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rnnUhmrot Meted Oct to a 111 holirit
fttudrnt by Socle.! noil the roniry .1
IMltK Man V. ho Krpt I t. p Wlih ITU
Not Drllilant Antecedents.
"TalkitiR Rbout p'iImx." raM mid
Bio brimI limit to n cc-teii'i nt CV.miili. r
lin'd, "reminds mo uf snnirtliinu; tliitt
oocrtrrcd about SO years aio nt llio Uni
versity of Virtióla. Tliut wan uluut tho
liveliest eiocb iu tho bi.vtory i f llio
nuivorsity sinco ti n vinr, or for that
mat tor of tbitt beforo It, vl:i'ii tlio life
led by the students is taken into ecu-Rid'-rntion.
There win o cvtr.vd cf
devil may raro ym.ug men there, mot
of .'bent with jilcuty f money, nud
they made Charlottesville and sur
rnnnding Albcmnrlo fairly hum. Three
kindred spirit formed a society which
took the name of 'Eli liauauas. ' "
1I re the rprnkor smiled at evidently
amusing rcmiuibcenccs. "Thi ro is no
telling Vfbnt the 'Eli liuuauas' didn't
rio. For the quintessence of mischief
and devilment tlioy took the Inoréis.
There was nothing downright bud nl.oot
them, bat their antics were awful. l"au
tuKtio wero tho tricks they played and
, orotopmie their jokes. Uetwrcn frenks
the Klin were prone to poker, and it was
customary down there for the playeas
to aasemblu at this or that student's
room. That brings me to my Mory. Ous
cotcrio of poker players comprincd sens
of some of tho best kuowu and weulthi
est men in the south, mid into it was
introduced a young Yirgiuiun who was
gifted with many attractive, traits appar
cutly, Lot wboie antecedents wero not
particularly brilliant. I'll call him Dick
Lurk, but thut wasn't his uuuin.
"Aloft of tbo other fellows iu tho co-
torio hud roommates who wero Lolling
tip for the liunl examinations. It wp.a
well along iu tho spring, and Lurk bed
quarters to himself on East Lawn. Con
iwqocutly tho poker begun to bo pliyed
exclusively in his room. When the
evenir eecmcd jropitions, tho word
would bo passed arouud at supper that
'three Kentnck' would bo iu order, and
la 8 o'clock or thereabout the pluycrs
would iisecmblo at Lurk's. Lurk's luck
Was stupendous. lío won steadily, and
as the gamo was pretty stilT his win
uiugs wero substantial. It was noticed
after awbilo that ho ulways pasted out
whuu somebody had a particularly big
bund on somebody tlsu i deal, tot that
lie always bold a top hi. ml when there
Were big cues out against each other on
bio own deal. Theu somebody noticed
that tho semis were always broken cu
tho half dozen now decks cf cards pro
vided each uigbt beforo the gauio begun
aud that Lurk iu dealing always cloirely
scrutinized the cards us ho (javo thuui
"At last ouo night tbo sou of a fa
moua Confederate general who now
lives iu Baltimore becamo convinced
that Lurk was cheating. Picking op the
deck thut Lurk bud just dealt aud out
of which ho bud got a hand with four
queens againrt an ace full held by a
young Kcutuckiau tho young uiuu said
" 't'ouioouo ia cheating at this gamo.
and, Lurk, I think it's you.'
"Now, ut tho University cf Virginia
such a declaration, if Improved, mcuut
somebody's death to a certainty, and iu
nil instant tbo party was ou its feet,
" 'Just wait a minute, goutlunicu,
said tbo accuser qnietly. '1'vo been
watching this man. Let soma ouo oxam-
lue tho tacks of theso cards with this
uiuguifyiug glues.'
"The Keutuckiau took tho glass and
Closely scanned the geometrical deüiyus
ou the backs of tho cards.
" 'By Cussarl' ho ejaculated. 'Every
court curd is distinctly marked I' Lxam
ination by the othor players quickly
proved the truth of this.
"There was a consultation over what
should Le dono with Lurk, who stood
with bead hung down, overwhelmed
with the proof against him. It was do
cided that he was not worth calling out,
as he was uot a gentletnau, aud the ver
flict was that he should make restitn
lion of all tho money he had won since
bis participation in the game and suffer
ostracism in the university. IIo wus
ompellud to sit down aud write out a
ébeek for all tho money ho had won.
the memorandum books of tho other
players showing the amounts they had
lost at varieVs times, ami he was kept
Under surveillance nutil the Charlottes
ville bank, iu which he kept a heuvy
account, opeued next morning. One of
the party rode down to Charlottesville
and cashed the chock, and then tho sen
tence of ostracism went Into effect.
