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Gran!, County 1 Jan 00
Sobcrl)itlon JPrTHi
MlngWCopltalO Cats.
New .Mexico.
Pl.'BUalil'.n FRIDAYS.
Sabscriptk'D. Frisoí.
rro Munt'.is.
tin Month....
Or.a Vtiiir
..1 00
. aw
Subm.rlptlmi Aluuyt Vnyr.blpln AJvauoc.
U. B. TVriusJOJ IK'lc-;uta to Contcrs
M. A.O'?ri (Jovornor
(iu M Wallaeo Srcretnrv
Yf.J. .. ..Colol' Jutie
J. W. Orü-wiMíVar . Awoolat
rhu. l.oUni Apioclttto
JnoK. ileKie . ..- Assoeiat
Vrank W. I'urkor Associate
OuinliV Vino S.irvoyor-omlrl
A. It. )'o'Ti o. .. ." . ..rnltoá Statoa Orttceto:
W. U. chillier U. 8. District. Attorney
C. M. Korikir V. 3. M'.U'.slml
C. i.Ci)Jluton Deputy LT. S. Mai-anal
.J. W. Kiíuiiiijr U. S. Coal Mine Inspector
it. it. O tern , Üatita Yo Rcff, l.iinj (Uric
Í. r..Uiilurt. "unía Fe Kco, bniiil O Huí
lS.Soilaao Las t.'ruce ltujr. Laudóme
It, D. Bowman Iti Crucus.... lite. Land Office
Howard L!and.Rirull Iti(. Laud Onice
doo- It. U:nyur Ko.v.rull Uro. Land Oifie
Fox r'om .". ; lira. Lniirt Office
tt .'I'iiu.npjon ltco. Laud ÜIJi J
15. Ij. tl.i-t:ptt BolU!ltor-Geura)
tilias. A 8p'03 S inlii Ko Dist. Altorucy
Jni). I), niyiin Lus Unices "
T.A . Fml'jut. Alliuqiuniuc "
"J. . llulllii liilv.'r C!iy
B. V. I.sit', Las Vcgua "
,fhn FiT.nUiln Koiwi.11 "
. Al.xaJjr,'3Jjor n "
J. Lcmliy. Kn'on "
B. F Mntthowj, I Ihudiii
Jmn Segui-a Librarian
fcioo. Wyilys Clovli iinpro:nc tour;
1, . it' tfhsi'iil :sup!. l'tmUtintiarr
VV. H. Wiiitaa l-JJuUnt General
ISiauol tliudt Treasurer
Marcelino Uurc'a Auditor
3d. C. do B;ici Supt. l'u!,:l Iuetruett :i
Jho IS t.'Urlt Ctwl Oil Inspector
J. It. Kuthcs ..Pu'.illc I rir.tcr
. jujitt u. Ko or ciáU.Jit;c.
A-gaocurr.a JcsncES-Yf ilbur F. t-nB, ot
,Ciilrlw; ThOinis . Fuller, of North Unroll '
ck .H'tlUatu Jt. JlJrray, I Teaufewcc; Henry
V Iviftj. cf irt:is.'-.A.
k.auaow G. ltjynolda, of Missouri, U. 8.
'i' FArtiU'.-o-th .
H, '7.'iy:'r
W, It. Wsi-ill. ...
It. C, J,aiiJrnn ....
8 . iic Aninob ..
el. W. M. Carril
Juúw4 tüdir.. .
B, t. Liitk
Jt.hx I.. Uura.iidJ,.
Sva K rotro ...
.tvuntr Comml.siionor
...foun'y t'cmuiiisloucr
.. .Cou.ity C'H.iutlni'.Hi'.i
l'l-il-iltl Jiui'i
PlvUltO t'i'Mk
.íitíUacI 3upc),ir "n,li.nl
S'.u'vuj i.:
XI. tj. JU'.l,-at!t Justice of tliu I'eaco
M. Q. ti.r.lia ..Constable
uhel ülri olu.-í -H. L. tl.iu:u:in, F. lr. Tur
ril aiH John Ii:ikson.
fiontiiarn Pacific Euilrcad.
LarJibu rg Timu 1 ublu.
PoZor .
P. u.
P-nnjfCr ,
J cuius run on rarlrta
T II nnnnMAM.
