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New tfv Ico
rt:m.is:u:n rum a is.
SulíoH.ptjoB Piicoi.
frarec Month)) 11
IX .mtU... I
i Tour ... s
KsljI -rlrlloD Alvars rnvuliloln Alvnio.
Tim Mexican pnpulatlou in this see
linn of tho cnuritrv did nut make an
via bora 12 crlcbraiiün üq the (Ifih of
M:iy thin year.
Titi: lichee Review i Hjiain a dully
fclncr, and Will Kcllev Is unking a
fcixifl one of It. Will Kvllcy Is ti lijas
for band at niiiklntf h jr.nd paper.
VttEt the presldehi Ul train pulled
into Yuiua, ut 12:40 Wednesday morn
inn having; safely passed over this
ilivlfclnn, and ilways been on time, the
division ofllccr breathed a sigh of le-lief.
Onk effect (if the. president's visit to
El Fasn was the appearance of i-cvcnl
prominent citizens in ehnre.h last Sun
day niornliiji. In k spirit nal tense the
president can be hatUtled that his
western trip was nut altogether bar
rcn of results.
The Arizona paper report that
Wiley Jot.es, the well known lawtcr
and politician, was hit on the hand b
i Gila ni'insier ia-t week. Mis tongue
Commenced to Dwell, and hut for the
prompt attention (I ven by physicians
It U prohah'e Mr. Jone would have
died. When Mi. 'Jones commenced to
recover the. doctor's attention w
called to the Gila monster that had
Mttea the politician. The doctor
found tnc monster In a Convulsion,
imd despite all ho Could do (or It it
THE president's reception at Dom
ini; was the illici.il one he received In
2Tew Mexico. Governor Otero, Dele
yate ilodcy and many other i.fllcl i la
were there to meet him. A ureat
).iny people from all ulon( the lme of
the Suiilii Fc road wire present,
íiovornor Otero made a speech of wel
come. The president In his re-ponsv
prophesied statehood at some dim ai d
OMariL time in the future, but. gave
no encouragement for Immediate ac
tlon. A line Navajo blanket w is pie-
9ontcd to the president, and a couple
r.fgem tnrcfuolss were pres-.-nied to
Mrs. McKlnley. The turquoise came
from the PorterQeld mine In the
Durros. The tfetus were cut and
rjolishcd, and with them were present
él a couple In the rouuh.
It novv looks as itmu'ith Grant
county was to have another hanint
or two. It Is thirteen years ao the
coming July since there was a hanging
In this county, and Jury expert
thought there would not have been
One then, only that I'llar plead fililí.
on that occasion Instead of standing a
trial. At the present term of court
t'.vo men were convicted of murder in
the flrst, dewrec, one in the second and
one In the" third. The tvfo men con
victed of murder In the llrst decree
have in hanif, unlc-s a htifher court or
tho trovernor change the cmui'lnuHmi.
It Is to be hoped no chango will tie
made. Grant county needs a few
iiantflags. .Hba needed 8 one for a
long Uuie, tüd now that there Is a
good chance to administer the rued!
f' is to be hoped it will hp ulven. .
Tns New Mex can says that Allnr
hey U. M. Read of that, town is as-l-t
intf Silvester Uu-lanienios In his
efforts to secure a pardon for Y. M.
Grujida, who Is In the penitent laiy
for counterfeiting. The claim Is made
that G raj ad a was sent to the peniten
tiary because. .Sony counterfeit inn
tools were found In his trunks- tl
cliims a friend asked him to cairjr.
package fur him. that he put It In
bis trunk and thr -package after
wards proved In contain the counter
felting outdr, and he claims he knew
nothing atiout it mu II the package
was opened by the officer. As a' mat
ter of fact Grujida was arrested In
Lordshurg for a peltv offense. His
trunk was examined. In It was found
S9085 In counterfeit Mrmun bank
bills. These were done up fn several
packages, and placed In different parts
of the trunk. The om fit for making
coin was also found In his trunk, bin
instead of belnv In one pck nr as he
claims, was in several different pack
ages; scattered in different pans of
the trunk. " Tbere Is no doiib' but
Grajada came up here I wAi k off his
b indie of counterfeit money on the
ftciicaos in this section of the
country, and If necearv. to make
more for their use. He K"i rsught
and the opinion la that he got off verv
lightly wltb an eight yeir semenee.
