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New Merlen.
prr.u?Ki Fridays.
Ily HUI: I!. RF.nr.lF.,
Subscíipl'oa Px'ce.
three Montr-s
, Mis Mnolna ..I'
One Toar W
iSuuscriptKíi Alwar Pnrahltlnilunr
Tus governor has efpolntcd thirty
3elcucs to the Iiuttc mloln con
trress. Tbo appointee aro from
various parti of tlie territory, and
among tlie cumber Is A. Y. GifTord,
Of Lordsbiiff.
Tub Moreoci Standard will here
after bo under the management of J.
W. Taouer, of Kuilertoo, Nebraska.
There will be no change in Its owner
chip, it will continue to be a member
Of the Kelly newspaper trust.
Tub doctor report th.it the King
Cf England is fast recovering, and the
.luthoiitles arc Gitirlng ou a corona
tion io August. It will not be the big
affair that would have come off in
June If the King had not been taken
Anew record was uid ia drilling
on the Fourth, when Mc Nichols &
Ross drilled 41 26-32 inches In fifteen
minutes. itm would make a
machine drill ashamed of itself, and
if the diillem could keep it up all day
they could draw all kinds of wages iu
any mine.
Tub Koswell licgister rejoices in
Sot being burned out last week, al
though it had a close shave. The
combination of the new Are engine
and tbe artesian well In front of the
Jleglster olllce was maintained at
8urb a parity that tbe Ore was put out
before It destroyed the Iletfister
There are more labor troubles In
Chicago. Nine thousand freight
handlers have struck, and they
threaten to lie up the city as thor
oughly as did Debs. When the beat
of summer gets loto a man's blood be
Is liable to get cranky, and if a United
States senator wants to fight, or if a
laboring man he wants tn strike. All
of the big strikes of the country come
tn the summer time.
Fob years the people in El Paso
have been trying to get soule citizen
Of that town elected to congress, and
always have had to put it oil till tbe
next time. The district is so iohabi
ted that tbe nominee of tbe democrat
ic party is always elected, and so the
fight comes In the democratic conven
tion. The El Paso democrats tried
to secure tbo nominat ion of Judge
Dean this week, but on the first bal
lot of tbe convention the other man
was nominated, and again El Paso has
got to wait two years.
Tiltt Fourth of July celebration at
Silver City was a decided success. In
the lino of sports the chief event was
the basket ball game between tbe
Albuquerque and Silver City Elks.
Tbe Independent bad a detailed ac
count of tbo game, but did not pub
lish tbe score, although it admitted
that the Albuquerqueans were victor
ious. Word comes overland to the
Liberal that the game stood 17 to 5.
A dispatch to an El Paso paper says it
was 147 to 17. An Albuquerque paper
prints tbe score as 207 to 1 in favor of
Albuquerque. You can take your
The county commissioners were In
session Monday, to decide on tbe
raises recommended hy.the assessor In
tbe valuation of property as returned
by the owners. Tbe cattlemen who
were raised all had tales of woe,
caused by the tdrouth, and most of
them were prepared to show that If It
did not rain soon tbelr losses would be
larger than their returns, so few of
tbe raises were sustained at the
figures recomme nded by the assessor.
The raises recommended on tbe re
turns of tbe property bolder la tbts
-part of tbe county were acted oú as
follows: II. L. Gammon, E. D. Wey
mouth, J. II Ownby, L. L. Merrill &
Co., Tom Tong and Tom Pock, and
J3en Titus were all raised and the
raise sustained, J. D. Jerulgan, raised
to 11,000, sustained at tioo. Chase &
-' McCabe, raised to 3,000 bead of cattle,
sustained at 2320. 5. Hughes raised
to 350 head caul not sustained.
Gladoey & Gray, raised from 200 to 300
Sead of cattle, not sustained. Mans
Beld Brothers, raised from 700 to 1,000
. head of cattle sustained at 800. Jobo
Hobson, raised from 70 to 1,000 bead
. s cattle, sustained at 000. The
raise tbo assessor recommended on
Commissioner Murray's property was
sustained without an opposing vote.
