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RiRtorlctl Buelsty
f beorí ptioa r er Year
New Slealco.
Bntred t the FostOltce t Lnrdsbur
Beoond Class Mall Matter.
8abionption Price.
ThreeMonthe 0
8 x Month 1
nniFmr 110
Subscription AlwavsPevableln Advanoe,
Wm. C. MoDonald Governor
E. C. do liaoa, Lieutenant Governor
Antonio Lucero. (Secretary of Bute
K. W. Clanov Attoruey-Oeuural
VI. ti. Bara-ent Auditor
Howell Ernest, ' Traveling Auditor
O. N. Marrón Treasurer
K. P. Ervlen... . Commissioner Publlo Lands
Allan N. White Bupt. Public Instruction
Huifh H. Williams, Chn. Corp. Com
M. 8. Groves
O. I Owen .
Claranoe J. Koberu, Chief Justice Sup, Court
Klchard H. Hanna, ., ., ..
Frank W. Parker, ,, ., .. .
J, U.Sena Clerk .,
VanT. Manville Commissioner 1st District
E, 8. Kd wards 2nd ,.
B. B. Ownby 8rd
H. J. McGrath ShoriO
M. K. Downs Treasurer
James A. Shipley Assessoi
Hym n Abrahams . Probate Jud.
E. It. Venable County Clerk
Isabella Ecklus... ..Superintendent of Sohoolr
F. L. Cox Survcyoi
Georire Curry Membor Congress
H. U. I'ergusson .....
W H. Hope Judge Dlstriot Court
Harry Lee Clerk ,
B. B Davis U ülted States Attornoj
C. M. Foraker D. 8. Marshal
John W. March 9urvevor-eneral
Henry P. Bardshar....IuternaI Bev. Collector
M.W.MoGrato Justice of the Peace
O. Allen Constable
School Directora B. W Kandall, J. II. Mo-
Clure, J.H. Owoty. -
Southern Pacific R. R.
Lordaborg Time Table.
.V. P.M. A.M.
P, M. P. M. A. M.
Beeaonger 4: 1B:20 4:46
Train run on Mountain Time.
E E. Calvin, H. V Pi.att,
General Manager. General Superintendent,
O. K. BlOHAKDBUIi, oupi. u "'"
I u Twu O. L. HlCKKT.
Superintendent. Asst. Superintendent
Arizona & New Mex
ico Railway
P. M
Hachtta "
Duneaa J-V"
Olllton ..4:40
A. M
Ounoan S:19
tiordshurg ;
Hacblta J:46
Trains run dailr. Mountain time.
Paralelan and Surgeon.
District Burgeon Bouthern Paolflo and Art
(ona New Mexloo Hatiroada, Surguou to
American Consolidated Copper Co,
Niw Mexico.
Table supplied with the best In the
Market Everything; neat and clean
Wilson & Walton
-A-ttorn.e3TQ at La-w
Will make regular visita to Lordaburg, N. M.
Probate, Judicial, Surity,
Employes, Official
U. S. FidelitT and Guaranty Co,
Buy your bonds Instead of
calling on friends who may not
want to sign a bond.
British Economy and tho End of
Franklin' Exploring 8hlp.
Tbe story of bow the brave little ex
ploring ship the Renolute was found by
n America a vessel la Darts strait aft
er a thousand mile cruise from Mel
ville Inland without a soul on board Is
canity tbe most captivating in tbe bis
tory of arctic exploration. Tbe Reso
lute, locked In tbe Ice, was abandoned
on May 15, 1854. sorely against the will
of ber captain by advice of tbe leader
of tbe Belcher-Franklin expedition.
Tbe reappearance of tbe vesaol on
Sept 17 canned great sensation, and
tbe United Suites brought the vessel
with great ceremony to Cowes in order
to present it to tbe queen of England.
. The queen, the prince consort and
otbqrs of the royal family tben at Os
borne House inspected tbe vessel,
which bad been carefully repaired and
all the original furniture retained In
position down to tbe smallest trinkets.
The American skipper traced before
ber majesty the thousand mile course
of the vessel and expressed his belief
that Sir John Franklin was still alive,
living among tbe Eskimos.
After many banquets tbe actual
transfer of the vessel took place on
Dec. 80, 185C, when tbe American flag
was replaced by the British. And now
comes the tragedy. Tbe admiralty had
no sooner come Into the possession of
the vessel than it proceeded to break
it up on the good old principle of pub
lic economy I London Chronicle,
Salmadlna Bank, Off Colombia's Coast,
Is a Perilous Shoal.
