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abrlptln Pr'i
SlngM copier, 1 Celo
New Mexico.
Subscription Price.
ínree Month
Mix Month
One Tear
Sabsoripllon Alwav Pvablcln Advance
II 00
1 7A
8 (HI
b. S. Rodoy ÜeleKttte to Com-rcs.
M.A.Otero (lovcrm.v
J. W. RaynoliU Secretary
W.J. MUI Che' Justice
J. W. CrumpacUer Associate
Daniel H. McMillan Associate
Jon R. McKto Associate
"rank W. Park jr.
Qtilnby Vanoe
A. Ij. Morrison. ..
W. B. Ctal'dore....
C. M. Foratcer. ..
J. If. Campbell . .
J. K8herldan..
.. ABHOClHt1
...Unttod States Col ector
....U. 8. District Attorney
U. 8. Marshal
Deputy V. 8. Marshal
.V. S. Coal Mino Inspector
M. U. Otero 8anta Fc Rcfr, Lund Office
K. f. Holiart. Santa Ke Roc. Land Office
K. Sollrrnao Lbb Cruce Kcir. Land Office
II, D. Bowman Las Cruoei.... Keo. Land Office
If award L-land Koawell Keg. Land Office
1). L. Oeyer, Ruswell Kec. Land Office
It. W. Fox Folsom Uog. Land Office
A. W. Taoinusun Rec. Laud Office
K L. Bar'lett ... Solicitor-General
fc. C. Abbott S ura Ko Diat. Attorney
W. II. II. Llewellyn. .LasOt-uCca
F. W. Clancy. Albuqueniue "
Chas. A. 8piess Las Votus "
Oeo. W. Pritchard, White Ouka.
Lafayetto Emuiett Librarian
Joso U. Sona Clerk Supreme ("mirl
If O. Pursmii Supt. PenitentlKrj
W. n. Whiten Adjutant Uuncrui
J. H. Vaglin Treasurer
W. O. Parjeut Auditor
J.T. Charos Supt. Public Instruction
Jno E Clark Coal Oil Inspoctor
J. D. Hughes Public i'rin'cr
J. nil R. Reed of Iowa, Chief Justice.
AisoniTi Justices Wilbur F. Stono, ol
Colorado; Thomas O. Fuller, of North Caroli
na William M. Murray, of 'fonuessoo: Henrj
n Biurts, of KaiiHUS.
k.attuew Q. Reynolds, of Missouri, U. S.
V. I). Murray County Commissioner
h. J. Swart County (Xuitnisslouer
M. M. Croukor County Commissioner
Kdward Baker Probato J wine
ti II. Jl"Anlucu Probate Clerk
.iohn UUlotiio Assessor
Arthur -". (ioojell Sheriff
AIvku N. Wiiite School Superintendent
Adolph Wiucl Treasurer
Ooor,;c H. Urown Surveyor
M. W. M Grata Juitije of th Poauo
II .Constable
School Directors H. L. Gammon. E. C. Melt
J, H. Ownby.
Southern Pacific Eailroad.
LordctiU eg Tim 1 able.
A. M.
P. in
. l:a
I rains run on raemo inuu.
B, A. WoRTHtNUTos, T. H. aoonuAN,
BUperuitendBiit, Gen. Pais, and Tkt. As: t
J. K-UUTSCu.nitt, Genep'1 Mauuiccr.
Arlaona New Mexico Hallway.
Lordsbnr-f .
i'uuouo ....
Tin nnáll
A. M.
. 1:011
. :!.
. KM.
A. M,
, . S :m
. 10:iO
. 11:45
1 ,;i
Trains run dally. Mountain time.
' Pb-raiiniui ud Kuriteou.
New Mexico
bmoe tntne Ar!r.onnCopperCompny' BuUd
IngWeet sldeof River.
Ollttoii. - Arizona.
Attorney and Solleltor,
AllbuslncMwlllrooeive prompt attention
Off.ee: RoouiiSaud i Bhephurd Building
dullard street,
o Pe. wltb his ere flxwT downwaril. na If
EPertohrn Tree bnJ a comical cxpe absorln-d in thought,
rk-nca on ÍI first appcnrulicn as tin "Well. bIp." said the Jud-re, "Is
corpulLiit I nlstaff. In the lust not lie there any qui-tloti you would like to
lind airansred that FuIatnfT, illscumert- t8k mp bpfolp you retire?'
ed liy gha and buffet of the fairies
lu Windsor forest, should runke one
herculean etTort to climb the oak tree.