In the rolo of Injured Innocence he
does not shine.
der In the first degree. This means
hanging, and Is tho second such con
victioti at tnis term of Court. Culle
shot and killed Johii McMillan, ut his
store on the Gila Comí m is. Jeus
Hamos was tried for killing Jose Del
gado hi Sliver City on the sixth of last
January. The Juiy brought in a ver
diet of Miurder In the second degree,
lilt bad doiir its entire duty there
would have been mother conviction
of murder in the Hist decree. Last
Seplembei Frank Htlto. an ex-Kouiii
Kl'ter, dt. rums Alios, shot an . killeii
his wife's sister. Ills excuse was that
he had cause to be Jealoiis nf bis wife,
and he thought be was shooitns at her
Instead of her slsu-r. Just a liulc. mi
lake any short sighted man iii'jibt
niiilie.. The case was bitterly foiuht.
and the jury afier being out for neurit
twenty-four houis tiroughl. In a vp -diet
of guHiy in Hie third degiee. An
other casti of misplaced swnp.it ;i on
the part of the jury. Ibito slionlo
have been Convicted of murder In the
llrst degn e. James Murran a con
vlcled of stealing an overcoat from a
passenger car at this stai ion. Entasii.
Perez, Simon Tostado und Jose Ciiav
arria of this place were tried for steal
lug boises belonging to the Viet nin
company and were acquit I eü. Sever
al minor case, Including a large uuiii
her of cases for keeping saloons opio,
on Sundays, were rilt)oed of. It. Is
expected court will adjourn this week
Tue court look a vacation Monday ami
went do.vn to Di-mirig too meet the
The county branii i. Ulcer has not
been nut to Uedrmk to Inve-iLate
the supposed smallpox there, but. later
reports Indicate the case was not
smallpox. The patient, Carl Wash
burn, was out riding the ranifp, with
i he sores all dried up seven days after
he wa3 taken down. Smallpox sores
do not commence to dry up Until
twevle to lourieeu days after they ap
pear. Under the new law ihe jusuce
of the peace In each pr'-cinct Is made
a medical expert, lie is the one
to decide, the tlnal authority nn all
contageous dlseu-es. If he sas a man
has yellow fever, smallp-x or tne
bubonic plague, the man Certainly I, as
those di-ases. legally, and mii-t be
quarantined, and if be gets well he
l es so in spite of the law. Great, is
the la.
Sunday Governor Murpney of Ariz
oa, accompanied by til- siafT, pisseo
through on the ea-t. bound pas-cogei
train in the San Cirios, Superiuien
dent, Uanilolpti's private car, en mute
o El Paso, to escort Pre-itlent c
KMM0.V to rr.eiiix'. lie was jollied
nere bv C 'I. Eau, or Cdfiou, wlio is
a member of his siaff. belmr .ludiré
Advotaie. The pany went to E
Paso, and ri-lnnied on Ihe ri'L'illil
passenger train Monday, several hours
ahead i f Ilie problem' special.
Some of the youngsiers wlio have
been throwing rocks on Iron roofs to
to hear them rattle are liahle to be
arrested churned with malicious dam
age to property.
'It Is witli a good deal of pleasure
and sa Isl ici ioii to it 1 rt-coiiiieun
hamiiei lam's colic, eiio,-ra aod d:ar
rlioea remedy, " says I)riigglm A. V
-i.iwtelle, or ilariford, Conn. "A lail)
'll-to'iier, seeing the rrmedi exposed
f r sale on mv show casi-, s iii to me;
'I reallv OelleVf thai. iil"dii;i n Riv.-d
my lift the past summer while at the
siiore,' and sue Oei-ame so em ll i-i.isuc
over its menis t bat I at once made up
HIV mind to recouioiend it in the to
ture. Hecctlt iy 'I geni leiii in C I'lie in
to mv store si, overcome wilh e..e
nilns that h" sank " once to the floor
I gave hni a dose ofthls remedy which
'ipined ti i ii i. 1 repealed the dose and
in lineen niimnes he 1-ft my store
-iniliiiglv Inf-irniiiia !." that, he fell as
veil as ever. ' S ild by '.he L tgle druu
iiercanl lie como iny.