"Thai fellow had the unheard of tf
front cry to remain at the university uu
til tbo finals wero completed. He was
there sis weeks. No student or professor
or servant or townsman, no man or wo
man, white or black, spoke to him or
took any notice of him. He attended tho
Dual balls, and no one recognized him.
lie was not quizzed iu a lecture room or
addressed by a professor, btill he re
ruaiued nutil the university clewed for
the season, but he might as well have
been iu the middls of the Buhara desert
so far as mterxiurso with people wus
concerned. " Washington fctar.
"Ah," said the Jacksonville man, as
be sat in his luxurious lihta.-y, "thero's
nothing liko a good Havana clgarl"
And over iu Havana the wealthy Cu
ban who wan smoking turued to a friend
and remarked eoetaticallv i "This is
what I rail a good cigar. It's a Florida
product. I Import it myselt " l'hila-
dulpbia North American.
On nearly every block iu Japanese
cities is n publio oven, where, for a
until fee, housewives may have their
diuuers and suppers cooked for them.
"Ifi iabd," said Uncle Ebec. "fob
er man ter exouae a Uy fob UJu us
foolish at 10 yeans ob h as be vrsb
ím'I at 83. Lxthaiiga.
SMOCX f,ÍAr?P,:AC13.
laatunora In Mlrc of a Cno.n Tl-at ri
valled In l:iiK! hnl tt '-. t.i :y Aso.
A l)ai:Ri r lawyer r.i?' t;5 if cu rt In
tho ancient town if Wí.vühm1!, Mo.,
went romiiKifcitsg tcciuly iu tluut U i.ial
coott rtfirils cf t..o Llur.c a:id i:i the
tonifo f hi re:.'!iiifj ran criois the
cfíith'l rcritrit 11 cf "t'utlí nur
rie.tio. " Net kr.i.w I113 ivhut sort cf mar
tinico t'.u.t ;:s linked further nud
cot c';tir!i reblo I i u tit rrion n custom et
that previiiiid i:i l.iikluud a century or
two i;o ni.d also to some citeat iu the
Ameritan colonics.
1 eel; imirtiuges wero weddings
whe le tho brblo appeared dressed iu a
w hito sheet or chemise. Tho reason of
sc.li n furb .was the belief that if a
man married a venían who Was in debt
bo could bo held liable for her indebted'
ids if ho received her with any of her
prop ity, and also thut if a woman mar
ried a emu who was iu debt his credit
ors could uot tako her property to satis
fy their claims if be received nothing
from her. In Lr.gl' nd, says au antiqua
rian, there was at least 0110 case where
tho Irtelo was clothtd peris uaturalibus
whilo the ceremony was bolng per
formed iu tho gicut church i.t Lirmiug-
ham. Tho minister nt first refused to
perform tho ceremony, Lot finding noth
ing in the rul.ric that would excuso him
he married tho pair.
To curry out the luw fully as tho peo-
pío understood it tho ceremony should
ulwuys have bceu pirfi rmcd 03 it was
iu the Kirmiiighani chnrcb. l.ut modes
ty forbid'.iint;, various expedients wero
used to aceomplit'u the desired purposo
aud yet avoid tho uiuiei-iruLle features.
oUiCtirucs tho brido stood in a closet
and put her hand throni;!i n hole in the
door. Sometimes r.ho stood behind
cloth tnrecu and put her baud out at
ono side, aca'n she wouud about her a
white tLett iurtikhcd fur tho purpoio
by tho LriilcarocKi, r.ud sometimes the
Stood Iu her chcti'ijo or smock. . Even
tuully, ia L.:s:ex county nt leaí.í, all im
modesty was avoided by tho bride
groom's fui uiril.il. ,j to the Lrii'.e all the
clothes sho woie, rr(aiuin title to the
samo in himself. This ho did iu the
presence of wituoties, that ho miht
provo tlio fact in ctso ha was sued for
any debts she night bavo contracted. A
marriage of this kind occurred r.t Lrad
ford in ITXI.r.nd the follón iug isntrao
cojiy cf tho record of tho sumo:
Euaokoki, Vo. yo 2-1, 17JJ.