The pegs that were to nerve aa up
ports for Hint tree were always cou
epleuous by their absence. On thi
morning before the performance Mr
Tree was told they should positively Ik
Used on the tree. The morning cn'ine.
but with It uo pegs, eloquence was
stifled: even Invective fHltered. lis
pointed to the iree and with the calm
of despnlr blurted out to the defaulter
"No pegs!"
Such an ejaculation, spoken more In
aorrow than in alicer, would, he hoped
appeal to that last remnant of con
science .which even the papier mache
bosom of a property man might be sup
posed to retain. In the evening the
was n dress rehearsal, but still no pegs
could be seen Mr Tree s form quiv
ered beneath the padding with pen I
up emotions and in a torrent of nas-
slon and a voice shaken by righteous
wrath he exclaimed:
"Where are those pers?"
Tegs pt gs!" exclaimed the property
master, with exasperating affability
"Why. guv nor, what was your words
to me this morning? 'No pegs.' And
there ain't nonc"-London Tit-Bits.
"I would like to know, my lord,"
fame the reply. "If you could tell ua
whether the prisoner stole the watch."
Hon rill Adrice to Wrltere.
One day at Lakcwood while sitting
at a little table iu the big rotunda ball
drinking afternoon tea I met Mr. W. D
Ilowells and had a delightful converso
tlon with hlui. After knowing the per
sonality of this famous author one en
Joys his writing ten times more he Is
so magnetic and bis conversation so
Interesting and breezy "Yes," he said.
"I always advise any one who has an
Inclination for It to try to write One
shouldn't expect to have the first
tLlngs one does published, but one
must keep on trying It is an excellent
plin to set down something one has
setn In everyday life and try to get
a story out of it. Indeed. It's the best
way to practice
"Writing is mostly drudgery." be
continued "I have to force myself to
go into my library to work, and I And
myself putting off the hour as long a-)
"But when you once sit down?" I
? entured.
"Even then it's hard work for awhile
until I get Into the swing Let no one
Imagine the muse comes without a
summons und without a good ileal of
urging' At least she never does to
me"' Anna Wentworth In Woman's
Home Companion.
Sr For the C'ronu Tine.
II works In a down town oliice for
a gruT old chap who has no love for
laggards, lie is due at S sharp, but
as be IIUos to be out o' nights he never
wakes up u moment too soon He bus
an alarm clink, which he sets at 7.
and this gives him barely time to
dress, breakfast and reach the olüce.
One day hist week, the man having
forgotten to wind bis clock the ulght
before. It didn't go off So there wore
explanations to be nade about 8:o() a.
in Tills" was the excuse:
"Well, you see Mr fíruff. I know
bow punctual you like all of your men
to h. so I have an alarm clock, which
I set for 7 in the morulng. But. by
mistake. I set it for 7 In the evening
lust night, and of course it didn't go oil
at 7 in the uioruiug 'oday. as usual
And I overslept nyself."
"Ah. you did' Well. I'll excuse you
this time But set It properly after
And now the chap Is wondering
whether or not "the old man" was real
ly fooled or merely wanted to let hita
down easy Perhaps he thinks tua
boss believes he has a 'li hour clock.
Kansas City Journal.
Bull DaltliiK.
Although bull baiting was a cruel
pastime, it was also a fultllllng of the
law. for formerly no butcher was al
lowed to offer for sale the flesh of any
bull thut had not been baited The
goading of the animal In a fury whs
supposed to hare some Influence ou the
flesh In a similar belief the flesh of a
hunted bare was thought to be superior
In flavor to that of oue that had been
shot, and a present of "a bunted bare''
was considered to be a special compli
ment. In the records of the corpora
tlou of Leicester England, the follow
ing order appears: "At a common hull.
teiJ on Thursday before St. Simon and
Bt. Jude, U'J7, 'no butcher to kill a bull
till baited.'" At Winchester It was or
dered (thirtieth Henry VIII) "that from
hensfortn ther sbal be no bulstake set
before any mayor's dore to bayle any
bull, but oDlle at the bull-ringe within
the salde cytle."