One of the most dangerous places for
navigation is tbe Salmadlna bank,
which lies Just outside the harbor of
Cartagena, Colombia. Many vessels
bare come to grief on tbe treacherous
sands of Balmadlna in the past, and
because of tbe Impossibility of keeping
buoys on it the shoal is a constant
menace to ships plying those waters.
This dangerous bank is about four
miles long and two miles wide. There
is scarcely more than twelve feet of
water over it at any time. The sea
is usually smooth in that part of the
Caribbean, and unless there is ground
swell enough to cause waves to break
on the reef there Is nothing to warn
tbe navigator that be Is approaching
this shallow spot Be may bare his
lead gotng and get plenty of water
one minute and be bang up on the
shoal tbe next.
Tbe llghthoase people will probably
never be able to put buoys on Salma
dlna that will stay there. They are In
variably carried away in tbe terrific
hurricanes that periodically sweep
these waters. So It seems as if Salma
dlna was a bsd spot put there for the
perms nent worrlment of shipmasters.
New York Sun.
Penalties For Sabbath Breaking.
Sabbath breaking In Dundee was an
expensive business in former times, to
Judge by the table of fines, etc., drawn
up by the local Guild of Bonnetmakers
In 1UG5. For traveling or drinking In
a tavern on Sunday the fine was fixed
t 40 shillings for each offense. For
"hanging oat bonnets, clothing or fish
to dry penalty for bonnets, Gs. 8d.:
for clothes, 4 shillings; for flab. 8 shil
lings. Carrying water from the well
or washing meat thereat in time of
sermon, penalty, 8 shillings; gathering
kail In time of sermon, penalty, 5 shil
lings; going to neighbors' bouses in
time of sermon without lawful excuse,
such as sickness, penalty for first
fault, 12 shillings, and ' for second
twice as much, with rebuke before the
craft, and for the third, summons be
fore the kirk session." London Chron
icle. China's Millions.
Any figures for the population of
China must necessarily be more or lews
unreliable, inasmuch as the census man
is not much In evidence In tbe land of
the Celestials. Tbe estimate, which Is
probably somewhere near correct. Is
402,700,000. As to whether the mil
lions of China will ever become thor
oughly modernised In the sense that
the Japanese are remains to be seen.
The Chinaman possesses plenty of
good sense and there seems to be no
valid reason why he should not some
time "catch on" to things and forge
ahead with the rest of the folks. New
Tvrk Journal.
As She Is 8 poke In Lancashire.
First Lancashire schoolboy from the
top of a passing tr&mcar to a school
"Gooln' th' 'all t'neetr
Second L. S. YL
"Ilsyve past?"
"Aw reef
Tbe two. explains the Manchester
Guardian, have made an appointment
to meet at half past 6 for the first
show of the local picture ball, which
will be faithfully kept
Easy to Remember.
"Beg pardon, sir," observed the
tough looking waiter suggestively.
"Gentlemen who dine at this table usu
ally er remember me, sir."
"I don't wonder," said the customer
cordially. "Thnt mug of yours would
be bard to forget" Dallas News.
When the Worm Turned.
Recently a man omitted to band hi
tailor a few chunks of stiver In ex
change for good togs, and after wait
ing a reasonable length of time the
tailor party sited for the amount of
the MR
Thus it was that be found himself
on the witness stand one day with tbe
insistent lawyer for defendant trying
to establish the point that his client
had three months in which to pay for
the goods and that that time had
scarcely elapsed.
"Now, sir, Mr. Tailor Man," merci
lessly continued the lawyer, "bad I
bought those clothes lnstesd of my
client, would yon bare summoned me
Into court at this early stage?"
"No. sir." was tbe prompt rejoinder
of the witness.
"Good!" smiled tbe lawyer, with a
satisfied sir. "And why not, ?leweeT
"Because," came tbe answer of the
tailor, "in your ense it would have been
a cash transaction." Philadelphia Tel
egraph. Persia's Sorrowful Tree.
There Is a tree In Persia to which
the name "the sorrowful tree" Is giren,
perhaps because It blossoms only In
tbe evening. When the first star ap
pears In tbe heavens the first bud of
the sorrowful tree opens and as the
shades of night advance and tbe stirs
thickly stud tbe sky the buds continue
gradually opening until the whole tree
looks like one Immense white flower.
