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8aarlrtlon UPIt
Now f exlro
Sabsciipticn Prioes.
farce Moutua - 190
lx Months.... 1 '5
nbaorlpUoH Alaya Pavablein Adranoo
II. B. ratfuaaon Dnlegiit to Congrraa
W. A.Otero . Uwreruor
Ce, ri. Wallace Breretary
W.J. Milla..- Cbler Jllatlce
J. W. Cnampaiker Atuoolale
Cha. Inland Asfoolute
JhgU. Mcrio As'oclate
Vraak W. Parker Aasuoiate
C'JtMor Vi .". áurvoyor-Oendral
A. L. Morrlaua United SlutoB Collector
W. B. Chtldera U. S. District Atlornuy
C. M. Foraker U- 8. Marsha!
C. A.'lCoddiugtoo t)evtv U. S. Murslml
J. W. riBBiliiir U. 8. Coal Mino luapector
M. C. Otero . Síiltá Ke Ueg, Lund OIHee
í. ir. Uoiart. santa Fa Reo. Land OIHoe
E. Sellfnac Lae Crucei U-. I'RI oalu
If. D. Iloirir.an La Cruco....ilec. Land Office
Howard Lrlandtttoswoll Keg. Land OiHco
tie. R. U rayar Roawclt Ucc. Lund OIJlc
rux Feleora Keg. Lnnd Offlea
W. Thompson Hco. Lund Ofticie
V L. Unrtlett Solicitor-General
ebaa. A Bnica H-tnla tf Didt. Atloi'coy
J no. D. Bryan Las Cruce "
T.A . Finical, Albuqiiero.ti--""- "
T. S. HefliuSilrer City
. Y. t.oug, Laa Yugas "
John Franklin Koawell
. AIxaedr,Sor o
J. Leahy, K'u r " -
Í. ' Mutthewa. i,lueon '
Jes Segura Librarian
Geo. Wyllya Clerk Supreme Court
,U. B-gomaim S'.ipt. Ponitontlary
W. H. Whiten Adjutant Oonerul
Baauol EUo.II '. Treasurer
Marcelino Qarc'n, Auditor
H.C.49 Bata Sunt. Public Inatruction
Jao. R Clark Coal Oil Inspector
). X. Husliei Publio Primor
oon rt or peivite laud olaihs.
R, Bee of Iowa, Chief Jiirtico. .
Aasocura JUiTiras Wilbur f. Htuiio, of
Cl0!Tliat:. Kuller. of North Carol!
A Tl llliaw 34. idrray, f Tennessee; Henry
e luii. of Knaa:t.
i-au'ioV a. IWynold; of Missouri, ü. S.
Attornr. .
' . ' r" COuliTT.
T. F. FarnsirortU County Commissioner
M, W. Taylor ,.. County CcmraUhUincr
W, U. Marril County Coniiiilinlimr
a.O Luadram Probuto Judif
ti M.NaAuincU Prb.it Clerk
G. W. M. Carril Assessor
Ji:illair Bherill
B, T. Littk Kohiol iSuporlntcnduut
Joba I.. Buroldo Treasurer
! noKrowa suivtyor
M. W. Vail rilth Justice of Hie Peaco
M. Q. HarJIn Coustabio
fivhml Director W. h. (J.iinuuni, F. F. l'er
rll and John Koiton.
Southern Pcifio Eaihoad.
.. Loriaba rsTliuo Table.
rata i car
P. H.
A. M.
r " Tralaa r on Paaidc Time.
T. n. OoonuAK,
SaporlBtoailoat, Gen. P. and Tkt. Aft.
J. ÍBKTSCn.il , Ueueral Maauifer.
ArlE Now Mexico Hallway.
P. w.
I.ordbrf l:;
dunoan .lis
Vlii ton
4. ioomouiiD. M
Clifton K-.-n
iru'ioa'Ain ái'ly oioo pt áuudav.
