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N".t trt'.v.
Ily lNt Hi KCUKir.
t ir Mum'.i f I
tx Mentha J
One II eur
rtutVrtptíoii twaVf Vavabítih Al-. nace.
A Mküht Ciüthi MAS lo al! riudc;
t.f ll. c LiiiK:Ai..
Thk .'cuatiS iiuUUu lias announced
bo pt, ulatton of the lin-orporalrrt
toaos In New Mexico having un rc
tlian 2,(V0.1:iliMbitnnt.'i. They nre. a
Tollo: Alitti'i'iprfiuc, (,Z'iit: ij',u.
2.0M; Kasi Lus Vei.i", :i,V.2; Rato.
a..n; IV swell. I!.0rS gubia Fe, 5.GG3:
Silver City. 2,7.-!5.
Somx o! the icopie who wcrcdcTcut
rd. on lie f-fe of the return?, at the
Lite c!o( tl.in. arc not. tntWilcd with
(lie count. Major Llewellyn, who wr.
a cintílate for the leiilslature, hx
(lied a contest, and proposes to snow
tTtat he was honestly elected, and no:
tilintan who was piren the ele--loi
rerillicto. T. Ib Catron, who, tt.t
oltiroa show, h.tfl sixteen fewer tuns
than C. Ka-ley, for ruciutitr of thr
council from Punta Fo county, also
thinks he v honestly elected, and
lias commenced a contest, lili a view
fif prorlB' tliia to be the fact.
Tittw year, for the Brst time. Lords
inirir. has a cii)did:ite for an Impottan'
federal dfilcc. F. M. Wlthcrspoon I a
candidate for appointment as, reiclutei
of the La Cruces land office. He ha.-
fhe hp-aiiy support of all the reptil
fit'ans of this place and of t'.il aection
of the ?cuiitr, as well a.T'a ctronj? pul!
In li.r e-it, and hope to secure the
iplMiluUiH'til, Mr. Wlthcrspoon Is by
firofefei on n civil engineer, and has
had a great deal of experience In tnr
r)lnK and in land tnaltern, so is
aiiiplv qualified to Oil the o nice. Mr.
Wilhernpoorj Isa life lontf republican,
and has slnci he' has been la thi
country been one of the leader of ih
patty. Thc?e has never been afe'dera.
oflleer appointed frooi thin section.
U'1 the republicana bereihinlf tbry
are entitled. to vils recnenltlon. and
nil are very anxious that be receive
the appointment.
1 ne of of the tuoht important casi
ver before the United States supreme
f njrt was arusccV this week. It comes
wp over the Porto Rico tariff law.
The question at polnte Is whether "the
constitution follows the dan, or not."
In the l'orto Rico tariff law conrem
maintained lb it the territories and
the island possessions of this country
fctood on a different basis than the
various tUtc; that the provision of
the constitution proaitillng a tariff
between the different .tatos did not
apply as between the states and the
territories, and this point Is uphold by
the Attorney Oeneral. The other
lawyers claim thai the provision does
apply, nod any possession of the
United Stiles stands on all fours with
each state. 1 a rupular leetur by
e-rresident Harrison t Aon Arbor
last week, he touched oo this point,
aad claimed that each territory inn
island p'isseflsion had the name right
as each state. When the supicine
Court renders its decision we wib
know all about it.
Till WafcMnftoQ correspondent of
the CbluaRO itechrd writes the follow
ing rekfir'lInK the safety of the regis
tered mail: It was only a few da)
ago that I called atlentioo to the re
markable accuracy with which the
mails are baadled'and the security ot
the regimry yfeai, nnd tho report ol
Mr. Madden, third assistant H)htmas
ter general, suvgestsanother reference
Of nearly 19,000,000 amides handled
In the registered mail by thousinds or
employes last year, only eighty seven
were lost by carelessness, accident or
dishonesty. During tho fame time
there ;was transmitted through the
regular mails about II, 077.500,000 In
government money, and not a dollar
was lost. "Surelv no greater lestiruo
Ulul Is possIMe try t given to any
service than these astounding flm' re."
Mr. Madden says, "and it is doubtful
tf any private corporation In the otld
cat) match it- If the overnmeiii tan
with perfect ' confldenpe fi'nst. bil
lions of dollarf, of Its money to the
registered nalls and the government
matter la nnt hedged about with any
greater safc-fnardg than encircle the
letters of the huuibe-t Individual
whatraué for apprehension can eiist
to deter ih prlv.ita citizen from pat
ronizing Ibis rvlcp?"
