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Western liberal. (Lordsburg, N.M.) 1887-1919, January 18, 1901, Image 1

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sabaerlptloa rTr,
sto(l.Coletie b
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SttWlptlon Prices.
1 ircc Mw.Uia
tt Maatii
Ona Tear " '
tttbaoriptlon Always Pavableln Advance
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?eee Peres '.UelegiiWte Cnre
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w WilUM Sogrctary
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alabr Teaoe rToyar-rioudral
A L Srn... ' í ...Uatuastateilal ecior
W. 0 tW'JKI O. i. Dietrlot Attorney
g.M.rwaíer U 8. Marshal
J. A.CcX.Birto DeutyC.8. Marshal
J. W. rieia'ia- U. B. Ce"! luaaector
M. B. Olwt Baata re tfeg. Lnnd Oflloe
M. t. olrt. BnotA re. :....Rto. LondOSlc
.feOsnao l'.ss Cranes. Keg: L iud OWo
B, D. Bowman Laa Cruo....Hoe. Land Ofiiuc
Reward L'Uad mI1 Land 0ei-
Ve. B. Omyer Ruawell Hue. Land Oiíc
ro Tmm " Lund
TDI? Itee. Land OiSu
B i.RsHlalt.. . ...... 8oliltr-0.ueral
H. E. Oortner Píate P idt. Attorney
1h. . Bryaa Lai l'rueei
T.A . Vfttaal. Ala.trquc...
T. S. Bofi Bllvor City
B. Y. Ln. Las Tattaa
a í.-aakllu Koswcll "
.ll.UJÍf I"'" ' ..........
J. LoaT.,tt ...'.... .
B. aHewf, i-inoeie
Ja. aerara Librar..
w,p Wyltya Clork 8uirai L'ur
B. M. I" -íaotaa üupu feaitemiai .
W.tfl. Wklte AdjuUBt übciv
BuaiaU Bldodl . . Trrwur
MarMlla Oarai AudIU.
y.q.-é BiM Supt. Publie atrui-tiu
jM i, Cirk .......Canl 0" IapeiU:
J. fc. Hu!sm PullolTln
aWMi K. Head f Iwa, Cbtof Justice.
MuniiTn JnsTlOBS-'.Vlibur K. Sloai; V.
Oslrad Tbowas C. Kaker. pt íarth Car..i
.- Wllliaai M. Murray; of Tauaessce: Hcu..
. iau, f Kanes. '
J.anaw . fcsyneld: f Missouri, C. B.
AWurntT. v
V. I. Murray... ...Oiuaty Cinmiiuuer
. M, Taylbr . . .toit Cclal.er
Hf'ainün f told . . . County CeiHmttloi.t'r
KUward iwker Pr.lni.Junn
M.MaABiaoh :.;.. .... .l'rwbHta tluk
3ol.il!..UIP.ctt " Ao.eor
Arthur .oodcll "'"
Alvii N, While Sokuol uf rBte.BdeU
Adolph Witwl. Trc.sar.-i
(koirtfO R. Brow Sarvl...
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Q. flardla
SdbM) llreeora-a. L. Oamaon, r. K. irer-
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geitisr roifiajlailteaa.
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erte"'WJ". Manarcr.
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Traína ran dally.
P. M.
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ktenatalu tlree.
Haw Mexico
t Á W.
MbMistha AruaaCrperrany,anud
tof Waat Bldaoí HlTar.
tíüUton. .rlzon-a.
taray e"!. BoHailor,
Moe: lMiluO 4 Bb,hard Bulldl.
