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V CpyrhrM, nn. M. MiO.-Wllli.imi
6 H-e-H-T-:-MKN- K-M-r!'
"Cnrola!" Aunt Surilh C!i!Uil, licr
volc in-M, jrt tense.
"Wi'lK" Cnnila nnovprc-tl without
looking up f r-jin Iht book.
"It'll 10 0''lo-k-h!ü!i Uü!" ymi worn
lri-sslni;," ramo ljin-1;, tlio tone more
nclil t tin ii ever.
"Wliy. I tlinn'ht JD'I tine! art 1 lie
wpdiliiiK fi-r 4 uVlnik." Cnrola FntJ,
turning n li'nf anil not ra taint hT vypn.
Aunt Sarah hImiiihmI Iht foot. "As If
you didn't know what folks nr"!" slie
lroti'Hted. "You know they'll 1 x-trin
Il!ln In here oroniul 12. or 1' nt the
IttteHt. The last one of 'tin Is crazy to
Seo wlmt'll Implan"
"How trance!" f aroln coiiiincufed,
epparently to the lioul;. Aunt Sarnh
ilarted through the floor, caught the
book, fltiiii It aeroHs the room rind
Clutched Caroln'g siiouMir. Anj-T
tears stood In her c.vih, Imt Ktill they
Knappeil vlelously. "You'll he the i! ''nth
of me yet!" Khe jraspod out. "Lord,
tord, If I fully had known n hat trou
ble 3'ou'd he I never would hiive had
you here, never 1n this world!"
"You mean really that you brought
ho here so you roiild make troiihle for
both of us," C'arohi Mild, stnndlng up
fetid edging nwny from her mint's
ftrasp. "Ycu know you would lind
heaven dull if you had not a griev
ance." ".Stop! I won't bear such snerllcce!"
Aunt Snrali cried, shaking Carola hard.
"I thought I knew what iníTUtiímle
was after all I've done for you-hut
thin caps the climax!"
"You have done many thltips," Ca
rorn said, setting her teeth hard. "First
you pave tnc a name I hate and Hhnll
hate till I die. You thought It sounded
finer than the name of any other baby
around. Illpht there you struck the
keynote of everything. You are so
tyranlcnlly vain you want to show
vcrybody how much better you cnD
do everything. That Is why you have
pitched on Johnson I'lakely for my
liusband. Poor fool! I should he al
most as sorry for him as for myself if
he had not a man's strength and a
man's chance to run away. lie does
not really want mo. Peggy McMnnu
Suits him ever and ever so much better,
lint you got him under your thumb be
fore ho left off roustabouts. lie's
worse afraid of you than death or the
Judgment, if he 1b six feet two and big
as an ox"
"Johnson loves me like a mother,
lie's good looking, as moral as ns a
bahy and will have. $100,000 when his
old uncle dies," Aunt Sarah broke In,
ber eyes snapping hardej. "And any
yes, every other girl around would
jump at the chance of him, while
"Ilavo had to bo locked up for two
months to keep nio from marrying
Somebody else," Carola supplemented
as Aunt Sarah, otherwise Mrs. Wilson,
paused for breath. "Johnson knows all
about it," alio run on. "Nice, chival
rous Johnson, to want a wife who suya
to his face: 'I hate you. I agree to
have the wedding day set only because
I am tired of prison life.' If there was
one grain of manliness In all his hulk
ing height, he would not take me ho
knows how helpless I am with you
for guardian and not a penny of my
"Yet you want to turn your back on
a good husband and a rich one and
throw yourself away on a beggarly
lawyer who has never hnd a case since
be hung out his shingle a year ago,"
Aunt Sarah snapped. Curóla laughed
short, hard laugh.
Mrs. YIIhon knew her neighbors.
They did come piling In before the
clock struck 1. Carolu'a lovo affairs
had been the goaslp of the countryside
for six' months past. Naturally there
was edged expectation of some uncom
mon climax to what hud been so
Strange. To the bucolic mind It waB
Wholly unheard of that Johnson niako
ly had been cut out by a sprig of a
lawyer with hardly a second coat to
his back. The most part stnnchly up
held Mrs. Wilson's strenuousness In
topping her ulece from so throwing
herself away. Still there were a few
softer souls who shook the head, say
ing a girl, as you might say, driven In
to double harness would be mighty apt
before long to kick over the truces and
small bin nie to her If she did.
