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The Wisdom of
Railroad Drought to Terms
by Smart Dog.
By L, n. B1CÍ.POSD
Tbe Sunrise Limited swept past the
tower pasture cf Mrs. 0Hesrn's Ne
braska farm every afternoon at f
O'clock, and Mrs. O'nearn'a dog, Nlco
deroos, sallied down to the fence and
barked at It He was an unlovely an
imal of no breeding whatever, a canine
outcast desertad by an emigrant, and
tils hostility to all railway morementa
was pronounced and eren excessive,
although his best effort and longest
tan were reserred for the firing vee
tltmled train that cam so fleeting)?
oat of the east and shot by him with
contemptuous roar and shriek.
year after lira, O'nearn'a boa
band bad been anatched from the Geld
of toll aba lost the companionship and
nourishing dally gift of her only cow.
That the doable calamity distressed
ber vm not phenomenal, bat the de
parture of Michael O'Hearn waa with
in the number of things reconcilable
si no the morementa of Providence are
to be accepted without question and
are. Indeed, bat Instances of the es
partad. Mrs. O'Hearn, a faithfully
and notoriously religions parson, re
signed herself to the simple hope that
Michael waa to be met In another
country. The taking off of the cow
left no such solace, since Its spiritual
tutors did not concern ber.
From the day the engine of the Bun
rise Limited swept the animal In all
Ilteralneaa from the face of the earth
(It bad been rather foolishly Investigat
ing the nutritions qualities of cinders!
Mrs. O'Hearn faced a world that ap
peared to be singularly unsympathetic
Where It bad condoled with ber In ber
first bereaTement It merely smiled over
ber second. Obrloualy. In the eyes of
tbe community, the least fitting placo
for a cow to browse waa tn the Uno of
a lightning express. Tho station agent
at Exeter intimated as much when
Mrs. O'Hearn called apon blm and de
pleted, with admirable detall, tho cir
cumstances of ber misfortune. He
Wvuld, be declared, lay tho matter be
fore the proper officials.
A week later abe came again, and
Ber visit left memories of Ufo, color
and action. Bbo demanded to know
whether tho equivalent bad been sent
Tho equivalent, she had somewhat ex
actly figured, waa (39. 10, this Itemlsa-
tton Including $39 for cow and IS cents
for the purchase of milk thrice weekly
from a neighbor. Her following visit
disclosed fully as close calculation, for
tho equivalent bad mounted to $3930,
and It was plain to tho agent that ber
arithmetic carried with It rales of In
terest and equity that would never bo
accepted by tho company oven If It
deigned to recognise her claim for the
cow Itself. On this occasion and on
many occasions thereafter be, mentally
convinced that bis prevarication would
not outlive bis tenure of office, asserted
tLat only the president of tho road had
authority In the matter of destroyed
cows and, having made It clear to bar
- that ber claim bad been duly forward
ed, besought ber to follow methods
lass spectacular and to oxerclao some
Having so frankly thrown himself
on her mercy, bo made a personal truco
rita tho lady, bat each week a new
bill was presented with Us accumula
tion of figures, together with verbal
expressions of disregard tor tho presi
dent of the company and bis lax meth
ods of business.
At first the effoits of Nicodemus
amused the freight crews, who throw
lamps of coal st him. This wss to tho
advantage of Mrs. O'Hearn, since coal
waa a luxury, and the dally perform
ance resulted tn a smsll measure of
tho precióos fuel to add to her store
of wood. 8he began to wish, Indeed.
that tho attention of tbe passenger on
gtoeers might be equally attracted and
that their reseutment might take tho
samo farm. After a time, however.
and from long familiarity tho sport
ceased to Interest tbe po using train
men, and but for an occasions! missile
the dog barked without purpose, al
though ho never relaxed bio endeavors.
The flight of time brought no spirit of
charity to overcast the bitterness of
Mrs. O'Hearn. And It was quito by
wsy of coincidence that on tho day
she had prepared ber weekly atato-
ment which now bad 11-80 added to
tho principal something entirely on
usual In railway equipment should en
gage, although tardily, the attention of
Kleodemua. This wss an abbreviated
edition of the despised "filer,'' for tho
auglno drew but two cars, tho last 0
wonder of luxurious coa traction and
painted a bright yellow.
