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KiUTpd I the Pon I OfllM t Lnrdsburg
Seoond ClaM Mall Matter.
Subscription Friaet.
ThretMontbe ...1100
Six Months I Tl
Oat Tear 100
4uborlptlna Alwara Pevahlaln Adranos,
Up to and Including January 31st
the state bad Issued 1514 automobile
licenses, and had collected tll,2l on
them. Purlng the previous years
there were Issued 1897 licenses. Ills
probable that a (treat many motor
drivers saw how their friends could
Kt along without a number on the
car, and so concluded to save the
price this year. It Is reported that a
rnan up In Socorro county tried It and
drew a twenty dollar fine, enough to
have paid for two licenses.
Tbeks was war at Indianapolis In
labor circles last week. There was a
general meeting, and the miners were
sore because an assessment had been
refused to help the miners In north
ern Michigan. It was said that Sam
Gompers, the head of the federation
of labor was' responsible for the re
fusal, and some of the miners went
after Sam. Duncan McDonald told of
attending a labor meeting, and there
was such a noise In the room adjoin
ing the one he occupied that he could
not sleep, and so went In to Investig
ate, and found a gang there drinking,
and at the head of the table sat Sam
with a bottle In his hands and thor
oughly stewed. In answer Sam said
McDonald was a liar, a slanderer and
various other kinds of people not nice
to associate with.
Tdb president has concluded to re
scind the order prohibiting the trans
portation of arms and ammunition
Into Mexico, as it was giving the
Constitutionalist the worst of the
deal, as the Huerta people could Im
port arms and ammunition from other
countries, by vessels, while the only
way the constitutionalists could get
them was from the United States.
General Villa was greatly pleased
when he heard of the order, and save
that the Federalists wilt be conquered
In less than ninety days. Ills greatest
bivuufa Ijaa bceu ilia Jock Of am
munition, all he had was smuggled
across, and that was slow work. The
original order should never have been
Issued, and as It was Issued it should
, long since have been rescinded.
Things will happen In Meilco now.
Fuom the stories that are drifting
about It looks as though a little In
vestigation should be made at the
Agricultural College, as to the kind
of people that are employed there.
At a recent murder trial the Import
ant thing was. determining whether a
person had been poisoned by arsenic.
A portion of the Intestines were sent
to Professor Hare, the professor of
chemistry, to make the determina
tion as to the presence of arsenic. He
made numerous examinations, and
could find no trace of arsenic He has
an assistant named Mitchell, who
from his appearance Is better known
as Happy Hooligan, who testified that
he analyzed the material and found
arsenic In it. Professor Hare has
been professor of chemistry at the
college for many years, he Is a scien
tist of reputation, and his word on
such a matter Is not to be questioned,
while Mitchell Is a young man with a
reputation yet to make. If the col
lege has got assistants who take an
occasion to jump In and declare the
chief Is mistaken It Is about time
that an Investigation was made to see
which was right, and the College
might well dispense with the other.
The jury believed Professor Hare.
Or all the mean, disagreeable and
disgusting exhibitions that human
beings will on occasion make the row
that sometimes arises In small villages
Is the worst. There Is scandal, back
biting, lying, and everything menean
do, except using his fists. The peo
ple that engage in these rows never
have the courage to fight It out. They
would like to put the man out of the
way, without any danger of getting
hurt. There was a sad example of
this kind of a row over In Alamo
gordo, which ended last week In the
acquittal of a man on the charge of
murder. In some way II. II. Major
had Incured the enmity of some of the
good people of Alamogordo, and there
was nothing they could not do to hurt
Mafor. It was In politics, and Major
won out. It extended Into lodge
circles, and there he won out. After
three years sickness his wife died.
Later his daughter took tick and
died. During her sickness she was
nursed by her father. Some of the
men who had been fighting Major
here saw the chance for getting In a
telling blow, and started the story
that the girl had died of poison, ad
ministered by her father., The story
spread and Increased as It spread un
til some one worked In his dead wife
as being also poisoned by Major. The
story was so public and so full of de
tails that Major went to Judge Med
ie r and asked to have the grand Jury
Investigate It. A day or so before
court met Fred Fornhoff, captain of
the mounted police went to Alamo
gordo, talked with some people, went
before the Judge, swore to a com
plaint, the judge Issued a warrant,
and FornhorT went to Major's house
at midnight, woke him up, arrested
htm and took him to jail, where he
was held without ball. This night
display was too mu,h for many peo
ple who had taken no .Interest In the
affair, and they commenced lending
aid to Major. The trial came on and
lasted for several days, there being
numerous witnesses against htm,
many of whom contradicted them
selves. A lawyer was brought from
Roswell to help out the prosecution,
but tu spite of all his enemies could
do he was acquitted. In the mean
time he had been Indicted for poison
ing his wife, but In this trial It was
proved she died a natural death.