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.vt,,. rnanaftiJ tu hJ (U marre
A ílron Donfbvra VI..
t üirre pre pi.-nty c.r Imrtlx'iu ivomrn
xvlio couiy r.oi.'tb to Uve nuil vtbn nrvrr
linr the Irnst lilt of trouble. Tti! U
lK-onu tlir-y Iinvo goml Tiiannrrs nml
lia not wt tbiMiiKcIvo) up sa tljo ocnsors
of I be íMillnin ncuttrn with .whnrri
lb-y en; tluown Many of tlioui bnre
a difi'i-ri'iit coiKTptlon of the ncsro
from tlie outlirrii wuidpd They muy
not nprre politically with tlictr south,
vrn Klüti'iR. Tbcy hove their own Idea
cf UoUíwket'p1ii)r. of food preparliii; and
of chins 1'uttTtnInun'ntH. Xo one lie
Crudfr them tíir-lp v1owi. ' no one
would Interfere with their methods, no
one enrea low they marineo tfinlr
lioiiRcboJds. They ect uluiig in the
teouth hernnse they do not try to erowd
their own Ideas and method. on bouIU-ei-.i
women und put on etinerior aira
ami apeak rontemptiiously of noutherrt
mclhoils. Tin-Re people nre as uiurh at
home In. the nouth as If they were bora
In the south
Some of the northern women who
tome south ran doubtlees do some
things better than some southern wo
men, but tbt southern women have the
advnntnKi over them In other reapeets.
We do not ndmlt Hint the general ad
vantage Is on -the side of the north.
The Idea that - southern women nit
around the bouse reading paper hark
novela when they ought to be attending
Highest Honors VVuiltl's fair.
.. : 'DEI?.-
'A-fTrfpa Cream of T.irtsr Pow-ft. Fret
ora AdKnonia, Alutn or sny otlwr iduKcant
4i VeArt ihr 5WanáaríL
"- r. k c..- iiiiv 'vngnteil AVa;,illlir
ton biv li ly Ih the nBt, ami to h-r ,nlop
flun of Ainerlenn dren kIh- ll'iil:iyti ox
qnlslte tnwrp Her IiiihIi.-iikI havltii; hiHn
prerlmiwty Ktadoni'd nt le- guvest espl
tflli of l'".nii"i". Mine Tnknhirn han be
fMMiM a tliortMigli 4i iHijiopnlite. lidding
the rharpi iif'l'teiti" a tirlllinut rotiver-
to their, housekeeping la entirely ralla- I BOtlonnJInf. ,T'e MUi-hell Chupplo In
clous. The liest women In the south i National Magiixino.
busy tbeniiielves with tho detalla of j
tmnsrkperilng. T'Ji'V Hr not enolr ctliei) Mnnmlaar.
they can avoid It but they know how ' Wearing of moiiiulns Inn alterrd
to cook. TUe southerner docs not wont ' (rreatly during the hint few yeara. the
tun wilo to go Into the kitchen. It
Jnriiks down her huulth mid makes Uur
h drudge. She Is the homo maker, not
the servant of the houKcbold.
The northern won.ru who Is offensive
to the south hi the one who cornos here
1 h 11-ñii.l t.nt Into K!.
1'jV'M !' I H i t tin b r f poor
MilTint w ii.-i i 1. 1 yí ') c -'re ,-d
racked Wj oui.ph r t.i lyi A io u rn
aimthéV'iiliniúte. Hut. this Is costly and
i.Ot always siVre. Hhm't he an exile
when I)r Klim's New );se ivery for
cniisiliiipl lull win run., yml lit llllliie.
It's thé musí Infallilile medicine tur
couuhx, c iltN ii nil nil il. rout and lung
d lipase on earth. Thellrt dose brlngt
relief. A toiiihlnu cure- ie-iiit. from
persUteut tise. Trial tollies free at
all druggist and rl rulers In medlclnra.
Price 60c-and UK). Every bill!c
The Roberts & Leahf
AlhuqucKju. ns h ' ti ir.l i. e
scholarly Ivcluie ou Chltu by. Ilnti. F.