The train had stopped, rod around
one of the seta of wheels stood three
men variously engaged In drawing
cotton from an aperture, poking It
about with a stick or dousing water
upon tho steaming mess. A venerable
gentleman who bad descended from
tho gorgeoos csr to watch tho opera
tjon finally strolled over to tho fence
and, attracted by some wild blossoms.
somewhat awkwsrdly scaled tho bar
rier and ambled pleasantly about the
green fields, lost In contemplation of
tho simplicity of nature's wonders.
Klcodemas csme Into action by a
spring In tho air, a shrill bark and a
aeries of contortions that brought bis
haunches almost to bis culm. When bo
felt the ground after tbo first flight be
had made two yards, and bis bftb
wept tho wind as be rushed on. aero.
In his dog's comprehension, wss some
thing tangible, something not only to
bark at, but to bite, Tbe venerable
gentleman dropped the flowers be bad
gathered and turned unsteadily to tbe
fence, but made aiM-h poor progress
tbst Nicodemus, with terribly gleam
log teeth and a bounce like a kangitroo,
ran Into bis legs. There wss then
fall or dog and man, with a singularly
active dlaplay of man, considering age
and lack of recent athletic training,
and as tho venerable gentleman came
upright bo did tho only thing that
seemed to bis bewildered mind of ra
tional purpose. Tbe fence wss still a
great way off, and the speed of the
dog bad Impelled tbat animal on a few
feet but bo was oven now reversing
himself. Nearer than the fence branch
ed a tree. Two comforting knobs,
within easy reach, projected from the
trunk. And before be quite knew bow
bo did It tbo venerable gentleman, with
amaalng agility, was seating himself
on a lower branch of tbo tree, while
tho dog was making earnest and sav
age efforts to reach bis dangling legs.
Tbe Incident nstnrsily served to In
terest tho men at tho car wheels. They
came to the fence In a body, calling
out to tbo dog to dealat and one.
braver than bis fellows, mounted tbo
rails In an effort to distract Nicodemus
from bis prey. He put one foot down
on tho opposite side as If bo would
come Into tbo pasture. It was with
drawn almost on tbo instant tor tho
dog, now animated by t dee Irs to en
gage all comers, sprang at tho would
bo Intruder, and bis white teeth closed
on a boot beeL Tbo msn of courage,
giving way to profanity, foil back Into
tbo arms of bis companions. Tbo three
stood In doubt and conference, but
made no new move, while Nicodemus
returned to guard tbo tree with now
and then sudden sportivo ex cúralo na la
their direction.
Into this excitement after some
minutes, came Mrs. O'Hearn, ber arms
bared to tho elbows and a rolling pin
In one band. Bho waddled down, red
and breathless, ber flour smeared
apron telling of baking day. ber bear
ing that of ponderous surprise. She
came to a bait Just beneath tbo branch
on which tbo venerable gentleman
was perched, and tho dog wagged ber
a welcome and made another daab for
tbo fence describing, as bo returned,
a circle. Tho msn In the tree viewed
her advent with positive pleasure. He
st once connected Mrs. O'Hearn with
the ownership of the dog, sod bo was
siso Impressed tbat bis position wss
absurd, so, although bis tones wore
pleasant, chagrin waa somewhere ap
He smiled genially, consciooi that
bo bad put tbe case concisely at least
'o xa xas Tira raratsurr -uv
while Mrs. O'Hearn. with an author!
tatlvo. "bo shut now," forced Nlcode-
mus to lie down, although his Dod
still qalvored from tbo exertions of tbe
chase and tho consequent canine do
"Te're twin' wan of those flower
pickers tbat preserves them In schrap
booka, utebbe," ventured the lady. In
a spirit of conciliation, as she grasped
Nkodemus by one ear and shook him
roughly, "or p'raps wan of these pro
fessors that can till ye tho varieties
uv the posies by tbo ochinell uv thlm."