CuyoiiESff bas been trying to' do
something for the country, but w I. tr
out particular soc ess. Before It ran
tackle the Cm tial bill the treaty with
.-igiand inosl be Used up. Accord
ing to the old RuUer Clayton treaty
thp !"Ui r y e umiiii h uid a canul at
tiie i'M.ujo-. Keeretarv Ihv h.i lieao
ruted a treaty to luko tii place of
fit olcTorr1, and it Ns Vflt 'i!:n!,.te'l
tn tli rriiül a fur r;n Mi'ttlnn. . T ;l
tMMlj- it:wi!i- the c:iiul slüll! nl:í4
l.e rj'oiird any uul'iii, pv-n dirt.: i
Ihv timo (:f tv.ir, and I '..it U I II
r.ot I r fortified. The en lc dm s nut
lite t'.ii, and rvfu d tu rit'fjf it un-
'-. it le amended, s i i : i ; thi Count iy
ilip rlirM to fiHiifv the canal If It '
til. 1 I- pr.'i:ililr the ami n .tr.ci.t
III li arrol-'frt. If It U Vicn cum
preM will pmlii.lily ptrS I'.ic rntvil l-i;l.
The .)d- titisi!y bill I- ul:.. Ii-.ioy
si ruiiirl j ii'Pdfí'1, and limy fall d
pt-'MKe; although IU l:l!M! a
protnlird lv U. Irpi'li li'iiii i!:iifirin
It not at tliU session It will prn!):il!
Kn thl'nuh the next. - The re-niii.'iiM
i v Ion tit thi- army bill will pr. luhh
pat i.iin lifter the holldny-i. If ri"t heft-re.
Ii new looks a ilio:!jrli nothing
would ba done wlt! the ta'c'i'ioi!
hilU at this f e flmi of rxn-frpf.
"Latí; of lime." I the rcnp made.
The Sha "'"in coinp inv nperaHi-g the
Shannoh tiiine, ut Melealf, held it
snoiul mec o(f (if St 'rkholilrr a Its
olUco, in New Yt.rk. lind clei trd the.
foil -iwlntf o dicers and di'ioior: Kd
win A. Carter, of Sprl.-K'Hrld, Massa
c'iu-ctts, president; .lonn K AlvVrd,
of Torrlus'on, Connertlcut, vice
preidenl; John K Krkiop.' Nrw
Y- 'k, jcfMnrr mid tf-i;snr.-r. all i :
whom are directors, also the folio I n
directors: J. W. Hnzen, Cimbriilire
Hurt, ls-sicti.etis, Oi'Mruf C.. tlll;
flolyokc, Massachusetts, Vi'm. it.
Thoruj'Son, New Vnrk, and James
Varm, of Dover,' Delaware Tills
i very strong board In a financial nnd
business wav. President Carlrr. Iieinn
one of the directors of the Citv Na
tional bank of Sprifinfit-ld, . Ma-saehu-setts,
and a director of the Turibulo
C i. and the Chaplin Valve C. Mr,
Alvurd Is a director of the Turrlngtnp
Co., uresident of the Excelsior Needle
Co., and one of Its principal owners.
rhis company Is the largest, manufac
turers of needles In the world. Mr.
GUI Is a retired paper manufacturer,
and was formerly vice presiden! ot
the American Wiitlna Paper Co., and
the owner of the George O. Gill Paper
Co., of llnlyoke Massachusetts. M'
Erskine o'tm f the ofll'jcrs arid princi
pal owners nf the Stlckney Meat lug
C i., of New York, and lr. Tnonipson
is the manager of I tic Tliomps-'iii In
v 'stmeiit Co., if New Yotk and Butte,
the cimpany which floated llio sm. k
of the Shannon company. It Is. prob
able that lire tw year will si ft some
ictlve vork by this eompany.
The Wclla-l-Vtgn agent and the pos?
master have heeu doing slums for a.
week, and will have to keep it up -for a
f '.v days lunger, all on account of
Christinas. They hope the Christmas
prcbcois they have handled will caue
a great amount of Joy, to compensate
for the ect.ra amount of work it ha
ciuscd them.