Everybody wondered at the setting
out of a wedding feast and calling lu
.wedding guests. A simple marriage,
with only legal witnesses, seemed to
fit tho case's complications better. A
few understood, but wisely held their
peace. Tho wedding was Mrs. Wil
son's triumph. She would not forego
showing to her world that In this her
hardest battle she had prevailed. Ilut
even this wise few were something
amazed at one thing she bad Invited
among the rest Jack Harrison, the
lawyer lover whom two months ear
lier she bad forbidden the place.
lie would not come, of course, but
by 3 o'clock everybody else was on
bHnd, minister and bridegroom Includ
ed. Aunt SHrab was for setting for
ward the wedding ceremony. There
was not the least use In waiting an
hour, with everything ready. That
brought on s very pretty quarrel with
Carols. "You'll come to the Judgment
bar an hour aliead of time," sho snld
ft) Aunt Psrali, "hut you won't be ablo
to burry St. Peter, and for once I mean
to act the sslnt."
Storming MJ no good. Carola was
recklessly gay. She had grown very
white, but her hsLiils did not tremble
as she put oi her veil it ml pet a khot
f loose leafed white rotes at tbe
! thro'if of her while frock. Sin- did
erjtlii'ig for ln-rfolf, oddly i nouf ii,
l:iiu'.a no objection tu the prc-cf.ce of
half a il'.z. n youn women, each of
whom thrilled with unconscious envy
of the bride. She even laughed out
right when one of them peeped Pro
the hail mid said liu-'iii' lly oer her
! thnul.lcr, "Oil, l:iy, Johnnm h.'ii got on
j a full dress suit mid does look ro Imi'd-
1 ' mi'!'1
"II'm luiil loci: Lhü'Mii' In vor.r wed-
din' frock, lo:i't you know thut ?" :in
otl.er demanded. Carola laughed
again, n l;uli!i both mocking and mer
ry. All tlil'ifT' earthly end, even an h'.v?
hf waiting i:; on mi untrra'cful bride"
Cipt'lco. Wli mi the clock marked Cvo
(ninnies pant 4. Cnrohi stood exactly
In the middle or the lilt; square purlor,
fol lín herself the t: l u'"t of e'l eyes.
She looked t.iller, more slender, more
trrnlthllke tiia-i ever. Thoi:';h her hand
iny on the hrhJe'tmom's. It was in suf
ferance only. S.'ie did not eve n steady
herself by the mass of his wholesome
bulk. U' was very red, his v.-.c.ious
Union f'lep headed, his l.i':; IimkIs bulg
ing over the tops of his new '.vlii.e
gloves. Carols had net spo'.:c:i to him.
She had met him J-ist outside the par
lor ilo'ir. He 1: id n sense of sinkln
or wanting to run away, if the trulu
must be told, to cry as he had cried lu
the times of boyish lights. Invariably
he lost the fights nud somehow felt
that he was likewise to lose this.
The minister was speaking. Ills
words fell inenning'ess upon poor
Johnson's ears. Carola was tensely
alert She held her head high and
kept her eyes fast upon the door. As
the minister begin to say, "If any c.'ifi
show cause why these two may not
be lawfully Joined together, let hhn
speak now or forever hereafter hold
his pence," she drew n hard brealh.
"I object!" Jack Harrison filed, dart
ing through the door. "The lady is al
ready my wife," he added, thrusting a
folded paper Into the minister's hand.
Aunt Sarah struck it down, crying con
temptuously: "You lie! Vntil today
Cnrola has not been outside her room
since I ordered you off the place!"