On tbe approach of dawn, when tbe
brilliancy of the stars gradually fades
In the light of day, the sorrowful tree
closes Its flowers and ere the sun Is
fully risen not a single blossom Is vis
ible. A sheet of flower dust as white
as snow covers tbe ground around the
foot of tbe tree, which seems blighted
and withered during tbe day, while,
however, it is actively preparing for
tbe next nocturnal festival. The fra
grance of the blossoms la like that of
the evening primrose.
Fer Husbands.
A clergyman took down a email vol
ume. "This Is called." he said, "the In
structions of rtah-ho-Tep.' It Is one
of tbe very oldest papyrus writings
known. It gives, among other things,
advice to husbands, and that advice Is
as good today as It ever was. Listen.''
And he read:
" 'If thou be wise furnish thy house
" 'Woo thy wife ever and never quar
rel with bar. - . j
" 'Nourish her daintily. '
" 'Deck ber out for fine dress la ber
greatest delight
" 'Feed ber upon sweets.
" 'Perfume her.
" 'Make her glad with praise.
"'Adorn her with Jewels, feather)
and the skins of beasts as sumptuously
as thy purse will suffer.' "
Exploiting the Antique.
A gang of swindlers in Toulouse had
for stock In trade a beautiful antique
cabinet and a considerable stock of au
dacity. With these they took for a
short lease a historic chateau near
Toulouse, installing a venerable old
lady to play the part of owner. Tben
they found a collector of antiques, per
suaded him to tislt the chateau and
sold him tbe really valuable cabinet at
a good round price. After the bargain
was concluded they Invited tbe victim
to lunch, and while he was eating tbe
meal the real cabinet wns replaced by
a perfect Imitation, which the victim
carried off with him. Tbe swindlers
before their arrest succeeded In selling
their cabinet thirty-three times at
prices varying from 500 to $3,000.
Fountain Pen.
It is a popular fallacy that fonntaln
pens are quite a modern invention. As
a matter of fact an old work of refer
ence published in 1795 contains an il
lustration of a fountain pen, the ap
pearance of .which is very much like
those sold at the present time. Its
construction, however, was somowbat
elaborate and clumsy, the pen consist
ing of various pieces of metal which
had to be screwed and unscrewed be
fore the pen could be used.
They Didn't Chatter.
A doctor attended an old lady from
Scotland who bad caught a severe cold.
"Did your teeth chatter when yon
felt the chill coming over you?" asked
tbe doctor.
"I dlnna ken, doctor; they were lying
on the table!" was the pleasant reply.
New York Globe.
Prepared to Bo Peaaimistlo,
An exact illustration of pessimism
wss that given by an elderly person
who remarked one sunny morning:
have a premonition that something Is
going to happen today. I don't know
what but I wou't like it" - Collier's
Fair Warning.
Mistress Jane, I saw tbe milkman
kiss you this morning. In tbe future I
will take tbe milk in. Jane 'Twouldn't
be no use, mum. He promised never to
kiss anybody but me. Illustrated Bits.
Domeetlo Economy.
"Why did she marry a man younger
than berself?"
"So she could give him advice as to
bow his money should be spent"
Florida Tlmes-Cnlon.
Wonders of Plant Life.
We are told by Darwin in his "Ori
gin of Species" that in the month of
February of a certain year -he took
three tableepoonfuls f niud from three
different places beneath tbe surface of
tbe water of a small pond, which mud
weighed ouly six and three-quarter
ounces and was all contained in a
breakfast cup. lie kept It covered up
In bis study for six months and during
tliis period obtained from it the ss
tonishlog number of KJ7 plauu.
On Nor. IS, 1911, a Scotsman con
tributor planted a ioten acorns In a
patch of soil taken from a hedge root
of about twenty-eight Inches In lenjrtb
by about eleven Inches In width and
about two and a half Inches deep, and
he resolved to take a note of tbe num
ber of plants which should grow frui
seed naturally contained in it By Nov.
13, iC'.JL be had removed from time to
time, as they showed themselves. 155
plants, and by Nov. 15. 1913, fifty-six
inure.' or fur the two years 211 plants
In ulL
A Culinary Experiment.
The friends of a certain distinguish
ed pi-ofessor frequently dropped lrto
bis laboratory for a chat in tbe even
ing, says tbe Boston Herald. General
ly, they found blm busily engrossed in
soma experiment
One evening, when two friends call
ed, they found the professor bending
anxiously over a spirit lsmp, on which
a small put was bubbling.