Gíii. rs. a ul Tkt. Asl
, tieair.'.) InuitKcr,
Arizona Ntv McmIuo Kilry.
r. w.
lA-ebvi 'v.qI'
Cliito;i 110
A. u.
oifton - ::: í;í
I-tU);AO. i n -r.'
rialBi im iallr oxc Bt iundoy.
Vhyll 't3"r8eou'
New lloxloo
m.tnth Aii?-iiaCPPerroml,an5r'Buil(1'
ClUtoxL - Arizona.
AttoroyindCou,,"1Iorut LW
Prompt AttonHon glyen to all busineaa
htrustod toooroaro.
Will Braotlro In all the pourta unrt lnl of
floloeof tlio turiltory.
All builnoa eotrnstoa to hlin will re wlvo
prvuiDtatt ntloa.
i ,j New Mexico
unto ti;e end.
I linow not whflro t'tmr.Trow 'pp.it In mny ncriil,
nr v.l:ul the fuluri lioidH, int tliin I hijow,
iMMi fipviT i y niy rwi nro lurpea to go.
1 si. al', bo ulrcu cuunige to tlio end.
Thoii'.'h Ootl Hint nwfnl aift nf hi mPT r." A
Wo roll lmiR lifi.', whero hrnd'tuni s lu It ro.v
HIiki mi I l.npplnci a, yet bo It bo;
I shall bo given courago to the end.
If dnrk tlio deepening Hlinilorx bo that blond
Kith lifo'i palo sunlight when tho éun c'lps
Though Joy gpaeda by and sorroiv'o itcpa erj
I shall be given conraso to the end.
I do not qnesflon what tho jenra portriid
Or good or ill whntover wind may blow;
H in enoueli, cnoufiU for ino to know
I chilli bo (;ivcn couruj;!) to tiio end.
tila Vhoeli-r Wilcox in Youth'sCorapanion.
lie Told IÍI Btorr Wrli anil Ilcureil
IIIm Hewaril.
ITo was a little bit of n darky, no!
mncii bigger than a lump of tiiiil ticü
not Hindi whiter, mm when I cn!!t l
hiiu tip to do un etrnnd for Lie lit.t i ;
tho EÍri'i t Lis eyes HtiappuJ ss if tin ,
were rloctriüed.
"What in yonr ntmiet" I innir-:l.
'"i;iijk, lots," he anavi erctl, wilii .'.
how nt.d a grin.
"Tht'o a quofr- kind of a nmo".
Your people aren't tenpcrnnco foüt'i
are they r"
" 'Deed, tosa, I dunno. Dpy cnlL' n 6
Tank, bnt tuy unme'a rasquotan;: i"
fjtiiinnna." "Oh I" I lanphcd. "Tbnt'a unij
enonb for two kids like you. V Jicvj
do yen come from ?"
"I'ae f'nin Norf Cii'llny, boss."
"VThut aro yon doing so tar from
"Duin tho best I kin, bo.s. "
ITo stopped b moment to elndy.
"How utich hnve you mudo todnyi"
"When I petti do 10 tents you'c
gwiuter gib me," ha eaid, with n
nirewd little Hinile I had not ugreed
npau n price at ell "an I f;3ts 13 cenh
mo' f'uin du nex' gein'mau it'll umi'.io
20 ccnta, boss."
"Io thnt ull?" Yen can't livo on 'J
cents a dny, can yon?"
A sliadow, if n shadow could i:1iot;
thi.re, cuii-'O into tba littlo thick fuco,
and with it a Laid lino aa of determi
nation. "I'se got'er lib, boss," bo said. "1
caiu't die, fcr dty ain't nobody bnt hip
ter take lceer ob tiiammy, nn she's
mighty po'ly nios' ob do time."
ro.jhibly i'eaqnotank Pcicjaimana was
working on my eyuipnthies and bin
etory my have been tuld many a time
before, bnt I thick cot, find I know
that liia revenna for that day was mors
than SO cents Washington Star.