An tit-n.lvp Stork Knlirr Ti-I How to
C'nre sntoro I 'hI-..
Wnh Al.hoti. or I'yod ill, S. Dik..
quite an exti n-lve st k iai-er. his lor
a number of tears u-ed Coaoitiei bun's
Colic, cliiecra and itiamioeu remedt
tor se otrs ni calves and -ays 'he n is
never known it in tail. He giv. s a
teaspooorul In water as directed on
Ihe bol tli for an adult man, a 'ter eac i
operation of the hoeis m ire toi.i
nal mal. Usuativ one 'lose t ,nlll -lent .
For sale by the F igle drug meicao.:!
The district, coort Is doing p'el.ry
p"xid buslors this term. List week a
t-jry eonvirted Andre QalU vf unir-
nsitard'a Mnow Llulinent.
This invaluiihlt! remedy is one that
itiirht, to tin In every household. It
vill cure your rlviimai ism, neuralgia,
-prains, cuta bruises, burns, frosted
feet and ears, sore throat and sore
chest. If you have lame back it wil
cure It. It penetrates to the seat ol
i he disease. It will cure stiff Joints
ind contracted muscles after all rem .
dies have failed. Those who have
hpen cripples for years have used Hal
ard's snow liniment, and thrown awai
i heir crutches and been able to walk
is well as ever. It will cure von. Price
iO cents. Free trial-bottle Jit Eaifle
jTrifg'stnrcT'" "
Miss Florence Nevman, who has
been a ureal sufferer fmni muscular
rheVtnál is'in'síiys" Chám'beMaiu's nab
iIm sl he only, renieily i hat affords
her relief. Miss Newman is a much
e-pect-d r.-ldeul of the village ol
ray. N. Y.. and m ikp- t hi-s' al eni-n
fur lh- lienetlt of oiliers similarlv
illlieteil Tuis liniment. Is fi r sale by
' be E igle dm merrantile company.
For Over Firty Vtura,
An Old and Wkll-Tiukd Rísmedy.
Mrs Wlnslow's SiKithing Syrup has
lieen used for over fifty years by
millions of mother for their children
while teething, wilh perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums.
allays all pain, ctlrcs wind colic, and Is
the best, remedy for iMurrhiea. is
nleasanf to tlw taste. Sold bv Dru-
ylsts irr every part of the world.
Twentv-tlve cents a txittle. its value Is
Incalculable. He sure and ask for Mrs.
Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, and lake no
other kind
Yoarli4 rind Fl
tiul e will i-me you il ymi will (mJ ii-.
,en lio re W -nll. Nei von- ind delnli
: iteil -iiri rinir from Ne.rou fleliilin.
S iniioil e.ik'ieMii. .iinl.ill the effru if
nrlv evil h!tit. or Inter oi'bucreiifin,
liidi l-ad In i'remst nr.- D' eav. consumo
ion nr ilml. honH -end for Mn-f re1
th "brVik of life." giv. vr n iriicirlír for
I bome'iir P.nt (euet) fret., t,v rt
r"-vnj If" e,.l..r' vt-.hr.il n f .o'iri
- t i i i;o. fíit S'n-li Sr.nire .. Nn-h-vill.
Tn, . fh-T -.i.-intr e a ami i at oo
pay. TliSuady Moruioy.
KfO.:lll(iÍ) C-
IT - "
tit Tt,- m 1
11 rvist
It roiet.v
á m
iV li.n
hi- ruML-e i . i
Ihth , ; i
a ''
be i.l.t
'.vonrl nitMtlnn fV
rssinl C'Mi:h Medl--i'o',v!i
to inrncp; a
i rtrifbtv ctr3 tha
of 'Mi h, ( i oup
ii4 w!j,!c (f won
. in the euro of
wit i;uit n n.