Jhe tax rate fo tbe coming year was
figured out and It will bo thirty-one
mills oij tbe dollar, or three and one
teolb per cent. Last year it was
saWirpy-fr JTrwr.!8 otftHnt doüarr anü nTvVre,
tbli precise, owing to school tai was
thirty-nine mills. The county trens
urer reports that last week some
..),000 or the old Grant county bonds
were surrendered, making about $150,
000 In nil rurrendered up to date.
The celebrated Cross case, where a
iiiystciions individual named Cross,
who is generally supposed to bo a
myth, sued the county to collect the
face of an old County warraut, and
secured a judgement, was ordered ap
pealed, bawyer Appel served a
notice on tbo board forbidding it tn
pay tbis judgment unless his one-third
Interest In It was protected to him,
and as attorney for Mrs. Sam Carpen
ter served a similar notice on tbe
board regarding bcr one half Interest
In the judgement. The attorneys
think there are ample reasons for re
versing tho Judgment In this case.
If they can obtain a new trial they are
ContldeDl that they can now prove
fraud, and knock the case out. There
was some hesitation In ordering tbe
case appealed. Commissioner Crocker
urged it strongly, and when it came to
a vote It was a tie, Commissioner
Crocker votlug for tho appeal and
Commissioner Swartz votlctf against
It. After some hesitation Chairman
Murray voted for the appeal.
Like the members of the senate the
El P.iso poiiticians have concluded
that politics have risen above talk,
aud cutfrtd the plane of scrapping.
For some years Horace Stevens has
hart t.hA lmprofiulmi Hint tbe El Pavo
postoftice has not been properly run,
and has taken Several occasions to in
tonu the department of bis opinion.
Postmaster Campbell stood the criti
cisms all right until after he turned
tbe olllce over to his successor, and
then concluded that Mr. Stevens
should be punished for the criticisms
he bad made. Appreciating that It
was no boy's Job to do the matter
properly he secured the assistance of
his son Edgar, who nad been deputy
postmaster, and the two, armed with
sixsbooters, started to hunt up Mr.
Steveus. Appreciating that ultiuiugh
there were two of I hem and both
armed, they were not quite enough to
do Mr. Sicveim up, unless strategy
was used, they divided. Col. Camp
bell, who weighs forty or fifty pounds
more than does Stevens met him, told
him what he thought f men who
would write to the postolllce depart
ment, making complaints, pulled bis
gun and threatened to do bodily in
jury to Steveus. About tbis time a
policeman came along, and Stevens
suggested that he arrest Col. Camp
bell for displaying a gun, which lie
did. As Stevens eyes were on the
colonel and the policeman sun Edgar
rushed up to him and cracked
him over the templd with his six
shooter, and knocked him nut. Tbe
colonel seeing Stevens was helpless,
pulled away from the policeman and
rushed up and commenced kicking
him, which he kept up until a woman.
who was near, called him off. At first
it was tnooght Mr. Stevens was
seriously injured, hut he is now re
covering. The colonel and his son
each paid a Une tbe next day, but
there may he moro of it after Mr.
Steveus is fully recovered.
Lena Hocbe, the Mexican who was
tliolrra lafcotuta ..'
This hflS loni hien rei.irrlerl 4 nnn
of the most ilaugeruufl and fatál dis
ease to w hlch Infants are subject. It
can be cured, however, when properly
treated All that is necessary Is to
give Chr.mbflrlaln' colic, cholera and
dlarrhocfi remedy and castor (til, as
directed with each bottle, and a cure
is cecum, i or sale by all dealers in
' feud
. i u vt m a a. i
i - - - - - r
Cure A
shot by Newton Gibson
and will probably pull
make a live of it.
is improving,
through aud
Charlie Ott was in the city Wednes
day, en route to Clifton to visit rela
tives there.
Hon. Joe Maboner is tho biggest tax
payer in town. He pays on i!7,000
worth of property. Deming Herald.
Very Remarkable Cure of JHarrhea
"About six years ago for the tlrsl
time In my life I had a sudden aud
severe attact of diarrhoea," says Mrs.