X: Schno duyiker ist Miner wiH , re
member the -'pro mi ns of Jade whlcli
he txhjbiteri with the i'I'iIiii that this
nistnlal waii m uf ir ur- d only hi
China. The Hyde exuloilmf expedi
tion has dUonvered j.i it implements
in old Azli'C niiiw, ximt er proof of
Mr; Schouniuaber's ilie -iy that the
Amerlcin Inillttw l-'lunlly came
ft.. in C i. - 3 i o il 1) Ml f .1.
to "Improve" our social usages and
meddle with our manner of living,,
point out the evil of our ways and bo
Blow upon us th light of civilization
lind-refinement. This sort of person
initially liegins by (allltig-woelally upon
thn "colored ladles," iidmittlng these
"liidlos" to social equality and thin
lect'irlng tho southern white wotnen
for not doing the name thing. 'North
ern women who come south to estab
lish nodal equality between the races
ran be assured In ndvnnre of social out
lawry In the south.- Niefnphls Commer
cial Apistil
s'.rf :i cutigli a' -tin ;): , -h i will
.;;re 1 1"- fir.t -old ;; t'Tiv" Ivors,
or ini'iiC) leiutjiU'ii. Z' i ts and óU c..-.
E.tiilc drug uietcantile company.
The Chicago Itecntil of a rcccntdate
sas that a company Is being formed
in Yoiinusinwii, o il l, in Aork the
Tombstone mini's. The Grand Cen
tral and Ciu'enli'iti Mines it t. i '-.at
p ace v ero -huí d nMi n u mii her of
yeais ago tiding lo the greav expe-isé
' ;MlVei U ttie I ll.'t Oil lit M ll III pi I IU
, llalli 1. 1 M.flilM. Ill lll.llli Ulli- to il'l
'fS.s;li) wok. These tilines weft'
for the loss of n parent, 15 months or. Ufa dividend pui-isin their day.
so; for grandpan nin. nlno months; aft-1 :.i',s a luvkii
ir tbo death of a trown rip brother or u.,o ....... ..i .. ..... .i.1..,,Ji r ,
inn luim.i na. null u in u... ii.'.u m.
time for goln; nbonl In gnrbs of woe
having Leen grostiy shortenhd, snyg
tVotnan's Life. Some people wear
black longer than others becsitse they
weri more partlrulnrly nllnebed to the I
toüt relation or friend. Hut, putting'
xenlhnent nlde, the estahllshed rules'
fur mourning are as follows: I
Tor n widow or tvidowpr, two reari:
Bl.ster. one year; for a child, according
to age, from tlut to niuo months.''
AjTrlhet in 'Amerleain Women,
"Why Is Hi" said an American lady
n London the other day. "that most bf
you Tlngllsli people w(II persis In "tak
ing the nniiiy young wonnio of 13 or 20,
Who staya aloue at n Itotel nnd is her
or.n protector and clmperou. ns tho
typical American girl?" Probably tho
easiest reply wnnid lirtvt? been to say
that the rr.il Americans are so quiet
and lad.vlihe Hint they attract no atten
tion ami , Hint the piihlifnl hotel young
lady wait taken ns the real representa
tive of her eouiitrywáif.eu. It would
not have been, hoivver, a fitting an
swer. There Is no such thing as com
monplace American wqjnen. Their clev- ,
truess. wit nnd bright womanly quail- ;
tics make theuj conspicuous. They aim
nt oelnrt real, helpful companions to
their husbands nnd brothers. Perhaps
that Is why they have the beRt time ef j
any women on earth. They have enrn-:
ed the position thro enjoy la the. pstl-J
matlon of their men folk, which made
Mai O'Rell declare that If he had any j
future reincarnation to undergo he
would beg tho Great Ituler of the uni
verse to mako htm an American wo
man, says the Tondon Telegraph.
Fluwever, nesalng from that, there lu
rcntly no exViiiie why the old traditions
should linger bo obstinately In this
country. There are now hundreds of
Amerlcnn women permanently resident
lot our metropolis, aud they aro supple
mented by Htotisands of ihelr slslert,
whoso brilliant Intellectuality every
summer ndds something to the rhnrm
and brightness of existence on thls-slde
Of the wnsteru ocean The prominent
self prntectiHl Amerleari ghi eilsls, but
she Is not a type. As n real A merlán n
Wily said. "Most of ns are neither
freaks nor frumps: we're pint normal."
