. vJHEVET (jo., lTops., Toledo,
O. Sold by Druggists, 75.
If yoo want to buy a watch, clock or di
amond, or if you want yonr watch re
paired in first class shape tend to
Bronson Block, El Paso Texas.
W.L. Douglas
s-" BHfJ C KTOl LMASli
Over On Million People wear tbo
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
All our fltioes are equally satisfactory
They give the best valuo fo the money.
They equal custom shoes In style and fit.
Their wearing qualities are snaurpasscd.
The prices srs unlionn, siJwnpea on soisv.
From i to í J saved ever other makes.
It your dealer cannot supply you wo can. Sold by
dealer, whose numo will shortly appear here
Agents wanted Apply at once.
Subscription Agency.
Tin LiBXHAl has made arrangements to
Persons wishing to silsc4lle for any period
leal can louvo their subscriptions at this oSioo
and will receive the paier or magaxine
through tho poatoflloe without any trouble or
Oltloe of th t'blef Qiiartorinustor,
Itenvnr ilnrtw1, .1 une Ü. 1KU7. Heulod Iro-
posuls In triplicate, will I received here
and at office of Quartermaster at each post
below named until U o'clock A. M 1 th
iiieridlnn time. July Í, ln7, and then opened
for furnMitng Forage ami Utraw at Forts
Anaohn. (irMtit. Htiiu-hlH-H. sub-nost or nan
f'HilcMaiid Whipple Hnrriu-ks, Arizona Ter-
r torr. Forts Biivnnl anil wingato, new mox'
leo. Flirts DmitrlHM and DuChesno. ITttth. and
Fort Logan ami Denver, 'moruno, uuring tne
ftscul year ending June .111. 1WS. Proosal
for fiii&ntitfea Ihhn than the whole rooutred.
or for delivery at points other than those
natneu will no enieriaiuao. i nu ngui is re
served b relent nnv or all nmnoHMls or any
part thereof. Information furnished on ap
plication here or at ornees or resiwotive fosr
Oiinrtermnators. Knrelones to be marked
"Proposals for Forage and Straw." E. B. AT-
WOOD. Chief Quartermaster.
RY 11. 1HUS.,
To R. J. Long:
Ynu are hereby notinoa that
tho Steeple
Rock Development company has expeuil
)uny has exneuIl
during the yettr one hundred dollars and
during the yenr 1HH7 one hundred dollars. In
UtNir and Impsnvemetits upon the King n ine,
situate in Sternio Rock miiiiur district. Gran
oouuty. New Mexico, tho location notice of
wnicn is rounn or rooora in hook i.t oi mining
locutions on ire Sid. in the offlno of tho recorder
of said county, iu order to hold said claim un
der the provisions of soctlon 2:c;4 of the ro-
visea smtutes ot inn unncn marcs ana me
amendments thereto approved January t.
1K4). concerning annual labor upon mining
if within ninety nays from tbe personal ser-
vico upon you of this notice or within ninety
days after the publication thereof, should per
sonal service not be mudo, you fall or refuse
to contrtiiuta your proportion oí suca ox
neiidltores as co-owner rour Interest in the
claim will become the property of the under-
signed company, vour co-owner, wnicn use
tuailn the rviiifnd expenditures.
IlySANroKD Robinson,
Its duly authorised ageuu
First publication J an 14. law).
To Forest N. Handy.
You are ncruoy notiiea mat I nave expend
ed one hundred dollars In labor and lniprove
menton the Volcano lode situated In tbe Kim
ball milling district. Orantoounty, New Mex
loo as skown by proof of lalior recorded
In Hook ikl of doer's, pagea 12 and lis)
In the office of the reoordor of said
lO.inty, in enter 'o hold said premises under
the provisions of section C4 revised statutes
of the United R Is tos,, being the amount re-
Íuired to hold the same for the year ending
eoinlorai. Hurt, tnd if within ninety dun
from tbe publication of this notice you fall or
refuse to contribuís- our proportion of such
expenditure as oo-o jer, together with the
costs of this publication, your lulerest In said
claim will become the property of tbe sub
scriber under said section ;
P. fl. Buita
It Is A Fact
Is The Very Best.
Ask Agents at above points or those named
bcluw fur routes, rates and foldera.
General Agent.
El Paso.
t W. J, III.At'K,
O. P. Agent, Tope k a.
Cholee Wines, Liquors and. Havana Clga-s
Operatic and other musical selections ren.
dored each nignt for the entertain
ment of patrons.
Dnlly and weekly newspapers and other peri
odicals ou Ble,
For full panículo. callón
Hugh Mullen - Prop
First National Bant
At the closo of businoss on
DECEMBER 15, 1897.
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts, secured and
U. K. Hoods to sccuro cir
culation Stocks, securities. Judg
ments, cluims, eto
Bunking Iioiihu, furniture
cud ilxturcs
Other real estate uud
mortgages owned
Doe front other Natlonul
Hunks I
1UU.0H0 00
32.000 00
T.1S0 00
Due trnm Suite Hanks
and Hankers
Due from approved re
serve agents lll.aa.W
Checks ami othor ousn
Mills of other Hanks
Fractional paper curren
cy, nickels and cents
Lawful money reservo in
bank, viz:
Legal tendor notes
Redemption fund with IT.
B. Treasurer (6 per oent
At circulation)
17.3UU.00 03,124.71
4.600 00
Capital stock paid In Iioo.ono 00
Surplus fund SU.UUO 00
Undivided nmnts less ex
penses and tuxes paid.. 10,626.78
National Uank notes out
standing 00,000 00
Due other National Hanks! D0.m4.G0
Duo Ktato Hanks and
4lnnknra 22,916.36
Individual deposits sub
ject to check 877,161.73
Certified cheeks
Demand certificates of do-
poslt Wl.Wl.OT
Cashier's ch'ksouUtund'K S,LA).M &K0.813.38
SH: I. U. 8, Htewiirt, conbler of the above
named bank, do solemnly sweur that the
u'.Kivn statement Is true to the best of my
knowledge aud belief. V. 0. Htcwurt,
Subscribed and sworn to before mu this
31st day of July, 1HV7.
RtcHAnnT. Mrnors.
Notary Public. Kl Paso Co,. Texas.
ConnECT tuist: Joshua 8. lt kii,d,
J. F. Williams,
News and Opinions
National Importance
a year.
Ü a year
is thy
aper In the
d Saturdays
f.tny, C. C,
O. H.
Santa Fe
Subscribo for tnd advertías
The Western Li
Fubllsaed a'c
RICH Mining Ckmps, Fme'.tsra and Redil
tion Works surrouud us
0TJR Nearest Pañería at Silver City, a
taucs of fifty miles.
ÜPON the North of us lies Malone and Bteé
plo Rock.
JJORTHKA9T lies Gold HtU.
" , ,.:.ih in
gOLTn of us are Bhakapesre and Pyramid,
gOCTH W EST I s GsylorsvlUe.
"tr EST are 8tcln's Pass and the Volcano Die
11 trlot.
NORTHWEST aro B'.ceple Rock and East
lsthe Depot of suppllos for this estensivt
mining district and for the hundreds of
Loca tod from
On the North to the
On the flout
Covers sll this vast territory snd is devoted
the lute res ui of.
And In fact all who live In thtaseoUor- or Sf -
its welfare in view.
Mexican Line
Tersas of Isbsertptlosi
One Tar S3 .
Six months... 1 15'
rtiree inootb 1 0
Advertising Rates subject so special sor
PublUbed every Friday at

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