"1 am not a botanist eatd the ven
orable gentleman, preparing to , do-
scfeid. but eyeing the dog warily, "al
though you must confesa that either
a bota u 1st or a railway president would
appear equally out of place Id a post
Uon such as I bare found myself a
position," bo added, to show that be
bad a sense of bnmor, "that I never
thought possible out of the pages of
a Cor:lc weekly."
Tbo nisnner of Mrs.' O'Hearn chang
ed, as changes tbo face of nature an
der tbe sudden burst cf tbo tempest
Bbo released tbo dog, which sprang
again at tbe tree trunk, and ber ut
terance waa one long Inspiration.
"Oh. bo-o-o-o-o," she emitted, with
a slight questioning Inflection, and ber
blue eyes showed tbo glitter of steel.
"Oh. bo-o-o-o-o-o-or
Arms akimbo, she looked up at blm.
"So yo .aire tho prbtldent ov tbe
Tbo venera bis gentleman, reconsider
ing bis determination to como down,
clutched tho tree branch firmly and
called out a warning to tbo engineer.
wbo bad again sought to climb tho
fence and again found himself, besot
by Klcodeuius.
"That," bo answered, "la uy ofllc.
Ho wondered why tbo woman waa
so Interested In tUs fact, bat bis af
firmation, calculated to lmpreas, wsa
cut short by sn exultant cry from the
squat figure beueatb blm.
"Thin ye aire the same wair thats
been kaptn' mo out uv tbe price uv a
cow this tToe ' months," proceeded
Mrs. O'Hearn. "Te"-
Ebe cast about for an expression that
would at once convey tier contempt
and anger. .
"To murtbererr alio concluded.
Tho trio at tho fence, now enjoying
tbe exclusivo attention of Mcudetuu.
since It waa obvloua tbat the wouimi
commanded the s!:,Mtlou at tbo tree,
resorted to missile throwing. The
venerable gentleman looked perplexed
ly about blm.
Upon my soul, my good woman," he
ventured, "yon surprise me. 1 kuow
nothing of your cow. You bsvo sural;
mistaken me for some one else. 1 dc
not recall that 1 have over before been
In tbls locality."
"Te'll renumber tt thin, from this
J'yoos dhay, for It's not from the piece
ye'll be- sthlrrin' till I've me equlvy
lint an' me reebtltitlon for the evil
yovo done me. 'It's tho prlnldlot ol
tbo road,' ssys the station agent 'tbat
Is couslderln' ' your claim..' lira.
O'Hearn. an' It'll be all rolght la tolrae.
but he's a very busy man.'- 'Te're not
so busy but yo can put your band to
yer pocket an' projuce the $3S for the
cow ye'vo ' mortbered- In- cold- blood
along ov your Ig'narant Injlne darivers
sn' she dola' no barrum to thlm or
anny wan. An' It's tbo extra money 1
went for tho milk I've bought a lace mo
bereavement'". - .
Tbo altuatlon seemed cleaiw.
"Ton do not then, accuse x of
driving off your cowT" asked tbo ven
erable gentleman.
"Dhrlvln' her off?" repeated Mrs.
O'Hearn, striving to compass her
corn by raising ber voice to Its high
est pitch. "It's ma kin' mincemeat ov
ber an' wld no sthoppln' for an apolo
gy that 1 claim yo to be tbo rid band
ed assassin yo aire."
'1 do not run tho engine," assorted
tbo venerable gentleman uselessly, "if
yon have lost a cow, Mrs. O'Hearn,
through any carelessness of tho em
ployees of tbo road yon may bo sure
your claim will receive duo considera
tion. Ton can hardly expect to ad
vance. It however, by keeping mo here.
And yon have been misinformed. Tbo
president of tbo rood does not adjust
those matters tbat come out of the
tho misfortunes of cows. Tour claim
baa probably been delayed."
Mrs. O'Hearn glared, wbilo Nicode
mus, rushing paat bar la gleeful pur
suit of a rock thrown by tbo engineer.
came wiggling back, licked tho rolling
pin and returned to tbo fence.
"Considerationr exclaimed tbo lady.
