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Ilitorlcil B o c i i
9 aburrí ptlonSS PcrTkr
Hlng I r Copies 10ontS
Nw Mexico
RnfrPd at the Po.t Office at Lnrdnburf ai
Seoond Claae Mall Matter.
8ttbsonption Priooa.
Threi Month. ...I1U0
Six Monttii 1 W
One Tear '
i4ahrrttti Alwav P.KIln Utirwe.
Win. C. McDonald Governor
E. C. da lluca, Lieutenant Governor
Antonio Lucero Bcoretury of State
r". W. Clanojr Attornejr-Uuiirai
W. O. Saro-ent Auditor
Howell Erneat Traveling Auditor
O. N. Marrón Treasurer
II. P. Ervlcn... . Commissioner Public Lands
Allan N. White Bupt. I'ublle Instruction
IIukIi H. Williams, Chn. Corp. C.u..
M.S. O roves .,
I). L.Twen m
Clnranoe J. Huberts, Chief Justice Sup. Court
Richard H. Hnnna, .,
. Frank W. Parker,
J, D. Sena Clerk
VanT. Manvllle,....Commlsslonorlst District
B, 8. Edwards, 2nd
B. B. Ownbjr 8rd ,.
H. J. McGrath HIT
M. F. Downs. Trt usurer
James A. Bhlplcy Assessor
II y m n Abrahams . Probata Judi e
K. B. Venable County Clerk
Isabella Ecalof,... .Superintendent of Schools
F. L. Cox Surveyor
George Curry,..: Member Congress
H. B. Ferg-uaaon
W H. Hope, Judge Dtstrlot Court
Harry Lee, Clerk ,
8. B Davis. United States Attorney
(!. M. Porakor. U.S.Marshal
John W. March Survevor-Oeneral
Henry P. Bardshar Internal Ho v. Collector
M.Vf. MoUrath Justloeofthe Peace
O. Aliso.. Consta --
uhool Directors B. W Uandall, J. H. Mo
Clure, J. K. Ownhy.
Southern Pacific R. R.
Lonbburf Tinta Table
A M. P. H. A. M
P...eng-er JIM'B lu':M X:U
F M. P. M. A. M.
Paasenirer ::' ii-M M
Train, run on Mountuln Time.
E R. Calvin, H.V.Putt,
General Manager. General Superlnteiideut,
G. F. KlCHARDBOH. Supt. of Traimp'l .
J. H. DVEK, G. L. llK'KBY,
BuDerintendont. Asst. Superintendent
Arizona & New Mex
ico Railway
P. M
Hachlta IW
Lordsburg ()
Duncan 8:06
OUftoo 4:40
A. M
Dlifton... :4ft
Duncan 8:1
Lordaburg :Hfi
HaohiU 10:46
Traína run dallr. Mountain time.
Pbyalelaa and Surgeon.
Dlstrlot Burgeon Southern PaelAo and Arl
lona Jc New Meiion Kallroada, Surgeon to
American Consolidated Copper Co,
Table supplied with the best In the
Market Everything neat and clean
Wilson & Walton
-ik-ttorjaeye at Xjarw
Will make regular visita to Lordsburg, N. M.
Probate, Judicial, Surlty,
Employes, Oitlclal
0. S. FiflclitT and Guaranty Co.:
Buy your bunds Instead of
calling on friends who may not
want to sign a bond.
Tha Old Duchess Could and Did 8w.ar
Like a Trooper,
The old Duchess of St Albans, who
had been the widow of Mr. Coutts, the
banker, when the duke, much her Jun
ior In ago, married her, was one of the
bnbltunl visitor at Tahnouth. My flret
vlow of hor, however, wns at the Crieff
hotel, on her way through to Kenmore,
when the duchess and her retinue ar
rived In eight cnrrlnges; for though by
birth of no family, she hnd a moat ex
alted Moa of hor own Importance and
when paying a series of short visita to
country houses wns so convinced of
the savage condition of the highlands
that she traveled always with her own
chef and patlsslnr. who alone were per
mitted to cook her meals at the Inns
she stopped at on the road.
I shall not easily forget the sight of
the disgorging of the duchess' own
cbarlot when It palled up at the Inn
door! First emerged her grace herself,
an enormously fat woman; then fol
lowed her three nieces, daughters of
Elr Francis Burdett, whereof the
youngest and best looking because In
heritress of her wealth, and Baroness
These young ladles, evidently In mor
tal terror of their awful relativo v'.
without reason followed the dcness
In single die, dutifully carrylr each
some article necessary to her grunt's
comfort reticule, cushion, wraps,
books, footstool and bag of toilet requi
sitos, the duchess' favorite lap dog and
hor pet purrot In a cage. After them
came her grace's private physician,
who traveled always in the same car
riage as herself, so as to be on the spot,
while the duke preferred the coach box
to the company Inside end no wonder!