There are bo many poor gramma
rians that we wonder grammar la not
more unpopular. Atchison til o be.
Every one ought to have a motto of
his own. Mr. Ruskln's was a good
oue "Today."
ftavil II .;rV0 ilrlnk.
"I know I would long aa have been
in my grave," writes Mis. S. II. Ni w
sniiic, of I)ccntur, Al l., "if It. bad md
been for Electric Hitler. For three
years I M.fTered unn.ld ngnnv fmiu
the worst forms nf Indlyeslinn, al r
hrar-h, sitiiuiicli and Imwel dyspepsia.
Hut this excellent medicino did nie a
unu oí guou, punce usiug It 1 can
cal. heirily and have gained 33
liiiiitids." For Iniligesi Inn, l(is of ap
petite, stomach liver and kidney
troubles Kiecnic Hill, rs me a pu-i-t
ive, guaiantccd cute. Oulv 50i: hi
all druggists and dealers In medicine.
Hurt Dunlap has returned to Phoe
i.ix, biivitui been ielea-ed from q iar
line in Lis Anceb-s about two wiels
'g . He bud I pret!) gimri rntiurl vitb
'irml ild, and came nut winner, hut
u- never doubled rur a moitietit bin
i bal l be experience wa severe enough
I" render him immune in the future.
Me lust about twenty pounds when lil
las (lrft tnken -ick, but, got. it, buck
and limre loo, before he left, there.
He was so ell pleased wilt) his tre.it
'iit-iil in quarantine that he nd the
naiiMgciiii-ht he would icconjiiii iid
I be Lus Angeles pesl hmi-e In all
u7."niaris hn wanted in take a
nurse in small pnx. His raiully wa-
xposed all, ng w ii h biui-elf, but i -
r 'hem caught the dicae It-pub
Yuur Face
shows the -.tat'-nl your feelingi and
i he slate tif ynur health us well. I in
pure llond makes itself apparant. in a
pale sallow complexion, pimples and
kin eruptions. ir yon are reeling
vi-rtk and worn out and do not have a
in ali by appearance, you should My
Acker's Hlood Elixir. It cures all
'lood diseases where cheap .Stirap
irilla and so called pun Hers fail: know
ing Ibis we yell every bottle on a posi
rive guniatitee. Eagle drug mercan
l lie coin puny.
Work has been coitinien-cd en I he
-. rude for u railroad coum cling
l 'iigia-i with Naco. The line will
either be built, from Douglas station
or Fntet siding, twelve miles this
-ide of Douglas. The building of this'
inn will give Naco and ihe Cananea
'HÜway direct conneci ion iih the 101
Paso & Southwestern and will obviate
the haul over a heavy grade from
Douglas in Don Luis. Work ascotn.
nicnced at I h is lime to lake Hdvan
'age of ihe railroad excinpiion act
Kiissed by the last legislai urc Hisbi e
lines This Strike You?
Muddy complect ions, n.uscating
breath como from chronic constipa
lion. Karl's clover root lea is an ab
solute cure and has been sold for llfiy
years on an absoluieguarantee. Price
Vis. and óUcts. For sale by McGraih.
The Santa Fc has in preparation a
book on ihe Indians along it lines.
The material Is being gathered and
arranged by an expert ethnologist,
and allhonuh Ihe primary object of
ihe publication Is to advertise the
wonders and un erecting fealorers ol
ihe t-otlthwest. Ihe hook Is expected
to have a detlnile sciern illc value, and
I great care is In ing given to the accu
racy of ihe subject mailer and lilus
i rations.
The Perplexed Jaror.
A man was being tried In New South
Wales for stealing a watch. The evl-
dence, was conflicting, aud the Jury
made up their mluds to retire, but be
fore they left the ball the Judge re
marked that If there were any points
on wblcb they requtrt-d Information be
would, he pleased to assist tbem. Elev
tu Of til Jurymen bad toft the box,
but Uia tvulftb reuuiawi Uiullng.
The I'rlde of Heroes.
Many soldier. In the last war wrote
to say that for scratches, bruises, cuts,
wounds, corns, sore feet and stiff joints
Hucklcn's arnica salve is the best
in the world. Same for burns, scalds,
bulls, ulcers, skin eruptions and piles.
