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VOL. XX Vn. NO. 37
SnbaerlpUoowS PerYeer
Haw Mexleo.
Bnfred t tha PostOfllce at Virdsbura; as
Second Class Mall Matter.
Satticription Prioea.
ThrerMontfaa 1100
Six Months 1 Ti
Dn.Tiu BOO
Subscription AiwariParablalo Advance,
Wm. C. McDonald, Governor
B. C. de Baca, Lieutenant Governor
Antonio Luoero Bocretary of Sute
F. W. Clanoy Attorney-General
W. G. Sargent Auditor
Howell Ernest Traveling Auditor
O. N. Marrón Treasurer
K. P. Krvlen. . Commissioner Publlo Lands
Allaa N. White Bupt. I'ublio Instruction
Hugh H. Williams, Chn. Corp. Com.
M. 8. Groves,
o. L. Owen . ..
Claranoe J. Robert, Chief Justice Sup. Court
Kichard H. Hanna, ., .,
Frank W. Parker, ., ., .,
J, D.Sena Clerk
VanT. Manvllle,.... Commissioner 1st District
B, 8. Edwards. 2nd M
B. B. Ownby Srd
It, J. MeGrath Sheriff
M. F. Downs Treasurer
James A. 8hlpley Assessor
Hymm Abrahams Probate Judge
K. B. Venable County Clerk
Isabella Eokies, .... Buperinteadent of Schools
F. L. Cox, Surveyor
Georg-e Curry,.
H. B. Fergusson
W. H. Hope
Harry Lee,
. B Davis.
C. M. Foraker
John W. March. ...
Houry P. Bardskar.
. .Member Congress
. ...Judge District Court
Clerk ,,
.United States Attorney
U.S. Marshal
. ... Survevor-General
..Internal Rev. Colleotor
M.W.McQratn Justice of the Peace
O. Allen Constable
tionool Directors B.W . Randall. J. H. Mo
Clure, 3. K. Ownby.
Southern Pacific R. R.
Lordaburt; Time Table.
a.m. p. if.
U:Utl U:U
A. M,
P, U. P. If. A. M.
Passemror : W:a ;
Trains run on Mountain Time.
E B. Calvin, H. V.PtATT,
General Manager. General Superintendent.
G. F. RIOHARD80, Bupt. of Transp I.
J.H. UVKH. G. L. Uickkv,
Superintendent. Asst. Superintendent
Arizona & New Mex
ico Railway
P. M
Hachlta Bo"
Lordsunra; J:lu
Dunoau :(0
Sliftoa 0
A. M
Clifton... :
Diinutiit s:19
Haohlta 10:45
Tralaa run dally. Mountain time.
Physician and Surgeon.
District Surgoen Southern Pacido and Arl
lona New Mexleo Hailroada, Burgeon to
American Consolidated Copper Co,
Table supplied with the best in the
Market Everything neat and clean
Wilson & Walton
.A-ttorneys at Law
Will make regular visita to Lordsburg, N. M.
Probate, Judicial, Surlty,
Employes, Otllclal
ü. S. FiielitT and Guaranty Co,
Buy your bonds instead of
calling on friends who may not
want tosigo a bond,
Heart ef tha Hailstone.
If It were not for tha countless tril
lions of dust partióles that float sepa
rately invisible In the atmosphere there
could be no raindrops, snow crystals
or hailstones. From a perfectly dust
leas atmosphere the moisture would de
scend In ceaseless rain without drops.
The dust particles serre as nuclei
about which the vapor gathers. The
snow crystal Is the most beautiful cre
ation of the serial moisture, end the
hailstone Is the most extraordinary.
The heart of every hailstone Is a tiny
atom of dust. Buch an atom, with a
little moisture condensed about It, ts
the germ from which may grow a hall
stone capable of felling a man or
smashing a window. But first It must
be caught up by a current of air and
carried to the level of the lofty cirrus
clouds, five or six or even ten miles
Ugh. Then, continually growing by
fresh accensión of moisture. It begins
Its first plunge to the earth, spinning
through the clouds and flashing in hte
sun like a diamond bolt shot from a
Borne time ago Brown, who lives In
a suburban burg, rushed Into the kitch
en where mother was bossing the
preparation of the evening hash. In
one of her father's fists he was holding
his other hand, while a cussy expres
sion was floating over his features.
"Where is that antiseptic salve, Min
nie V L demanded almost roughly.
