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mu ' Mita
abMripttoa For Tenr.
Single Copiad
VOL. XI, NO 14.
w Mexico
Subscription Prices.
rrae Months l I
.-If Months 1 It
One Vear W
Subscription Always Payableln Advance.
H. B. Fcrgusaon Delegate to Conirrr-
M. A. Outo.
. ..liovoruot
Ueo. 11. Wnlluco.
. hos. S. Kintlli...
' ui, 1. !...
H. II. Kninitton.
N. II LauKhltu,
It. ÜHIltS
Vuiuby Vanea....
A. h. Morrison. ..
W. It. Ciilluors...
C M. I'orakor. ..
W. i.l timaii. ..
.Ciller Jiixtivv
... .Associates
..Uuileil tltilloa Col rctor
..U. 8. District Attorney
, U. 8. Marshul
Deputy U. 8. Mumhul
17. 8. t ual Mine limix'ctor
J. W. rloinlliK
Jamns II. Walker. Santa Ko, Hug. Laud Office
Pedro Delirad, Bantu ro neo. iHiia wmx
E. K. 8luder. Ijir. Crimen Ilea?. Land Office
J. i. A. rute. Ln Cruce Itoo. Land Offli
HI hnril V. in II. Koswell HoK. LnndOtnoc
W. ll.Oonjfrore. lfcwwell Ueo. Lund Oflloo
W.W. Iloylrt. Kulmiui Ko(f. I.ni imiiuo
II C. Plchloi IUkj. Laud Olitw
A. n. Kail
.. Solid tor-(!enern-
Diet. Attorney
J. II. 'Tint, Hnnin Ke
II t. "uiiiic l.K.C'riKfll...
T. . Finical, Albuquerque
T. rt. Hollín Bllrcr City ...
K. V. I.ouir. l.aa Veiraa ....
John Prankllii Uuawull ...
H. M. ViuKherty. ttooor o
A.J. Mitchell. llH'nn
8 F Matthew., .itcoiu. ..
tilín K. Smith. Clnjton....
Jo Hnvura I.lbrnritui
H. lUrlr!lfive Clerk nuprrmc Court
K. H. 'vrhinmiu Hunt. Peulteiiitnrv
II n. Her'aey Adjutant Oenurul
Htmurl Klilixii Treamitw
atareollniillarclH auditor
I'tituldlo 8anduTal...8iipt. Public Instruction
W. K "urtiii Coal Oil lnsneetoi
J. I). Huirnos Public 1'rlntcr
jiM -nh It. Ueii of Town. Chief Justino.
AXHixMiric .Iits-ru'in Wilbur K. Moiic. cl
rilfilo: Tho'ii-n C. Fuller, of North enroll
o William M. Murray, of Tennessee; Konry
r iiiHu. or ñau.
Vatthew U. Iteynot'lK, or Missouri, U. 8.
Mnrtin Mniior 1
N.J, Hit-ka V.. ..County Coinmlxsloners
A..i.i;iirv )
It. V. X'wham Probate Juilirt
K. M. 01111...-. Piulmto Clerk
Jtai) fl. i.llltt Aa.eMor
win. (t. xtnAfee Sheriff
I4.0. Me'lraili SuhiKii 8uiurlntendoiil
JimM ü. cirtitr ireiimnei
J. I.. lluniHld Coll'etor
VTItKr ('.. W.illis 8urvoyoi
Ia,tua Uiveus Ciiromti
M. W. MjOrath Juiitlce of t'.io Peiiee
N. O Har.iln constable
Ke.i.xil Director-- U. Ownliy W. H. Mur
bleandlW. II, Conner.
Soatharn SPjcific Ecilroad.
Lord.lia Tlmv 1 abla.
P. M
f aaaeuger.
. J:4fi
A. M
I ntlus ruu hi racinn rune.
T. 11. flimi'MAN.
Snnrrinteindent, Gen. pais, and Tkt. Agt
3. ICuDTiKHNI , Uoneru Alauanor.
Arinoim Mew .Meneo Hallway.
rr-rnVbur I:nf
lluuonn S:lu
I'liltoii I'M
tir.hnrif ,
Trains run dally except Sunday.
. liilF
, H:20
. 10:80
United BWW Court Commissioner author
rU to transact L-tii I Ofnce business,
tordsburir New Mexico
Physician andRurgeon.
New Moxloo
OIBoe In the Arlriua Popper Company's Build
ing west stuu 01 niver.
Cliitoxi - Arizona,
Attorneys and Connaollore at Law,
Prompt Attention given to all business
ntrustod to our oaro.
wm practice In all tho oourts and land o
tno torriw j .
romptttteaonivento all business en
Doe aha lor me f Thai to Qr a
Far too deep for me to know.