This r.my rortiiic wlmniMnn-rr it i.-.tiy con
cernu that .Imiuih L'ulley of Braüíurci u Ivt wau
uiiiirteu to llie-wie."Af Mary bnooa Ntiv Ij3t
past by mo jo Bubseriín-r tarn ceckniil il. -t In
tooh tau houI i.eeen williur.t nnytein ; er
Into and thai 1-jO.ia I 10 v. llu ot r.:ia-r la. 1 1 .'ink
& Mary liiu who of Thou.nn hlicKai-y & u:i:r
uarot tho v. ifr ut Caleb Curbank o.l of l:ad
turd weiu vitncsi;e.a that tl.o clutboa Hhü tht-n
l.ad ou were of his providing & bcsiowuitf upon
Tfii.i.iAU UAi.cn. Liinistor cr yauospoi
It is noted by tho sumo writer that iu
all cates cf smock murrluges that have
como to bis kuowludgo the brides Lave
been widows.
It ia thought that during tbo reign of
Gcorgo 111 there were ma:iy smcok mar
riages lu Maine, then a part of tbo pro v
iuce of Jdassaehuiotts Kay. chietly in
Liucolu and York couulioscr iu tho tor
ritory which is now so known. TLcro i
nothing to show that tho practico cut
lived tho devolution. Iu Maine up to
ltj52 a husband was liable for dolts of
his wifo contracted before marriugu,
and no such euhterfno us the smock
marriugo could relievo him. New York
What a Healthy Mao Cousnmca la Seven
ty Years of Life.
Taken ull iu all, a healthy man with
a good apronto auu mcue-rute thiretcon
sumes in 70 yeais 00 ' tons cf solid aud
liquid foods. If tho consumer weighs.
say, 150 pounds, be will oat and drink
during bis lifetime 1.S80 times his own
weight. Transforming ull this foodstuff
into mechanical labor, tho strength do
rived would bo Bul'.ieicnt to lift b7,(jtiU,
000 tuns ouo foot from tho ground or to
raise, the Forth biidpu ut Ldiuburgh
which weighs 2ü4,(jOO,ÜUÜ pouuds, to
height of l.Hiiu feet.
Excluding tho first 20 years of a lifo
time, tho quantity of cigarettes con
sumod by a regular smoker who smoke
a dozen every duy would iu GO years
reach tho number of 2 11), 000, or a mou
ster rolled cigarette moro tbau 10 fuel
iu length and about G feet thick, besido
which tho tallest man would rcsembl
a veritable dwarf. A cigar smoker con
Kumiug six of bis favorito brand a day
would during his lifetlmo smoke a g
gautio cigar of moro than 10 foot long
and almost ZK feet thick. It would
weigh 4,410 pounds and would tak
tho suctiou power cf a steam eugiuo
puff it.
As the smoking habit is not necessary
to existence, it is easily seen how much
money a smoker wuttos iu tho course of
years. A piue smoker consumos iu his
lifetimo a half toil of tobauca. New
York Herald.
The Care Dueller a an Artist.
We must remember thut there are no
such things as lines in nature. Whether
we use thorn to represent a human pro
fllu, tbe depth of a shadow, the dark
ness of a cloak or c thundercloud, they
aro mere conventional symbols. They
wero invented a long time ago by a dis
tinguished sportsman who was also a
heaven born amateur artist the John
Leech of his day who engraved fur us
(from lifo) the picture of a mammoth
on one cf its owu tusks. Aud we have
accepted them ever sluoe as tho cheapest
and simplest way of interpreting iu
black and white for tho wood engraver.
Ueorge da Muurier iu Harper's Mag
azine. Th alnalo That 1I Foond ou a Mwktla.
"Xbe other day," said a youug teh-
tlor, "J feceived os a ftifC u ueek
marked aero one end of tbe white tut
lining of which I found a bar of music
Idnn'txd luuttio myself, bat i. tooa
this to somutvily that does, und what
io yon think H -vasf lileit be the tie
that Lliidsl' I thought that was grotty
lick, hi" 'cw York Bun.