V-'iim o Anthurtt,
Tin? New York Timen relatos an anee
doto ccaccruin.r JIr. Iíowelin that U
gcol cnon'h to be trno, whether it is
or not. According to report, a dinpnti
as to ti e wuidj "Itiiicb" and "lunch
ten" rrtently arose between Mr. and
Mrs. Hcwi-ris. ?Ir. Hovella thampiontl
"li:nc'.i" fi t'ie I ropL-r t.'rrn, v.-hilo hii
wiia difcudi d luachoou." At last, tit
II r. Iíowells' ei;P,Ohtion, they appealed
to tho Ccnlr.iy Dictionary to Eettlj. th'
qnestioii. "Well, I was ri;;Lt, nfiei
ull!" he exclaimed in triumph, and Ik
read nlond the following extract quoted
hh showing correct neaxoi "Wo lnnchcJ
faii!y upon littlo di.-,be of rote leaves
dolicnte-ly prese'rved. "
"Fiom what author iu that aentenct
taken?" Inquired Mrs. liowelij.
"Why, I declare, from W. D. How
ells I"
"Pfhaw!" waa the retort. "He's nr.
anthori ty. "
rnrloiia Flnl IlnliKn.
It ia n Weil known fact that if the
yonrg of almct any kind of bird are
taken from tho net t-fora they can fly
the old ones" will feed them mont atten
tively if tho cage in which th"
birds are ineloned ia placed aomewhoio
there tho pnreuta can reach it, and a
Jiepnlr.r bnt erroneona belief is cnrrenl
that they do this for a time, and end
by poisoning tho yonn3 onea.
Tills, howover, is a mistake, tho fact
beinj thnt tit accrtain etnpjoof a voting
bird's existence, when it ia naturally
able to bdgin catering for itself, the
parent birds, also qnite naturally, cor.Bi
to attend It, and then, if tho birdlings
are shot np in the cago and their cua
todiau has not thought of placing some
food a', their disposal they necessarily
die, nut from poison administered by
the parents, bnt from starvation. St.
Louia Poat-Diapatch.
Prodnclua a Good Iiupreislom.
"I snnnuse. " cnld thn ivlif.nr nu .a
apread the manuscript oot on the desk
In front of him, "that you call thid
"Not at all," answered the yonns
man who bad submitted it. "I deaig
nnto it merely aa versification."
When the editor had recovered from
his astonishment, be made haste to any:
"Yon may leave it. I have uo donbt
I tüiall tmd coflsideralilo merit in. it,
jC1 It fievor DlMippolnti. " j ' ' "' " "
Fcople who ure troubled with any
disease caused or promoted by Impure
niooa or a low state of the system may
take Hood's Sarsaparilla with the ut
most confidence that lta faithful use
will effect a cure. Millions take it, na
a spring medicine, because they kuow
by experipnee It Is just what the sys
tem ncecis.
Hood's Tills are the best familv
cathartic and liver touic. Gentle, re
liable, sure. 7
and I shall be glad to look ft ovrr enro
fnlly nt my leisure." Chicago Post.
Worae Thnn tlic Dlaonac ,
Hnndont Harry I wasted do hull
inornin yesterday readin a piece in da
paper about how tcr git rich.
Ticpnsa Teddy Didn't it toll botf
yer conld do it?
Handout narry It didn't tell no
way but workin. San Francisco Es
nminer. The beat donkeya coma from Arabia.
They have clean, smooth cunts, hold
their heads high and are used only for
riding purposes.' Many aro sent to "Per
sia, where they sell for high sums.
They nra well looked after and their
harueiisings are of tha rieliest.
Hcrr Dust'n, a German traveler who
explored the weet const of ratngonia,
saya that mosses of all !'pnciea are de
veloped there to an e:i::ordinnry ie
gree. Thi?y grow in iminena heaps, tho
explorer sinking to his armpits iu sumo
of them.
A Narrow K:icrvi)P.
Thankful words written by Mr
Ada E. Hart, of Groton, S. I). "W is
taken with a bad cold which settled
on my lutiys; coujih iet In and tlimlly
tenuiuated In consumption. lour
doctors gave mo up, sayiny I could
live but u 6bort time. I gm'c myself
up to my Savior, determined if 1 could
not stay with my friends on earth 1
would meet my absent ones above.
My tvjsbaud was advised to yet Ir.
King's New Discovery for consump
tion, coughs and colds. I guve it i
trial, took in all eiirht battles. It has
cured rue, and thank God, I am saved
and now a well and healthy woman."
Trial bottles free ut alt drue'ist.
Kegular size 50c. and il.OU. Guaran
teed or price refunded. 1
An Interesting Incident of tho pres
ent state of the copper mat ket is the
receipt at New York this week of a
lot of 9,039 bags about 2,";0 tons ot
copper coIds from India. Those coins,
wh.ch are consigned to the Orfurd
Copper Company, are blilppcd here as
scrap copper, simply because t'.iey are
worth more, at tho present price of
copper, thnn their face or coin value.