"If a today that mo equivy lint comes
to forty dollars and eighty dots, an'
It's In tho three ye'll athay au'-ye're
hired mnrtherora lookln' on from tho
fence beysnt tike , gorillas la. cage
before I sthir from tho sphot -or call
off mo dog, an' lack to blm for know
in' a thafe whin ho sees wan."
The venerable gentleman started to
parley, looked bewildered, sighed and
fumbled In the breast pocket of bis
coat He finally withdrew a some
what worn pocketbook bulging with
papers. From these bo extracted two
greenbacks. Then bo searched as
well as bo could In personal safety
tho pockets of bis trousers. He final
ly gave op In dismay.
"1 am sorry to say that I haven't
tho amount yon ask. If you will ac
cept 120 I assure you tho remainder
will be forthcoming."
Mrs. O'Hearn raised tho rolling pin.
"It's the equivy lint or not one clnf
she declared. ,
"But aa I have told you, I do not
possess tho amount 1 rarely carry
with mo any ready money," ho .added,
with a shads of exasperation, aa If
Mrs. O'Hearn could have been pre
viously acquainted with his habit In
tbat regard.
"Toa can git it" assorted tbo amason
Inflexibly. x
Tbo venerable gentleman sighed again
and called oat to tho engineer:
"I say, Hawkins, do yon happen to
have any money!" . -
"A few dollars, sir."
"I bavo a little change," supplement
ed the fireman, while the conductor
reached into pocket
"If tho three of you could make up
a purse the thing Is . absolutely- ab
surd, bat we cannot remain . hero argu
ing with this woman. 1 a hail ask you
to loan mo tax"
"An 60 cinta,".. Interrupted Mrs.
O'Hearn. .i' Z;-C
"Exsctly," acknowledged' tbe vener
able gentleman, although not agree-
sbly, "and 80 cants."
There was a search of overalls and
blouses, snd In the moment of sus
pense tbe president considered tbst It
would not bo at all unlikely tbat tbo
ridiculous sltustlon would bo further
complicated by the discovery tbat the
combined wealth of the crowd did not
make op the meager sum required.
He was consequently relieved when
tbo balance was forthcoming to tho
final ten cent piece, a contribution from
tho porter. This, by direction, was
thrown over tho fence, to be guarded
by Nlcodeaias. The two bills fluttered
from the band of tbo president and
Mrs. O'Hearn, picking them ui, turned
them over carefully. Then she moved
over to tho second collection, snd, sat
isfied with the accuracy of ber count.
and aba was not quick st cola values,
called tbo dug,, grnuped It by one or
and ambled back toward tbe bouse
with no concluding word. But she evi
denced ber faith by locking Nicodeuiua
In the bam, whereupon the venerable
gentlemen descended. When the dog
was released and shot off down tbo
pasturo to renew tho sport tbo special
bad gone. Ho sniffed at tho tree and,
presumably tiring ovar tbo late adven
ture Is his Imagination, barked la
paroxysm of Joy. t ,
Clover Lawyer Checkmates
A Wall Laid Plot
"Harlcy A Rogers, Attorneys and
Counselors st Law."
The gold lettered sign on the door gave
no bint that tbe firm of young lawyers
also engaged In tbe solving of myster
ies, yet such was the esse. In tbe be
ginning It had been a hobby to fill some
of the too sbundant leisure of sn un
known law firm; now they had become
well known as specialists in unravel
ing r ysterles of a delicate nature.
The stenographer laid a card on Dick
narley's desk.
"Mr. Samuel Olderahaw," read Dick
wonderingly. "I will eee him at once.
Miss Brown," be said to tbe young
Presently a stobt man was ushered
Into tbe presence of tbe young lawyer
and "Immediately sank breathlessly
Into a deep chair. .
'I'm In trouble, and I've come to you
for assistance," bo said bluntly. "I
understand that you undertake cases
of a mysterious character."
"Occasion ally such cases como our
way, snd wo do not declino them,"
smiled Hsriey.
"This Is a. very delicate matter and
concerns a member of my household.
bsvo an only daughter, Beryl," re-
sumed Mr. Olderahaw. "My daughter
la engaged to be married to a young
man wbo Is at present employed as my
private secretary.