Alice Miller of Morgan, Texas. "1
got temporary relief, but it came back
again and again, and for six long years
I have suffered more misery and agony
than I can tell. It was worse than
death. My husband spent hundreds
of dollars for physicians' prescriptions
and treatment without avail. 1'itiallv
we moved to Hosque county, our pres
ent home, and one day I happened tn
see an advertisement of Chamberlain's
oollc, cholera and diarrhoea remedy
with a testimonial of a man who had
been cured by it. The case whs sc
similar to rev own that I could hardly
realize that 1 was well again, or be
llevo It could be so after having
suffered so long, but that one bottle of
medicine, costing but a few cents,
cured me." For sale by all dealers iu
Thirty Fears Experience
AümittMl to all Court
Mines for Palo. Wallhy (.'limita,
Lutvly of Cripple Crwk, nnl lieiiTor, Colo.
Umlni'HS rkllcitet.
Adiiress: Vendóme Hotel, Lorlniirg, N. M,
Dr. W, S. Parker
Will visit each nionth
Lorilabnrg. 7th. to 15th.
Solomouville, 16th. to 25th.
Duncan, 25th. to 6th.
Mall nl Eipraa Lina,
Stage leaves Solomonville Mondays,
WedD'-Hdays and Fridays at 7 a. in.,
and arrives at Duncan at 12 in., Mi-king
rlo4e connection with the A. A
.N. M. fly. Leaves Duncan Tuesdays,
ThufPdays and Fridays at 12 uj.,
varriiug ht Solomonville at 8 p. m.
This line is eqi'Mx-d with clogant
Concord Coaches Fine Stock, aud
careful drivers.
Fare to. Low charges for. extr
baggage. Tbe quickest and safest
route to expresa ..matter ta Solqmra-"ft.-.
v. oah GeiT!, Prop.
seiomonvuie, A. i.
TMr. 'ft li v ti.1 (MirttlMt t'.c
r.'Ht r ic.-( rin ..,...!, ;.;. ..
r to r krí-i-, r m -.t ": n
l-w .!... i i, .- ri...Mv cure (lie
' '. -.-!!. Ctoiip
r-'l I i .-o, h l-.t :. ':-,,. i. it , v.in-
,-! t ! --'a 4 -1 : i-,., f,f
C ini. r ii v" h'Mlt :i pit -
P'r 1 II iir In-!-.' V ,,1 i,i..!i,-'n..
;V Lr. i i. - 1 ."i a tT-!iir.,'i. r. a
;v tnt v.i.irh ii . ..;!:. ! r,-. ine
J i .-"n i'i--'l, tí y ,u h.j-.e n
5fW I (l.n'-.i y : ..,.
fclA t.! v :l M t'r.-i - 1 lf.f.n,
ít A '"1 SI-'-', nuil
;-i i-
.r-OY, I.Y.
:: .MiuoN.CAj'i,
Arizona & New Mexico Railway
TiheTabm OOINO
No. 17 "'So SOUT.I
JulyUl.mil. o Hn
h ;
MoiintalriTirae. 2 tiiai! tkaih
RTATI11N8 No. 1 NO 5
Clitton I.v 0 71 S::nam l:ipni
North Sirtlns-... " B s H:ltam 1 :i p ni
Soin li Milins ... " 7 M S:M ti m iiiiMipm
ínthrlc V AS :líilli 2:4') p 111
CorotiildO " H fill tl:'J.J R ill !!:,Vipm
'Miel.lou 47 II.;,-, am .t:4."ipin
Iiiiwj4n " :t 4il 10:91 urn 425pm
Tlnimpion 41 ;tl U':44 a in 4:i7pm
Summit " h-l 21) V.:M a in fi:40 p m
Vclli h " m 10 11:23 a in :US p m
Lordhburir Ar,71 11:40 pui 6:4U p id
Timk Tahi.k
NO. 17.
July 21. 1901.
MmiiitiUn Timo.
I,nrilHiurtf ..
South Hldlinr ..
North Riding...
B 4
3:(i0 p m
II : .'2 p in
3:aU p ni
4:ni p m
4:26 p m
4: Ml p m
r::2í p m
5::u p in
N iM p in
fi:.ri p m
S:lfi p III
NO, 6
7:1 a m
I -.X'.a tn
Sum a m
8:4;ia m
fl:ir, a m
:Vi a m
ll):4ii in
I I :.Kt a in
1 1 :Bft a m
12:115 p in
12:.' p in
Tniin stop on signal.