It cures or no pay. Only 25u at all
druggists and dealers In medicines.
Counterfeit silver dollars are being
Circulated in Phoenix. Several of the
merchants have been caught as the
imital Ion Is a very good one. Onh
those who are used to handllhg money
aro alilo to delect, the spurlo is coin.
I t 11 Your :!ler
A beautiful complexion in an Impos
sibility without good pure blood, the
sort that, only exist In connection
wit h good Inrtii'Pstioti, a hea'lln liver
ACKER'S KNGUhU KBMEDY WILL b"w,'U- K"rlV " v"r r"''l "
MnpMn.uiih at anv time, and will h" directly -n the bouels. liver and
tire the worst cold In twelve hours, kidneys keeplna them in prlect
tKriminilinnia neaun. rrice a cis, ano cww. eui
- . - - .
itllnr' f m "M ! Courts a-od lnnd at'
utu of Mi torrfrory.
AH bitsipow entmetstt tt tdl will wlve
1. .bito msWt-t.
A Million Voices.
i Could hanllv express ihe thanks of
Homer Hall, of Wesi Point, la., L's
ten why: A severe cold had si tiled on
his lungs, causing a most ubstlouie
cough. SfVfial physicians said tie had
consumption but could not help hliu.
. When all thought he was doomed he
began to use Dr. Kings New Discovery
for Consumption and writes "It, com
( pletely cured me and saved my Ufo. I
j now weigh 27 lbs." It', posit.iely.
guaranteed lor oiighs, colds and lung
troubles. Price 50c and Í1.00. Trial
bottles fice at all ilrnggists und Uful.
crs In medicines.
The Roberts & Leaht
In a collection of piuiuies of the
most active men In the present house
of represent, iti-.es, which whs printed
in the New York Tribune a few days
ago, an exc-lieni I k-'n-ss of Mr. Uodey
appeared near the center of the group
and next lo S.icik. r ll-u len ill. Hi
vas the onlv delégale from any lerrl
lory who was honored wit h a place In
t he collection, and ,i number of corres
ponitcois of eastern paners n ive men.
tinned him as a man who "Is built on
the It u s veil pattern," wlih the
iiialily of "get there" prominently
developed. They sav he is unilring In
iiiseiTorts for statehood for New Mex
ico, and since Indust ry is the qualb?
t hat counts in "ungress his prospect ol
Sue-ess is g in l.-- Alt iiqueiiim Djuio
Ilo t 1 1 four Wife?
Has she lost her beauty? If so, con
siipation, indigestion, sick headache
are the principle causes. Karl's clocr
root, lea has cured these Ills for half a
century. Price 2icis. and 50cts
Money refunded if results an; not sat
isfactorv. For sale hv M-Ciralh Hm-
sold mi a positive guarantee. Cures
heart burn, raising of the food, dis
tress after eat ing or any form of dys
pepsin. One little tablet gives im
mediate relief. ii cts and 00 els
Eagle drug mercantile company.
cut-re o:m? oie-TEis.)
-7? aolesales 3Dealer3 in Xlar Qraiip
and. Potatoes.
i 1
Capital, S02OO,COO. ID 2p Site, g31.3D-T.OOd
JOseTtJA 9. RAVNOLDR. President. M. W. FLO JRV r. Tice Prteldeol
t:i.Y35ES9. dl'B.VAHr. Cmlilcr. J. F. WiLLlAMR, Atst. Cashier
ITanovor National Bank. . : :ííew York.
1heinicHÍ Nkitioual Bunk , ...,New Yotk.
First National üank Chicago.
'irro-Palit'ornian B ink. Limited ; ..SanPranclsco.
I Nitional B ink of C iia nnrce :.;.St. Louis.
Kegining on ,1 inn, in I, I'MZ, all the
railroads operating iu the republic of
or Mexico ill be obliged to providi
siaiion agenis and train conductors
who are familiar wii h the Sp.misn Ian
gnage. The decree has been issued by
the department of communications,
ihe action being taken on ac'ounl til
Ihe many railroad agents scattered
about, the tepublic who do not lnow
enough Spanish. In order their break
fast . Patrons of l he railroads are in
convenienced on account nf not, being
able to secure information which
1 1 .i i , y time- is vi ry valuable. Con
ductors on ihe t rains must aNo know
the language. Mex can Herald.