Trie -hiiirt, pnrcut find bt fnmUv truMit
Ino In tho world I Ail reluctim! spi-rlllc! f.if
I rtlir tuu-n of tlio l,lvor.HIMnrn ana riipiMi,
lli-eulnto tbe l.lvrr and prevent ( hills una
lover. MAlnrlona rover, llowel CouJulalnU,
íteatla ueu, Jaundice and Nausea.
Knttiln1Rn nTtnnjiant. nothlpí 10 com
mon, n a bad lirentb ; and 111 nearly every
rao II como from tho atomarh, and can bo
eBllv rorrwtod tf you will I11H0 Mllninoua
Ivor ltecula'or. 110 m l nfigwi so ium
ineny lor repulsivo disorder, it wri
ito Imiirovo your appotlto, complexion aua
uucrul health.
shnnld nnt bo regarded as a trtfllnif Rllmont
in fuct, naturo di mnnds the nlmnat rrnularltjr
of the bow-ls, and any deviation front this
demund ptivot thn way ofirn to serious dan-
r. iiir(idlo oh nw.-ssry to remove impuro
fynmiil&t lfn frini 1 lip lowll as It Is t eat
or Bleep, and no henil h ran be expected whore
cuallve nubil ul booy irovaua.
This dlitrenRlnir aflilrtlon occurs most fre-
uently. 'i'he dltturbanco of the sunnae.h,
arising from tte Imperfeetty digested con
tenta, causes severo pain lu tbe bond,
accompanied with dlsairreeablo nausea, and
this consiuuiea wnat is rMpniariy anowu at,
Hick llend:u.-be, for thn relief of which, take
41uiniuu4 Livor Itvgulator.
Una tho Z Btnmp In red on the wrapper
J, IS. ZEIL1N & CO., I'hlladtlpbLu.
fr i-i t
Li I He
'wsp-iprsrit hi United tiUft.
I'MK ('lll(f)N K'1,K tiM noC'tu.tlor, l,e Paclflr
rtmst. It all In ni'tlity. ini rimff an t nwi
tin tfitust nud m.at rI.Aiii9, tia ItHil Nwa ibt
Tu ltrst nti t tjili h st. an I it ttilUurittU frotn tb
nlil4-nt pons in thy co'.mtry.
TIIK (MilíoNlCI.K íifiaKiyBhín.iin.l alwy
til ho. Hit; fi It-it J ittitl clirtmplati of tlifl Mftle u
agnuiMt r'nii'jiniiiUMiH. cll-iiii-s. corNiri.ltiti9, or
opiirfatiout of any kin1 It will liv luJepcodant
in errythlng ti in trail n nutLltig.
Ttis lirnnlrl3 RulKlloa;.
the: daily
II Hat. t'.n'.ti: Tnl I.
OdI$ 6.70 a Year.
The Weekly Chronicle
Tin droit si Vüc'.l; ii Hit fca .!ry,
$1.50 a
(Inrlu'llnt; pímIíiíj!) t- rn p irt oí tiie rittiü-l
HUllt'S, I hiihIh mi l Mmlctt
TflK WKKKIíY cmtuXiri.K. Hie brUhtMi
And mutt complete Wi'i-Uty Nmvuii.v.mr tn ih
world , prinu rt'nlnriy rol iiiiui, r t tlvo
pugri, of Newt, I.Ufr.iLur. nn 1 (lemrul !nf irni
llun; mIu n rmi;iiikh'v'iit Ai u ullural lii'i'uriniuul.
Reversible lap?
The United State3, Dominion of
Canada and Noriliarn Mexico
And th
Hap of the World
Send $2 and Uet ilia Map and
Weekly I lii outclo fw One Yeart
poaiafcu prepaid on M up and l'tpor.
rruprlvior K V f hronlcl,
Bora. Prompt, rsltlve
"J Cum for Impolitic; tntl
- ''."ni JI ,
Of mannooa, amminui
tmliilont. brrmatorr40i
Htruoun98, titlf OíttrUBÚ
lo4t a Utmorii, Ac. If
muht j a bIHONil, Vlgv
ol Man. Pile tl.UO,
Boxt; $& 00.
' with ftuj. AUJrs
or. Louij. mo,
". 1 sl
Texas & Pacific By.
The Great Popular Routb Between tbe
and WASHINGTON, Favorite line to
the north, oast and southeast. PULL
CARS and solid trains
from El Taso to
Dallas, Fort Worth, New Orleans, Memphis
a id 8U Louis.
past Tine ana Snre Connection.
