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Hlitorleil Boeisty
1 ascription 8 Per Tear
Hew Mexteo.
Batered at the Pout Offloe at Lordiburg as
Seoond Class Mall Matter.
Subscription Price.
ThrerMonths 1100
8lx Month HI
One Toar "00
Subscription Alwavs Pavanlolo Advance,
Wm. C. MoDonald Governor
K. C. de Baca Lieutenant Governor
Antonio Luoero Secretary of Btate
F. W. Clancy Attorney-General
W . O. Sarg-ent Auditor
Howell Ernest, Traveling Auditor
O. N. Marrón Treasurer
K. P. Krvlon... . Commissioner Publlo Lands
Allan N. White Bupt. 1'ubllo Instruction
Hugh H. Williams, Clin. Corp. Com.
M. 8. Groves
O. L. Owen n
C'laranoeJ. Koborts, Chief Justice Sup. Court
Richard H. llanna, .,
Frank W. Parker, ,, ,, .,
J, D. Sena Clerk
VnnT. Manvlllo Commissioner 1st District
E. S.Edwards ,, 2nd
I. II. Ownby ,. 8rd
11. J. MeUrath Sheriff
M. V. Downs Treasurer
.In mes A. Shipley Assessor
Hym n Abrahams Probate Jud e
K. II. Venable . County Clerk
Isutiella Eoklos Superintendent of Schools
F. L. Cox, Surveyor
Georire Curry Member Congress
II. B. Kergusson .,
W H.Hope Judpe District Court
Harry Loe Clerk ,
8.11 Davis. United States Attorney
C. M. Poraker U.S. Marshal
John W. March Surveyor-General
Ilonry P. Bardshar Internal Rev, Collector
M. W. MuUrath Justioe of the Peace
" O-.' Allen ..Constable
Soliool Directors B. W Kandall, J. H. Mo-
Clure, J. K. Ownby.
Southern Pacific R. R.
Lordsburg Tline Table
A.M. A.M. A.M. P.M.
P uiuuiei
...HM lll:o7 11:54 8:04
A. M. A. M. A. M. P. M.
Pase,enrer 1:47 8:18 10:80 3:15
Trains run on Mountain Time.
E B. Calvin, H.V.Plvtt,
General Mr nutter. General Superintendent,
G. F. Kiohakdson, Bupt. of Transp't.
J. H. Dyíh. G. L. lln.KKV,
Superintendent. Asst. Superintendent
Arizona & New Mex
ico Railway
P. M
Hachlta ll'ao'
Liordaburg 12:61
Duncan :I1
Clifton 3:35
A. M
Zllfton 6:45
Duncan 8:19
Lordsburc :!
Hachlta ...1U:16
Trains run dally. Mountain time.
Pbvslelaa and Surgeon
District Sursenn Southern Paclflo and Ari
zona & New Mexico Railroads, Surgeon to
American Consolidated Cupper Co,
Table supplied with the best in the
Market Everything neat and clean
Wilson & fl
Attorneys at Law
Will make regular visit to Lordsburg, N. M,
Probate, Judicial, Surlty,
Employes, Otticlal
ü. S. Fidelity ani Guaranty Co.!
Buy your bonds Instead of
calling on friends who may not
want to sign a bond.
Prieta Uaerf to Soar $ky High In tba
Cafa Anglaia In Paria.
la the puliny days of lta existence
the Cafe Angiitis In Paris was greatly
affected by wealthy Americans. In
this resort the charges soared sky high,
and it was considered bad form to ask
the price of anything on the menu.
You simply ordered what struck your
fancy aud were expected to pay smll
iiigly when the bill was presented. 1
Julius Chambers was invited by a
friend to dine there once, and In the
Brooklyn Eagle he tells of bia experi
"Being asked to order the dinner for
my friend. I made It as simple as pos
sible. A bisque soup, salmon with
young potatoes, one small capon with
tine herbs, asparagus, tarts. Camera
bert cheese and coffee. My friend did
not drink wine, and I ordered for my
Belf a bottle of the red wine of the
"Everything was excellent, and I
fully expected the bill to be 80 to 100
francs ($20). Imagine my horror, there
fore, when the bill was 300 franca.