"Gray Denlson Is a fine chap and as
nearly worthy of Beryl as any man
that I know, and my daughter la my
rarest possession." His pale gray eyes
glowed with feeling as he spoke, and
Harley nodded underatandlngly.
"Yet there disappeared from my prl
vate museum on the top floor of my
bouse my entire collection of rare
gems. Tbo collection was priceless
there Is not another like it tn tbe world.
Gray Denlson bad charge of It No
other person bad access to tho safe
wherein It was secreted. No one else
knew that the safe was there."
"When did you discover your loss?"
asked Harley.
"Tbls morning. I was entertaining
an English friend, Sir Morgan Tilbury,
himself an ardent collector of gems. I
went to tbe safe the caaes containing
tho gems bsd disappeared. Denlson
expressed bewilderment st ths dlscov
ory declared that bo bad seen them
the previous evening. That la all.
Where are my gems?" asked Mr. Old
erahaw bluntly.
Harley pondered thoughtfully. "Tbe
servants" be questioned.
Olderahaw shook bis head Impa
tiently. "Above suspicion. All of them bsvo
served me for years."
"What did Sir Morgan Tilbury say
regarding your loaaT"
"Of course be sympathised with my
disappointment but his time was lim
ited I bad sold blm a mummy which
be bad long desired. I'm not especially
keen on mummies, and I have a num
ber, and be was more Interested in
closing the transaction and making ar
rangements to have the mummy re
moved from tbe museum. Ho sails
dsy sfter tomorrow."
"Ton bavo known blm for a long
"Off and on for a doseo years. He
also is above suspicion. Suppose yon
accompany mo homo and look over the
A half Door's swift ride brought
them to tho residence of Samuel Oider
shaw. An old negro butler admitted them,
and, following Mr. Oldershaw's lead,
Harley went up two flights of stairs to
the museum, which was situated on the
top floor of the bouse.
Mr. Olderahaw produced a key and
bnlocked great steel plated door.
Dick Harley glanced around at the
rich collection of pictures that graced
tho softly tinted walls, at tho raro por
celains behind glass doors and tbo
thousand and one objeta d'art tbat
Samuel Oldersbaw bad loved to gather
about blm, , ,
Where Is your safs, Mr. Older-
lhawT" asked Harley.
The millionaire smiled and crossed
over to an ancient Jacobean cheat that
stood against the south wall. He bent
over It fumbled with tbe lock, and Im
mediately tbe great piece of furniture
swung away from the wall and dis
closed an Iron door in the wait A key
unlocked tbe outer door of the safe.
and after he bad twisted tbe combina
tion an Inner door opened, revealing
shelves and drawers crowded wltb
One compartment the entire width
of tbe safe, waa empty.
"Tbls Is tbo place where tbo gems
were bidden." said Mr. Olderahaw,
turning to tbe young lawyer. "They
were removed from the tray, snd the
tray or drawer waa concealed under
the chest here."
"How many times baa Sir Morgan
Tilbury vk1ted the mueomi"
Three times In the pust week the
first time to renew bis acquaintance
Kit nie. tbe second time to sound me
regarding the purchase of the mummy
and this morning to close the deal.
He will send for the case this evening
he Is anxious to have It boxed ard
sent a board the ship."
"Did you find Blr Morgan changedlo
any way T'
Samuel Olderahaw started and clap
ped a band on hla knee.
"That'a odd, Harleyl" he exclaimed.
"I did find blm cbauged In an Indefi
nable way that I can hardly explain.
He scorned a bit older for one thing,
but that was quite natural, as I bad
not seen him for twelve years, bat be
appeared to bo changed In other ways;
hla manners were coarsened, and be
was decidedly off on many things re
lating to bis especial bobby. I laid It
to drink bo certainly gave evidences
of It as well ss to some mental affec
tion. Surely he was not tho ssme
courtly gentleman I bad knora In
"Ia he a rich man 7" aaked Harley,
"Tee, beyond dispute."
"Please point out to me tbe mummy
which Blr Morgan baa purchased," re
quested Harley.
