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Beoond Class Mall Matter.
Subtonption Price.
TbrcMonttat ItOO
31 1 Months 1 Tí
OnsYstr 100
-lubtorlptlna Alwsvs Parahlaln Adranos,
Tin president hu Issued bis pro
clamation making November 27
Thanksgiving day.
It Is reported that President
Huerta has noUüed President Wilson
that some Mexicans have been arrest
ed In the war In Colorado, and that
he will hold Mr. Wilson responsible
for Uie lives of the Mexicans In Colo
rado. Secretary Bryan has Issued no
proclamation regarding the matter.
Thb Liberal has received from
Senator Catron a copy of the Income
tax law, also one from Congressman
Fergusson, also two copies from the
collector of Internal revenus at Santa
Fe. The Liberal has no interest In
this law, but if any of Its readers has
an Income In excess $3,000 and wants
to know how to pay this tax. he Is
welcome to a copy of the law.
The federal grand Jury over In Ar
izona Is getting after the merchants
who have been making a good thing
out of the sale of arms and ammuni
tion. W. II. Brophy, F. E. Cole, the
Phelps Dodge mercantile company, of
Douglas, A. Stelnfeld & Co., an In
corporation, and Albert Stelnfeld, of
Tucson, and many smaller dealers
have been Indicted for conspiracy to
export munitions of war, or In other
words of making a deal to send am
munition down Into Mexico to help
out the federals.
Tnz French government asked the
United States to protect a colony of
French citizens at San Ignacio, which
Is about forty miles from Mazatlan,
on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The
colony was said to be in danger of be
ing killed by the rebels. President
W Ileon ordered 100 marines be sent
there from the cruiser Maryland,
which is lying at Mazatlan. The
men will be provided with machine
guns, and probably will be able to
care for the French colonists.
Tbk levy for state purposes has
been made by.State Auditor Sargent.
It Is as follows:
State purposes, 3 60 mills.
State Institutions, 5.20 mills.
Charitable Institutions 30 of a mill.
Sute road fund, 1.00 mill.
Current school fund, 0.50 of a mill.
Interest and sinking fund.3. 10 mills.
Making a total of 13.60 mills, compar
ed with 13.50 mills last year. One
tenth of a mill is a pretty small coin,
but when collected on the ninety-two
million of dollars assessed in the state
makes a comfortable little sum of
9 200. For every hundred dollars you
are assessed you have to pay one cent
more state tax tban you did last year
Tn election In Mexico Sunday was
a draw. Not enough men voted to
make an election. It is probable that
Mr. Huerta will try to do the hold
over act, but there are objections to
this, especially so at Washington.
President Wilson is giving the situa
tion every attention, and he will not
stand for Huerta. The other nations
have practically agreed to follow the
Uniud SUtes in whatever action this
country may Uke. Felix Diaz re
turned to Mexico, landing at Vera
cruz. General Hueru told him to
com up to the City of Mexico. Mr.
Diaz has acquired wisdom, and In
stead of going forwarded his resigna
tion as a general in the Mexican
army, and engaged lodging next door
to the American consulate In Vera
cruz. Monday he got scared, sneaked
out the back door of his lodging house
and Into the back door of the consul
ate, and asked for protection. The
consul signaled to the Wheeling, an
American gunboat, a launch was sent
ashore, and Diaz and his companions
were put aboard the Wheeling. When
Diaz rebelled against Madero and was
arrested he was locked up, and broke
out and led a new revolution, which
resulted In the death of Madero.
When he rebellded against IluerU he
would, If arrested, have been execut
ed, so as not to be in position to lead
ft Dew rebellion, and to he took no
chanca of arreot.
The El Paso-Phoentx racers will go
through Lordsburg next Tuesday.
There have been twenty-one cars en
tered. Last Saturday night they drew
for places at the Shel"-- hotel In El
Paso. The first car will sUrt at 5:40
Tuesday morning, and the next at 5:50
and they will be started ten minutes
apart, the last one leaving at nine
o'clock. The first one ought to arrive
about ten o'clock. The car that
makes the best time will Uke the
money. The purse amounts to 16,400.