Sixty dollars! I was indignant, al
though my host merely laughed. I sent
for the maltre d'botel and demanded
an itemized bill. He was very indig
nant; said such a request was unheard
of. After much delay the 'addition' ap
peared. I only remember that it added
up all right and that the charge for the
chicken was $20 and $1 for the wine
(worth about 00 cents). My host only
smiled and gave the waiter a napoleon
"A Chicago acquaintance came to me
one afternoon not long after the above
experience, his eyes bulging and bis
temper high. He said be bad gone to
the Cafe Anglais, ordered luncheon, be
ginning with cold salmon. A whole
fish was brought, and after a small
first helping be liked it bo well that he
took a second spoonful. He noticed
that the fish was not token from the
table when the rest of his meal was
brought When be got bis bill he was
charged for the whole salmon 60
francs ($12). He was assured it was a
rule of the house that a second helping
indicated he wanted the entire fish, and
a charge of that kind was made.
"I laughed at him. and the mora I
laughed the angrier he got His lunch'
eon coHt him $23. and be could have
hud the same at the best restaurant In
New York for about J4."
Vary Unusual.
"You newspaper fellows are ordina
rily hard pressed for funds, are you
not?" asked the genial stronger.
Our natural pride forbade us to agree
with this outsider's conclusion. So we
"Why er not necessarily. What
makes you think so?"
"I'll tell you. Iam acquainted with a
member of your profession, and a fine
chnp be is too. The other day I want
ed to talk to him, so I called him up
on tho phone and asked him If he
would lunch with me. He accepted,
and at the appointed hour we sat at
the table. I opened the conversation
"'Well, what's the news? Anything
unusual in your line?
" 'Yes,' answered the reporter
'this!' "Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The Lest Laadar Writer.
The story is told that when the new
proprietor of the London Times first
went over the building In Printing
House square be saw a door covered
with cobwebs which wouldn't open.
After they had waited a long time an
aged caretaker was found burdened
with enormous keys, one of which
fitted the rusty lock, and after great
straining turned it Inside were dust
and ashes and cobwebs and a skele
ton! It was leaning over a table with
a pen In Its bone fingers. "What on
earth is this?" they asked. "Ob, I re
member bearing that in my great
great grandfather's days they lost one
of their leader writers," said the old
key bearer. "Ha must have got locked
in!" London Sketch.
Moving a Billiard Table.
Trobably the most remarkable jour
ney ever made from Cattaro to Ce
tinje. In Montenegro, was that of an
English billiard table. Fifty sturdy
porters were required to carry the ta
ble over the mountain, and a pilot
stood astride it to shout directions as
to bow best to get round awkward cor
ners. The building in which It was
boused retained the name of "Big
Itardo" when converted Into govern
ment offices and parliament bouse
many years later.
Maddanad the Cabbies.
There lived one time in England a
woman who waa known as the "cab
men's terror." She was a Mrs. Cuy
ler, who. knew the distance between
any two given points in London and
always tendered the exact fare with
out a farthing over. Irate cabbies
sometimes disputed the distance or
even carried the affair Into court, but
the "cabmen's terror" always won.
London Tatler.
' More 8o1entiP,o.
"I can't get tbat woman to take any
fresh air," complained the young phy
sician. "You don't word your advice prop
erly." aald the old doctor. "Tell her to
perambulate dally in the park, taking
copious inhalations of ozone." Wash
ington Herald.
Andrew Jackson Showed He Had
Grim 8nae of Humor.
A Virginian veteran used to tell bow
Andy Jackson used bale of cotton la
the ramparts that be threw up In de
fense of New Orleans, and it was nat
urally a matter of Indifference to him
whose cotton he employed.
Some of the cotton happened to be
long to a rich merchant The mer
chant followed his bales with dogtlke
devotion. Ha could not bear to tear
himself away from them. He was
standing over them when Jackson hap
pened to draw near, and, running up
to tba chief, be said: "SIoDsteor, It la
damage for your men to take my cot
ton. All property la aacred and must
be protected."
"But," said Jackson, "ara yon aura
this ia your cotton?"
"Oh. sure, most sure," said the mer
chant "I know the marks, all of them.
Et pula, alore, this cotton, air, most be
Jackson turned to a private and told
hlra to fetch a musket at once. The
musket being brought the general laid
It in the merchant's arma and aald
with a grim smile:
"My friend, you are the most proper
person I know of to defend yonr own
property. Stay here, then, and do so.