We have recently rcfercd to the
trouble arising in China from the rela
tive high metal value of copper coins,
and the sume condition seems to be
felt In India. It will boubüess con
tinue and we may expect to hear of
nunc imports of the snme, kind. 10f)-
Ineeiing & Mining Journal.
Canning ru'ibits in Australia Is an
established industry, having grottn to
limnetic proportions in the past few
years, 1 ai is is u gica t null v.et and co
is Great Lillian. The former con-
imes 10,000,OGO rabbits per year ami
the latter 70,000,000. Tíieie is no cat
alile animal ttial will miutliily as ran-
Idly as rabbits, and If the wot hi had
tJ (1 of 'end on thorn for meat !,i:pp!y It
would not .suffer from famine. The
rabbit nul?ance Is about tho grcatesl
trouble next to the drought that Aus
tralian stockmen h".ve to contend with
and if the rabbit meat became popular
Australians would have a bonanza.
Denver Stockman.
Delinquent taxpuyers arc numerous
In all the counties. In San Miguel
county a recent investigation showed
about 200,000 delinquent. In this
county the sum delinquent Is probably
larger that In Sao Miguel county.
The operation of tho Duncan revenue
law will force the payment of taxes in
nil the couuties of tho territory, and
huí " rfmy In a few years they can
be out of (leui; '!v all county im
provements paid for. The . '' '
tions the past quarter were the largest
in the history ot the territory. Albu
querque Citizen.
The Carlsbad Argus is a little h ud
on the school mams, It says: "It
has always been supposed that valu
ables lu a woman's stocking were more
secure than In a bank; but this fallacy
has been exploded, as one of the light
lingered gentry went through the
stockings of Miss M. II. Ludlow, a St.
Louis school teacher en route to the
educational meeting lu Los Aiuclcs,
and abstracted $400 and a diamond
riug. The stockings vveie on duty,
and the reports have It that they were
a tight lit too."
That Tlirobblng fleudnrho
Would quickly leave you, If you
used Dr. King's New Life Tills.
Thousands of sufferers have proved
their matchless merit for sick and
nervous headaches. They make pure
blood aud strong nerves and build up
your health. Easy to take. Take
them. Only 25 cents. Money back If
not cured. Sold by all druggists. 1
A well known Phoenix butcher says
cattle are getting scarcer all over the
county than Is reported. Trices have
been raised In eastern markets for
nearly a week. Hut a few cars of feed
ers are being shipped Into tho valley
and lu the last fourdaysanouUwenty
flve cars have been shipped to various
points. Tucson Citizen.
William Cook, engineer of the pump
at the Uennett -Stephenson mine In the
Orgn mountains, Dona Ana county,
dropped a pebble 'iown r.n old shaft to
eee bow deep it win. Instead of hear
ing the pebble drop he heard a sono
rous bellow. Vhcn he came back to
Organ l.c told of his strango. experi
ence. Three days afterwards Jeffer
son Isaacs, accompanied by all the
miners at Organ, dntggod ablgderrick
to the abandoned .shaft, and Isaacs
went down a 100 foot incline to Inter
view the ghost or beast, that still bel
lowed at intervals. To his astonish
ment he found at the bottom of the
sh"ft a valuable Hereford bull lie
longing to himself. With some d i ill
cully the bull was lifted out of the
Shaft uninjured. New Mexican.
Sp.ilns G.-eriiail NcrJ.
Mr. j H. T. Olivia, oí Barcelona,
Sua in, spends his winters at Aiken, S.
C. Weak nerves had caused severe
pains in the back of his head- On
ii'-ing Electric I'd iter. America's
greatest blood and nerve remedy, al
páin soon left him. He says this
grand medicine is what his Country
needs. All Amoriea knows that It
cures liver and kidney trouble, purities
the biood, .tones up the stomach,
strengthens tho nerves, puis vim, vig
or and new life into every muscle,
nerve nnd organ of II. o body. If weak
tired or ailing you need it. Every
bottle guaranteed, only 50 cents.
Sold by all Druggists. 1
"Our baby was sick for a month
til -severe cough and catarrahal
fever. Although we tried rii'iny rcmi-
dies she kt'üt getting wor.-c until we
used One Minute Cough Cure it re
lieved at onea and cured her iu a few
days." 15. L. Nance, Prin. High
.School, IUufUale, Texas. Roberts &
Leahy Mercautllo Company.