That Infernal parrot of yours has bit
ten a chunk out of my hand!"
"What's that, Jimmy V exclaimed
little wlfey, with a look of great con
cern. "Do yon mean to say that he
bit a piece all the way out of your
"That's what be did," answered
James. "Clean as a whistle. Where
did yon say that salve was?"
"Oh, Jimmy," returned wlfey In a
complaining voice, "I do wish yon
would be more careful. Ton know
very well the bird dealer told me not
to let that parrot taste meat under any
circumstances." New York Globe.
Winning a Bouquet.
Among his stories of Homburg In
King Edward's days the author of "On
the Track of the Great" notes the fash
ion of "bunching" (presenting bou
quets to ladles) on the promenade and
tells this story of Bang Edward and
the Roman artist, Corro dl:
One morning dear old CorrodI was
carrying around a. bouquet of serious
proportions of flne tea rosea which be
proposed presenting to an American
lady for whom he was eagerly seeking
In the large mass of promenaders. All
at once he unexpectedly came across
the prince, accompanied by Lady Cork.
"Good morning. Professor CorrodI!1
exclaimed his royal highness. "How
very kind of you to think of bringing
Lady Cork such a beautiful bouquet! '
Of course there was nothing left for
the genial Italian to do but to part
with bis flowers and go and buy some
more for the American lady.
Inhaling Water.
Undoubtedly a number of bathers
who are drowned meet their deaths
from cramp. Cramp Is liable to seise
anybody at any moment, and when It
comes In deep water few swimmers
have sufficient presence of mind to
turn on their backs and wait quietly
until the attack has departed. So they
go under. But there la another danger
quite as Imminent as cramp, though it
Is probably less known. This is water
Inhaling. A swimmer or even a wader
is always liable to inhale spray through
bis nostrils, which, passing through the
pharynx and behind the epiglottis or
windpipe guard, gets into the windpipe
and causes death. As one would ex
pect, water inhaling is almost wholly
confined to the sea and very rarely
occurs In fresh water. AU the same.
tt may happen anywhere.
Gaudy Birds.
For gay coloring the pitta flonclnna
of Borneo and Sumatra takes the lead
among birds, its feathers being every
color of the rainbow. Tha bird of
paradise runs It close and is In addi
tion a dainty dancer. One apéeles of
this digs a hole a foot in diameter,
over which It places crossed sticks (as
for a Scottish sword dance) and strews
leaves and rubbish over them, thus
forming a floor, on which It dances a
pas souL But the Jacana and ypecaha.
both species of the rail, can go one bet
ter, for besides being Bplendld little
dancers they provide their own music
the while.
The English are said to produce the
best handwriting of all nations; the
Americans come next; the French
write badlx, especially the ladles; the
Italians very poorly; the Spaniards
scarcely legibly. The two last named
nations continue to use many of the
contracted letters, abbreviations snd
ornamental Unes snd flourishes which
were common in most European coun
tries a century ago. London Mall.
It Depends!
"How do you pronounce s-tn-g-yT"
the teacher asked the young gentle
man nearest the foot of the class. And
the smart boy stood up snd said It de
pended a great deal whether the word
applied to a man or a bee. London
News. ..
Paid WHh Interest.
In Bnrnaby's "Travels In America In
1750" the following Incident is related)
The captain of a British man-of-war
trnlslng off the Massachusetts coast
left his wife In Boston. On one of bis
visits to port she came down to the
wharf to meet him, and she wss pub
licly kissed by her loving spouse. This
violation of the law was st once re
ported, and the captain was brought
before the magistrate snd sentenced to
be publicly whipped. There was no
getting out of it, and the captain sub
mitted quite gracefully.
Just before the departure of his ship
he gave an elaborate entertainment, to
which all of the magistrates were In
vited. After the festivities were over
and every one had shaken hands with
the captain and was going over the
side the magistrates were seized by
the arm and stripped to the wasst.
Each one was led to the gnnpway,
where a rigorous boutswalu gave biro
thirty-nine lashes on the bore buck
and then hustled him over Into a boat
amid the cheers of the whole) ship's
. "Curing" Diseases.
"What is a eurer asks the editor of
the London Lancet In reproving doc
tors for the loose way in which they
use the word. "Nothing ever gets com
pletely well" is an aphorism of a great
medical philosopher.
Only when the cause of a diseased
condition has been removed, its effects
neutralized and the organism protect
ed against its activities In the future
hare we the right to speak of the
"cure" of the patient, is the editor's
opinion. Immunity conferred by such
a cure, he says, may be only temporary.