P.nt that normality In, compared with
most of nnrnwjt wom'ankliitl, almoi'tnal.
anil It Is our lirjiiiliir. iendi'iH'y-irt nocepr
asi the type of 'u ni'ighliorn h wldeb
dlfJei-B nvisi -WliK'lv from ont-eviM. I
After alli tl.i r ts little'' .inference ho- Dti years uu
(Ween oi(T " natloji'ili' i
A Ui'Oti tUyaiory. . ...
It U ii mHiei by women tndurc
..cUachc, headache. nervuustiess.
- ci pit ues-. me anchi. lv, (uinting and
liizi.v iipiils when thiiusiiids have
phivi d itiai Eiectrlo Hit ters will quick-
n cure such troubies. "I s (j 1T red for
o ars with kiillityiu libit-," wrhe Mr
t'liety Chi r i). til PeteT. ii la., "and
i. tame Imck I'Hintd in- . 1 c ukl mil
if ri S, ui si-it but El ct i ic liitli rs hol
li Clued ine, ami, ulilint.h 73 ) ai.
..Id I i.n tu alU-in do all my hoiisi'
w..tk." Ii ovi rcoini'H coii6i ipatl n.
iiiipri.vfappet tie, gives pcilerthi allh.
On. i 50.: at ail diutrgists iud d. alt r
Kui-nliuig's six ic- i mises arc tillen
hi Ihe n.ol and lie li.,s about ti.UOO n.iik
oi llist. cía loe sloied fur ue rtnriPii
li t coiuii g kiimmer.' lie wa Ii. Krcai
I .ck last wi eK, us all lOuil.Lluiis were
v. i) lavur.ihl.- in cm ting and pulling
Hi. ice Nr Mi-xlciin.
Your I'sea
.Miows t he slat ol juur feelings and
1 . u 1 u . u . I ... il t ... ...Y . 1 ...
j nit ,i jii.i iimiiii da wvii. jiu
pure jlu.'tl makes Um II ujiparaui in a
pale sailow Coiuplcjiloii, .pimples aim
km eiupiiuiis. It .you ar l i-clnit:
wt-uk and wuru uui ami do nut have a
heauli) uppcataiicci yuu . slmuld ' try
Ackei's liiunU .Elixir. Ii, curca ail
b.ood diseases where cheap Sarsap
ji ma and mi culled puritlets tail; know
ing this, we teli evt-iy Dniln- un a pu-i
live guaiuiuee. JCagie (liug ujricaii
me vuiiipuuy.
That the census OuiCs lor Cnavis'
cuunt) et Ui.cioie.i since iLiiy led
loe l.aims ul i In.- t-iiuiiiciali.rs V. P.
t urner ttnU Knuci Kn'-ut-i, Mi. luiii i
uota Uul i.vsit.iie In in Ciaie.
Wtmt tlie'(1iir''renri la w;íh yeiy Wltlly".
eiprcssi-d liy 'he' lady quoted nbovri.
Khe ilis liiri-il tint both pi"iiliH wer nl
most alike. " A nierU aiiH." Khe up hi. "'aro
wlf coiikcIoiik" at itlilcli snmo of her
bearers seemed lorllned to smile, Imt
she went ill "anil 'self ro'ifident. The
EngllKli are self ' copse!. ins find ndy.
Thill's Hie whole Ihle In a lllltslii ll."
IT ut I ll I 11'.
If .Millnli's Congo tul CulisuinpLluli
ute, wuiv'U is s.iiil , ir in.- siuttil stitu
ul 26 cts., 6U CU. Ullü gfl.OU, uota inn
cult lake toe Oullle back and c vim
teluua your luunej. isilil lor uei
lUis guaiauivu. I'm i
liiii-iirtcrtstlcfl cia. and &U ül-..l'ur ate hy Mcliiu.U
" " - I r-.