A grand old remedy for cough, colds
and consumption; used through the
world for half a century, has cured
innumerable, casos of incipient con
sumption and relieved many lu ad
vanccd stages. If you are not satis
tied with .the results we, will refund
vour money. Trice -3 ets., 50 els.
and il.CO. Tor sale by McGiaih Tros.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cures ilyspep
sla because its ingredients are such
that it can't help doin; so. "The
public ea;: r.ly u'-on it us a mailer
rem'.'d for a.l disorders arising fri.ui
imperlccX digeMiiTi." Jani'ts M.
Thomas, M. D , in American Journal
of Ileuhh, N. Y. Huberts & Leahy
Meicat.tiie Company.
Ciotip is the terror of thousauds of
Youoj mothers becauic its outbreak is
so agonizing aud frequently falal
SliiioLT-i eolith arid con:,uuipl ion cure
acts liUe magic in cajes of croup. It
has never been known to fail. The
worst cases relieved immediately.
Trice 23 cts., 50 cts. aud $1,00. Tor
salo by McGrath lliolhers.
Kodol Dyspepslr Care thoroughly
digests food without aid from the
stomach, aud at the same liuie heals
and restores the diseased digestive
organs. It Is the only remedy that
does both of these things and can be
relied upon to pnrniautly cure dyspep
sia.' llobtrU & Leahy Mercantile
M.V.N If LOViill
Has turned away with disgust from an
otherwise lovaole girl with an offen
sive breath. Kail's clover root tea
purilles the breath by its action ou the
i.c.o, etc., hi nothing else will
Sold for years ou absulute guarantee.
Price 23 cts., and 50 els. Tor sale by
McGrath Brothers.
Irritating stings, oiles, scratches,
wounds aud cuts suothed aud healed
byDeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve, a
sure and safe application for tortured
llesh. liewareof countcrleiis. Hob
erts& Leahy Mercantile company.
If Shiloh cough and consumption
cure, which issoid for tho smuil sun
of 23 cts., 50 cts. and Í1.00, does not
cure take the bottle back aud we will
refund your money. Suld for over
Dfty years on this guarantee. Trice
2.3 cts. and 50 cts.Tor tale by McUralh
One Minute Cough Cure quickly
cures obstinato summer coughs and
colds. "I consider 1l a most wonder
ful mcdlclue, quick aud safe." W.
W. Mcrton, Mayhev, Wis. Roberts
& Leahy Mercantile Company,
The cure for overworked woman
kind, are quickly and surely cured by
Karl's clover root teg, the great blood
purifier aud tissue builder. Money
refunded If not satisfactory. Trice 25
nnd 50 cts. Tor sale by McGralh Tros
Quickly cure corsllpution and re
build and Invigorate the entire system
never gripe or nauseate DeWitt's
Little Early Risers. Roberts k
Leahy Mercantile) Company,
The Roberts & "Leahy
"7 ciclocjolG ZD calera In ZXajr, Orstlii
and Potatoes;
lor nsn uno
ti. TASO,
Capital, ESIOO.OCO
J. S. KAYNOLDS, Preiloont.
U. S. STEWART, Cannier.
Chemical Natienal Hank
1'irnt National Hank
Anglo-Calii'oinian Dank, Limited .
Silver City National Bank
Capital, $50,000. Surplus, $10,OOC
MviáCu Profits, $8.500
Xra,n.sact3 a O-eneralEanlrlsas" EBusiness,
. Foreign Kxeliane Ilnuglit and Bold.
MEXICAN MONEY Bought and Sold. Money to Loan on Good Security at
Current Rates of Interest.
Rapid Transit and Express Line-
FreigBtand Exproaa Matter Hauled with Care and Delivered with Diapatob.
New Concoid Coaches Firtl clamtock. Eiporieoccdand CarefulDririra
N. B. Coaiuiorcialtravelora with heavy ampia catea are invited to oorrctpen
foi terms, etc.
Surplus, sEÓ.OOC
M. w. FLOUHNOr, Vice Prieideot
J. F. V1LL1AMS, Asst.aCathl
, ...ííew Yorif
Chica g
HILL, Proprietor,
Clifton, Arizona.-

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