"Where a disease procesa is only lim
ited or shut off and Its further spread
prevented, while the causal agent re
mains, we should speak of arrest, but
not of cure. Where grave organic
damage has occurred and function has
been restored by vicarious activities
we should speak of the result aa one
of repair or compensation."
Describing Love,
In "The Desert and Mrs. A3 ax," by
Edward 8. Moffat on of the charac
ters, an American girl, thus describes
"Oh, Amy (she says), isn't It splendid
when you love some one! Ton just
want to sacrifice and give up and
work and be devoured by fire or
drowned In ice water If it will do any
good. . Sometimes., it makes jrou - teeU
oh, so strong! And then, almost right
away, your knees get wabbly, and you
Just turn Into a cobblestone Inside.
And one minute he's looking at yon In
the most wonderful way, and you feel
as if you were floating on a lovely pink
cloud, eating Ice cream smothered In
violets, and the next thing you know
something terrible happens, and every
thing goes to pieces, and you aee that
be doesn't love yoo after all and,
The Fur-las.
Greek mythology created some fe
male deities who were supposed to In
habit the lower regions snd visit the
earth to avenge supposedwrongs and
punish their enemies. Black sheep
were sacrificed to them at night by
the light of torches, snd they were rep
resented as horrid looking creatures,
wearing long, black robes, with snaky
locks, bloodshot eyes and clawlike
nails. Sometimes they had snakes or
torches In their hair and carried
scourges or sickles to their hands.
The Greeks called these Imaginary
creatures Erinyes, and the Romans,
adopting the same idea, called them
furies. Vergil represents them aa will
ing agents employed by the higher
gods to stir up mischief, strife end
hatred on the earth. Philadelphia
The Novelist Rebuked.
The bite George Alfred Townsend
(Gath) was lunching in New Tork
one day when a novelist oí the reaiut-
pesslmlst school began to growl about
Gulping his drink and bolting bis
boiled beef and cabbage, the novelist
In a long harangue proved conclusive
ly that marriage was a failure.
When he bad finished Gath gazed
at him mildly and said:
"I tell you what it Is, Ed when a
man thinks marriage is a failure lfs
pretty blamed certain that his wife
thinks so toa"
It is stated that worsted was first
spun at Worsteed, Norfolk, England, in
the year 1840. Stockings made of this
material were at first very cheap and
used by the poorer people. Shakespeare
nses the word contemptuously In the
phrase, "Worsted stocking knave."
London Telegraph.
Delighting the Eye and the Ean
"That pianist has remarkable hair."
"Tes," replied the theatrical mana
ger. Tie is one of the most compact
propositions 1 know of. Not only does
he provide his own music, but he car
ries his own scenery." Washington
Star. -
Aa Easy One.
Somebody writes In and asks as a
conundrum as follows: Why is a ateel
cellar door like a glutton's dinner I Be
cause It Is bolted down, of course
Chicago Post
Hew Turner Painted.
If ire are to believe Thornbury, the
womf'Tful "Burning of the House of
Lords and Commons" was almost en
tirely painted after the rauvaa was
hunt: on the walls of the Itoyal acad
emy," Bo certain was Turner of him
self it that period that be would send
to tlie exhibition Just a laid In sketch,
trusting entirely to varnishing days to
compete tha scheme. Us would arrive
at tliS academy as early as 4 o'clock la
the owning and be among tire last to
leave In the evening. Unlike Lawrence),
who . had to stop back coiintnntly to
Judt'4 of effects. Turner would work
so to say, with bis nose to tha canvas.
WLv . Lord mil at too close quarters
lookt 1 at the bouses of parliament pic
ture tie condemned It as "nothing but
dabs.'', Catching Its magical effect from
a Jut distance, however, lie exclutnivd
eath IuHcally: Tainting! God bless
me! So It Is!" According to Thorn
bury, Turner made a number of sketch
es of the fire. Imt produced two pic
tures only. Iiudon News.
. Why He Played it
Some years ago the Oldham ama
teurs were producing one of Handel's
oratorios under the personal tuition
and conductorsbip of the late Charles
Halle. Among the orchestra was the
famous and gigantic bassoon player,
George Beet At the Unnl rehearsal
Halle weut to George and. Indicating
several bars for the bassoon, told blra
not to play them on the nlglit of the
performance. George was inwsrdly
boiling with Indignation, but said noth
ing. On the night of the performance
George played the banned music
When the affair was over Halle went
op to Seel in a great rare and, point
ing to the notes, aald:
"I told yon to leave that out.
dldnt ir
"Ays, yoo did," said George, "but
Handel towd me to put It In, and be
wens a better Judge than you f Lon
don Answers.