Haw Mexico
nTossn AT LAW.
OIBa intho Arlr.oaCePPrComPany Build-
Cliltoxx - -A-rlzorLa:
AUorneyanndCounaellore t Low,
Proo.pt Attention giren to all bualneaa
Btruatud to our oaro.
Will praetleo In all the rourta and land of
floloa of the torritory.
Allbu.ineo.entri.atod to Uim will cclre
prompt ult ntlon.
, JXew Mexloo
Coaveraaf Ion AVIthont tVorda.
The traveler in a foreifin land in not
nrcesinnlj- bolrlos liecnnse ho doe not
know the lBngniitfo. Nor wns a corre
spondent who adiuits that when he en
tered Italy his nine wcrdi of French
aud 10 word of (iorman were of no
gront tise to uim. He tuya:
In Oenon I went into a photogra
pher's shop and eelt.'cted a dozen photo
graphs I pointed fit the photogrnpe and looK
ed at him inqvtirinyly, which meant
"How mnch T"
He nodded his bead nnd wrote "14'
on a slip of paper.
I nodded, signifying "I will tuko
Ho walked over to a cnlendar hang
ing on the wall nnd pointed to 29. Thon
lie walked hack nud picked np the photo
grnpha and shook blahend, which clear
ly nicnnt thnt he could not allow me to
take the ones I had selected, bat woold
have the others printed by the 20th.
Thereupon I pointed to 25 on the cal
endar and said "Roma," which meant
that I should depart for Home on that
He nodded nnd then pointed to 80
and asked "Eht" which meant, "Shall
yon bo in Rome until the 80th t"
I noddod violently.
"Hotel t" he asked.
I wrote my Come address on n slip cf
In making change he held ont 1 lira.
"PoBte, " lie explained.
Then I departed.' Ordinarily a shop
par selecting a dozen photographs to bo
printed to order and forwarded to biru
at the next town would spend ten min
utes or more in making inquiries and
giving directions. Onr total conversa
tion was jubt five words. Chicago Rec
ord. Mnneulnr Power of a Beetle.
The following anecdote of a threa
homed beetlo will give some idea of its
vast strength of body. A beetle was
brought in, and, there being no box at
band in which to pat it, it was clapped
under a quart bottle of milk, which
happened to bo upon the table, the hol
low at the bottom of the bottle allowing
the insect to stand upright.
Presently tho bottle began to move
slowly and glide along the smooth ta
ble, propelled by the muscular power of
tho imprisoned beetle, nnd continued
its travels for some time, to the nston
inlimcct of nil who witnessed it Tho
weipht of tho bottle and its contents
could not have been less than three
pounds Hnd n half, while that of the
hcctlo was nbont half an ounce. So that
it readily moved n weight 112 times
greater than its own.
A bettor notion than figures can con
vey will be obtained of this feat by sup
posing a lnd of 1.1 to be imprisoned
mider n great bell weighing 12,000
pounds and to movo it to and fro upon
u smooth piivcuieut by pnohing it from
within. New York Sun.
- The Plot of tho CunanmpttTC.
Dr. Cutter of New York, rue of the
editors of The Dietetic nud Hygienic
Gazette, declaros the most important
part of the treatment of tnbercnlcsis
patients U the diet. It should, bo taya,
consist largely of animal foods. Of
these, eggs and milk should preponder
ate. Eggs are best given raw when the
patient can take them thug. The albu
men of tho egg is similar to blood albu
men and is digested, or rather absorb
ed, into the blood without undergoing
Hn elaborate digestive process. The
white of tho egg, mixed with water, is
often tolerated when the yolk cannot be
borne by the stomach. Bone marrow of
the ox he regards as of greater value
than cod liver oil. Qood bntter may be
used freely Hnd should be spread thick
ly on thin slices cf bread. Heavy meals
are to be avoided. The patient should
take small quantities of food between
Soldering Clnaa.