Do the aweet Upe always apeak
From the hoart'a deep orerflow f
Can I tell eaoh Rentle al(h
la the breath of answering lore?
Are the glances of her eye
ForRed by Cupid or by Joto?
Only this to me la known
That I lore her, her alone.
Only this I eiearly see
bhe la more than earth can be
And full half of heaven to me.
Does she love met Do I know
Christ has risen from the totabf
Or whore roaee, when they blow,
Uet their eolor and perfaniel
Velta would have uo mission here.
Hopo would stIH la hearon be.
If I did not trust the dear
Pledges of her lore for me.
Though I eannot prove tt win
By an algébralo alna,
' Vet, aa love dlvlnoly arowa,
It bclievna and feels and know.
Thua through aoul and every 1
Her true love glvne evidenoe,
And I clear and clearer aeo
bhu la more than earth can be
And full half of heaven to me.
Charlea M. Dickinson.
Drnved Her Bnabeuid'e Anger aad
Boosted B!sn to Boceces.
"Know him?" asked one of the two
men talking at th corner aa ho nodded
toward a handsome old gentleman Just
passing by. "io? Well, lir, tiutt'a Dr.
Blank, the noted largoon. I ve kuown
him over lince we used to frequent the
rwlnuaiug hole. Just how long
that was before the war I'm not going
to lay. He beat me iu the race for the
girl that he married, and if he hadn't
the chuncos are that the doctor would
till be driving, night and day, over a
little back county, utteuding to a prac
tice that couldn't pay if it wanted ta
"When they were book there in the
woods and he was performing opera
tiouH that no other member of the pro
fession had thouKUt of undertaking, she
gathered from the talk of f riondly doe
tors in tbe anuio section, that be was
original, daring and fluocciwful. She
begged him to advertise his abilities,
but he sternly rebuked her for asking
him to traliigrebs the ethics of the pro
"But you know how it is whon a bright
woman sets her bond. The doctor's of
fice was a shabby little dcu without
carpet, window shades, pictures or nuy
thing eli but the pluiucst furniture.
Ho remitted all her efforts to' change
this. Onn evening ho camo home from
a UO hours' sUy with - u patient to find
tbut ofTlie so transformed in velvet car
pet, tapestries cud pictures thut he flat
ly declined to cuter it His wile was
away on a visit. Hen hud been thoro,
done tho work and disappeared. There
were no billrf, the homo merchants knew
nothing, and the doctor was so mad that
he advertised everything for sale. The
thing was told in tbe local papers as a
hufio joko, and incidentally thoro were
related somo of tho stories of how bo
took people upurt and put them togotli
or again. City pupcrs copied and city
doctors ridiculed. This riled Blank. He
proved that he had worked greater won
ders than were credited to him, and he
was iainouK. Tho means and the end
were tho work of tho little woman who
had figured them out before giving a se
cret commission to furnish that office."
Detroit Free Press.
Herrmann and the Cheat.
A characteristic story is told of Horr
maun. Tho incident took place at a
well known Loudou club, where ocarte
was one of the favorite ganis iudulged
iu for stakes by no means insignificant.
It was observed that on theje cccaaicns
a certain member almost invariably rose
considerable winner. At length so
marked became tho good fortune of this
member that another detormined to
probe the matter to the bottom. One
evening, accordingly, at his own rooms,
he introduced Herrmann under a false
name to a select party of the members,
among whom figured the suspected one.
At tbe close of the night's amusement,
when the guests had departed, tho host
turned to tho conjurer and demanded
bis opinion. "Nota doubt of it," re
plied Herrmann, "our frioud cheats.
but exactly how I can t say yet. uive
me another chance." A seooud meeting
was subsequently arranged, and play
began. Suddenly Herrmann, looking
straight at the supposed culprit, ex
claimed, "Where did you get that
king?" "Wber?" replied the other.
'Out of the pack, of course," "Impos
sible, my dear sir," retorted Herrmann,
for I happen to have all the four kings
here," and thereupon he calmly drew
them front bis sleeve and laid them on
the table. St. James Gazette.
Proa Beforaa For Babies.
The latest invention In the dress re
form for babies, which is rapidly be
coming more popular, is that all tbe
garments can be put on at once. Tbe
first garment is a princess sl'.p of Una
flannel or crepeline, made with high
neck and long sleeves. The next is a
sleeveless, gorra out of nearly the same
Batter Than Klondike Gold.
Is the health and strength gained by
taking Hood's Sarsaparllla, the great
blood purl Oer. It fortifies tbe whole
system and gives you such strength
that nervous troubles cease, and work
which seemed wearing and laborious,
becomes easy and la cheerfully per
formed. It has done this for others,
it will do It for you.
Hood's Pills are the best family ca
thartio and liver tonic. Gentle re
liable, sure. 8
shape and material, and last' oomes the
nainsook dress. All thro faitea to
gether at the back with three buttons.