All the time the duchess' tongue was
heard going scolding, complaining,
abusing everybody, from ber husband
downward, in unmeasured terms. The
nnfortunate nieces came in for no small
share of her harangue and earned pain
fully any share of ber fortune she may
have left them in ber will, for she
swore like a trooper or a Billingsgate
fishwife the whole time. Lady Login
In Cornblll Magazine.
Bunsan's Feat After His Goblet of
Solution Had Been Upset.
The rcm.nknblo skill In dealing with
the material of their experiments that
some chemists have Is well Illustrated
by the foüov Ing story told of the great
German chemist Professor Robert Bun
Professor Bunsen evaporated fifty
hogsheads of water from the Durk-
belm spring and carefully Isolated
from the residue a small quantity of
the salts of two very rare elements,
caesium and rubidium. lie dissolved
these salts in a small beaker of water
and set them aside ou bis laboratory
One day a friend came to see Profes
sor Bunsen. Unnoticed by the chemist
his visitor in leaning against the labo
ratory table tipped over the beaker and
spilled its contenta on the floor and ou
his clothing. The solution looked like
plain water, so the man thought noth
ing of the accident and a few minutes
later took his departure.
Shortly after the gentleman bad gone
Bunsen noticed that the contents of
the beaker had been spilled. Instantly
be ran out to the street, overtook bis
friend and brought blm back to the
With water Bunsen carefully extract
ed the salts from the sleeve of the gen
tleman's coat and bis underclothing,
washed his arm,'cleaned off a drop
that had spattered on his shoe, careful
ly washed the floor and the table, col
lected all the solutions together, puri
fied them and on evaporation found
that be bad recovered the valuable
salts! So perfect was his skill that he
had not lost a welghable amount
Youth'a Companion.
Chinea Idols. -
The Chinese, according to a mission
ary, are the most exacting of worship
ers. When they pray to their Idols
they ask for definite material blessings
and they expect results. The life of an
Idol In China Is precarious. Gifts will
be heaped before It only as long as It
seems to be brluglng about the wishes
of Its followers. If the shrine falls
upon evil times and disappoints Its
worshipers their homage soon fades.
Not only do the gifts cease, but the re
sentful peouJo of the countryside will
come in a body and sma.-ih the Ineffi
cient symbol.
A Chang.
"Tommy," said an irate mother to
her incorrigible offspring, "if you
don't behave I'll give you a good
"Well, that'll be a change, anyway,"
replied the little fellow. "All the other
whippings I ever got from you were
bad." Chicago News.
Nothing but Fun,
"How'a your wife these daysT
"Well, she has found a soon that
makes trashing a pleasure, a machine
that makes sewing delightful and a
contraption that makes sweeping a
dream of bliss. She ought to find Ufa
tue coutluuou round of Joy." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
Chronic Conntlpatlon Curad.
"Five years ago I had the worst
case of chronlo constipation I ever
knew of, and Chamberlain's Tablets
cured me," writes S. F. Fish, Urook-
lyn, Mich. For sale by all dealers.
Why On of Them Ignored Ex.outiv
Officer Dewey's Commands.
In bis autobiography George Dew
ey, the hero of Maulla bay, records
that Fnrrngut's methods were always
sluiplo. There was a saying that his
principal place for tiling papers was
his cont pocket Generally be wrote
his orders himself, perhaps with his
knee or the shjp's rail as a rest The
author recalls that one day when he
was writing be looked up and said:
"Now, how in the devil do you spell
Appalachlcola? Borne of these edu
cated young fellows from Annapolis
must know." Tho author continues:
"A man who had such an Important
command could hardly have been more
democratic. One night I had given or
ders for a thorough cleaning of the
ship the next morning. I was awake
very early, for it was stlfllngly hot
Five o'clock came, end I beard no
sound of the holystones on the deck,
so I went above to And out why my
orders were not obeyed, and my frame
of mind for the moment wos entirely
that of the disciplinarian. There was
no activity at all on deck. I looked
around for the offlccr of the deck. lie
was an old New England whaler,
brown as a bnccaneer, who had enlist
ed for the war from the merchant serv
ice. I recollect that be wore small
gold rings In bis ears, a custom with
some of the old fashioned merchant
sailors who bad traveled the world
over. I found blm seated up in the
hammock netting, where It wea cool,
with Farra gut at bis side.