Margot, in some interesting investi
gations in Eoldering glass, has establish
ed the fact that an alloy composed of 03
parts of tin and 5 parts of sine will melt
at nhou'i P3 degrees Fahrenheit. Be
coming Grmly adherent to the glass, it
is unalterable nnd exhibits an attractive
lnster. An alloy containing 90 parts of
tin and 10 parts of aluminium will melt
at 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and also
forma a strong end brilliant solder for
glass. With these two alloys always
ready to hand, glass may be oldered as
easily ns two pieces of metal. When
the glass is heated in a furnace, the sol
dering can be accomplished by rubbing
the surface with a rod of either of the
compositions named. The alloy as it
tlows can be evenly distributed with a
soldering iron. St Louis Post-Dispatch.
A no Btorr by I'epya.
The following story of a dog of the
restoration has been taken from the vo
racious Pepys under the date Sept 11,
1081 1 "To Dr. Williams, who did carry
me into bis garden, where ho bath
abundance of e1'"!"'' and he did show
, la Improrlngs
"My husband has takeo Hood's
Sarsaparllla for sour stomach and
heartburn and it cured him. IIs has
had better health the past season than
ever before. My daughter has been
aLHoz for quite a while, but she has
begun taking Hood's and Is improv
ing.". Mus. Ellhn Green, Draper,
Hood '8 Pills give strength even
while their cathartic qualities are at
work. Easy to take. 0
me how a (Jog that ho hnth do kill nil
tho cats that come hither to kill his
pigeons, and do af tor ward bury them;
nnd do it with bo much care that they
shall ba quite covered, that if the tip
of tho tail hangs ont ha will take up
the cr t again, and dig the hole deeper.
Which is very strango; and he tells me
that he do believe that lie hitb killed
above a hundred cats."
"Tlie Bat Man That Ever tirad."
After hearing so many women ex
press themselves upon the subject we
have come to the conclusion that "the
best man who ever lived." if bo ever
marries, will have to tuko what he can
get. The ordinary, evr.ryday sort of
man will probably continue, as hereto
fore, to gather in the cream of the fair
sex. Boston Transcript.
Moatlr Kxotloe.
"What tremendously tall men your
policemen arel Are they natives t"
"Oh, not Nearly nil of them came
out here and grew np with Chicago."
Chicago Tribune.
That is not at all a had dea in prac
tice ct the New Mexico Military Insti
tute at Jvoswcll to teach pupils to rely
on theinsilves Instoal of knives and
pistols, In personal dllilmiltios. The
youngsters aro given exercise to devel
op sl.rengih, all are taught to use box-
lug gloves and the art of self defense.
A quarrelsome boy who would carry a
pistol or knife, and,. relring on thcse
would give. olTenso, is made ashamed.
If a couple of the youths quarrel they
are required to go into the open with
gloves and thuiup each other until one
surrenders. They can do no groat
harm in this way. But the certainty
of having to light prevents wrangling
in many Instances, and when a battle
Is ended peace follows. The boy who
learns to use bis lists skillfully docs
not wish to carry a pistol, feeling no
need of it. If all men bad such self
confidence and were not afraid of
bruises there would be no pistol-packing
and few homicides. New Mcxlcai.
A Narrow Kscapu.
Thankful words written by Mrs.
Ada E. Hart, of Groton, S. D. "Was
taken with a bad cold which settled
on my lungs; cough set in and finally
terminated in consumption. Four
doctors gave mo up, saying I could
ivo but a short time. I gave uiysclfc
up to my Savior, determined if I could
not stay with my friends on earth I
uulrt meet my absent ones above.
My husband was advised to get lr.
King's New Discovery for consump
tion, coughs and colds. I gave it a
trial, took In all eight bollleü. It has
cured me, and thank Gud, I am saved
and now a well and betllhy woman."
Trial bottles free at all druggist.