See that your tickets read via Toxat& Pa
cific Hallway. For inups, time tables, ticket
rules und all required Information call ou or
address any of tho ticket ajrents.
U F. DAKUYSHIltK, Ocneta) A(fent, Kl
Paso, Tejns,
Í. P.TntXr.n. Guuiral
Ticket AKt-nt, Dulltts.
Best meals in the city
Good meals 23 and 30 cent", o
Short orders filled.
Everything bran new.
Proprietor from' El Taso.
Open from i a. m. till midnight.
Everything clean and neat.
Tr , Us Once
I LEE. Pp.
iins 1.IUBRAL intends to make a spe
cial ty of the stock interests ot this portion
cf New Meri.o nd tL suiroundin coun
trv. It will be in the liSnds ol snd read by
most of the stockmen and cowboys in this
portion of the t? ritory
As stock is liable to stray it is desirable
for owners to have thnr brand t widely
known, so that stray stock can ba recog
nized and owners rotiOed C
In order to l. ave brands widely known
they must be well advertised.
Tim í.ii eral will advertise stock
brands at the following rates :
O.ie i
Faeh ailditis
n I
Each additional brand in print (strain, lit
letters and Tgares) 2
Each actional brand, character, bar
or connected letter requiring: an en
graved block 3
Each brand giving location of brand
on n'ninial, or ear marks or both.... 5
All descriptive matter in addition to
name of company, address, raige and
brands charged extra
The A mr rue an PROTerive TAnirrl.KAGtr!
h publiflliiii(j n most vttltiuhln .erlm of 7 hi irl
'tucuiiienU. Tiutte are i.repurod with a ."lew
1 hiiiio the fuel nuil aiytiiiiiiis for 1'i.ííhí
tion, whether In tlio inteifot it iarniora,
itlort-rs, mereUanU or i-ofussin ul men.
Kaeb iwuo of the w-rios appeals to t.,oM en
iriiwU in rpumte iiiUUktrieft,uiid rcciiUilii
ilbputuhlu iiu:L compat-isou. of wtiirct, c(;t
ni liin, and other ujguuiuiita sbowii-g tbe
be-lietltH of I'mtection.
Any Blniile one will lie sent on receipt of t
cents In turnups cirapt u W a lien. Living and
Tni ilT," which will be sent for 4 cents.
Tliu wholo lint will bo sent for 3D ctntu or
sny twelve for J criitn, or any live lor lu
ccuts, postage paid. Uitlcr by number.
i-"Wari-, Llvlns and Tsriff." E. A. Hams-
IIuU. 101
8 Mhc AtU autuKt'M of a Protacflve TaillT to
thu LuUr unit IiiiliiHlrleit of ll I'ullt-il
blalis." Vtii.l I'iUü tuuy, 16S7. Cluw-
ri'Ki. 1. Ilr.Mtisa S2
I 'Boniu PTiMluetlun llldlftpeilhAhlp Co a Mi
lily, at Iaivt 1-riei-il, of tlie ILuilifttolufi l
(v-ltiiiuoltlt-i rUleo.i for Ihc People uf
the Urlli'd Kot.-ti, and Adf-ounte ttt.iiia
rrcntu.-ttou of tluvw eoiiiiiio.iItli-1. liui.
fil.lu Hi.b';et a 1'rulL'i. 1 1 vl' 1 urux." Kirjl
l'iíic KB.ay, 1HS4. í. D. T1 JZ
ir " WhliturM hiw Alap-rlntur Woultl Kroo Paw
!utcrluU be AdvftutoKeouB fi the La1!
r 1 llirliuilrl. of Hie Pulled Mule.
flrt I'rlae Kiaj, 1KMI. IloataB. IJ11.1 1. f3
S-"FalUi ln of Ki Tra.le " K V. !iu.tH... -4
S mimiii views on tiia 'larlff by au old biul-
iieBi lan.M oto. limrtti 33
T "The Protective Tarlft : lit Advantage! for
tliestoulb." C. L. Miwabps M
S-"rhe Wool lntorent." Juili;.' Wm. !.HkS( b 4
S "I'n leclloa e. Fro Tru.Io.M A lllfttvjrlual
Ki vli w. I), o. lUiouMiN BO
10 Tbe 1- anner and tlw 1 ariü Col. Tllouaa
H. bi'uijtv y
11 " J'rou. tl..n aaa I'ubllo Policy." Ososas S.