" 'Why aren't you cleaning shlpT" I
" 1 think I am to blame,' said Far
ra gut with his pleasant smile. 'We
two veterans have been swapping
yarns about sailing ship days.'
"The old whaler did not see bow he
could leave Farra gut when Farra gut
wanted to talk, and Inwardly perhaps
he did not fall to enjoy his position as
superior to the young executive o fa
cer's reprimands."
Mary Fisher the first to B Publicly
Flogged In England.
No feature of the early Quaker move
ment was so surprising to contempo
rary historians as the prominent part
taken by women of all classes and po
sitions In spreading its message.
"They were not a whit behind the
men," remarks one seventeenth cen
tury chronicler, "In courage or in con
tempt to material obstacles. Imitating
them not out of a womanly precipi
tancy and boldness, but upon a de
terminate advice changing, as
it were, their sex and being transmut
ed from women to men."
A staid matron named Elizabeth
Hooton was the first to be "convinced"
by Fox's teaching and became in the
year 1049 the first woman preacher
among the Quakers. Ann bownor, the
young daughter of a clergyman, car
ried the met age to London, gathering
round her the nuclens of that Society
of City Friends which grew to be the
model and rallying grouud for other
towns and nations. Margaret the
wife of Judge Fell, was the "nursing
mother" of the infant church the cen
ter of all Its activities, the helper and
the ultimate appeal in all its distresses.
Mary Fisher, a servant girl from
Yorkshire, heads the long list of heroic
sufferers in England who were public
ly Bogged for their religion. She, too,
with an older woman, was the pioneer
who brought the Friends' doctrine to
New England In 1C50 and tasted the
first fruits of the persecution which
was meted out to hor fellow believers,
even to the extremes of mutilation and
death, by those who were themselves
the survivors of the Mayflower. Mabel
It. BrallHford in Englishwoman.
Gotham's Potter's Field.
In New York's potter's field more
than 6,000 bodies are burled in the
course of a yeor. New York's pauper
dead make it necessary that as many
as eighty workmen and half a dozen
keepers be maintained at potter's field
all the time. The "field" Is on Hart's
Island, at the entrance to the sound,
eighteen miles up the East river, and
the gravediggers, drivers and general
caretakers are prisoners from the
workhouse force on Blackwcll'a Inland,
with a beud keeper and several as
sistants, not prisoners, to supervise
Victoria's Harmlosa Co.metlo.
Douglas Jerrold, the English humor
ist was prolific of puns in conversa
tion and in correspondence. Professor
Grander Matthews In the Century
quotes one of bis best
In a letter written Just after Queen
Victoria bad been fired at Jerrold de
clared that he had seen ber out driv
ing and added that "she looked very
well and as Is not always the case
with women none the worse, for pow
der" C'hamtiarliftlu'e Coajfti itemedy
This remedy has no superior for
coughs and colds. It Is pleasant to
take. It contains no opium or other
narcotic. It always cures. For sale
by all dealers. Adv.
ft.Kt Cough Medicine for Vhlldr.n
"I am verv glad to say a few words
In praise of Chamberlain'R Cough Ke
nnedy" wrlten Mrs. Lida Oewey. Mil
waukee, Wis. "I have used It fot
yesrs both for my child en and my
self and It never falls to relieve an'
cure a cough or cold. No family wllli
children should be without it ash
gives almost Immedia'e relief In cases,
of croup " Chamberlain's Cough Ke
rnel? Is pleasant and safe to take,
which Is of great Importance when a
medicine must be given to young
children. For sale by all dealers. Av.
Point at Which It I tha Qr.at.at and
th L.aat.
What is the greatest diameter of the
urtl.rThe form of the earth Is that
of a flattened spheroid, greater In di
ameter at tb equator than at the
poles,' but this Is modified by the ac
cidenta 'of Its surface, so that the
diameter varies according to tho point
at which It is measured.
It might be expected that the diam
eter would be greatest If measured
from the top of the highest mountain,
wblclj Is Mount Everest In the Hima
layas, but unfortunately the point at
whlcll the diameter would emerge on
tho other side of the world Is In tho
Padflo ocean, where this Is more than
T.000 feet deep.
Professor Tu nenkel of Bchulpferda
says the greatest diameter of the eurtb
Is tlmt taken from the summit of
Mount Chlmlxirnao, In Ecuador. -JO,13(l
feet above the sea level. This, ho says,
emergen at the antipodes on a high
point ou the north coast of Sumatra.
This diameter is 7,tl2n 3 miles.