What his enemls will now do to pro
secute him Is the question that Is
bstherlng Major.
L. F. Vaughn, a Phoenix lawyer,
formerly a Duncan editor, and owner
of the plant on which the Arlzonlan
was formerly published, was In the
city the first of the week, en route to
Duncan to again start up the Arlzo
nlan. The paper has not been pub
lished for several months, but when
It came time to bid on the county
printing the Arlzonlan put In a bid
for the work, which proved to be the
lowest bid, and It was awarded to It.
The Era asked the court for an In
junction prohibiting the supervisors
giving the printing toa defunct paper,
but there was something irregular
about the paper, and before It was
fixed up the copy was sent to the Ar
Izonlan at Duncan. There was no
printer to print the Arlzonlan, and
arrangements were made to have It
printed at Safford. The paper came
out dated Duncan, contained the pro
ceedings of the Supervisors and a lot
of boiler plate matter. Mr. Vaughn
expects to get it started up and golog
again. He thinks he bas a man who
can be depended on. A man must
have a pull with a board of super
visors If they will let him print and
pay for the publishing the proceed
ings of the board In a paper that bas
not been Issued In several months,
and Is printed In an adjoining county.
The land department Is getting
after the people who have been cut
ting wood off the public land, and
when they are satisfied that a man
has been doing it they estimate the
amount he has cut, and then give
him a chance to pay for It, before re
porting the case to the grand Jury.
Even if innocent it is cheaper to pay
what the department exacta than
to run the chance of being indicted,
for even if acquitted the cost answer
ing the indictment la more than the
price of the wood. In the southern
part of the county a man was holding
down a squatter's claim, waiting for
the land to be surveyed. In clearing
the land he cut considerable wood,
more than he had use for, and bo be
took It to town and turned it over to
the merchant with whom he was
trading, and whom he owed, and got
credit on his grocery bill. There was
more than the merchant could use,
and he shipped it away. The depart
ment seemed to think it could get
money easier from the merchant than
from the squatter, and so gave him a
chance to settle. This is worse than
paying for a dead horse.
The parcel post was thought to
have accomplished a great feat when
It put the freight teams out of bus
iness between Sliver City and Mogo
llón, but that Is not the limit. It has
been discovered that it can beat
freight charges on the Arizona East
ern, Southern. Paclflo and Arizona &
New Mexico roads, on occasions, and
make these roads haul the goods.
Over at Tempe j,helr Is a condensed
milk factory that sells Its canned
product where ever It can find a cus
tomer. It is seldom It can sell a ear
load In any one community, and get
the advantage of carload rates. How
ever it has been discovered that Clif
ton Is in the second parcel post tone
from Tempe, and a fifty pound pack
age can be sent from Tempe to Clif
ton for 54 cents, or 11.08 per hundred
pounds. The rate on milk from
Tempe to Clifton is 11.37 per hundred
pounds in less than car load lots. The
milk man can send his milk to Clifton
by parcel post for 2 cents less than
Itcan be sent by freight, and it will
travel over the same road in a first
class passenger train Instead of a
freight train. The business men of
this western country arestudylng the
parcel post map, and probably will be
able to find many more snaps like
J. J. Malone was down from Dun
can this week, visiting his family and
Notice is hereby given that. Whereas. In a
certain civil action pending in the District
Court of Uie Sixth Judicial Dlatrlot of tn
Stale of New Mexioo. within and for the
County of Grant, sod numbered lYISoathe
docket of aald court wherein W. F. Bfttrr la
plaintiff, and the Bonnie Jean Mine, D. W.