Jack turned to fi'ce her with Cnrola
In his arms, lhisp enough i:ow and
trembling all over. "I came buck
once," he said; ' while you were rway
nt church. I brought a license and a
minister. Iicmemhcr there is a light
ning rod beside the end window of Ca
roln's prison. I cilnibed it, held her
hand tin; good man on the ground did
the rest. I might have come next day
and legally demanded my wife. It
was her whim to wait and spoil your
Johnson hnd been listening like a
man In n ('ream, ijlowly his face
brightened. With a wildly joyous
whoop he gathered Jack imiL Carola in
his nrms, hugged them breathless and
as lie released them cried: "Jack, you
always were a good fellow. Suppose
you help me to get Married nnyway.
I'll give you $."00 cash if you'll wr
suade Peggy McMunn to have me, right
here and now."
"I'll 'take that Job for nothing," Ca
rola said, running to the blushing Peg
gy. How sha managed it nobody quite
understood, but three hours later, just
ns soon as a messenger had brought a
new license from the county town,
thcro was a wed ling with no objection
not even from Aunt Sarah and tho
bride's name was Peggy.
Manaarld'n "E.lkrncas."
Richard Mansfield once asked Frnnk
A. Nnnkivell to make a picture of him.
The actor explained that he wanted
nn Imitation of an old Human coin
with his own profile shown instead of
"Do you want nn absolute likeness
or shiill I idealizo It a bit?" asked
"I want an absolute likeness," re
plied Mr. Mansfield sillily, and tho art
ist made a sketch of his patron.
When the completed picture a splni
did pleco of work that looks as If it
were embossed was shown to Mr.
Mansfield ho was not pleased.
"It looks like a prizelighter," said
Mr. Mansfield.
"That is not my fauit." said Nankl
vell. "You know that you suld you
wanted a likeness."
There was a further exchange of
courtesies, and then Mansllehl sug
gested that tho artist try again. "Ex
cuse me," said Nankivell. Once will
do me."
"Well, chango this picture a little."
said the actor. "Perhaps you can fix
It up."
"Not a fix," said tho artist ns he rolled
up the picture and prepared to go with
a parting shot. "You don't want an
artist to draw your picture; you want
a lithographer. Good day." Nt-w
York World.
A Xlurbaroun Symbol.
Next time you drop in on your bar
ter to have a shave or your hair cut
ask Id ta why he bus a pole with whlto
and red stripes on It at his door. The
chances are that he will tell you It
Is to let pooplo know there Is u barber
shop in the vicinity. Ask him why
such a polo represents a barber shop
and tell him not to ttill; politics or
the weather to you until he has an
swered and you will have a quiet tlm?
of It Of course you know, but In cuso
you don't want to boiher telling him
Just clip this item and inducu him lo
paste It In bis hat.
In olden times blood letting was be
lieved In arid the nncicit barber was
the man who ui idu a specialty of It
as nláo si me f them do today. The
polo has iiol'jir.g to do with hair cut
ting or t'bnving; It represents the blond
lettlug e:id í'f I he irofesHion. The red
Stripes Inillesile the Cow of blood, the
white stripe the lii:en bandagis used
after the operation. If you fuiceed
In cornering yet r bur! it on this ques
tion, ask h'.iri iiot to I I't to much until
be aequlms ou.a laTorujiititn wortb
títere t orn from and Mow II
Ktinnld It Trented.
The tiorninl secretion of the orifice
of the ear Is tho product of glands
situated In the outer half of the canal
only. This secret ion the cerumen, or
ear wax I slowly poured from tho
gland ducts ns a thin, yellowish liquid.
As It quickly loses a largo amount of
Its watery elements by evnporatlón
and becomes admixed with dust It
forms a thin layer, wnxilke In color
and consistency, which normally cov
ers only the outer portion of the canal,
that In which Ihe glands are located.
This layer of material probably has
Its chief function, in common with the
few small hairs In the same location,
In protecting the vibratory membrane
the drum from the contact of dust
It h; Interesting to observe that tho
exit of this layer of Wax Is accom
plished by nature chiefly With the nld
of tho motion communicated to the
ear canal by the movement of tho Jaw
In chewing and talking, a motion read
ily felt by touching the orillee witli
the linger tip during these processes.