Regular size 50c. and M.C0. Guaran
teed or price refunded. 1
A JtiTeriou county farmer hired a
very inexperienced boy out or tne
reformatory to help about tho place.
One mornlug he told the lad to go
and salt tho calf In the pasture.
The boy took a quart of Fait, rubbed
It all over tho calf, walking It Into the
hair. A gang of colls In the pjbture
scented the salt and got after the calf.
they licked the hair oil the calf's back
and tried to lick the hldo off, too.
The farmer tried to catch the calf
md wash it off, but the creature,
thinking he wanted to lick It, too,
kept out of his way. The boy, calf
and farmer are all unhappy. The
cults are the only ones who got any
fun outof it. Ulysses, Neb., Dispatch.
Albuquerque Is to have a blanket
factor Manager Jack Wilkinson of
the wool scouring works has gone to
California for the purpose of putcbas-
ng requisite machinery. New Mexi
:o wool Is well adapted to the manu
facture of blankets, carpets and other
coarse fabrics. The factory will be
operated In connection with the wool
scouring 1 mt. The capacity of the
ater will be doubled. New Mexican.
The San Carlos agency Indians have
raised twice a much grain this year
as they did last. Tbcy have sold 70,-
000 pounds of barley to the govern
ment at (1.15 per hundred. Recently
the agency was crowded with Indian
wagons loaded with grain, waiting to
be received by the government au
Sheriff Garrett returned from the
Jarrillas Wednesday. lie reports'that
there is foundation for the rumor that
placers had been discovered there.
However, prospective placer ground
did not long remain vacant and is all
taken up. Mr. Garrett said he saw a
Durabcrof One nugget peclmend of
gold. Dona Ana Republican.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, If you
used Dr. King's New Life rills.
Thousands, of sufferers have proved
their matchless merit for sick and
nervous headaches. They make pure
blood and strong nerves and build up
your health. Easy to take. Take
them. Only 25 cents. Money back If
not cured. Sold by all druggists. 1
It was rather a cold day and tho
snake was stiff us a poker. I picked
him up and took him homo and
thnwed him out. He had 19 rattles.
He became a great pet and made him
self at homo In and around the house.
I lived In the suburbs of the town,
and one warm night when I had left
the windows open, I was awakened by
an unusual noise. I found a burglar
bad entered the house and that the
snake had coiled himself nartlv
around tho bed post nnd partly
around the burglar, and had his tail
out of yie window rattling for the
police, with his head tugging at my
whisker?, which awoke me. This
shows that reptiles are not void of
gratitude. Achcson MeCllntock In
Dona Ana RepUNican.
i Fifteen pupils at tho Government
Indian school have left Santa Fc on a
camping trip to to the Tecos.
i Spain, tireatent Need.
Mr. 11. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken, S.
O. Weak nerves bad caused severe
pains In the back of his head- On
using ilectrle Bitters, America's
grcatcs blood and nerve remedy, all
pain st .'ti left him. lío says this
grand Medicine Is what bis country
needs. All America knows that it
cures li rcr and kidney trouble, purifies
the bl' od, tones up tho stomach,
strengi bens the nerve, puts vim. vig
or and new life Into every muscle,
nerve and organ of the body. If weak
tired or ailing you need It,. Every
hottlc guaranteed, only 50 cents.
Sold by all DruUts. 1
Thomis Tlhoades, Centcrflcld, O.,
writes: "I suiTcred from piles seven
or eigh, years. No remedy gave me
relief until DcWitfs Witch Hazel
Salve, loss than a box of which perma
nently cured inc.." Soothing, healing,
perfectly harmless. Beware of
counterfeits. Roberts & Leahy Mer
cantile Company.
(Ii every linttlo
Of Shiloli's consumption ci.ro is this
guarantee: "All wc ask Tif you Is to
use two-thirds of the contents of this
bottle faithfully, then if you can say
you are not benefited return the bot
tle to your druggist and ho may refund
the price paid." Price 25cts., 50 cts.
aud 41.00. For salo by McOralh Bros.