The fastest man will Uke 50 per cent,
the neit 25 per cent, the third 15 per
cent, the fourth 10 per cent, the rest
of them will run for glory. There are
some big fast cars In the list, that
that would runaway from many In
the bunch, If the race was over a
boulevard, but owing to the condition
of the road, there being so many
places where the cars will have to
slow down, or be bumped off the
earth, the little cars, which are light,
which can slow down and then pick
up their pace quickly, stand a good
show of being In at the winning.
Each car will have a big number on
Its radiator and on Its side and rear,
so they can be Identified while going
at full speed. The following Is a list
of the cars, the drivers and the num
bers, the numbers showing the order
in which they leave El Paso, No. 1 be
ing first out. No. 22 being last out.
There is no number 13:
No. Driver, Car.
1 Oliver Creek Buick 40
2 John Hutch Ins Buick 18
3 J. Van Holgen Buick 17
4 Lew Gasser Stutz
5 M. L. Miller Buick 16
6 T. Workman Chalmers 30
7 M. L. Naquln Velle
8 J. J. Newkirk Simplex
9 Billy Adolph Chalmers 40
10 Eddie Stefes Mercer
11 C.G.Miller Mitchell
12 R. II. Clark Brena
14 Chas. Corbet Cadillac
15 P. Thoraason Thomas
16 ' C. Swltzer Buick 10
17 C. D. Evans Ford
18 J. G. Good Reo V
19 Abe Aguilar Ilupmoblle
20 R. Hagerman Cadillac
21 A. Fallís Studebaker
22 II. N. Reno Chadwlck 6
The cars will be checked here as they
pass, and the record turned into the
racing committee. The checking
station will be in front of the post-
office. It will be easy for any one to
keep a check on the cars. If they see
a number on a car, and then see a
smaller number on a following car
they will know that the car with the
large number Is gaining on the one
with the smaller number, and has
passed It.
The first accident of the El Paso
Phoenlx race occurred last Friday,
when a car, which was being driven
over the course, turned over between
Douglas and Blsbee, and the driver,
Jack Forest was killed. Basset &
Ryan, of El Paso, bought a StuU
racer and entered It for the race. It
was tried out and found in good con
dition. Forest was to drive the car,
and was sent over the course, to get
acquainted with the road. He was
especially Instructed to go slow, so he
could study the road, and was told
not to drive over 20 miles an hour,
lie left Douglas Friday afternoon,
and said he was going to make Blsbee
In 20 minutes. He was advised not
to try such a pace, as there were some
bad places In the road, but he went
off at full speed, and was dead before
the twenty minutes were up. He
must have been going at least 50
miles an hour when he struck the
bad place, and the car turned over,
probably several times, and stopped
Forest crushed under the car. His
mechanic, John Pryor, was thrown
clear of the car, and was rendered un
conscious from the shock. When he
came to he crawled over to the car,
got out the Jack, and tried to get the
car off from Forest. While he was
working a man came along with a
team and helped get Forest from
under the car, but he was dead. Jack
Forest was about 33 years old, a na
tive of Michigan, where he had work
ed In the automobile factories. He
came to El Paso about five years ago,
and has been working as a chauffeur
there. He was a speed maniac, and
his love of speed caused his death.
He leaves a mother and sister, who
Uve in Ann Arbor. Michigan. The
machine was not damaged very much,
the radiator being mashed and steer
ing gear broken. It Is expected It
can be repalrd in time to enter the
There was a blow up In the schools
last Saturday that resulted in a re
organization of the teaching force
Friday afternoon Prof. Fitzgerald
had occasion to remonstrate with
some of the old girls for the way they
had been acting, and used some salty
expressions to them. Some of them
went home and told what the profes
sor had said, and there was a row. It
grew so strong that the next day the
board asked for his resignation, which
was tendered, and he left for Phoenix
that night. Miss May was put In
charge of the school as principal, and
Mrs. C. L. Dorey was engaged to Uke
Mist May's classes temporarily, until
a regular teacher cao be secured.