Train 1 aud 2 Passhng-ur Trains. and S
freight trulim.
papsenorh rate3.
Clifton to North Sidinir I .30
' " South Siding- 40
(iuthrif p 70
("oroimdo ' 116
" ' Yorku 1.26
" " -4 nul'lnti 1.60
Ounonn 1.W6
" Summit 3.10
' IirdHlmrff 4.2Ú
Childron hPtweon hve and twulve ycar of
airo half price.
I'l! p.,undii of hALvnirr carried free with
each full ln-e, add 60 puunds with each half
fare tickc t.
JAMUS Co'.QriiotTN,
Prpsl en t.
Yod are In a It ad Fix
Hut we will cure you if you will pay u
Motn who are Weak. Nitvoqh and debili
tatcd suiterincr from Nervous Debility
Sominal weakness, and all the efteets of
curly evil balnU, or inter indiscretions
which lead to Premature D -cav. consinnp
tion or instanitv, xhoulil send for and read
the "book of life," (rivi.iir particulars for
ii home cure. Sent (sealed) free, by ad
rPiiiiisr Or. Parker's Medical and surgi
cal inutile, 151 North Sprure St., Nash
villp. Tenn. They crnarantee a cure or no
pay. lheaundny Morning.
Mallard's Snow I.lnlment.
This invaluable remedy is one that
ought to be in every household. It
will cure your rheumatism, neuralgia,
nraiiis, cuts bruises, burns, frosted
reetand ears, sore throat and core
chest. If vou have lamo back it will
cure it. It penetrates to tbe seat of
mc disease, it win cure stur joints
anil contracted muscles arter all rem
edies have failed. Those who have
been cripples for years have used Ital
lard's snow liniment and thrown awav
their crutches and been able to walk
as well as ever. It will cure you. Price
50 cent. Free trial bottle at Eaiile
drugstore. 1
For Over Klity Tears.
An Ot d and Wkll-Thiki Remedy,
Mrs Winslow's Snothimr Syrup has
been used for over sixty years by
millions or mothers ror their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the duns.
allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is
the best remedy for Diarrhoea. Is
pleasant to the taste. Sold by Drutr-
irists in ever? part or tne woriii.
Twenty-rive cents a bottle. Its value is
Incalculable. He sure and ask for Mrs.
Wlnslow'6 Soothinc .Svrup, and take no
other kind.
Lordsburg Assay Office
ainlus" Engineer 3
Mill and Smelter Architects.
Gold 50 cents, Silver 60 cents, Cop
per 75 cents, Lead fiO cents.
Gold and Silver 76 cents, Iron, Zinc,
Silica 11.00 each.
All won cnarantcetf
Send or Hints to Fbo6pbctokb
Free, , ,
" 'J-OHréBüHO, H.M.
A f arorlte'resort foi those who are In favor
oftlie;rreeooinaire of silver. Miners, Pros
pectors, Ranchers and Btookmen.
Music Every Night.
Wines Hqiaors
and. Clg-ars.
Of the mist popular brands.
Fine Wines, Kentucky Whiskies,
French Brandies and Im
ported Citfurs.
Vino Kino. Whu-- Kt.ntlIclty CofB
Frances y Puros Importado.
Murenel . . ,
üoeJ whiskies, brandies, wines and fine
Havana Cigars.
Spanish Opera eaoh nlirht by a troupe of
Trained Coyotes.
Moreno! . Arizona
The Favorite of Moroncl, Arizona.
Double Btamp Whlskles-Callfornla Wlnos,
Warranted Pure (rapo Juice Foreign
and Domestic Cigars A Quiet Resort
Daily and Weekly Tapers Always
on hand. If the malls don't fall.
E.DAVIS, Proprietor
Watchmaker, Jeweler.
The repairing of watch ,
clocks and fewelry a specialty.
All work done in a workman
like manner and guaranteed or
money refunded. Shop locat
ed in tho Arizona copper com
paey's store.