Mr. Olderahaw led tho way to the
northwest corner of tbo Mom where
tbe largest mummy case stood, a gor
geous mass of color against tbe mono
tone of the wall.
Mr. Oldersbaw lifted a tiny hasp, and
tbe door swung wide open on well
oiled binges. Inside was a smaller
caae, which opened at the millionaire's
touch and revealed the ahriveled form
of a mummy.
Hariey's keen eyes scanned the
brown mommy wltb Ita stained wrap
pings. Then be scribbled something Id
his notebook. He tore oot tbe leaf
and Inclosed It In an envelope.
"rieaae bnve tbls cablegram sent at
once." be said. "I'll wait bore antll the
reply comes back."
"But, my desr Harley, It may be
"Never mind; I will wait Perhana
you will send me up s bite to eat,"
suggested Harley. "It Is now 2 o'clock
I should bare a reply before mid
"Very good. Sir. Harley. Evidently
you know your business," said Mr. Old
ershaw reluctunt'.y. "If there Is any
thing else I can do"
nnrley whispered a few words In his
ear, and the millionaire went out, look
tng much daxed, but quite convinced
tbat Harley waa handling the caae lu a
highly satisfactory manner.
Harley sat down and read pago after
page of dry scientific reviews. Appar
ently he read them, but never once did
hla gaze wander long from tbe mummy
case In tbe corner.
At 6 o'clock tbe butler brought him
a delicious dinner, which be ate under
th white glare of the electric celling
lights. Then more hours passed while
bo waited.
At 10 o'clock Mr. Olderahaw panted
upstairs again.
"Well, Harley," he said expectantly,
"8lr Morgan's men have come to take
away the mummy caso."
"Where la 8ir Morgan r
"They ssy ha will come In later."
"Is be In tbe habit of nppeorlng aud
denly before you or Is be announced
In the usual way!" was Harley's star
tllng question.
"That'a odd," cried Olderahaw, rub
bing bis hands nervously. "He called
upon me yesterday, snd while Amos
my butler, remembers admitting him he
baa not the slightest recollection of let
ting blm out altbougH Amos was tn
the entrance hall all afternoon. And
furthermore he does not remember ad
mitting blm this morning snd even
stow protects that he hasn't seen him
depart I'm afraid Amos Is getting
Hurley smiled and aaked another
question, this time tn a low tone:
"Have the special officers arrived?"
"Outside tbe door."
Mr. Oldersbaw pulled aside some top
i estries, and at Harley's quiet signal
six men glided like shadows Into the
room and concealed themselves behind
tbe tapestries.
"Amos has orders to bring my cable
when It comes?" asked Harley.
"At once. Shall I let Blr Morgan'i
men op now? I bavo no excuse for de
taining them."
"Yesand Mr. Oldersbaw," narley
followed him to tho steel door and
whispered, "do not bo surprised If yon
suddenly discover tbst Sir Morgan Til
bury la among us In tho museum."
"What do you moan?"
"Only that bo la concealed behind
tbo mummy caso and has been since
bis call yesterdsy afternoon. Ho will
undoubtedly choose the proper moment
and. mingle with his men, trusting to
the confusion to convince yon tbst he
baa Just arrived at tbe bouse."
"My Ood, Harley, what do you moan
to Insinuate?" asked Mr. Oldersbaw
"Nothing mora than ah. hero are tbo
moni" Harley stepped back Into the
mofeam a sleador, dark eyed young
Btrsnue Wills.
Many are the eccentricities to which
wills bavo borne testimony from timo
to time. The Earl of rortarllngtoo
left Instructions tbat be abould bo
burled with all his rings on bis fingers.
The late Earl of Orkney stipulated
that he abould be taken to the ceme
tery In an old fashioned beano, so
that tbe coffin could not be seen and
tbat no flowers should be placed on but
grave. Ho also left word that his
coronet would bo found by his nephew
snd successor "in a cellar" of bio
A Vienna millionaire, who died re
cently, left a sum of money with
which to defray the cost of twelve
months' electric lighting, not only of
bis vault but. even of tho very coffin
In which bo was buried. Leas particu
lar wss the Frenchman wbo asked
that his body abould be thrown Into
the aea a mile from tbe English coast
He waa. too, so disgusted with bis
own country that he would neither bo
burled tbre nor allow any of bis rela
tives or fellow countrymen to benefit
by bis death. Ho left the whole of
bis money to the poor of London.