Y of Ilir.ÍM-jfi.
r ' ,-.'v' v it has
1 1 i'l' II.Ult' p, fi
'-III r in -'n i no
ít y hi-vo a
r: nísi y ask you
'.'li'.lo ( tut'H PTi'l
"V. nni! i vt, fitia
' ;. üd, and
i H I:
::?ov, n.y.
f i.rsaie h McOratli Bros
Arizona & New Mexico Railway
.Time Table
No. 15
March 4. 1000.
MouutnlD Time.
II f ton
JurUi Slilinif
4 HI til Siilllltf
Virnntulo .. .
1 l io ol
Sionniit ...
Lordaburg .. .
41 .
0 I 71
NO. 1 NO
h-M a m :H0 p m
8:26 n m t:!b p ra
S:M a m i SO p m
:(K) a m 8:00 p m
9:10 a in B:li p m
0:15 a III 3:4- p in
Hi-Hi am 4 1 p m
1 l:l a ni 111 p in
11 :() a m 6:10 pm
a m 6:40 p III
12:06 p m 8:16 p in
Tiaa Table .
No. 15.
Murcb 4, lwoo.
tnuntalu Time.
'. ir.ls urg- ... . Lv
iteh :.
'l llTlll "
"hn-npiiD 4
liuioan "
ui. .Ion M
t! e'oiindo '
i- 'llnif .. '
Vnrlh Sl.hlllf .... "
Clifton Ar
. "nO.3
p rn
p ID
p in
p m
p in
p ai
p m
p in
p m
NO. 6
7:00 a to
7:40 a m
S:iua in
H:fiO a in
11:15 u in
11:46 a in
lo:2e a in
lo;ai a in
Huma m
1 1:06 a in
ll:a.ia m
Tralin stop on signal.
1" Trains ru n dally
All Tr tins wl) reduenspuod to II) mllin per
hour In "York s Canyon."
1 & Í Passcnirer Trains.
CTIfton to North SI Unir .so
" Soinh Siilliiir Kl
Outbrle 70
" l uninado os
Yorks 1 (f,
t anldrm 1 60
' ihimosn 1 6
Hnnimlt a 10
' Lordshiirr 4.26
Children hetwecn ve and twelve reara of
are half price
rw" 110 p. units ohnirirife carried free with
eaor full fare, ahd 6fl pounds with laoh half
Jambs 'olqchoun, II. J. Smwon,
Preeldent Buperlntendent
A favorite resort foi Ih'ow who 4i in favui
ofthe freecolnaire of silver. Minen., ,'res
pectors. Httnclierii and Atick,iieli
Music I: verv Niirht.
and CJlg-are .
Ofthe mm popular lirands i
Morenei . . Arlzoni
Klric Wines, Ken lucky Whiskies,
r'reiich liiauiiit-s .ind Im-.
ported Cigars.
Uoorl whiHkies. hrandiei. wine and Inn
Havana Cigars.
Spanish Opera each niirht Dy a 11 mpo of
Trained Coyote.
osriiT SAW
The Favorite of Morenel. Anzonu.
Double Stamp Vhi8kle8-CalIfirnia Wlnoa.
Warranted Pure Grape Jwlco--Korel(tn
and Domcstlo Olirars A Quiet ttesort
Dully and Weekly Papor Always
on hand. If the malí don't fall.
E. DAVIS, Proprietor
Watchmaker; Jeweler.
I 4 1 ,
The repairing of watch ,
clocks and jewelry a specialty.
All work done in a workman
like manner and guaranteed (it
money refunded. Shop locat
ed in the'Arizona copper com
paey's store.
(Late of London. England)
French Chop House
Meala Mrved all Day and all Night. V
Short Orlan served. You pa ODly for what
you order.
VV.L. Douglas
í3 V tjwnitJE, fit ro.i A KINO.
;? ')r :r ri' ""'-if 3.í? P01 ICE.ssoi.es.
n'Kcrorir'.Tuact!E '
w i - t o u tv L va
Over Ono Million People n ear ti e
L. Douglas $3 h $4 Shoe:
1 our shoes ora ct-uaüy ectlsfactory
V r'vs t'ej hr-t v' of r t'-o ironrv.
..r. ri f 1' 1 r' yle or, J fit.
jt 1:1c .irp;s.-d.