Among ths ten of thousnnds who
: iave used Chani'.n-rl.iin's cough icruedy
for c-ilds nud la grlpf-c during the i:is'
'ewyeir", in our knnsrlfdge, not a
4tnh! case has resulted in puctruoiii .
Tiios. Whitetiel.l & Co.. 210 Wab.-h
avenue, (Chicago, one of the inosl
prom i nen t retail druguisu in that cil.t
in speaking of this, H-ay: "We recoil)
mend Chambeil ;in's cough roim d
for la tj' lptie l'i nvmy ra-i s. as it. not
only gives prompt and complete re-
-liver), lilll.l'Si C'UiiL- i'i I ant
tei.cv of la atlpiic to result in pneu
uoiita." For s i!e li ibe Kigie dm;
ucrcuntilc cumpany.
Voasrii Uaill'li
But ire will cure yun it' you will priy U1.
Men wlio sre Weak, N-tvoqs nd de'nlr
t.ited null'-ring from NerT0u Vliility.
Srminl oalcio-, and all tlie eilriln of
early evil bithit. ' or lati-r ii iicr;tor.í,
hieb lead to l'rem iture D.icay. connump
t ion or umtunity, nhould nend fur and real)
the "book of life." fiviiiar parlienlarifur
.I home cure. Hent (sealed) frre, by nl
'unir Dr. Prkir' Vb"bui miii miifi
.:il iniite, 151 North Spruce St., NbhIi-
ille. T"nn. They oru o antee a cure or no
av. TlieSanilay Iornin?.
IlAltKril'a Snow Liniment. .
This Invaluable remedy is one tha1
tiitht to he in every household. p
vi ll cure your rheumatism, neuralela
sralns. cum bruises, burns. íroste'1
fe -f rid ears, sore throat and cor
phest. Ii vou have lame back ir, wil
ore It. It penetrates to the seat, o'
he disease. It will cure stiH Joint
nd contracted muscles after all rem
dies hflve failed. Thfrse who hnv
ipen crinples for years have used Ita'
ard's snow UniniPnt. nnd thrown aw
heir crnt.i-hfs and been tile to wit'
s well as ever, tf will core von. Pp
'0 cents. Free trial tiottle at Eairl
I rug store. 1
Mull and Kiprtu l.ln.
Stage leaves Solonionvllle Monday,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 a. ut,
and arrives at Duncan at 12 m., mak
ing close connection with the A. &
N. M. Ry. Leaves Duncan Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Fridays at 12 in.,
varrilng at Solonionvllle Kt G p. m.
This line is equlped with elegant
Concord Coaches, Fin Stock, and
careful drivers.
Faro $5. Low charges for extra
tmggage. . The quickest ami safest
route Co express matter tn Sohmroii
villc. Noah Gekx, Prop.
Siiloiiionvillc, A. T.
ForlKnr 'Uly lr.
An Old and Well-Thied Remedy.
MrsWInslows Soothing Syrup has
been 'used for ovef tlfty years by
inllllons of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soot lies the child, softens fhe gurus,
allavsall nam. cures wind coin. and is
the boit remedy for Dlarrhny'. Is
pleasant to the taste. Sold by Drug
irlst In evert part of tho world.
I Twenty-five cents bottle. It value is
Incalculable, lie sure arrd ask for Mm.
Wlnslow's Sootijlng byrup, ami tkc no
Jot her khid
I Th r.A I'Urtrr.
A plc'e of fUnrel dam pencil with
CI'aiolcrt.t'n'f pllu halm and bound to
tnc afí-:itil i nns i- stipeilor lo any
plii-ter. Vhpii trouiil'-d witli lame
t:i" k or pains in I In- r-U'.e or chert, itlve
U ii Irijl atol you me rcnuln to hp
in.'r l hnn p!-:iiHd with the prompt
rrlit-r wtiieli If. a fiords. 1'alrt balm
; al. elites rhi'iiuoit ism. One iií'pIIp.s.-
I I ion i v.-n rrilr. l'or sa! hy the le
iirei! iiKTi'uni lie eoinpar.y.
') miah rsrsil lit
'VM U t vr-r! -,nrt.t;ri iba
ir.oat fi -.-t ií.il C :if;ti McJi-
tcf fli:M ci,'firi-,i,' euro tiia
ci i i ii.i.t riv-., yi"e it-, wn:-
n-rí -1 r.nvif.-.i I i t i cutí of
t--tti ! rr. p. i'urur. , a
fes,' v. l.i. h r... r-tli-ir niTiMrtr.f
C P ". Ii yt t hv 9 it
" -i-i .. ii .'ii him v t v.rl
I'M. l.i I ni:..-.viT,lM,. .fA
i.l.t , f ' ri. 1 $1.1. (.ml 1 ' Mj
VrOY. M.Y.