The constant Increase of the secretion
Is therefore provided with a corre
sponding loss, which takes place almost
us impercepiibly as the constant loss
of the supei Cciul layer of the skin from
the surface of tho body.
This explanation serves to mnke
clear why tho use of car spoons, pina
or hairpins is unnecessary. The use
of such objects Is not only superflu
ous, but It is often the causa of the
very condition which thoso who usa
them would prevent
Kven too vigorous washing with a
twisted cloth or sponge, for example,
may result in pushing the wax back
Into the cannl until a mass sufficient
to block tho entire opening Is accumu
lated. Tho first Intimation of the presence
of Impacted wax Is often the sudden
occurrence of n considerable degree of
deafness. This Is most likely to hap
pen on n damp day or Just after or dur
ing a bath. A slight amount of mois
ture causes the mass to swell so that
the narrow chink previously existing
between the mass and the canal Is
closed. If It is not now removed, tho
muss may shrink and the hearing pow
er be temporarily restored, only to bo
lost again when conditions arise caus
ing an Increase In tho size of tho mass.
Firm, gentle syringing with warm
wnter from a piston ear syringe is usu
ally regarded as the safest and best
method of removing the mass, tho
handling of which had better bo In
trusted to a physician or trained nurse,
If possible. Youth's Companion.
In making any sauce put tho flour
and butter in together, and your 6auce
will not he lumpy.
A heavy enlad is always out of place
In on elaborate dinner. Mayonnaise is
permissible, but 'French dressing is
better. s
If corned beef Is very red. which
menus it Is very salt, put It to cook in
cold water. This draws out a portion
of the salt.
I When croquette mixtures are too wet
to mold and shape, put l!i more chop
ped meat or fish or in a desperate case
finely pounded breadcrumbs.
In making custard for lemon pies It
is better to partly bnke the crust be
fore adding the mixture so that it may
not be absorbed by tho paste.
Gingerbread Is Improved by adding
to it, when mixing, a cupful of chop
ped prunes. Use the Juice of the
prunes Instead of water and mix the
dough a little stifl'er.
Fried breakfast bacon Is much Im
proved If cooked In some of the bacon
fnt saved from the previous day. Thero
should be Just enough for tue bacon to
float In, nud It must be hot before the
rashers are added. Cook three minutes.
"Stonewall" Jackaon'i Baptism.
Iíobert K. Lee nud Thomas Jonathan
("Stonewall") Jackson were onco sta
tioned at Fort Hamilton, New York
harbor, tho former while It was being
built Jackson was baptized nt old St.
John's church nt Fort Hamilton, and
tho records contain the following en
try: "On Sunday. "Jüth of April, lSI'J.
I baptized Thomas Jonathan Jackson,
major In the United States nrmy; spou
sors, Colonels Taylor and Dluimlck,
also of the army." The baptismal font
used for this ceremony is still pre
served. New Orleans Times-Democrat
No Kxouae.
A member of a volunteer fire brigade
did not nppear on the scene of the con
flagration until after the fire was un
der control. He was severely taken to
account by the chief fur thus neglect
ing his duty.
"I could not help Jt," replied the fire
man. "1 live a long way from tho
"That's no excuse," snapped tho
chief. "You must move nearer the
next fire." London Answers.
Two AaiccCa,
P.enham 1 believe c woman can love
two men at the same time,
Mrs. lieuham If she Is a married
woman, she has to try to.
Penhain What do yon mean?
Mrs. Itenham She has to try to love
her husband, and he isn't the same
man when they have company that he
Is when they haven't any. Brooklyn
Par Voir Debts.
"No, sir," declared Gazzan as be
warmed up to his subject, "you'll never
be happy so long as you are in debt
Pay your debts, Swuyback; pay your
"But I have do money," said Sway
back. "Then borrow Jt"Detroit Frea
. ...."snsK-n r,ajiik:ü.wiÍsE'
AthrfiK. Tonn., Jin. 27, loot.