"Well." said one of the callers, "what
is It tonight r
"Guess," murmured the professor.
"Micrococci?" asked one.
"Pneumoeoccir asked the other.
The callers ran the scale of micro
organisms as far as they knew it Then
one of them aald:
"WelL we give it np! What is Itr
The professor smiled blandly. "San
sa gear
Davy and His Lsmp.
Jan. 9, 1810, saw In the deeps of an
English coal mine near Newcastle a
little drama In which there were but
two actors the one a clergyman, the
other a miner. The latter was busily
picking out the coal by tbe light of a
"steel mill" when be saw approaching
blm a light Tbe miner knew the gas
y nature of tbe pit and shouted, "Put
ont the light!" but no notice was taken
even" when prayers took the place of
oaths, The newcomer was the Bev.
John Hodgson, rector of Jarrow, and
he had In his hand tbe first Davy safe
ty lamp, now safely housed In the Mu
seum of Practical Geology In Jermyn
street London. Btr Humphry Davy
when urged to patent It replied: "It
might undoubtedly enable me to put
four horses In my carriage. But what
could It avail me to have It said that
Sir Humphrey drives bis carriage and
four bought at the ex pease of miners'
Tennyson's Terror.
At the time when rumors of the
probable marriage of the Marquis of
Lome and Princess Louise were float
ing about London Tennyson bad one
day a number of guests at luncheon,
among whom was tbe Marquis of
Lome. In tbe course of talk the mar
quis told Tennyson, tben poet laureate,
that tbe queen liked his new volume.
"I am glad to bear it" Tennyson said
In his sonorous, slow, musical bass
voice. "I have given a good account of
her In that volume, but the newspa
pers didn't like my rimes say they
are bad. I live in terror," he contin
ued, "of any of the queen's fumlly
marrying and of bearing from ber that
she hopes 1 will write something. I
have no news of that kind yet but I
live In terror of It."
This with a solemnly sly wink.
Not Necessary to Spaak.
No one has ever succeeded In com
mitting John Barrett chief of the pan
American bureau, as to whether suf
frage Is rigbt or wrong, but he tells
this story apropos of nothing and ev
erything: Two men were late at the club.
"It's awfully late. Brown. Wbat'll
you say to your wife?"
"Not much, old man; just 'Good
morning, dear.' She'll say the rest"
New York Tribune.
A Bolsterer.
"now does Hamlet Katt manage to
keep In vaudeville?"
"lie has a certain value. He's a bol
sterer." "Wbst's a bolsterer?"
"He's so rotten that be makes tbe
rest of any bill look good." Louisville
Overdoing It a Little.
"Speaking of economy," says a char
acter in one of Life's stories, "Glllett
says that he la saving up for a rainy
"H'm!" came the response. "His
wife thinks he must be saving up for
another food."
Questions Free.
Caller But you said yon wonldnt
charge me anything for the little legal
question I asked yon. Lawyer X
haven't What I've charged you for Is
the answer. Boston Transcript
? We have Just received s shipment of
916 Cans of Guaranteed Inspected
Floor, Household and Carriage Paints,
Anything- from a half pint to 10 Gallon cans. Also see the IS artistic sog
ostlous on how to paint Tour Homo,
RoDBrts & Leany Mercantile Co
J AS. GRAHAM MoWAKV. Vloe-Preiidont,
W. L. TOOLBV. Vioe-Preaident.
First National Bank
DEPOSITS " 4,800,000
"CXnitod. States Depository
4- percent, interest paid on Savings Accounts.
Correspondence la Invited from those who contemplate opening Initial or additional
accounts In El Taso.
Assets -
Deposits made by mall
come to everybody. Life has more ups than downs. Right now
while you are making, you ought to be saving
For the Rainy Day.
Where Is the money you have been earning all these years?
Some one else has deposited it In the bank.
Why don't you put your own money In the bank? Why let the
other fellow save what you earn?
Start Toflay, Odgii a Bank Account
of x-ord.sTD-u.rer, IT. 2.
!a555Erriga5H5SggsE552sasaTsas5H.5H sissb gas? sg Z5s?Z$
1? S? S3 S? SrH S r? S? 5? S? SB
5 ; : : NEW MEXICO
EIK1AR W. KATSKR. Cashier.
WAI.TKK M. nCTLKH. Asst. Cashier,
G. T, MOOKB, Asst. Cashier
$6,000 000
are promptly acknowledged.
S'í ?-g? S ?

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