V,r sale tv Mt:GraLU Urns.
Arizona St New líelioo Bailwn
Tens Tadi.c
No. 15
Msrch 4, 1900.
Mountain Time.
No. 1
No S
Nurih Sldins ..
'nuil SlUins-..
i-oronBdo .. ...
ll'lilO 111
Ttiompsoii; .
'Summit .:. . ..
lAiriisbury .. .
10 m
'J, in
HO ii m
IM m
1 ) a ui
ITi it lu!
t'l U UI
.HI a m
no a m
HO a m
US p m
p m
p m
p m
p m
p m
p in
. " :íl
, " Ui
" IW
p m
p m
p ra
p m
Tims Table
No. 16.
Murob 4, 1W0.
Mountain Timo.
so, (
Iir l-i oirg- .. ,
Veileh . ... ..
Summit .. . .
Thompson. ...
tHUKin ... v.
'i.'iiriiu. io . ..
iluttn-i .
-oiiMi Sldloir
Nnrlti tíHhna.
8:10 p m' T:00a m
II Hi p mt 7 f" ui
4:1 ft p III S:10a In
t .lñ p in: R:ii.i in
4:f n ui (1:14 a m
b. M i lu! tl :í a m
ft:Vi pmU(i:J in
:lfp'lfi::rta m
Stloi uiJ):il m
(!:,oi, n.l:.Ka m
T:Oft f) miij :Uo pi
Tralnt up on aigual.
r rralno run dnllr '' ,
Ait rr tints will ro-luco peed tn 19 milvt per
lour tn "Vork'K Oanyon." -,r
1 J Passeng-or Trains.
Olfton to North Hidinif I .80
" Houlb Sldlo(...... 0
" " Outbrlo ,. . .70
' " Conmado ... .86
" York -.. I Ü6
" " 4 aeldon., 160
' Duncan 11
" ' ' Summit 8 10
1 " bordnburs-......v i.'ib
Chlldntn betwoon ttve and lst'l jronr of
3K ha" price.
I V 100 n..unda of hn?iraireoarrlnd freo with
each lull rarv, abd Mi pounds witta oacb half
Jiafus t'OLQimors,
French Chop House
Usala served all Day and all M-ht,
Hbort Orduraserrod. You pay only for what
j you order.
I X.OITIB, rroprlor
A f-iTorlto mort bn thoe whe r tn fnvof
ortho-free col nKe ot allrer. Miners. I'rof
peotors, Ilancihers and Stoekmcu.
Music Every Night.
"Wln.es ZAcixx oro
and- Olgraxs.
Or the raoit popular hrsad).
Morencl ' Anions,
Fine Wines,; Kentucky . Whiskies.
French Urandies and Im
. ported Cigars;
VlnoP.no. M.k.e.d. Kentuck,: Coro
, - ; PrrPuro Impertido..
Morencl . ,
tíood whikiet. brandies, )0e and Rno
QavaDa Cigars.
Spsnl.hOporaesch nlhtby tinupe or
Trsliod lorotei.
mim saloon
The favorita of Morenct. Antena. -.
double 8tamp Wbiakios-Callfornla Wlnea
warranted Pure Grape Juloo-Foreim
and Domeatlc Cinara A Quiot Reaort
Duily and Weekly Papera Always
on bund, if the malls don't fat).
B. DAVI8, Proprietor
Watchmaker, Jeweler.
The repairing of watch ,
clocks and jewelry a specialty.
All work done in a workman
like manner and guaranteed or
money refunded. Shop locat
ed In the Arizona copper com
pacy's store.
(Late of London. England)
W-L. Douglas
Vt JIlWC,riTroa a kino.
W4.3.50 FiNtCAUtliWGAROa
-? Drri'3'SciiraiSHat:
r-üi W:1- -Doug LaKa
v srNn rnn r tai nr.itr
Ovar On Million Pcoplo wear tbo
7. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoer
I our shoes are erjually Mtisfactorj
'ry civo ino neif y-i.uo 11 tna Bionry.
jy eoual cuaunn hoa l.i atvla and fit.
sir wearing ouatlilea are unsurcaased.