The Anolent Greek Theater,
The performance at Athena, in an
cient Greece, began at dawn, and, as
several pieces were produced one after
the other, these performances lasted
the whole day. On the days the per
formances were given all work was
suspended, business put off. Impris
oned debtors were set free and arrests
strictly prohibited. Long before sun
rise thousands of people assembled,
scd outside of the theater noisy
crowds of men, women and children
congregated, all bent upon enjoying
themselves and eager to obtain the
bent seats. Many of them brought
their food with them, and in order to
stimulate the enthusiasm of the peo
ple copious quantities of fiery Greek
wine were given to Impecunious cltt
sens by wily authors, who endeavored
thus to buy the applause of a discrim
inating public.
Whoever Loves ts Never Old.
When life has been well spent age is
loss of what It can well spare mus
eular strength, organic instincts, gross
bulk and works that belong to these.
But the central wisdom which was old
in Infancy was young In fourscore
years and, dropping off obstructions,
leaves. In happy subjects the muid puri
fied snd wise. I have beard that who
ever loves is in no condition old. I
have heard that whenever the name
of man is spoken the doctrine of Im
mortality is announced. It cleaves to
bis constitution. The mode of It buf
Oes our wit snd no whisper comes to
us from the other side. But the infer
ence from the working of intellect
having knowledge, having skill at the
end of life Just ready to be born af
firms the Inspiration of affection and
of the moral sentiment Ralph Waldo
Life of the 8un.
Adopting the well known hypothesis
of Helmboltz, which attributes the
production of the beat emitted by the
sun to its contraction, an idea can be
formed of the sun's duration. If one
gives to tha sun a coefficient of ex
pansion Intermediate between that of
mercury and that of gas one arrives at
the conclusion that It baa taken 1,000,
000 to 8.000.000 years for the sun to
contract to Its present radius; In par
ticular. It would have taken 10,000 years
to contract from infinity to a radius
twice its present radius. Finally, the
sun will take 200.000,000 years to con
tract from Its preseut radius to half
that radius, and even then Its tempera
ture at the surface will be 8.000 de
grees. Scientific American.
The Old Style.
No, this is not Esperanto:
Koom oontaw thaa yelauoo sands
And then taak hands;
Koortald bwen eooo haa and klat
Tha wayld waava hwlat
Noris it the song of a boy scout who
is imitating the bellow of the hedge
bog and at the same time whistling
between his teeth. No. It is Shake
speare's lyric, "Come unto these yolJow
sands,"' etc., as rewritten after tha
Elizabethan style. London Globe.
The Point of View.
"Ton sang off the key!" exclaimed
the musical director reproachfully.
"Birr repilod the young but naughty
soprano. "What you mean to say la
that your orchestra occasionally failed
to harmonise wtth my voice." Exchange.
We have Just received a shipment of
910 Cans of Guaranteed Inspected
Floor, Household and Carriage Paints,
Anything from a half pint to 10 Gallon cans. Also sr the 16 artlstto sua;
gostionS on how to paint Tour Homo,
JOSHUA a. RAYNOLD8, President.
JAS, OKAHAM MoNARV, Vloe-Presidont,
W. L. TOOLKIT. Vice-President.
First National Bank
DKPOSITS 4,600,000
TTnlted. States Depository
4 percent, interest paid on Savings Accounts.
Correspondence Is Invited from those who contemplate opening Initial or additional
aooounts in El Paso.
Assets - $6,000 000
Deposits made by mall are promptly acknowledged.
com ft to everybody. Life has more ups than downs. Bight now
while you are making, you ought to be saving
For the Rainy Day.
Where is the money you have been earning all these years?
Some one else has deposited it in the bank.
Why don't you put your own money in the bank? Why let the
other fellow save what you earn?
Start Today, Op a Baal Account With
of lord.s"bu.ror, ILvf.
1 sv :n
li. ml
-?. cj g s d s s s? k? k? , h a
EDGAR W. KAYSEK. Cssliler.
WALTER M. BUTLP.K. Asst. Cashier,
G. T, MOOKB, Asst. Cashier

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