The abdominal band is sheer and not
tight, and the foot are left bare.
Bis Pertinent Qneatlon.
He had taken his puniafcment like a
little man and for some time afterward
had been buried in thought.
"Mamma," he said finally.
"Well, Willie?"
"Do you really spank me because 70a
love me so much?"
"That's the reason X punlah ron.
And don't yon love papa at all?"
Chicago Post.
In a London pape a yonn ma tried
woman of title asks 1,000 tor tho dis
charge of tbe duties of a chaperon for
the space of three mouths.
No fewer than 7,688 patents on kltoh-
n utensils have been taken oat at
C r.ly Two Thefts In leelnnd la a Thenaaa4
In Iceland there are no prisons, and
the inhabitants are so honest in theil
habits that such defenses to property ai
lucks, bolts nud bars are not required,
nor. are there auy police in the island.
Yotits history for 1,000 y oars reoordl
no more than two thefts. Of these two"
casos one was that of a native, who wal
detected after stealing several sheop,
but as he bad dono so to suddIt his fam
ily, who woro suffering for want of
food, whon he had broken his ana, pro
visions were furnished to thorn and
work was found for him when able to
do it, and meanwhile ho was placed un
der medical care, but the stigma attach
ed to his crime was considered sufficient
Tho other theft was by a Oorman,
who stole 17 sheep.
But as ho was in comfortable circum
stances and the robbery was malicious
the seutenco passed upon him was that
ho should sell all his property, restore
the value of what he hud stolen and
then leave tho country or l o executed,
and he left at once. But though crina
Is rare in Iceland and its inhabitant!
are distinguished for honesty and puri
ty of morals there is, of course, provi
sien for tho administration of justice,
which consists, first of all, in tho sher
iff's courts; next, by appeals to the
court of three judges at Keikiavik, tho
capital, and lastly in all criminal and
most civil casus to the supreme court at
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, o:
which kingdom tbe island forms a port.
Tbo island of Panaris, one of the Lipuri
group, is equally fortunate in having
neither prisons nor lawyers cud belutf
absolutely destitute of both paupers and
criminals. Boston Transcript.
Versatile Dr. Bedloo.
Among the accomplishments of Dr.
Edward Bedloe of Philadelphia, ths
American consul at Canton, China, il
remarkable skill in mimicry. Ho can
imitate with his voice the accent and
mauuerisma of speech of all the leading
actors and orators as well as a uumlxjf
of musical instruments. His imitation
of the twanging of a banjo aro exceed
ingly accurate. Pome y oars ago Dr.
Bodloe was in a room at the Press club
when several guests were being enter
tained in an adjoining apartment. Ho
had been with the party, but had ex
cused himself on tho plea that ho want
ed to get his banjo. Ho proceeded to
"play" a medley aud did the imitation
bo well that the guests would not be
hove he had not actually srformed on
an instrument nntil he repeated the
imitation in their presence. He is,
moreover, a witty and brilliant conver
sationalist and a most entortuiniug ra
conteur. He has a wonderful memory
and has never been known to tell the
same story twice. Philadelphia Press.
A Little Left.
'All is over between ns," aald the
young man who had found a richer girl
and was trying to take leave of his old
"You ara mistaken," replied she.
All is not over. In foot, my breach of
promise suit has not yet begun."
He postponed the transferor ma aneo
tior.a London Fun.
High Uvor.
De L I should think ths man in tho
moon would nave the gout.
Van X. Why?
Do L Because he liven so high. De
troit Freo Proas.
Strawberry Pronta.
A Kentucky strawberry grower re
ports a oleur profit this season of 7S9. 00
oa seven acres of ground.
Tbe people of liland will not allow
"crooks" lo tbe camp which was lately
demonstrated by the running of two of
these characters down the canyon and
out of town.
Secretary Bliss has recommended to
coogress that an approprltatlon of 130
000 be made to continue irrigation
work on the Navajo Indian reserva
tions ia Arizona and New Mexico.
Krerrbody Bays So.
Cas carets Candy Cathartic, the most won
derful medical discover? of Uie ag, pleas
ant and retreehiDfr to the taste, mst gently
and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels,
cleaualuK the entire avslnai. dlanel colds.
curd haadaolie, fevtr, hubl'.ual coustiiatlon
an l biliousness. Please buy and try a box
of U. ;. a to-day ; 10, as, (W. cents. Bold and
guaranteed to cure by all druvglst.
Highest Honors World'. Fair.
A pure Crape Crenm of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Y tin the StWanL
Tale le tho Time to Olre Attention to
Toar I'hysvleal Condition.
Tbe warmer weather which will
come with ibe approaching spring
months should And you strong and in
robust health, your blood pure and
your appetite goou. Utberwlse you
will be In dancer of serious Illness.