Reports from the shipment of cat
tle by the Highland Cattle company
Indicate the company played in hard
luck. It Is reported that at the first
feeding sUUon twenty-eight dead
cattle were Uken from the cars.
A Cold Winter
neavy underwear warm caps and
mittens Woolen and Flannel goods-
Soft warm Blankets and Quilts A
good fire In a coal, wood or coal oil
heater Now is the time to think of
this things. We have the goods you
do the thinking and act.
The R. 4 L. Co.
Nntlea for PoblleatloQ
Department of the Interior
United 8tates Land Office.
La Crueea, N. M,
Oct. 10,1913,
State of New Mexico, under and by virtue of
the act of CooirruM approved June 20, 1910,
baa made application for the following de
scribed unappropriated, unreserved, and non
nnneral puullo lauda:
Santa Fe-Orant Co. R. R, Bond Fund Lint
No. ZM. Serial 0X900: All of Boo. 8, T. 90 S R.
18 W., N, M. P. M. x '
Santa Fe-Orant Co. R. R. Bond Fund Llat
No. KIT. Serial OHttOl : All of See. 84. T. 2 9.. R.
20 W.: NWfc SE! Boo. 18, T. 32 8..R.16W.
N. M. P. M. ,
The purpoee of thla notloe la to allow all
persona claiming the land adversely, or desir
ing to how It to be mineral In character, an
opportunity to flle objoctlon to such location
or selection with the Hc-gister and Receiver
of the United Slates Land Offlce.at Las Cruce,
New M ox loo. and to establish their Interests
therein, or the mineral charaoter thereof .
I herebv dpslarnate the Wbhtirm Libzrau
published at Lordsburg. N, M medium of
publication for above notioe.
First pub. Oct. M
Department of the Interior
United States Land Office
Las Cruces, New Mexico Sept.22, 1913
Notice la hereby Riven that the State of
New Mexico, under and by virtue of the act
of Congress, approved Juno 20, 1910, has made
application for the following described un
appropriated, unreserved and nonmineral
public lands:
8anta Fe-Orant Co. R. R. Bond Fund List
No. SK, Serial usase. 4
WH NEX Seo. ÍT. T. 80 8.. R. 16 W. N. M.
P. M.
The purpose of thla notloe la to allow all
persons claiming the land adversely, or des
iring to show it to be mineral In character, an
opportunity to flle objeotlon to such location
or selection with the Register and Rooelver
of the Unlto.l States Land Office, at Las
Cruces, New Mexloo, and to establish their
Interest therein, or the mineral character
Jose Gonzales.
I hereby designate the Wb8tr Liberal,
published at Lordsburg, N. M., medium of
publication for above notloe,
First Insertion, Oct, IT, 1913
Department of the Interior.
United States Land Office,
Las Cruoes, New Mexloo.
Sept. 11. 1913.
NOTICB Is heieby given that Lloyd H.
Jones, of Rodeo. New Mexico, who. on Oct
0. 1910, made Homestead' Entry No. OtxW for
NKHSeo.7 T. is 8., Range 21 W.. N.M.P. Mer
idian, haa filed notloe of Intention to make
final three year Proof, to establish olalm to
the land above described, before Asa O.Gar
land. U. 8. Commissioner at Rodeo. N. M. on
the 80th day of Oct, 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses:
E. F, Eploy. of Rodeo, N, M.
O. V. Smith, of Rodeo. N. M.
J. D. Arnold. of Rodeo, N. M.
A. E. Vest, of Rodeo, N. M.
First Pub. Sept. IS
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office,
L-m Cruces, N.M. Sept. 10, 1013.