Mnie. Takohlrn. Un- wife of Ihe new
Japonesa mlnlsfer. Is one of Hie most
ctiornilnir holies of the ilinlomatle rlr-
do and Is deservedly populnr In the so ! U i li.r n.o luolm- loei ttl 1 p.' t
Clety of thn "ftplhll. Her style of Imuiii- ! oailil i an ecuntiuiiCdi equivalent
ty more nearly approaches the western cual at 14 a ion.
The pusti.tlke Ui pai'iineul lias is
sued an oiut-t esidbiiti iiiig tteo Ui
lively servid- HI Eanl Las Vi.ua r.u
July 1.
beuuache, imiigeeiiuu and tn.n si i pa
ilón. A o c-1 1 tí i . t i u I he ib drink. lie
niuvis all el upliiui of i lie skin, pro
(jULing a perleul coiiiiiexnii, ot uiuoey
reluimill. jlisdliU Cil) rls. iuai:li'
uriig l'níi'í ai'ii llr (OHi'pd'n;
O.i li.r
Ideal than that of any of ber cnti-irrv.
Bloau To Aima. -
'The old idea" that ihe ' body' "ionie
limes needs a powerful, drastic, pur
gat've pill has been exploded; for Dr.
Klbu'a New Life Pills, which are per
feilf harmlesti, gently stlinoia.t liver
ami (niwels to gxph pnitinous mali.T,
the 1'ecis svs.eiu i.as luaileu
7,(HjU cars at callle Ihib aeasnu.
k YopNU UU1UKUS Í ' , ',
Croup ib ir.é ierro it ihonsaud ul
Young mot litio hecu'ise ils oulbreuk is
bu agiiuiiing. jiud frequently 'lata!,
Miilub's citiuii aiid vuoBumviion cure
lacis like luagiu indues ol, croup. Ii
i nerwisi-i iablr git i with an tilTen
sive bii-atb.i Karl's ciovei rool tea
purities tho breaih b) its aciiou oil the
bowels, etc,, us nothing else will.
Sold forjeursou a bs ulule guarantee.
Pi ice 25 cts.j anil Mi ctó. For sale by
McUialh Urnihers.
Cai;tin W. S. Kreiich, of the W. S.
callle C 'itipany, illicit purcbased 120,
liU anus ot latid i'f Ihe Maxwell land
kiaoi cumj aiij, about Mo yeats ugo;
i- now ncgi.ii tug u in . ' In r purchase
ui iiboui 1.30,100 ncres 1' ihe deal is
negnliauil il will make over 300,000
icii sol laud the company has dis
posed ot in i he pisl tu years, leav
ing i hum over SUO.OOO acres of ilicOilif
li.il l,.1U0,0UO.
It I. Ir. lira n.e i. lobe.
The la iiie of liiicklni's Aruica salve,
as the best in tin w i III, exi t ii.ls rnuud
1 1 .c id I LI). It'- I 'e one ('cried healer
it cuu, coins, buri.s, tiruises, sores,
calds boils, ulceis. lóluiis.'ui'hes. pains
and all shin eruption. Only lofalliiile
pile cure. 2.'c a b"X at all druggists
and dcilers in nierlicifics.
; In the case nl toe United Slates vs.
I be Hio Ur Hide Dam and Irrigation
Cijiipanji , k io a ii as Hie Elephant
liutte nam cise. the crk t-r the ter
rtioiiiil supteate courl has forwarded
the i ranscripi ol ihe case to ihe clerk
to the United Slates supreme court.