Kendall and the Framld Copper Company
re defendant, which aald action wakaJorthe
foreoloaure of lien filed by the aald r'"!MIÜ
upnfi the Bonnie Jean Mine, sltuativl In the
Virginia Mining Dlatrlot, lu the County of
Orai.t and Sute ef New Mexico, the Came be
ing a patented mining- claim and the patent
therefor appearing- of record In the ófliee of
the County Clerk of Grant County. New Wei
Ico. in Book SI of Deeds, at pages Iff to Ml. in
clusive, for the auia of CMa.Od, toirotner with
Intermit thereon and tho coat of preparing
and flllng- the aald claim of Ilea. In wWah aald
action the eourt did. oa the Uta day of Jan
uary, A, D. 114, render Ita flnal Judgment
and decree of foreoloaure of the aald lien and
the aale of the aald property, which Judgment
and decree waa thereafter duly entered of
record In aald oouft, wherein It waa adjadgod
and decreed that there waa due and owing to
plaintiff, from the aald the Pyramid One per
Company, by reaaoa of aald lien the lum of
tcMS.Oft. together with Internet thereon from
the 4th day of September, 19 U. antir pall In
full at the rata ofalz per oent per annum,
and together with the further lum of a.00
paid by the plaintiff for the drafting of the
aald olalm of lien, and together with the fur
ther earn of 13.00 paid by plaintiff for the Bl
lng aad recording of the aald olatm.of Deo,
and wherein there wt further aAotred'th
nm of 1100,00 to B. P. Baraea, Eaq., the at
torney for plaintiff, aahia attorney a fee lr
tbe aald action, which waa taxed aa ooeta In
aald aetlon. and that the oostl of ntd action
be paid by tljd defendant, the Pyramid Cop
per uompany, ana wnerein runner roe plain
tiff waa decreed to have a Valid and subsisting
lien upon theaald Bonnie Jean Mlnefortbe
aald lum, Intereat expense and ooeta. and
that the aald plaintiff do nava and recover of
and from laid defendant, the Pyramid Copper
Company, all of laid sume, and that tbe aald
property deeoribed In aald Hen and In aald
Onal decree be aold at pubilo auction, for caen
In band, for the payment of the aforesaid
auma and Hen ao found and adjudged against
tbe aald Bonnie Jean Mine, and all expenaea
of auoh aale. unless the aald defendant should
pay to the aald plaintiff all of said auma on or
before the 36th day of January, 114- and that
theaama be aold by the undersigned, who
waa In and by aald decree appointed tbeoom
mlaaloner to make aald aale and report hia
proceedings to tbe court for approval and
confirmation, and, Whereas, the aald defend
ant, tbe Pyramid Copper Company, baa failed
to pay oroauae tobe paid to aald plaintiff the
aald auma or any part or paroel thereof.
Now, therefore, notice I hereby given that
I. the undersigned, R. R.Ryan. Comralaalon-
eraa aforesaid, will on tbe 4th day of March,
A. D. 114, at tea o'clock In the forenoon
of said day, at the east front door of the
Court Uouae, In Silver City, Grant County,
New Mexico, aell at pubilo auotion. for oaah
In band, to the highest and beat bidder there
for, tbe aald Bonnie Jean Mine In aald lie
and aald floal Judgment and la this notloa
more particularly described, for the satlafao
tlon and payment of the aald olalm of Ilea
therein In the sum of O6&.06, together with
Intereat thereon from tbe 4th day of Sep
tember. 19 lx. until paid In full at the rata of
atz per oent per annum, being the sum of
110.68 oa date of sale, and the further gum of
2S.II0 for tbe drafting of the aald Hen. and the
further sum of S3. 00 for the recording pf tbe
laid lien ánd th SJ-i tan! ra aalA Surto
againat aaid property. Including aa attotusr'
fee of 1100.00 and the expenae of this aale.
Dated at Silver City, New Mexico, tal Mth
day of January, A. D. Hit. .
B. K. RYAN. '
First pub. Feb. S -
Department cf the Interior, t
Las Cruces, New Mexico
. . . t ,
January tí, ISM.
NOTICE 1 hereby given that Joseph B.
Scale, of Anima. N. M- who, on December
SO, !KT, made homestead entry, NS tot
(08408). for BW NB!i SRStJ 8)í BEi
Section t. Township M S., Ranga W, ií. M.
P. Menditn, ha Bled notloe of Intention to
make Final five year Proof, to atablish
otáis to the land above described, 'before
Alfred B. Ward, V. 8. Commissioner,! Aa
Imae, N. M.,onthI0th day of March ÍV14.
Claimant name as witnesses; ,
William K. Stiver, of Animas, N. M.
Felix Oauthler. of Animas, N M.
Stanley Ca truth. of Anima. N. M.
Doran A. L. Wogan, or Anima, N, M.
' Register.
Pirat pub. Feb. 1.
Depártanse of the Interior.
U uited States Land Office,
La Cruce. New Mexioo.
Jan. tl,pH. :
' - ?