NOTICE la hereby given that Bck
Cpshaw, of Hanhlta. New Mexloo, who, on
February 0, 1910, made Homestead Entry,
No. 0MH7. for NB-4, Seo. 1 Township 80 8.,
Range 18 W N, M. P. Meridian, has filed no
tloe of Intention to make Final Three Tea
proof, to establish claim to the land above
described, before T.J. Brown. D. 8. Commis
sioner, at Hachlta, N, Mexico, on the 80th
day of Oct, 1913.
Claimant names aa witnesses:
James R, Worthlngton, of Haohlla, !f, M.
Henry Mandgold, of Hachlta. N. M.
William L. Henry, of Haohlta.N. M.
Frank Nations, of Hachlta, N. M.
First pub. Sept, 18
Department of the Interior.
United States Land Office-
Las Cruoes, New Mexloo.
Sept. 87, 1913
NOTICB Is hereby given that Frank L.
McKloney, of Hachlta, N. M., who, on Feb.ia
1910, made Hometad Entry, No, IHIOO, for
NWI. Section 8, Township 17 S..RangeUW,
N M P Meridian, has filed notloe of Intention
to make Final Five Tear Proof, toestaMish
olalin to the land above described, before T,
J. Brown, United States Oouuntssloner; at
Uaehlta, N. M., on the 11th day of Nov. 1918,
Claimant names aa witnesses:
. A. 8, Lewis, of Haohlta, N M
W. Q. McKtnney, of Hachlta, N M .
R. H. De Berry, of
W. E. Dlcküiaoo, of
Haohlla, N M
Hachlta. N U
Sarita, ZZTo
All Colorado Points
First pub. Oct. 8
They are served along the
"Santa Fe" by Mr. Fred
Ha'vey, the noted Caterer
of America. Ills meals
have no equal in the world.
"Tie Hill Way" ani Scenic Brad
To Colorado aDd to all points
TIME? What difference does a
few hours in time make when you can
enjoy every minute of your trip"
For further particulars address
"7". X2. Ero-wa
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3". Ccnnell
General Passenger Agent,
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Ores. Free from Antimony and
Gives more satisfactory results in
ReductlooWorks than any Chemical
In the market
A long freight haul saved to the oonsumers
lnboth territories
Prices in competition with the
Eastern Markets.
Arizona Copper Co.
dered each nlgnt for the entertainment of
p . i nj N .
Dally and weekly newspapers and other
periodicals ou me.
For lull particulars oall on
Hugh Mullen, Prop.
Arizona & New Mex
ico Railway Co. .
Mountain Time
Southbound. Northbound.
Clifton, Ar. 8:86 pm
Guthrie, Lv.--8:M pm
Duncan, Lv. i;l'I pm
Lordsburg, Lv.-13;M pm
Hachlta, Lv.-U :80 am
8:48 am Lv.
7: am Lv.
8:1 am-Lv.
9JVi am Lv.
10:46 am Ar.
South bound train connects with
Southern Pacific west bound trains
Nos. 1 and 9, leaving Lordsburg at
10:57 A. M. and 12:10 P. M., and with
Southern Pacific east bound train No.
2, leaving at 10-30 A. M., also with El
Paso & Southwestern east and west
bound trains Nos. 6 and 6, leaving
Hachlta at 10:50 and 11:20 A. M.
General Passenger Agent, Clifton,
OF EHVES Cm, (Opposite Poit Office)
Capital $50,000.00 - Full Paid
We do a General Banking Business ;
8 4 per cent Tald on Saving Accounts for full calendar months
s Officers and Directors: 8
i : ' $
8 R. C. Marklky, President C. A. Marriott, Vice-Pres. t
g S. O. Baker, Secy, and Treas. . g
8 Van T. Manvllle E. S. Edwards A. J. Boulware G. K. Angle 8
$ J. W. Bible D. B. Robertson. 8
Sunset Route
fUniii rrl
TO- .
For further information inquire of .
J. H. McCLURE, Agent.
or address
Tvlcsou, .rlz.
XA"bera,l Office
r-' -1
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