Purify and enrich your blood with
Hood's Sure a pari Ha and thus "prepare
for spring." This medicine makes
rich, red blood and gives vigor and
vitality It will guard ou against
danger from tbe changes which will
soon take place.
A City of Mexico dispatch say:
Mrs. Hearst, widow of Senator Hearst,
of California, has arrived here aud
been cordially greeted, the governor
of tbe federal districts sending one of
the driest, bands to serenade her. Sen
ator llearet was a warm friend of Mex
ico, uDd at the lime of the Cutt ing In
cident displayed his ByuiDathv with
this country and added In resisting
the pressure for war, supporting Presl
dent Cleveland in his paciilc attitude,
hence tho grateful regard In which
tbe memory of the California senator
Is held in Mexico.
vorK is progressing as well as can
he expeoted oil the Cupper King shaft
and it is now down to the depth of 500
feet. 1 lie station on the 500 la com
pleted and fully timbered. After
the work ufsiukitig the shaft to the
C00 foot level a cross-cut will be run on
t he 500 to determine the extent of the
ore body on that level. The shaft be
log In such hard ground is not being
sunk as rapidly as was expected.
Disbee Orb.
Another roiuuncu Is rudely scat
tered by rbo Phoenix Herald, which
says with brutal candor: "The blood
hound as a detective in Arizona is a
failure. The Proscott bloodhound
could not follow a trail ten minutes
old yesterday." Is it possblo that all
those thrills of sympathetic horror in
duced by Mrs. Ktowe have been for
The'.indlcaiious all point to the fact
that during the n.xtfe.v years there
will be much railroad bulldlug in thU
territory. It cannot come any too
soon. iScw Mexico ban been waltinn
for this for ten long weary, dreary
years. Rut there Is a gxid time com
ing. New Mexican.
J. K. Illanton, an old sheepman,
with twenty years experience raising
sheep in this country and who now
has aUne flock of the fleecy fellows on
the- plain east of Fort Summer,
recently refused an offer of 12 25
around for 2,000 lamb and 12,000 bead
of yearlings. llosv.-ell Register.
Parties representing Geo. S. Good
the railroad contractor, are In town
contracting for bay, grain, etc. Camps
will be established at Dog Canyon
Alamo and La Luz uext week and
grading commenced on this end of the
line. Sacramento Chief.
April 1 Is the date named by the coo-
tractor for the rullroad to reach La
Luz. An April fool, as It were, to tbe
old croakers who predicted that the
road would not be built at all. Sacra
mento Chief.
Hlllsboro baa got Silver City be
tween tbe lime and the shale in tbe
United States court removal matter.
And no one knows this better than
theülon, Jo. E. Sheridan, editor of
the Enterprise, says tho Advocate.
There will be a much larger acreage
of wheat planted in the Rio Grande
valley this year than ever before.
Ko-To-Bae for Fifty Coats.
Gnarantoed tobaono habit cure, makes weak
mea su-ontf, Diooo pure, sue, si. Aliaran
To Core Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarete Candy Catbartto. lOe or We.
If 0. 0. 0. lail to euro, drugalaia refund sooner.
Boa t Tobaeot BpU tea Raieka leaf Ltfl Away.
To outs tobáceo easily and forever, be mil
netlo. lull of life, nerve and yltfor, take No-To-Baa,
the wonderworker, that makes weak men
troug. All druzglsta.eCi: or (I. Cure ruaran
teed. Booklet and sampla fro. Address
Burling Kenedy to, Chicago or Ms Yeta.
The Roberts & Leahy
and. Potatoes.
Capital, 53100,000
J. H. RATNOLDR, President.
U. 8. 8TKWAKT. Cashier.
rviun vanntinovmo e
Chemical National Bank
First National Bank
Anglo-Calilorniaa Bank, Limited
Treasurers of the Local Boards
of the
W. U. SMALL, Lorunburg,
J. Q. HOPKIN8, Clifton,
Fidelity pays 20 per ennt. dividends;
Secured by state laws;
Rapid Transit and Express Lin.
Freight and Express Matter Hauled with Care and Delivered witb Dispatch.
PoasengerServiee Unexcelled .
New Concord Coaches Firatelassstock. ExperiencedandCarefulDrivers
N. B.Commeroial travelers witb heavy sample eases are invited to eorreipoa
fot terms, etc.
HENRY HILL, Proprietor.
aJ '
OZS - A.I'ED.)
Stealers lzx Hay, Orala
Snrprcus, 40.CC0
W. ri-OCltNor. Vice Praeldent.
F. WILLIAMS, Asst. Caahl
Nrw Yor
San Francisco
GEO. HOV8B. Morenel
B, 7 and 8 per cent, on
Protected against runs.
Clifton, Arizona.


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