(Late of London, England)
Bled Quarts at a Sims
"I am a Vnife rtWker and ivorkeit for a number of years in th New York Knlfd
Co.'s factory at Wa'rfen, N. Y. First thing I knew I commenced to bleed from
the mouth. Sometimes as much as a quart of blood wotild come op from my
lnnrr. at timo l'rv me I nilffheil the blood SDUTtea OUt. It WBJt U
tall 1 got so baa, and thechuren
people told me I had better
inake my peace with the Lord
and preparo to die. for I would
not lire til! spring. My home
doctor couldn't do me any good,
hut advised me to get to New
York City for examination.
They finally took me to a med
ical college, and a whole lot of
physicians made what they
railed a diagnosis. TheTe were
several students looking on.
One professor had a little ivory
hammer, and with this ho
pounded my chest and beld his
f.ar Close to listen. After
while the professor looked at
me solemnly and declared:
One of your lüngs is about
pone and the other is affected.
There may bo a slim chance
for life if you quit working in
that knife fnctory.' I went back i J
a ,me, but didn't improve. One day I saw an advertisement of free mpf
Acker's English Remedy for Consumption, being given away by our hom.drug
sts. NValker & Eaton. I got one of these bottles, and it relieved mf.
tight more of the regular size, and my improvement .was jconünuous. ftltnougn
i. My doctors were astonished and so was I. After dark I hated to spit,
cause I was afraid it might be blood, and I wanted to know for sure. I kav
o fear now, for at last I am a solid man again. Although one lung is gone, tlj
ither is as sound as a dollar, and answers as well as two lungs so far as I caj
ee. I want everyone to know the facts and that is why I tell them befe. .
(Signed) A. II. Simpson.
Acker's Ennlinh Remídr l " "y J,(fK'' ndera P'""'??
that your money will be refunded in cese of failure. 5c joe. and Si a aottla u
Vnited Slates and Canada. In England, i. d., . jd., and 4. M.
Vt aurtorfc the almt guarantee. W. II. HOOKER A CO., tTapridan, gtw Tor.
I sJflEr is The best.
Ooni ire r
Y.: 1 loSOZ.WUKKINGMr.,'
I EXTRA riNC.-".
C3 I - "V,
Over One Million People wear the
W. L. Deudas $3 8c $4 Shoe:
All our shoes are equally satisfactory
They irlve the best vnluo fnr the money.
They equal custom shoes In style and fit.
Their wearing qualities are unsurpassed.
The prices are uniform. stamped on sale.
Prom $1 to Í 1 si. ved over other makes.
U your Hilr npnot sunply you we can. Sold be
dealer, whose --.me will shortly appear here
uvuubv rBliIDUl At 1'iy hi ouuv.o
f- ,c. - :W3.sp
f-' ...v-..:3 rB
l y.:- r
ai: ií.v;w
Choice Wines, Liquors and Havana Cifrars
Operatto and other musiual seloctiens ren-
dored each nia-nt for theentertaln
uieut of patrons.
Daily and weekly newspapers and other peri
odicals on Ole,
Por full partlcu arscallon
Hugh Mullen - Prop
Beeds make
food crop, good
oro pa make wore ous
crops and onstomora have
Crown (reatar. Thai' a tbe
eoret of the Ferry fame.
More Kerry's Seeds sold
and sown than any other
aiuo. Hold by all dealers.
I bum Mt A nauai fH AO.
Dm . rerry A Co.
ha Hi ha
m h muí
Buyers of Copper, G-oid, Silver, and Léá4
íAÁí La
mmmm m
1 1'aeo,
Are most quickly reached by the
The El Paso Short Line
Note the time and the accommodations
Daily Through First Class
And Tourist Sleepers
For rates, folders and other inforrmitlon, address
T. B. S. BEASTED, 0. A. P. D., El Paso, Tex., or J0HB SEBASTIAN Q. P A. Chicago
Clifton. o,zs.d. IMZorcncI
Stsaom. IaT3.nd.iy
3Tc"w isead y or Buslnese.
AH Wort Goaraiitecil
Special Rntes to Hotels and Fiimilies.
We have the Best Water in the Territory.
Our Machinery is all new, with all modera Improremeota, and tfp to
date in every particular.
Give us a trial, anil then you will gee what Good Laundry work reaJ Is.
J. R. Ownby Agent at Lordsbur
(jood rooms and comfortable Éedjr

y.-.-1 -fx
tornera eo each year the

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