Toe tiauseripi covers about 1,000 type
written pages.
ackek's pYsrspi-iA taSlkts Auk
s ilil on u posiinu guarantee. Cures
heart burn, raising of the food, dis
iress ulier eaiiug or any forii) of dys
pepsia. One in lie tabid gives lui
niediaio , relief. '2i cli and CO Cts
Eagle drug mercantile company.
it is uui uniikeiy thai Pres. dent Mc
Kiuiej wlil le-appoiuL Chic Jimiice
Milis and 1'he Optic doesn't care if he
dues. He ii Hit itnlustilous, pains-
t king and conscientious judge and is
it. ned tor hl i;i.liiiii io sense opinions,
parilcualiy in mailers of lillgaiiun
between neighbors. Optic.
SICK Uh..VlAi;MtS. .
I lie cure for overworked woman
knid, ure qtiickl) aud surel) cilrcu' by
K nlV clover rool tea, the greal blood
plltiUel iínd I issue huiluer. Money
id in. di d if nol sal istai'tot i : Price 25
ano OU em. for sute tl Moliralb Jrro
cleanse the syslem and absolutely cure has neye ,,ut',u., know n to fail. The
ciosiipation and sick headache.- Only! oral tases' lencvéJ "iuimeilluieiv
t &c ai all druggists aud dealers la tued I Puce 25 cts., 60 cts. aud 81,00. For
and 2?ota,tca.
nviKsRirpr, I
xtw nils
n i non
frc. PASO, TKXAf
Capital, 3100,000 23u.rpla.s; sis3C.crr
J s. ll.uiiWj,
C. B. f :cs wit.
' n.iiii-r
M PI.OCS.KOr. Vice nrvit I
J. J. WILLIAMS, Aaat. Crrkl
hetairal Xtiunl lianlr
firt National R;ts(t ; . ; ; . ; ; .
Angle-Califaraitm Bink. Limited ..
18 FasMonalile Tailor.
brdha py tt-XiriKbJínitLrcrí.
- Henry N. JulTs, Aibuiiueniue's Ursi
ma i or, aoil one uf her mosi highly re
spected bulueM men, died last week.
A la ge iiuml er (il relatives nioOrn,
and ue .i on e ci y iiípicirs, i ne iobsoi
an tip iji t, gene.6i-S man and pro-
yi i es ve eii .lei-u , .
T . i '
'I In '''indications "f a vast oil deposit
s. uiiiiust ot Ki.oii nr.- exci'lleiii.
Tin.- neks laken fmiif toé surface arc
si Uili I)' scented' V In Coal oil.
. Agiaiid obi renitdy rf cou'fih, Cold'
sua consumption; utd . through the
oild lur ball a a uuiiy, has cured
iunumeialne cases of incipient ctm
'siVinpiiou and relieved many lú ad
i vanced stages'. Ii ytiu ire' not ati
with ssne results, we will, refund
Your uiouev. Pnce i t is., 50 eta
it-win 00. Fur buitt Of WoOnittt iru
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Cleaning, ReDairiTig and Prp.ssing done af5
short notice. .
Suits to order from $15. and up. Pant7
from $5 and up.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Onr Suits ím test in repair fise cf cMrp.
Next Disir to Lonlsburg Eakery
P. W. WICKERSIIAM, rres. .
I. E. SOLOMOy, Vicc-rrcs.
A. 0. SSIlf ÍI. Cashier;
C. F. SOLOMON, Asat..Casl!ÍI'
The Gila Vallev Ban
Solomonville, Arizóñá'
lUXllitl VAlO. O. a. AUai
e. A.
i Smith I, R. sl.nia,r.
ley, AUolph boluaian.
T.. S i' i ii
Capital Stock, Páid up - - - $25,000
This Bank solicits accounts, offering t'6 depositors liberal treat maul
and every facility eonslstcut with sound banking'
This Hank Is prepared to issue letters of credit, available In all pnris oí
the world, buy and sell foreign exchange, and have en tale steam
ship ticket lo and from all European and Asiatic ports.
'-. y" . ' '. '::
iiwv- - "s , ww-
lb- 4

..::K- y?
.Sai i'HiiíW
I lTT7 OPTADO. W. Wlrk. r.h.lu,

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