10 prieta are uniform,-e'.nnptd en aola.
n. pi ivinvciovcrc. 'rr nirkei.
i'.x itaW cannot S':-"'- j . n we can. fold r
leulor. wbone name will shortly appear here
Agenta wauled. Apply at ouuu.
Choice Winoa, Llquoraand.Hayana Cirars
Operatio end othor mualcal aeleetiona re.
dored eaob nlgnt for the entertain'
mant of patraña.
Dally and weekly newapapers and other perl
odloalaon ale.
Por fall partlcularioallon
Hugh Mullen - Prop
s .iauiii(u vviuiauwiinw DatiapiTB uynauui
express willref eive prouraad careful altiMiliot)
Cold tSllief BuIIIob 'XtSiXSXr
ccDceBnunr Tests 100 'wh.V "tVr.. .
t7f-79 LwrepeeS., ie wver r Cvéey
í:-l 1
" íM .
Head ThlSj .'Consumptive's
- ' From the way rfi v' vVi co'dbrí for six morUns, I knew ihe had consump
tion She tiwed it in' her fac loo, ami her body wasted away to amere skele
ton ' Aitei she if. l ilown in b d th doctor couldn't do any good. I callea m
both Vr T. A. K mnn n ami Lr. N. L: Hawseo; ei,ch of whom is fc first-;las4l
physician, but the) hart no'.liii j
thnt would leach tttc troubl
in her lungs. Mr wile's U'fccr
came to sc hi f one day. when
she got voiy 'bj-. Ho lives in
Cedf Lnke, Wis., wfi le we
live in Kicu Lakd Wis. He
said he knew what w'ns needed,
and made nip t;et a bott.e of
Acker's English Rcmtdy tor
Cnnnmntin. I went to
Schmidi's, our b'Cnl r i'tist,
aod got a bot ti . ' d It 1. i cd
her right aw.-tw S.'.'í t '; i v' '
50c. bottles, 'J ilu-yp''t !. r
beck on h- r f hod tn.v'e bt r
as sound and v U ps ur.v -.v..
man in t . fclie l as 1 ft
on flesh oni.i.. fl'c ü
couir;h( en I If ar v tic wl-
doesn't Ino.v l''o f - . v to
be told sho w - ro 1 ear il. ith
..with consu-option. I e v ouldu't
believe i'. kiy m' J' s nil
her hou tir rW, end at C'gut
Her stomac.i o Ion . r i-i'.es it r nr.y - onMe et all. . Maybe you doubt what I
am telling. If 1 nd vise ym to see' J. N. Sc-hm dt, tho druggist who sold rnJ
Acker's Engli H R mcl- for Coiismnption. He'll tell you the same thing: He
ays Acker's Entrl s RcncHv is wonderful In al! throat aftd lung troubles; that
it is sold on a guarantee o cure, or money returned, and he never yet had
bottle come ba-k toh s sto e a th .iyh he has sold hundreds o' them. My name
is Luther Bedell; KicB tiake; Wis.
Acker's Biillih Rsmedy la aold by all iruir-! a nnder a rlr f"r"f
that your monrv will bo rrfundrd tn cau of InHur. ase., , foe. and Si a botUe M
United States and Canada. ' In England is. id., a. id., and 4a. 6d.
We authorize tot aban guarantee. W. It BOOKER CO, Proprietors, tw rr,
Fin no !. E 4r- Tiv Mmao'lle Ci mpany. . .
'tX3Ssrs& Hs&i0
They banish pain
and nrolonrr life,
, -----
No matter what the mattqr is, one will do yottt
goftl. and you can get ten for five cents.
mmmmi Ieibileeígesí
The Best TaUe in Town;
G-oodroorr. and éúmfortatiÍ(j bedtf
ill 'mfl
.v-' -IV,
rontninlnp mt trixi rAftirua In h tmumt t rtn wiUioai itímO to trwmdm
rv . nl - rtii(iJtahM,i) cu li luei by a ..I hy MaUiiefr Urtf-mtctkt mvnHf
T - HtU1, Ao. 1 Kpi-uo ru(. Smr V rk or u aPi nssflrei m
-ii - Bit lueKlioiae) yrvr luatl aUno Uto woeSd wa. arwteist.

at ori9 -.r
El Peco,

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