Ii;'..sn;ji... ...-l,...' :.-,cJ en solo.
1 '"1 t f t r'ivc ov: 7 1. r n-r;c.
.- ,.. sc-.a. FoW
teuler. whiMe name will hortly appuur hen
Vkuui wuittud. Apply at onuu.
Cboioe Wises, Liquoraand Havana Civar
Operatlo and other musical aeleohon ren
dered each nlirnt for the entertain.
meut of patron.
Dally and weekly newpaper and ntherperl-
odloalon file,
for full particularoallnn
Hugh Mullen - Prop
" . I . r LT.LINGAMn & CO.,
1 'i-hrW:nro!oi.cjo,1866. hamptr by mailor
it ."bwillr e-t;v prompt aou carclulattaiiuu
'i t;"ii.i . Kthnil."9 ard 'tat4
. il W ...(.. u..-..il i etiSfh ru.
.'.,V'''1 ,( '''r1 fe ICO Is c-r'-rl"rd lo! 1
'"!' "Ml, rir. ,,
Mr. C. ft. Péaslee. the rrel'lVnown drue;ost of
Mrvgan City. L , is highiv thought of in hisneigh
b rii id because ot ti is skill un care in filling ,re
c i,uiin. Tne best physv ian In ihe place send
their pat enisto his ston- whenever t'.'ey can Any
t!nn ieh Mr. PensU e may ft.-'y c m be depnded
upon nbsol.tely. In a lefer to V. H. Hooker &
Co., Mew York City, proprietors 01 Acker English
Remedy, lie says: ' In all my manvreais'i xperl
ence as a d uéKist. 11 ave never handled a medi
cine of any nature th t Rave such complce satis-
fac 1011 hh AcktT s iisii k. medv for Throat
ami Lu g TroubK S- lb ivc so hundreds of
bo lies, and have yet t learn of a Mnglu casé
where it failed t, cu e. In
t roop, it acts urn 11 cer
tainty that is rt b mar
velous. My wifi (s not
take much stock in n di-
cine, but she b a ' ol 1
fn'th in Ackr r' f lish
Remede, olwa . h v j. i-
at her elbow in .1 e tno
cliillun are a acki.d by
c 1 p at niiriit. 1 is a
po itivrlr Jiarmless nm
edy. as "I can pi rsoi ally
tes if v. I bn-'W of a li' le
gii a hn accident.. 11 y d aok a whole bottle. She was, of Course sick at her
no ach lor.t. sh rt time. 1 ut tho .-.ickne-s passed away, and then the child was
in better In alih linn ever ifore I an understand why A. Iter's English Rem
edy is so effic cons, bee us I am a druggist. It is not a mere expectorant,
but a strengthening i v;ro :i tonic as well. While it heals the irritations
of the mucous memli a it also builds tip the constitution anl purifies tho
blood. I endorse 1. a .so.utely."
Sold at 25c, oc. an ' f a bottle, throughout the United States and Canada
and in England, at is. 2d , 3 . 3 I . 4s. 6d. If yiiu are not satisfied after buying;
retuin the bottle to your dru, git, and get your nioney back.
trr outtoria Ihe above guarantee. W. II. HOOKER CO., Proprietor; tow York.
For .-ale b) Eule Dru' Mercantile Company.
They banish pain ONE
and prolong lift. 11 GIVES
-fe fe l
Mo matter what the matter is, one will do you.
;o id nd you ean get ten for five cents.
Af- -tit.-in! no- tv ripajw rABrr.ni tnnptrHT crttnnfwlthont to now for ml
-' vie '14. t.t low pile I soi l is intciulwt fi'i' ih pwi und UuMot.mtii
. ' rturuKiSJUhuiwKstt. rn h.ui uj uiu 1 bv tn-uUiiitr forty ie-ht yi.ig
ins. Bust msdicuio erur mude Knctt the worlu wu emini,
THE hi
i Li-lit C TOK
The Best Table in Town;
Good rooms and cemfcrtr tJr
Ceo.- EcoTo xcLcteXi

It -M
'm Pino. WM.-klw- le teiiiuk , (,,.
ifran.iei.jr Puro Imporindo.
W$?& Internacional
El Pato, Tu

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