Fver sine tho rlrxt nppcurBnco of ivv
menami thry r er Irregular and 1
jutferi'd with urciit rn in mf Inns,
hailt, ntemiKh nn.l iiZi, with terrilile
henrinir (Wn )iiinn la tlio nlnlomfn.
Diintidr the p:iit month I bn- Ihjou
Inking Wine of Cíirdui aii.l Tftodriml'a
llaclt-Immht. nnd J .ni-.'d ihn month
ly period Without piun for tho find, tima
ia years. Nannin Davu.
Whal is life worth lo a woman iuftor
Ing like Nannio Davis suffered? Yet
there are women In Ihousnnd of homes
to-day who a.-o bearing those terrible
menstrual pains In tifence. If you are
one of these we want la say that this
I will bring you permanent relief. Con
sole yourself with tho knowledge lhat
1,000,000 women have been completely
cured by Wino of Cardul. These worn-
1 en suffered from leucorrhoea, Irregular
menses, headache, backache, and
bearing down pains. Mine of Cardui
will slop all 'these aches and pains
lor you. Purchase a $1.00 bottle of
Win of Cardul to-day and take it fn
the privacy of your home.
For lelvlrf. and l!lT.At'ir',,n'li!n'M, plvlncuj-mp-
t'Hii. " I If! Iiüit-ñ' A'.lr.iy lie ):ui riioiil,"
Tit ' CluitADiKi,a MeilH'-uití Co., ClialtHoooitm,
Mlnlnir AiMilii'iition No. 7'tf
Mineral Survey No. 11H0,
t luted Statt'i bund ( ifllcc I
Lp Crucea. New Moxieu, Ati' 41 lima f
Notice Is hereby given that In pursu
ant'! of the act of Conrtsa approved
Slay 10, 1S72. W. O. MallBon. whose poHt
ollicii Ih Denver. Colorado, has made ap
plication for n patent for 1:V) linear feet
each on. the Amerleair, Maine, Virplnla,
( iremin. Alaska, I'Morlda, Ohio nntl Texas
leles, bearing pold and silver, the same
t I nir rt vi( eilvelv 7ft ft. N. 4K Rü K. and
V ft. 8. 4- 5' W ; 3'2 ft. 8. to' ,W W.
and lli'.s ft. N. 4V r.y );. ; -l'.n ft. S. 4S 5:'
w. ami i"i'i ft. n. 4s r.:i' :.; 5,1s rt. h.
5' AV. and H12 ft. N. 4S W K. ; Kt ft. N.
4' D'l' F,. and S7H ft. S. 4 W : 415 ft.
N. 4N r:' K. nnd H'SS ft. H. 4SJ r.ü' V.;
h'J ft. S. 4S' KV. and 13'.') ft. N. 4S fi'.i'
F..; 275 ft. N. 4 59' K. nnd 12Ü5 ft. S. 4S'
r.ir W. frum the respective discovery
shafts thereon, wilh surface ground fiii.
ft. In width on each, Hltuate In Kureka
Mining District, Grant county. New Mex
ico, and described by the etllcial plat nnd
noia notes on nie 111 tills oltice us follows,
PoeinniiiB at Cor. No. 1. whence the N.
'Í Cur. of Sec. 1. T. ÜS S.. H. lii W. of the
New Mexico Principal Meridian hears 8.
" 7' W. 673.47 ft.; thence S. 41 W'K.
ii'') ft. to Cor. No. 2; thence S. 4S" i,V v.
I""") ft. to Cor. No. 3; thence N. 41 01' YV
' ft. to Cor. No. 4; thence N. 4S M' K.
1ÓO0 ft. to Cor. No. 1. place of beKlllililiK.
Hi'líinrdnií nt Cor. No. 1, Identical with
Cor. No. 1. American lode, whence the N
i Cor. of Sec. 1, T. 28 S.. H. 1-i YV. of the
N. M. P. M. hears 8. 3ii 07' YV. 73.47 ft ;
thence Nt 41" ul' V. Ci ft. to Cor. No. 2;
thence N. 4H" r' K. ir.ao ft. to Cor. No. 3;
thence 8. 41' tu' K. fino ft. to Cor. No. 4;
thence S. 4K' SIT YV. 1500 ft. to Cur. No. 1.
piuco of beginning;.