If you would have an appetite liUe a
hear und a relish fi r ynur meal:, take
Chamberlain's sn inach and liver tab
lets. Tiny correct disorders of tin
stomach and regulate t lie liver and
bowels. Pnc-, 2i cents. Sample
free at all dealers in medicino.
lio You lillow
Consumpt ti n is preventable? Selene
has proven Unit, and also that neglect
is suicidal. The worst, cold or cough
can be cured with S'.iiloh's cough and
consumption cure. Sold on positive
guarantee for over tlfty years. For
sale bv Mcliralh Hrnthers.
A hill recently Introduced in con
gross provides for a port of entry at
Douglas. Heretofore Douglas and
Naco have been sub ports of entry and
i be nearest established port, of enlrv
was at Nogales. The. establishment
of a port, of entry at, Douglas will be a
reat. convenience lo this secfinu.
Hishee Review.
1 nils A Dfailly AMnrk.
"My r. ife as o III I hal good physic
ians were unable to help her," writes
M. M. Austin, of Winchester, Ind.,
"but was completely cured bv Dr.
King's New Llfes pi'ls." They work
wonder In stomach and liver frontiles.
Cure constipation, sick headache. 25c
at all druggists and dealers in medicines.
The Las Animas Gold-Copper Min
ing company of Sierra County, will In
crease its force on the. Wicks mine
near Hillsboro after New Year. A
boarding house will be built for the
a cornniodatlon of the miners.
I nr ruonry refunded.
headache, indigestion and constipa
tion. A delightful herb drink. Re
moves all erupt ions of Ihe skin, pro
dneingii perfect complexion, or nionev
refunded. 25ct and !0 cts. Eagle
riruu meuMnill co-nriany.
On ICTery tlottle
Of Shlh hV consumption cure, is this
guarantee: "All we ask of you is to
,i.e two.thlrds of the contents of this
hut I le fa! hfullv, then If muí can say
you are not benetlied return the bol,
e to oitr druggist and he mav refund
Ihe price paid." Puce 2-V:ls., 50 cu.
aud WW. Wt ato by JMSrulli lAv
ft L
El Faso Texas
Capital $100,000
Surplus and Profits - $25,000
Deposits over - - - $400,000 .
The growth of our business has been steady and rapid, aud we believe
our careful attention to the interests of our customers baa contributed
largely to this growth.
1 on mI
Capital $30,000.
Organized in order to give the people of Clifton aud surrounding countin
the facilities of a modern and up-to-date National Rank. We trust you vrilt
give it your business.
J. G. Lowdon, of StciTens & Lowdon Dank, Abilene, Texas, and Vice Presi
dent of Lowdoti National Bank El Paso President A. T. Thompson,
Cashier Arizona Copper Co Ltd and Sec and Tres. Arizona & New Mexico
railroad, Vico President. C P. Rosecrans, Cashier; W. E. Arnold, Asst.
Cashier II S VanOorder, Manager Mercantl'e Department, Detroit Copper
Company. E. M Williams, Manager Mercantile Department, Arizona Cop
per Company W. F. llagan, Retired Merchant, Clifton. L. A. Dunham,
General Manager Cliftou Arizona Copper Company Ltd.
I. E. SOLOMON, Vicc-Pres.
A. G. SMITH. Cashier.
C. F. SOLOMON, Aifit-Cashler.
The Gila Vallev Batik.
Solomonville, Arizoná
I iTP lí'PTflT) W. Wieker.linm.. . O Smith T. E. HolOmOO. C.; B. Boln'atKJ
ULIXLjXJI JL0. 1). U. Adawe, TO' Bryan, AUnlpb Solutanu.
Capital Stock, Paid up - - $25,000.
This Bank solicits accounts, offering to depositors liberal treatment
and every facility consistent with sound banking.
This Bank Is prepared to issue letters of credit available In all part of
the world, buy and sell foreign exchange, and have en ale steam
ship tickets to and from all Enropoan and Aslatlo porta.
v.,- CD
ss T. S3
"iílñ fJi ' il r-1

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