NOTICB la, hereby glvea that ftanley
Carrutb.of Animas. N. M., who, on February
19, M0S, made homestead entry, -No. 6784
(US486). for NW(4, Section, I Township
SS S, Hange 1 W," N. M.. P. .Mer
idian, ha filed notloe of Intention to make
Snal Sve year Proof, to eetaYrtith claim to
the land above deeoribed, befo Alfred B,
ward. U. B, Commissioner at Animaa If. M. on
tbe Wth day of March 114.
Claimant name a witnesses:" -Joaepb
B, Scale, " of AnlmasC Ñ': M.
Ben Pagua. . of Anima) tf. at,
Robert B. Wood, of Anima. If. M.
Zaoharlah A. Morris, of Anima. H. M.
, JOSE GONZALES, Register.
rirat Pub. Peb. S. ...
Notice for Fablleatton '
' Department of tb Interior
United 8uts Land Office." '
La Cruces, N. M, .
Jan, 1, 1814, v .
N. A vlrey, of Cloverdale, N, M.. who, on
November IS, IMS, mad homestead entry.No.
una. forBSiSWiBeo.a, N NWfc. Section S.
Township S4 8 Bang SO W.. N. M. P. Mer
idian, has aied aocloa of Intention, to make
Snal Ave year proof. toeatablUh eiiiuftp the
Uad above deeoribed. before Alfred A. Ward,
C. 8, Coumlaakmer, at Anima. N. M,. on tb
SHh day of February Wit.
Claimant name aa witaeaaeg:'
Louis Carrier, pf Clovardale, N. M .
Walter Griffin, of Clorerdala, N. M.
William V, Hughe, of Clorerdala, N. M.
William C Echóla, of CloverdaVs, N. M.
Jose Gonzalee, Register.
First pub. Jan. SI
Glutei Lb1 o
All Colorado Points
They are served alongr the
"Santa Fe" by Mr. Fred
Harvey, tbe noted Caterer
of America-.- Hts meals
have oo equalin tbe world.
"jbe Hie- fay" ml Scenic Era.
To Colorado and to 11 points
TIME Wbat difference does a
few hours In time make wben you cao
enjoy every minute of your trip
For further particulars address
-"WVXi. Srown .
Division Passenger Agent,
J. 2, ConneU
General Passenger Agent.
Operatic and other muaioalseiectiona ren
dared each olgnt for the entertainment of
Daily and weekly newspaper and other
penoaicaia on me.
For full particular call oa
Hugh Mullen, Prop.
ic Acid
Made from tbe celebrated Clifton
Ores. Free from Antimony and
Gives more satisfactory results In
Reduction Works than any Chemical
Alengfrigbthaulavdtoth ooajamer
in Doth territories .
Prices In competition with tbe
eastern Burners.
Arizona Copper Co.
Arizona-& New Mex
ico Railway Co.
Mountain Time
Southbound. Northbound.
:4mm Lv. Clifton, Ar, 4:40 pm
am Lv. Guthrie, Lv. 4:01 pa
:1 aaa Lv. : Uunoan, Lv. IM pm
9;H am Lv. Lordsburg, Lv. S:uO pm
10:4 am Ar. Hachita, Lv.-II;M am
South bound train connects with
Southern Paclflo west bound trains
No. 1 ' and 2 leaving Lordsburfj at
11:08 A. M. and 12:20 P. M.. and with
Southern Paclflo east bound train No.
2, leaving at 12,20 P. M., also with EI
Paso Southwestern east and west
bound trains Nos. 5 and 8, leaving
Dachlta at 10:60 and 11:20 A. M.
General Patsenjer Agent, Clifton,
OF EILVES CITY, (Opposite Poit Office)
Capita! $50,000.00 - Full Paid
Wo do a General Banking Business
4 per cent Paid on Saving Accounts for full calendar months
Officers and Directors:
It. C. Marklky, President
S. O. Bakbr, Secy, and Treas. g
Van T. Manvllle E.S.Edwards A.J. Boulware G. K, Angle &
J. VY. Bible
S Knnthfirn Panifín L 1
V wwawa A üwuw y
Sunset Route
Personally Comctei Tonrist
For farther information inquire of
J. HTlIcGLURErAgentr
or. address
XA"beral Office
The BEST all-round Family Sewing Machine that can be
?roduced. Made In both KOTAUY and V1BKATOU styles,
'be rotary makes both Lock and Chain sUcli. The latest
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11. T. catalogue free.
1160 Mabkbt Stbkbt
C. A. Mabriott, Vlce-Pres.
D. B. Robertson. 8

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