V1UGINIA f.nnra
neKlnnlng at Cor. No 1. Identical with
tor. No. 1. American lode, and Cor. No. 1.
Miilne lode, whence the N. t Cor. of
i-ec. j, i. .i rv 11. ib vi. or the .N. M. V
M. hears S. 'M 07' YV. 67.1 47 ft.; thence
H. 41" el' E. 600 ft. to Cor. No. 2. identiial
with ( or. No. 2. American lode: thence
iV e l'.. j:4i n. to Co:. No. 3; thence
N. 41' I' W. 6'H ft. to Cor. No. 4. identi
cal with Per. No. 4, Maine lode; thence
S. 4V- fill' W. ir,u.J ft. to Cor. No. 1. place
of beglnnlr.f,'.
IleRlmilnR at Cor. No. 1, identical wl'h
Cor. No. 1. Amerienn lode, whence the
N. U'Cor. of Sec. 1. T. 2S S.. It. 16 W. of
the N. M. P. M. bears 8. Si! 07' W. 673 47
ft.; thence N. 41 ni' w. 6(0 ft. to Cor. No.
2; thence S. 4SJ 50' YV. liwo ft. to Cor. No.
3. identical with Cor. No. 2. Alaska lodiv
thence 8. 41 01' E. no ft. to Cor. No 4.
Identical with Cor. No. 4. American lode,
''or. No. 1, Alaska lode, and Cor. No. 1.
Florida lode; thence N. 4S' 5' E. liuo ft.
to Cor. No. 1. place of beirlnninff.
TieBlnninB at Cor. No. I, identical with
Cor. No. 4. American lode, and Cor. No.
4 Oregon lode, whence the N. ' Cor. of
Sec. 1. T. 2S 8.. K. 16 W. of the N. M. P.
M. bears N. t' 01' E. W6.7 ft; thence N.
41 Ul' W. 10 ft. to Cor. No. 2. identical
with Cor. No. 3, Oregon lode; thence 8.
4- W.f W. 1.) ft. to Cor. No. 3; thence
S. 41 01' E. OoO ft. to Cor. No. 4; thence
N. 4S fr E. 15'JO ft. to Cur. No. 1, place
of beginning.
Beginning ut Cor. No. 1, Identical with
Cor. No. 4. American lode. Cor. No. 4. Or
egon lode, and Cor. No. 1, Alaska lode,
whence the N. Cor. of Bee. 1. T. 2S 8.,
H. 16 W. of tho N. M. P. M. hears N. fill"
04' E. kSS.7 ft.; thence 8. 41 01' E. 6"0 ft.
to Cor. No. 2. Identical with Cor. No. .1.
American lode; thence 8. 4j fiy' YV. lroo
ft. to Cor. No. 3; Ihetice N. 41 01' W. 600
rt. to t or. No. 4. identical with Cor. No.
4. Alaska lode; thence N. 4ft" iV.1' E. 15'J0
it. to Cor. No. 1. t'l'ice of beginning.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1. on line 2-3
American lede, 3'.'-..E ft. from Cor. No. 3,
u-h.-m.r, Ihn N 1 í .r ,.f M.. 1 'V
H. 16 W. of the N. M. P. M." bears N. '
01' E. 700.6 ft.; thence 8. 25 25' E. lil'l.iW
ft. to Cor. No. 2; thence 8. 41 W V. ir."0
ft. to Cor. No. 3: thence N. 2f 2S' W
621 !0 ft. to Cor. No. 4. on line 2-3 Florida
lode. 3(i5 rt. from Cor. No. 3: thence N
4b' f.9' 10. liuO ft. to Cor. No. 1, piuco of
Beginning at Cor. No. 1. identical with
Cor. No. 2, Ohio lode, whence I he N.
Cor. of Sec, 1. T. 2n 8 . 11. 16 V. of the
N. M. P. M. bears N. 7 07' W. 1263.5 ft.;
thence 8. 2o 2iV E. 21. ST. ft. to Cor. No.