Loudon Globe.
The Ship's Ita.
Tbe black rat Is the ship's rat and H
t ra vein from country to country. Tho
animal is found universally over the
Monto Bello group of Islands, even on
tho small outlying Islets which aro
never visited, on which It occurs most
abundantly. Its presence is attributed
to a schooner which was wrecked some
twelve years ago, Or it Is well known
that this rat Is a good swimmer. It la
curióos to find tbst this animal, which
Is now so rare In Its native countries
ae to bo looked upon as a great curios
ity, should usually be one of the first
species to populsto new lands where It
is comparatively tree from competi
tion. Driven from all civilized coun
tries by tbo brown rat It has taken to
tbo sea, being bettor adapted for a life
on board ship than its otherwise victo
rious rival. P. D. Montague In Geo
graphical Journal.
Curious Ball Play.
A ball club In a regular game mado
six bits In one inning, one of them a
triple, and yet not a single run crossed
the piste. Tbls terrific bombardment
wltb freakish result wag pulled off In
tbo first Inning of tho game. The first
man to face tho pitcher smashed tbo
ball to tho corner of tbe lot for a
triple and was thrown out at the plato
trying to stretch his hit into a homo
run. The second batsman swatted a
single and, like his predecessor, tried
to make an extra base and was heav
ed out at second. Tbe third batsman
and the fourth and fifth also singled,
filling tbe bases. Tbe slxtb man at
tbe plate hit tbo ban between first and
second base, and the runner who had
been on first was hit by tbe betted
ball, retiring tbe side without a rua
coring. Chicago Tribune.
Her Gsme Blocked.
Tbe timid looking little woman on
tbe car noticed that her purse was not
In her bag. where she bad placed It
Instead it was hanging from ber arm
on a chain banging In full view where
It would tempt the nimble fingers of
tbe pickpockets assigned to that beat
With great forethought ahe picked up
the purse and started to put It in tho
bag. But the purse didn't go In, be
es use It was attached to the arm of
the persimmony faced woman standing
next to ber. Of course tbe woman
with the bag stopped right there and
dropped tbo stranger's purse.
"Tou'd better let tbat alone," spoke
up the persimmony faced woman. "I've
been watching you ever since you got
vu, and you needn't think I didn't seo
what you were trying to do." Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Fresh Air.
There Is throughout tho civilized
world an Increasing knowledge of tbo
value of sunlight and of fresh air.
Benjamin Franklin In 1754 wrote:
"Physicians have discovered that fresh
air Is beneficial to those wbo aro ilL
Perhaps In 100 years they will find
It does not hurt those who are well."
It baa taken over tbe century prophesi
ed by Franklin, but at. last boards of
health, bureaus of charity, trustees of
schools, commissions on housing. In
telligent bodies In all phases of civic
Ufe urge tbe need of securing sll pos
sible sunlight and fresh air. Ex
change. Musical Calamity.
Mrs. Newriche I believe our next
door neighbors on tbe right are as poor
as church mice. Hiram. Mr. Newriche
What makes you think so? Mrs.
Newriche Why, they can't afford ono
of them mechanical piano players; tho
daughter Is taking lessons by band.
Celluloid Cement
Celluloid articles can be mended wltb
a cement made by dissolving bits of
celluloid In acetone. It takes only a
few minutes to make tbo cement
which Is applied like glue, tho broken
edges are presued together, and la fif
teen minutes tbo cement Is bard.
Whsn a Muls Bites.
When a mole begins to bite It la a
sure sign thst bo has rheumatism In
bis bind legs and csn't use them. New
Orleans Picayune.
One Consolation,
First Photographer You were re
jected yesterday, weren't you? Second
Ditto Yes, but I got a clear negativa.
Col ambla Jester.
Art thou anvil, bo patient; art thou
hammer, strike bard. Gorman Prov
erb. '

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