Gun shot wounds ami powder burns,
cuts, bruises, sprains, wounds from
ruMy nails, Insect sting?, and ivy
poisoning, quickly healed by De
Wit fs Witch Hazel' Salvo Positively
prevents blood pulsoninfj. Beware of
fontit.crfeits. "DiiWitt's" Is safe and
sure, Roberts & Leahy Me cantil
Tell Tour Sister
A beautiful complexion Is tin Impnsi
sibilily without good pure blnod, the
sort that only exists in connection
with good Indigestion, a healthy liver
and bowels. Karl's clovei oot tea
acts directly on the bowels, liver and
kidneys keeping them In perfect
health. Price 25 cts. and 50cts. For
sale by McGrath Brothers.
DeWitfs Little Early Risers benefit
permanently. They lend gentle as
sistance to nature, causing no pains or
weakness, permanently curing consti
pation and liver ailments. Roberts &
Lcaliv Mercantile company.
Doea This strike You?
Muddy complcctinns, nauseating
breath come from chronic constipa
tion. Karl's clover root tea Is an ab
solute cure and has been sold for fifty
years on au absolute guarantee. Price
25cts. and 50cts. For sale by McGrath
"What might have becu" If that
little cough hadn't been neglected
it Is sad to reflect of thousands of con
sumptives. One Minute Cough Cure
cures coughs and colds. Roberts &
Leahy Mercantile Company.
Jo You Hunt
Consumption Is preven'alile? Science
has proven that, and also that neglect
is suicidal. The worst cold or cough
can be cured with Shiloh's cough and
consumption cure. Sold on positive
guarantee for over fifty years. For
sale by McGrath Brothers.
You can't cure dyspepsia by dieting.
Eat good wholesome food and plenty
of It, Kodol Dyspepsia Curo digests
food without aid from ton stomach,
and is made to cure. Roberts 8c
Leahy Mercantile Compauy.
How la Yonr WireT
Has she lost her beauty? If so, con
stlpation, Indigestion, slclr headache
are the principle causes. Karl's clover
root tea has cured these ills for balf a
century. Price 25cts. and DOcts.
Money refunded if results are not sat
Isfactory. F'or sale by McGrath Bros
Mr. and Mrs. U, Ltnkamr, Alston,
Mo., write: "One Minute Cough Cure
saved the life of our llttlo hoy when
nearly dead with croup." Roberts
Si Leahy Mercantile company.
The Roberts & Leahy
Capital, S3 100,000
3. 9. RAYNOLDS, President.
U. 8. 8TBWART,Cuahler.
Chemical National Rank
First National Bank
Anglo-Calif'orniao Bunk, Limited
Silver City National Bank
Capital, $50,000. Surplus, $10,000
UnfliYiuCu Profits, $8,500
Transacts a GeneralBaakjing Eusmeaa,
Foreign Exrhnns nought nnd Bold.
MEXICAN MONEY Bought and Sold. Money to Loan on Good Security it
Current Rates of Interest,
Rapid Transit and Express Line.
Freighlaad Expresa Matter Hauled with Curt and Delivered wltkDiapatflh.
PassengerSc rvia UasioalUd.
Naw Cor.eoid Coachei First claaaatock. ExperUncadaBdCartfolDrivtrs
N. B. Commercial travelers with heavy sample Caaea art inrlUd to eorrrtpoB
I'oi terms, ate.
i 3
MM 01
Surplus, ft6.OOC
M.W. FLOÜRNOV, Tico Praeldeot
J. V. WILLIAMS, As8t.Caaht
.fclew York
, SanFranciacO
HILL, Proprietor,
Clifton, Arizona

aolssal Eealeirs in. rESay, o-rala,
and. UPotatceá.

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