2; thence 8. 4S- ly w. 15n0 ft. to Cor. No.
a: tnence in. zr w. 21.Ü6 ft. to t or.
No. 4. identical with Cor. No. 3. Ohio
lode; thence N. 4t" f' E. 1500 ft. to Cor.
No. 1, ila: e of beginning.
Containing 162 667 acres, exclusive of
conflict with Fraction lodo, tinnurveyed,
and forming a portion of Bee. 36, T. 27 N..
K. 16 YV., unsurvevid. and of See. 1. T.
2 .. H. 16 W. of the New Mexico Prin
cipal Meridian. Bald locations being re
corded in Vol 13. pnge 624. anil In Vol. 20
reHjM-ctively, of the records of Grant
county, New Mexico.
Adjoining claimants, Yv. N, Gibson. T.
A. Wright uud Ü. llurwell. Others, tf
any, unknown.
Nleho'us Oti'les,
Writ Publication August 29. 1MB!.
Lust I'ohhcutioD October HI, lwci.
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They banish rain ONE
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and prolong life. x
No matter what the matter is, one will do you, 4
. good, and you can get ten for five cents. T
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tl.f IIII.K. C'.ix:' ,L corVY. No. 10 .s,,rue, Hre. N.w V.kior . Í7n. Z1 2?
V -U!S' f-rn. Bum mH. iu tct nidi aloo. Ihe wurld wttmmüí W
Paner Hanging and Decorating a Specialty
Kitber in Wood or Marble. Orderg for Headítohc will ieceie prompt hll OtiH
csigties f u rnii-Lied id si plitatii u Twill I liltj It, 1 n litn t tl
rnaa neatly executed.
Correspondence solicited,
J. I. Beebee Clifton, Aiizona1-
E are practically annihilated
by the ocean cables ancF
land telegraph systems
which now belt the cir-
cumference of Old Earth W
so many different directions, "Foreign parts" are no longei
foreign in the old meaning of the term, Europe, Africa, Aslt,t
are "next door" to us. What happens there to-day w know-,
to-morrow if we read THE CHICAGO RECORD, whose
Special Cable Correspondents are located in tvtry rmfortantfj
city in the world outside of the United States, Ad othef
American newspaper ever attempted so extensive a service
and it is supplemented by the regular foreign new serviee
of The Associated Press. For accurate intelligence oi thf
6tirring events which are shaking the nations of wart aacS
rumors of wars of the threatening dissolution of old govern
menu and the establishment of new of the onward tweep of
the race in all parts of the world the 0n medium f thai
most satisfactory information is the enterprising, "op-to-date?
American newspaper, THE CHICAGO RECORD.
A lan?) m:;p of the world on Moroator's Projection, abauÍMKxlí'
inchtJM in size. hClLUtlfllllvi.rilltr.rl Innnl'iK t, t.K . iun.... .J
of Europe on tho rcycrso sMe, will ho niaMca to any addrKa fraa oi
cHiirj-8 on rnreipt of rtn-unst aii-ompunlert by two t-ceni men tjy
cover .Ita(re nnd wram.liiir Too i.ni-, lUu- truu c.w.r! lmw vomprabaaalval UlS
Bpoulal rabie aervire of Tit rnrc.iitf. UKrt.ai, cjvi" the i nilre t.vlllawl wurkVAa?
This handHomcly equipped train leaves Fl Paso daily and runs throutrh ii'
Ct T i .1 . l j, . . . " "
u. uuuiu wituuut cuniiKH, waere airecb coddccuous are maae lor the Uortrr
arid East; also direct connections via Shreveport or New Orleans for all Bfiintf
in the Southeast.
Latest Pattern Pullman BnM Sleepers'
Elcgaat New Cüair Cars,
Solíá VestiliQlci Trains Hu.'iboQt.
For descriptlre pamphlet, or other ioformaf. on, call on or addrew
S. W. F, & P. A., g. P. & T
EJ I'aso, 'SetM.
Pailas, TtrJ

The Libera, baa muda , trranffuieuti U

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