Uoetwjtu. ifl
12 Ret ly to iheProBldnPaFrce-Trada Mea-
."" K. P. 1'oKlfJt...
orklnimien aud l ie InrlfT " a
U The Viul wiuaiion : onallAuierteu" Iuiltia
trlea on Aeui.duued aud Aiuericau alar-
aets aurreiidi-retU 8
:-Sim. lul.eniian, wllh AiKltlon ., 8
1 "llio IroKri-u of uuv lluuürej Veara."
.. . V . Portkh S
17 Protii-Uiin for American Khlppliil." f
il-"lhe TiiiiiT NiitaUi." IIomm, u. Piniix.. '
1' " by It l.liuieu fch.uld lie Piol,-eUoulaU.
2) Vrotec-llou . ' K. li. amhioowh
HI " W IihI In a Tariff I - Auawcra U) a WorkUig-
M aiiui'i Question f A
83 -Tlw Amerliau ool Induatry.' B. H. Aa-
13 " artliuij Cot of f.lvliix J. D. W'iVjll. a
4 "HouUu-rn Parfolus í. eludirles." i
A Hltort Talk to Woi kiiwuieu ' S
' 1'ioutliiu aud thu c aruicr." Keuutor a. 21.
CtixoM... is
The AMraiciu k.vsoiít, week ly. devoted lo tb.
dlMuulouofull i.loue..f iulrllt uueelloo. i
Huuipl M'l'afrae. Mu., A,,..'. U II Pro
vliva Iwia Lwua, iu w. M u...Se luik
Copptr claims in groups of three to eight
Gold and silver properties of known merit
GPOlir No. l.--Thw- Tui! claim, eontin'.ibun on the same ledg-r, of kith gftii
tripper ore carrying ilver; width of lode about seyrn feet, with a rich py itrik ei
about twenty-two inchru; proferty llioroughly r vttcttd; situated In Grtbsir. count;"
A first clasr investment.
GROCP No. 2. Kirlil cluin ontitiuous to ceih oilier; crpper orf ; l.if, tti si
ides sml carhorinti s; will average 12 to 15 per cent; 60 lor.s of hith grsde or os th
iluniLfj til'.iu'cu iu ibc Ce per nicuntain n.ii.iet iKi(, Gi.ltte ctcctj. Ism
nrOUl' No. 3. Prvpn prlil f' n'ívf r Vrnring qnsrlr nirrt: tlcrcTj y TifH
snd opened up; plenty of wood and Hrljarenl to the Sao Frsncitco rir, . wbicn fi
the year round nfToirlir.or nmpl' water power lo ru nny tmnibfr of its rapt, csacrntrn.
tor., pmelter.. ptn.; nnder intrllijrr-nr snd prfleticnl minirir rt n v'. ic tli. rp .
mine, will yield enoriiihniilj ; .situated iti the Greenlee old mctihtsin .ttÍLÍrf ,di?Írji
(irahnrn ennnfy.
GliUL'l' No. 4. Four co;-per clnii:'; caiLouUlt Crf frit tiu.!in; ti
G'-eeiilee; guld luouiituin uiiiiing Jislritt.
- For further informal, i tt-rms, etc., call on or address
KEDZIE 6c Classén,
Lordsburg, New iV exifto.
Patoci Hanging and Decorating á Epeci.ilty
F.lthrr in Wi eil
nt linil !.
(!:'. m f.
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Correspondence solicited. I
is a quality some newspapers have lost sight of in fh'tv
days of "yellow" journalism. ThCy care little for trull
and a great deal for temporary sensation.
It is not so with THE CHICAGO RECORD,
The success of THE RECORD rests upon its reliability.
It prints the news all the news and tells the truth
about it
It is the only American newspaper outside New York city
N that has its own exclusive dispatch boat service and iti
6wn staff correspondents and artists at the front in both1
, It is the best illustrated daily newspaper in the world.
Its war news service is unapproachably the best
Says the Urbana (HI.) Daily Courier:
"We read the war news in the other papers,
then we turn to THE CHICAGO RECORD to
see how much of it Is true."
Sold by newsdealers everywhere and subscriptions received
9 - by all postmasters. Address THE CtilCAGO RECORD, tSt
. Irri'tcc ítríft. Cb'rafo.
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Clifton, Anzona

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