As Chlmborazo Is almost on the equa
tor. Its summit Is that KInt on the
earth's surface which Is most distant
from the center. There weight Is
feeblest and centrifugal force greatest
Thu earth's smallest radius Is that
from the center to the north pole, but
it is pot certain that the lino through
the poles is the smallest diameter, be
cause the south pole Is on a high pla
ten a It might be fonnd that a line a
ltttlo ' dlitant from the poles, which
would emerge at sea level at each end,
wonld be even shorter than the polar
diameter. Such a Une would be found
from a point In tho Arctic ocean be
tween Spitsbergen and Greenland to a
point Just off the coast of the Antarctic
continent In the big bay overlooked by
Mount Erebus, In about 175 to 180 de
ffreeeast nd 75 to 80 degrees south.
New York World.
When Young Walter Scott Was Praised
by Robert Burns.
From the timo he was six Wulter
Scott read ravenously, and It was
through his wide rending that when
only lifteen he became for a few mo
ments the center of a group of learned
men. It was when the poet Dnrns vis
ited Edinburgh and bad shown greet
Interest In a picture of a soldier lying
dead In the snow with a dog keeping
patient watch besldo blm.
Beneath the picture were some beau
tiful II nos, but neither Burns nor any
of tboso learned men knew tbelr au
thor until young Walter Scott, who
happened to bo present, whispered
thut they were by Langhorno.
Then Burns turned to him, wlth
glowing eyes, and said, "It Is no com-"
mon course of reading that baa taught
you this," adding to bis friends, 'This
lad will be beard of yet."
now proud the lad felt! now wist
fully Joyful In the warmth of the great
poet's praise and then bow suddeuly
forgotten when only a few days later
Robert Burns passed him In tho street
without a glance I Scott's moment of
fame bad vanished. Ariadne Gilbert
In St Nicholas.
Boys and Bonfires.
The most fun a boy can have la at a
burn Ore.
The freckled boy saya you call them
baru fires because you build them near
barus. Boys usually build tbem after
elections in the fall, but any time
when you feci bully Is a good tluio.
Sticks of wood do not seem so
heavy when you are carrylug tbem to
a bonfire as when you are bringing
them In for the hired girl. Splinters
don't hurt bo much either. The frec
kled boy says tho reason Is because
you are having fun. Why, he ran a
long silver under his nail one night at
a bonfire and be never noticed it until
school time the next morning. Then It
hurt blm terribly. lie bad to stay out
of school all day, and bo could not do
his chores. Tart of the day be carried
bis arm in a sting. "Auburn and Freck
les." Ilia Stomach T uublea Over.
Mr. Dyspeptic, would you not like
lo feel that your stomach troubles
were over, that you could eatany kind
of food you desired without Injury?
That may seem so unlikely to you
that you do not even hope for an end
ing of your trouble, but permit us to
assure you that it Is not altogether
Impossible. If others can be cured
permanently, and thousands have
been, why not you? John K. Barker,
of Battle Creek, Mich., lame of them.
He says, "I was troubled with heart
burn, Indigestion, and llvercomplatnt
until I used Chaiuberaln's Tablets,
then my trouble was over. iold by
all dealers.- -Adv.
We have Just received a uMpniont of
Í? 916 Cans of Guaranteed Inspected S
b Floor, Household and Carriage Paints, Í?
Anything from halt pint to lOGallnn cans. Alsoseo tlie I artUtio sua;
gi'HtloiiS ou bow to alnt Your Homo,
RoiBrts & Leahy Mercantile Co
LOitDsnnito ! i
JOSIflTA 8. RAVNOT.DS. Provident.
JAS. flUAHAM McNAItV, Vli-e-Prcsidont,
W. L. TOOL BY. Vlco-1'reslüont,
First National Bank
TTnlteca. States Depository
4 percent, interest paid on Savings Accounts.
Corropon'Ieneo Is Invltod from those who contémplalo opening initial or additional
accounts in Rl Paso.
Assets - $6,000 000
Deposits made by mall are promptly acknowledged.
come to everybody. Life has more ups than downs. Ritrht now
while you are making, you ought to be saving
For the Rainy Day.
Where Is the money you have been earning all these years?
Some one else has deposited it in the bank.
Why don't you put your own money In the bank? Why let the
other fellow save what you earn?
Start Today, Open a Bank Acconnt Witn
of Lord-sTo-axer, 3ST. :m:.
- AT
a ?? g-g sa s a5? sayare sas asasj? sr s s a c s ? ? ? ? -. sg
nüw MTsvim
EDOAR W. KAY8EH. Tashler.
WALTKH M. HUTLER. Asst. Cashleri
O. T, MOOKB. Asst. Cashier
... 00.00
. .. 4.000,000

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