Stir at your peril."
One Ton of It Would Equal In Power
1,600,000 Tona of Coal.
If one could utilize the energy of a
ton of radium through a space of thir
ty years it would be sufficient to drive
a ship of 15.000 tons, with engines of
15.000 horsepower, at a rate of fifteen
knots throughout the whole thirty
years. To do this 1,600.000 tons of coal
are actually required, says the Chicago
These are not fanciful figures, for the
energy is there, though, as a matter of
fact It is unlikely that man will ever
produce much more than bait an
ounce of radium a year.
Still, the fact is Important for this
reason that science Is convinced that
tbe radium In radium bromide Is not
the only element which possesses this
marvelous store of energy, but that the
calcium In gypsum and the sodium in
common salt contain also this energy
Tbe evidence of tbe wonderful atomic
energies In tbe common elements of
everyday material is rapidly accumu
lating, and scientists are of the opinion
that perhaps these same discoveries
may in time alter the whole future of
tbe human race.
The Kitchen Sink.
It ia a statistical fact that farm wo
men die earlier than do farm men and
tbat those who survive tbe years of
drudgery break In health sooner than
do the men. The opposite is true In
town. There ia no doubt In my mind
that tbe biggeet factor In the develop.
ment of this state of affairs is tbe woe
ful lack of labor saving contrivances
in the farm woman's home. Many
houses in tbe country are still without
tbat greatent of labor savers a kitch
en sink, a sink with a pump or faucet
and with a drain leading out from it
Tbe carrying In and Out of water la
the most laborious and back breaking
task of all the bard taska belonging to
the housekeeper. There la no substi
tute for a kitchen sink. If you can
add but one thing to your home this
year and If you have no kitchen sink
let that be the addition. Farm and
Why People Travel.
Because they think they are going to
learn something, and It la only by trav
eling that they can discover tbat
knowledge does not come by travel.
Because It helps them to get better
acquainted with their neighbors some
of whom they are bound to fall In with
on their travels.
Because tbe doctor tells them they
ought to.
Because it gives them the Illusion
of superiority and furnishes them with
topics of conversation.
Because It costs mora than they can
Because they don't know all the dis
agreeable things that will happen to
Because it la the only way In which
they can discover bow comfortable
they ara at home. Life.
Hum of the Wires.
Anything that la atrelcbed la apt to
be thrown Into vibration by the fore
of tbe air blowing against It If it vi
brates so fast as to produce tba air
wavea tbat our ears can bear then that
la what we call sound. This Is what
happens to the telegraph wires when
they hum, and If we put our band on
tbe telegraph pole we shall feel that
the wires vibrate strongly enoogb to
set the whole pole trembling too. But
when the air is quite still the telegraph
wires do not hum.
Very Attentive.
"I can't get old Snip tbe tailor to pay
any attention to ma," remarked Dab-
Tuut's transe." said Blather. "He's
moat assiduous in bis attention to bm
Senda me three or four billa every
naontu." Harper'j Weekly.
Avoid Sedativa Cough Medicines.
If you want to contribute directly
to the occurrence of capillary bronch
itis and pneumonia use cough me
dicine that contain codlne, morphine,
heroin and other sedatives when you
have a Cough or cold. An expectorant
like Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is
what Is needed. That cleans out the
culturé beds or breeding places for
the germs of pneumonia and other
germ diseases, That is why pneu
monia never results from a cold when
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is used.
It has a world wide reputation for Its
cures. It contains no morphine or
other sedative. For sale by all deal
era. Adv.
Th sio at the experimental farm
at Tucumcarl was filled with kafir
corn, i
Ckronle Dyspepsia.
The following unsolicited testimon
ial should certainly be sufficient to
give hope and courage to persons af
flicted with chronic dyspepsia: "I
have been a chronic dyspeptlo for
years, and of all the medicine I have
taken, Chamberlain's Tablets have
done me more good than anything
else," says W. G. Mattlson, No. 7
Sherman St., Homellsvllle, N. Y. For
cale by all dealers. Adv.
vai iuuif(wu icuchis ic(t(it;u uauu-
somely on grapes and peaches, this
A Marvelous Kscape.
"My little boy bad a marvelous
escape,"! writes P. F. Bastlams of
Prince Albert, Cape of Good Hope.
"It occurred in the middle of the
night. - He got a very severe attack
of croup.- As luck would have it, I
had a large bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy In the house. After
folbwlng the directions for an hour
and twenty minutes he was through
all danger." Sold by all dealers Adv.
G. L. Phillips of Orogranda was ar
rested on the charge of killing deer
out of season.
Thar Make You Feel Good
The pleasant purgative effect pro
duced by Chamberlain's Tablets and
the healthy condition of body and
mind which they create make one feel
Joyful. For sale by all dealers. Adv.
A Matter of Gander.
Tbe bell of a Scottish church was
giving out a very poor tone, and a
committee was appointed to Inquire
as to what was wrong and to report
on tbe beat means of putting it right
After an examination the members
were divided in their opinion, and the
kirk officer, who was in attendance
with tbe keya, waa asked his view.
"Fine, . A ken what's wrang wl' the
bell," he remarked. "It's a she-yin,"
meaning that It waa of tbe feminine
gender. Pressed to explain, he added.
"Its tongue's owre lang It's needln'
to be cllypltr And this turned out
to be really the fault The tongue bad
become loosened to tbe extent of an
Inch or ao and was overlapping the
curve at tbe rim and therefore not
striking truly.
Dope of Belgium.
Belgian doga tbat are harnessed to
carts often work themselves to death.
They may enjoy their work for a time,
when they hurl themselves Into the
collar to drag the milk cart (and often
tbe lasy milkman as well as bis cans),
but they do not enjoy tbe ensuing pa
ralysis.. Tbe sight of a dog dying of
starvation in tbe streets because bis
paralysis Jerked him away from food
every time he attempted to take It ia
not conducive to happy memories of
He DIdnt Put It Off.
"Gracious!" exclaimed Mr. Stayfctte.
"Ifs nearly midnight I should be
going pretty soon, I suppose."
"Yes." replied Misa Patience Gonne,
"you know the old saying, 'Never put
eff till tomorrow what yon can do to
day.' "-Philadelphia Press.
Muoh Worse.
"Oh dear," pouted tbe pretty girl fa
Irritation, as tbe trolley car came to a
standstill, "what la worse than waiting
on a switch V
"Trying to pass on the asme rail,
madam,'' responded a gentleman bo
aid her. Judge.
To be weak ia miserable, doing or
offering. Milton.
The Party Line.
Hubby-Why didn't you come to tha
door and let me tot Wire I couldn't
George. Our neighbor was talking to
somebody, and I was at tbe phones
Cleveland Piala Dealer.
Few things are Impossible to dili
gence and skilL Samuel Johnson.
.Eating and Talking.
Wa all' eat too much, and it ia little
wonder there la ao much to eat And
are all talk too much, because there la
ao Kucb to talk about New Orleans
He Is educated who la master of him
self and of hi task. Peabody.
Wa havejuatreoelved a shipment of
916 Cans of G-uaraiiteed Inspected
Floor, Household and Carriage Paints,
Anything from a halt pint to 10 Gallon cans. Also see tho IS artist lo sug
gestions on bow to palut Tour Humo,
net s & Lew l era i Co.
JOSHUA 8. KA WOLDS, President.
JAS. OitAHAM MoNAUY. VIoe-Presidont,
W. L. TOO LBV. Vioe-Prcsldent.
First National Bank
OKPOSITS 4.S00.000
rItd States Depositor
4 percent, interest paid on Savings Accounts.
Correspondence Is invited from those who cou torn plate opening Initial or additional
accounts in Kl Paso.
Assets - $6,000 000
Deposits made by mall are promptly acknowledged.
come to everybody. Life has more ups than downs. Right now
while you are making, you ought to be saving
For the Rainy Day.
Where is the mooey you have been earning all these years?
Some one else has deposited It In the bank.
Why don't you put your own
other fellow save what you earn?
Start Today, Open a Bant Account Witu
of X-ords"bVLrgr, T. 2.
rarasBgasrisssasasasas esasrssrisHSSBsgBsasasHSBsasi
EDOAK W. KAY8KR. Cashier.
WALTRIt M. 1IUTLEK. Asst. Cashier,
O. T, MOOHK, Asst. Cashier

money in the bank? Why let the

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